Variety (January 1962)

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Does, = | feta. ‘thiags. began: to. change. ‘again: 4 Partly.” E“suspett,.. bevauseéof the Concerts: Go On 2 with the zesultant. erm ‘attcactions ‘is: “have: ‘a. “Tediticor opera vind: concerts; tt right ‘also.-: ft. mate. artistic -Yaison ‘d'etre: And,-| do. well: to note: ‘the’: ‘gidwing ‘ias -* Coincidentally, “the _so-Cailed‘ins fliterice : ‘of Boverriment: ‘ (vias... dependent”. ‘manager who: has -thé: State: -Lepartment-sponsored. over-""" 7 reas: ie “Fat thousands of homes; partly. due |‘time. ‘and. : inclination, to:-distover | Séas > touts). -"and:* tax-exempted 7 eR om ——— _ continued ‘ffom page: int, — — tt : ‘the: “growtt-: of! university... ‘and and build a: ‘sélective. list ‘of artists [foundation “funds. ‘On our: ‘concert -..To = life.”; What": the ‘Ford’ “Foundation ~ ‘and. ‘attractions: ‘is. coming. to" the’ at ‘fore again: . ~ awards ~and.” :the * ‘Martha * Baird °° | “It is. perhaps: Big: gnificant’ ta Hote’ Roekéfelier grants-to:young.-Amére” ‘that, while the character of the con-|-icanartists. at: eriucial.* stages. of .: cért business has undergone Various ‘their,careers have ‘begun: to do is!” chariges,: its ° “Statistics. have“: ré-.| OF utinost “importatice Jand. ‘will, I: mained surprisingly: the: sane ‘ov er. hope. Jedd“to“ftirther. badly: heeded. =. beet te -miahit’ ‘inter est “only tlie. “eultural: therix ae ‘acsupér. ‘quartet, for” ‘two. ort .collége-sponsored : concert :series in. latte ae wee eo inoscenti: and ‘he could’ nd: longer; flireé: s@asons: “of fast money: ‘(naking” cmany ‘parts GE. the: country: -and the. eT “than to build anyone pianist slowly.growth .of Symphony. orchestras in es bs a ” “spare tlie, ‘time. ‘and ‘effort’ to’ mould: -atid steadily. to the point‘where he) eve? -the-smallest cities; partly dueale Fe + Public; taste..1f he was tp hola his | could fill a.-house for, the first time eto: the: Soviet-American -Culfural head above. water, he: wotild. have to sand “sell out “ils 20th’ anniversary j Exchange: “Program, .: which. sud-: : det ise. ‘ever ‘fastér | méans of ‘selling j our: Protty'seon the® concert: man-| bates fet Jogse ta our country we, ot > that Which -the greatest. number of | ager’ found ‘that. hie. could "make. “ a. 30-ta40.year: period: assistanee: fete acon such asv F aoe | niore, money ‘With Jess work-by.sell-|| artists: cand: undoubtedly: due-to the : -The-estimat F A ‘| thesé-“to. what: must,: perforce;..for-.:-. lg olin | People! isanted immediately: fa: bury: ink performers: ahd: “programs, tliat fact: that” ty: awesterns. ‘had tald:: ‘the }e sti ma ed § 8,000 ow: a nuial te a wr “oo ‘History 2 wn ay orett rightfully: concert material |: . + some tine. sto: conie, ‘continue as a> g N : . . Satre! iy: ne era’ he iS: a ‘monapaty. on. Sat: all=a: ‘costumed: group that:: -pres* ible’ wayyy “wer seem. to: she veering: [managerial offices: varies “hardly at pe ally non-profit business run lo! 2S" all: from year fa year; But; whereas ; t 1a , i. v ne; i on ink. fin ‘tsehted a: “‘pseudo-Broadway. revue. back to: the. pattern of earlier: days: cE 7 EAT cand, here “Were: ma Cy with’ seenic. and: “choreographic. ef-{" ' Oistrakh-was able to setl: 15." years. age" gorigert : seties | toe future. ot ‘Ameriéa’s performing. i. “Ro av “aytists. . ready: ‘te. take’ ‘Hiei [ese ‘a ‘comedian : “who: ‘played: the tout. .Caknegie: ‘Hall: -instantI*, with it er eM ae oor ‘oper ‘ated’ for: profit’ “by: indiv iduals [USCIS and: listening :PI ublie.. ) throughout: the: country ¥ constituted}. : 2 Blaees, as “the Kreislers;. ‘Raclitiativiolii: © Wwith--glaves on’: and’: “told. | local: managers’: t throughout : “the } almost 75°" of the.” ‘total. ‘niarket iz ae afis ‘and ‘Chaliaping, DE ‘the -next risque... Jokes; between’. imiprovisa-; country: clanioring. to: présent ‘him_| for ‘sales of artists ‘and. attfactions | gen ati ort But. “thay needed* car gut tions. aamilifary ‘parade-with-hiorses. at “almost. “any-fee,: gave “hope that éxelusive’. of:-the* orginized « audi| tig . ‘Land. driim.. “‘niajorettes,. or.even,, as:|.other individual artists of outstand.ence..civcuits-and -unifersity and :. rfak eounnclinz,, intensivepr omotion: 3 one OF nix colleasués. coritemplated tg, : -quality. could, : ‘do'” the “Same college courses, répres sented a “mere-. othe: ‘Kigch.ot‘individualized. nianate-. quite serigasly: onlv-a few seasons, thing” again. F,. “myself, “was. ‘able ‘to f-95: “the? situation has -Virtually | in eat that knows what engagémenits | ay, importation; * of: yWworld-: ‘bring. a -W ‘helm. Backhaus. back: reversed ‘itself‘in the past 10 years. 2 by nek ‘ what’ éngag Haanati, “fighting. ‘bulls! iit .°s.pafler 2B’ years! absence. with’ serisa: |-Also,. where: there were about 4. . by reject. sagefa. Pe tional. suceess ane more’ ‘Geniagd ‘dozen ‘semphony: orchéstras. engi: | ‘ments: tor accept. at: ‘each. particular . : HL-ET, “Ahoy +. ile ey J ing ‘soloists: whén L firstentered.the ‘ ” state -of. an: ‘artist's development, Bil etter i seed fal the Een gt ae forse! f th -\ business, the niimber-npw riins ‘to : lp .. ‘} Cox ezie Hall in a.progra reef : -: Luter, the new Sctieme:of thingy, be*a ‘concert. business-at all:-and:| stipe, ope ete and: ee a mie neatle M00 AE we ing wit the 0 “ft. stax far easier for a ‘manager to {ane ciilled “conimunity”orctiestras with | He vhoii.-in fact. strictly show ‘busiriess. ord: $9. 000. gross.-., ae ‘limited, but: nevertheless . /appreci=" ‘booking: agencies: were e invading: the | *. aor “Bathustasm: a “s nad ~f able..avtist /budgets. : [ _ pat four ‘pianists: ‘tosethier and ‘bpok o. ; ; ” oo Eva. tn “Eh eé hot-t6-be-under-estimated. .o Another’ Telativ ely: new “faétor to.: i | political: ‘overtones, of Van-Cliburn’s t consider is the collective approact ¢ : i Moscet. triurnph,. -which..™ t to" corieert business. as Fepresented “eatapult “him. froin: “eomplete Job-'| by organizations. such-as thie‘ Inter--; : Séurit¥ world’ status among” the -. national: Assn.” of Concert’ Man-. | top-drawing ‘concert: ‘attractions’ of ,dsers; the. -Assn. of Collegé cand i {ark time:. served also. ta--focus the} University Concert -Managers,the.| < Spotlight on‘other young “Americans. “American ‘Sytaphony'. “Orehestra’l | taking’ : honors’ : -ininternational {: Eons: ‘et —-cétota:.‘Ins numer US: ! “SEASON: $. GREETINGS. MEYER DAVIS” _MU SI Cc. “Bichestas Feigordinary:. “me bebe ae “Ofhicés, | Sy so + competitions, : “with appreciable | ways these’ groups, ‘thirotigh which {ff NEW. YORK”. ; salutory’ effect :onthe. caréers: of: a:] buyers : ofcoricert-Atists .and “at*; oat Wes’ Sith: ‘Sire | Tohin. Browning and* ‘Jaime. ‘Laredo, ‘tractions ° felgte heir: ‘experiences | ‘ we i:f6r ‘example. Triumphs tehind: the, and probleis, have ‘served ~to ‘set ; “er ‘FGUey" 4 Tron: Curtain -gave new impetus’ to. |S standards * ‘GE bilsingss. ethics: and:! L . iz Me: -caréers Of: ‘Byron. Janis. and: ‘practice | and, at: fhe -Sanie.tiie, to ® ; ae sigra | Riect.:” ‘Re¢ordtings: im-|:provide .a.. “kind”. of: _Brapevine: L poktea for’. Zealous * -discophiles.| through: which:news of good of bad ‘paved ‘the ~ way,” ‘for Sudden; and] buys ;travels with amazing. speed. spectacular in-pérson. successes” be } ‘As a result, unscrupulous. operators: 1 aEt artists’ “Hke -Tebaldi, -. Callas: And’ are fast’ being eliminated. fromthe: . i ‘Stitherland. “And. SO “it. went.:: ‘| busitiess:, fees. and.; selling: tactics’ “With”, a’ . more sophisticated, RRe--of wecessity being standardized. | | musical: ; faste“developing. : evers‘and it is 210 longer possible to.fool: ‘where’ ‘throughout: ‘the “country;. some: of ‘the. people : some: of. the : | régional cojicert series: aré‘now re| tinie, Tet aloneall: ‘of the: People: all: a | | vecting to.a. happy norm. in shicli: of: ‘the’ ‘tithe? © .*fine ; Soto: ‘artists, : performing | un{°° -In a: ‘country... whivhs: syirtually | ng. Stn elon programs; ‘are ‘again |; -atone--inthe “world::. nianages. tof at being balanced” with: only’ such, hold out. ‘against State, sponsorship: | .2 gree rr ee . o) a on . iyi . wa, wo . a "PHILADELPHIA. . 20M. Woainut St. ae “ROGust 57768. wot va ° . . a Tate we at ~e 4 ‘ee ap = ‘ “2 WASHINGTON © one 13th ‘Street: nw DE 7-331" ¢ ore 7. we Ue a oat : fe . at Pada : . . at ‘ oy . : . of . aa, . . _ . . ry . et gt we Mee a ae ee Mt te tte ey eae Hees Do be, a er ‘ . . oe. a Paes . ee a . o a . we a : : : = : . se . Q . 7 Me Tete Be Tet ae, a er wate ee 2 er ee ee . PPE a eed eens tae 7 oe an --” ae o weet . . . eee oe . mate te tee ers . . . . . eae ot 7 5 . os ae t ee ae a oe "fone FM TEMPTED? “ “raising, di ckens with the e chickens” — Seth : vials os : oe nan Ea ee * ae. "3 a ce OLIVER: TWIST oe ae he Bat eee Peat coe _ Sal Record No: 1 407 pce weet | Pa los 7 = vee . Sons : a , --Cosmat Distributors.