U.S. Radio (1961)

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RADIO'S REACH /SEPTEMBER 1961 AM STATIONS OiV AIR* FM STATIONS 0\ AIR 3,609 • 896 f,»i sets liv isi: ; < MR It MHOS IS MHO SETS I/V l/SEf SETS MAiVEFACTERED* • 1,626,263 156,394,000 42,600,000 15,500,000 AM STATIONS ON AIR: The number of am stations on the air increased by seven during the month of July, according to latest figures from the FCC. Applications pending at the end of July total 526; the number of stations under construction stands at 157. FM STATIONS ON AIR: There are 896 fm stations broadcasting as of July 81, representing an increase of six over the previous month's total. Applications pending number 80; stations under construction total 201. SETS MANUFACTURED: Radio set production and sales hit the highest level of the year in June, according to latest EIA figures. Total radio production took its biggest stride forward in six months reaching 1,626,263 sets in June, an increase of 429,314 over May. This includes 518,000 auto radios and 88,808 fm radios, the latter nearly double the previous month. Set sales (excluding auto radios) nearly reach the million mark for the same period. Total sales chalk in at 940,346, up 194,730 over the May total. Total sales for the first six months is 4,390,180 sets, more than a half-million more than in a comparable period last year. However, production total for the first six months this year is 7,537,290, slightly less than a million below the same period last year. NETWORK SALES The top network advertiser in terms of home broadcasts delivered for four weeks ended July 9 is Liggett & Myers Tobacco, according to figures recently released by A. C. Nielsen Co. L&M has 316 broadcasts for a total of 139,393,000 home broadcasts delivered. Pepsi-Cola Co. is second with 406 broadcasts and 133,469,000 broadcasts delivered. Chevrolet, Standard Brands Inc. and Philip Morris Inc. are third, fourth and fifth. In total commercial minutes, Chevrolet tops the list with 201 minutes aired and 105,149,000 delivered. Second is L&rM with 243 minutes aired and 99,686,000 delivered. Standard Brands, Philip Morris and the Mennen Co. are third, fourth and fifth. SPOT SALES: National spot radio sales for the first six months of 1961 are estimated at S89,644,000 according to Station Representatives Assoc. This is a loss of 4.7% over the same period in 1960. Figures are compiled for SRA by Price Waterhouse $c Co. ■ ♦FCC. July. **EIA for month of .Tune. tRAB estimate, June 19G0. ttRAB estimate. July 1961. U. S. RADIO/ September 1961