Variety (January 1962)

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. : “. ing” play.” i z _ “Tt also “‘yécalled: in: cariéedote™ conearning“Miss : ‘Craig: ana. ihe... a ve a Samy beauty. and. your: brains”: Wedineeday. Janiiary 10; "3968" — and Brains, os Vice < Death: recently: of” ‘London. actress”. T értride Norman at'83° Te-: ? ‘calls. a.; condition: of ‘her’ -correspondence “with ‘longtime: fianice . “7. ., S0h ‘of actress: Ellin ‘Craig ‘which, “in. turn, ‘recalls the GBS-Mrs. « 2." Rat Campbelt cortespondence: whith, formed the Abeme of* “a “read. a et “SYeishplaywright’ Which,..apo¢éryphal; or’ not, has’ -had“some ciréula| . geo. . oy EP ‘Bipey sath LARTETE Anntcersaty The fests of Mammon Int Vice Vasa | a ‘Gordon. “Craig: that it: may, ‘not. be. read jnhis ‘lifetime. ‘Craig <is. ‘LEgrTIMATE. 237. Unlike: the: Pop Song the Beat Things ‘tn: “The: Theatre “Are Not Free ° Hon-It. had ‘to-do with. Miss Terry” suggesting ‘that’ a ‘child with | mi . a the: famed. dramatist: would’: be | ;@ superb | specimen ‘considering ' that “it would’ é¢ombine my..beaufy: and: yourbrains”...To this, GBS: ‘supposedly: ‘Fesponded, “But suppose the. child: Were: born: with: "ous, Miss. Netman.-hadpresented thé. N. y Public. ‘Liprarys“i in’ "1955: ar oo the: Maria: Vani ‘Dresser-GertrudeNorman collection’ of: ‘theatrical : By’ PROF: JOHN: ‘MeCABE. “John Hrecabe.ig. Chairnian: "Of: 4 how: OF. other pulls out: of. the’ long: the ‘Depariinent : ‘of: ‘Draniatic“Art: thor of the. recent successful: ‘book, Mr. Laurel; and: “Mr, Hardy.” ee suffering. ‘spasm: of. : -falling-down’ “-\'New York: University, and tlie. au-| sickness ‘and ° experiences.'a period Of. fairly: rabust health: before the. doldrums. ‘Set’ in” again‘every two “Boffo. Plays Begot Boffo: B. 0. ‘most’ successful playhouse in Lon‘don;: -oflering. their clientele a very wide Tange of’ ‘entertainment trem. sophisticated. ‘love. comedy to dcp tragedy to bouncing: farce. When my “" Dawson. City, Yukon, during. ‘the Gold: Riish:era, -1899-1900.:Thé point: ‘dyer the. indisputable” fact, ds ‘perhaps: -obyious: talent’is. seldom: deterred’ by .priniitive. conditions | axeémembered,, hs, : golds ‘miners were -edified by? a Daivgon.: ‘Philharmonic: Bind musical “scrapboo ontaining. photographs, programs, ‘letters =: :]::’ cee ox'S0;-It is during’those.| their, supremacy as -moneymakers. woo and: Bee ar the. KS, ronal Meehan eee pas. Prog! rams. where. : Take out: a. coin: Look at it cure not. infrequent periods of health | was threatened’ “by the, sudden. . wet DE she and Miss" Van ‘Dresser: appeared. ‘In. 1959: ‘the: Library's’ Theatre -: fullyeat: what ‘it: As: and iw ‘hat. it? “that we.can’ observe: ‘that the thea! Success of a‘ boys’ company acioss -“c=. Collection received the entire; ‘Gordon Craig ‘correspondence front does, cote at . She id os + approximately: 3898-1958: a “Tbe “theatre” is “very mac. ‘tke! ‘natural and in‘most ‘cases ewar d-!W hat Sinart business men the werd . lw? Miss ‘Norman: was the. ast: living’ ‘actiress: to have appeired. witli | Br el, “i coin. at is Ave. Believe that 1 Nears “ety oni sth” over have. done under sinvlar aa Sir. Henry irvin he: his ‘company ‘att e Royal Lyceum’. | . --beautiful‘and i . 2 . : “s+. "Theatre, vn Londen: ae one -of the’ faue, princes. in he tower .in..--| ‘|. is: commercial, {Of out. American.-way. thit « -Fivals and fet themsen es ne "King Rithard HI’-in 1896.:She-isas. brought-to:theU..S.. by Julia, ‘ et. It cis :perdyra: 4 competitive’ economy.praduces: tal} Be v houses in Lon don. Those .. " Avthur-for-her-prodiction of,““ALady: of Quality”. in’ {lie séasons | ble ‘and. it®: ‘ig tlie’ -besttotal : praduct over. the. ‘the Pp er ane ital ‘condi tioning fac-"2° of. 1897-98-99. She appeared in. repertory ‘with: Mis: Fiske in/“Becky.{: a anescent.’. It , greatest’ range. of tinie,. ‘Mousetraps. ; t Ny, ch he. ‘ ‘< Irdinatarsy “Sharp” in 1900: and-in. “Tess ‘of the D:Urbervilles:’ and later with: § : permanent j : automobiles,: “girdles ‘and. vitamin: os Bd Maat thet he C a anurry .. Viola “In the Palace’ of’ the King.” Jn “1902-03: she was. ‘and: quick]; ; Pills: arebetter. than eyéer because bth thi ue Nery im meng .*ayith . Otis.’ Skinner: in “Francesca.‘da Rimini.”. ‘Miss Nornian -also expendable.. It-men: waik in -free ‘competition ‘in-: rT er mn les a ae ‘tow ple, “was: a,contributo from: London, to-the dld Theatre ‘Magazine: from’. isan’ artand am ‘open’ market ‘to produce’ them. “he a: ‘bbled. mor sal tat oa n“19051916 and ‘was: extremely ,active in‘ support’ of ‘the Musiciatis’ ae it. is ‘dross... » he buyer usally: settlés:for the he. da in realestate, he in. 7 A og, 41 : “Benevglent’ Fund. of t England. MP to’ the: time: of her, ‘death::. ‘Sir: Henry’, ble: London and. Stratford:. and: ihe 1 “best among’ the selection, availa Z J) irving once ‘ab 7and ‘it is ‘this. fact. which’ I think. factsforegoing: stiggest _ strenply “ Abel: Gidong” ; Lgerved. that. flie. T sharpens” ‘a ‘playwright’s.. ap precia{that he wrote with at least’ an cve : va. theatre : “must ition ; of his. task. at“hand, | Writing | “andéa-half on the boxoffice. | And h’ br siness: if: it” “is | |™: ‘Opepi. market: probably ‘in‘the: results would siiggest that this fiouiris as. a. u in | ducés jin: the creative. playwright’ Was not exactly a ‘bad thing. “49: ‘survive: as ‘an ‘art, and: soniea’ keen .awareness: that one: of ‘ther * how ° “or. ‘ other? that-. ‘reinarkhas : basies of all good ‘artis its“univer: " Shakespeare “2°. for gains not tor™ a “list of: pet formers “playing ‘in ‘never “stimulated | ‘much’ -argunient ; ‘ Sality.. ‘Beauty*is really onlyas. -Bo00d: -belory. wing’d his ‘fight. ” That this. little .;-as the extent-to which ‘it is‘ seen” is*altogether tinue ‘is certainly ‘de . ‘ that °-the 2reatest “and, ‘appreciated, andthe comnicr-: batable but I. recall secing. “Henry i. orgeographic ’ ‘distarice. ‘As ta..the ° ‘Camille’ . ‘sie) ‘listed below,. read, ‘stuff: ih the‘theatre: chas,: usually. ‘ Gial-instinet to “expand : ‘and : voffer..V. ~ at. Stratford, | ‘Ontariv. seme rene "also. the accompanying: press. acéount, quoted froni, the Klondike, Nugget. been solid. boxoffice. . a ; the widest ‘range. of: view is. in ‘a: years. ago: in. the. ‘company of -a:. w 0. its. Mnarried leads: ‘who. vere not -on: “Speaking ‘tenis, : ree ee ae Why is ‘that $02: ‘Tn. looking ‘at: ine! ‘sense, a handmaiden. of: ‘the crea| friend: who was then ‘as I was!.a vo : The ‘{ollowi ing .checklist“is: ‘provided by. the Dept. of ‘Northern: ‘Affairs. ‘coin one Sees‘ on it the“eagle-of-in=: “tive .artist-in’ the ‘theatre. It: can Writer of -industrial-plays and films:: “of . the: Canadian: “Governinent: at Oitaiva. it willbe + noted: thatthe! “spitation ‘and the boilerplate. trivia ¢Yestrict. hii from the parochial and:; He -admitted: to’. me somewhat ehiee gt “oe commercial ‘transaction: . “Maybe. yeuide: hin into, dines Of: the: darger “sheepishly that be had never. seen. ~~. Shakespeare: on the stage although”. ? 5 ~ geet a Te alent Follows: comical * Herewith: “For “historie. “ euriosity: . “Prok, niéCabe-. it ‘is. an essential of “art. in ‘the; View: 7 . . 2 The Bard Was B: 0. Too Appearing: at the! ‘Palace Grand Theatre, Daies son yAlieatre:, that it: have: --catrying | * “vhe certainly knew him in the study. ; » Date. 0 oN ani Ee a “Rewirks” :Charges? Are. we" faced ‘here with): ae have always felt. ‘thatthe. im-; Following the rousing and, stirring en : i {Aa comparison ‘of ‘thelittle: known! pact: of ‘the: commercial. aspéct :of | Performance, he.walked cut into”. we Ave. 18, “19 *“Patifine’ Ciins: * Baitet. ‘Daneer 2 vo (in fact downright fictitious) Belch-j an-artistis work in: the-theatire lias tthe night, visibly. snaved.' Affer a. ; ‘Howard Juggler" eee ting: Goats: of; the -Hitnalayas who | always been-seriously undervalued. | bit. he. came out-of his ponder and°: : -.“Frick. Cy clist ' Ww. Ce “Campbell-. :. Musical, Act. Ly Vi oor, lees ‘and: Davi is.” Babette Pyne: aon Geeree L. “Tiler ° fe r . ‘t6-be ‘enibalmed i in‘books: he: Wrote... them ‘pot. to. be’ read. ‘but. ta. be’ ultimate: tribute—and, to my mind, . ‘people ‘who paid. fis avery fine one. . | the, Zoat: elch,.. or’ ‘the belch. that: ¢ . Shakespeare“and: *hispartners ‘Pleasing Beople—all of the. c0a aneed. spouse. of 3 Ba: “makes hint ‘leap. Ts gold. the. preei-"" ‘ spoken. -by men: who'were .ple‘yonean—in the best way yeu 3 ee. oF Com fy _ yous’. added’ ingredienit! ‘that: gives : were. business ° “men..: They’ ran the : Can: ‘this’ ‘isa part of the guts of ant. fanager. 0: ompaiy the playwright his ultimate: facility. : 7 , “in, communication: ‘of: his: meaning?” : ‘That’ toa: ‘much éonéentration., on: ( From The. “Klondike Rugoet, Sept. 9; 1899 t ie recis-inv idious need -not‘be. “ques-. “tioned, We. have but to look:ar our iloned, We have but fo lok around badge Heartbreak: Even. The The Yuken:: “Manager of,Hillver-De | Lrecently™. “that: the. ‘greatest:. thing.) A Férest * Company’: “pro-| rong “with: our: ‘theatre. today is {* Giaction;, “AL : Celebrated The tendency: to equate ‘merit. with:}: “Case.” woe jbrofit. “Fhis’ is “solemn: truth:. The : ‘stop-clausedriven.:: efanomics. of: », belching. -at every “bound?! The na-* i tives .hold hot” disputation as to-: “wide: ‘role.’ “Ceinille”: whether: it. is’ the. ‘leap that makes. vy : Male. Tead * ‘Camiljle™: gga Sr rr re ome we oe : a3 Frank Simons: os ate a Oct..14, 1899. -. SL ‘be Fore at. Jogi ag tek a “Frank Gar dner” . _ OB: Wl Way. cn ees 0: : Dot:& Bake: Babette): Pyne’. Geir #e: sk. Hilly cr “Léading: man’, Members Of: ait. “RéeKiig op preséut . era, La public ity: story ‘¢ Git. “behalf of ihiy Eulece: Grand ‘Theatre. in“ Dawson Citra, the’ -Yul:on,. teas atitearthed by the * Dept. Of. Northerii ‘Affairs at» Ottawa, “in, connection. with Canada’s” fobs et, Sedans ‘ , con ‘Leaueis I $! ° .: } tre’s ‘liaisort. with. business. is ‘a-:the. river at: Blackfriars. they did.” : cumstances—they.-bought. up: their. :. | ‘Alexander. ‘Pope. onve wrote that i leap. front. precipice.’ to: precipice! “ Shakespeare did not write his plavs:' Said féelingly, “My God, that man is commiercial!”. It was, for him. the |” i gin in, “i900 ast a. Sinker “ane” directory. Bi ‘Broadway ‘have ‘put ‘countless good ‘restoration -of ‘the ithéatre asia jiiture iourist attraction. Beari-: ‘iq the oh . “Pray atore:” . -_ shows. inte. the. w ‘arehouse. and it; ‘is; ; , caption. “A. ‘ROMA NCE | ‘OF° “FHE STAGE” aid two: NCWS: banks 82 ‘j) TS Regeie Lorne _. -Boprano, his. U2 at Tpractieally-speaking,*a ‘miracle “on Husband ‘and. Wife’ Brought Together “After “Separation”: duc: 42) LF: W. Zintmiermian ‘Tenor. ont * Ue. Tgathe or any: other -street’ that ~* AML: Noo Phe ati. ‘anid Armand. ‘Dural Oi. ‘the “Sajie Stage Thoigh a ES be ‘the Way.. Home" had” at‘ least -a V6t-On Speai ing ‘Terais?. 9.7 6, 7 ee, . due sa 0 “Deal 140. eB “B. J Shaw -¢ 4 = Papa hele “Ti ¢: ‘ fighting . chance: to survive ‘for Jas” The. Klondike -Niigget: “accu: cite rye here: for. Historie perspectice ee ” eS Old: Haihestéad.” a soak a eee i me . har monic. Orch heat as: "Gack: Leiidérs:: ans Le Te NOE: ‘Vigng: as ‘it: did. “Mavhe,’ as Gilbert . "Miller: has: _ Suggested; : the prime Lalres, or .. furictionally;. it may. , (Manageé! “Dawson : “Phil, thing . Wrong’ With: :the’ theatre “isi: ‘aud Slat’ or; then’ Said as, follows: “The: ‘peculiar: ‘demands w hich: the © « _ ee __ . : -that there ‘are just not. énough the-~ histtionie art ‘imposes Aupon., He were; together when: the campany opened: mt Fe Bee : ‘be “disciples and the unqu he. ea : Miss'Cccil. Manian an won Sopiang 7 tay ie stpeetiuse ‘has’ anhedded . ‘diente™ whieh. ant estioned be: Peperity i thi tne Cerne, ‘h. wy ES oe Ed Schank ne Baritene: Coes 2" Broadway creative people sath aye constitute .a spectacle. hich ‘forms -otver,” Whether js. was obstinacy or ne ot ch, ig. 1900" "Ed Delano ai. "Singer . ire Weeks: in Sans result that their artistie-consciencés, one. of thie’ “principal. charms, of. the” whether: phe erand : passion which _ oe a Npailidany & “Liter: : a nis ise airs Ra A aya manne ‘by ie. collar: amark, *niodein’ ‘drama. : . These demands: Mandi ie ansthen thing oink we wet ‘Conchita : a oT “rafting Tithe e eae ae often’ ‘play: upon the ‘most: sacred: longs. ‘to -them alore. Sulliveta + . Dick Maurettns: & Bo} BLD es, “theatre, the fabulous invalid: some“sentiments and require, Sietifices of, SaN, wey ar er. spoke as” tiey ripelee Mattdoleon: a “Personal “feeling: Yarely otherwise: passed. by. and Geores fi finally Tn aed 2) “geste by a: Torantic episode: row | . : i 7 Secesing ac es ae De ; Chaitauiqua’ ‘Heritage o ened ‘Spun by tivo i eisode art‘Slant Som ace Cra in-. "Me ay Welker.“ _ i nee te Pe clei tne das ae "Asts: prominent.on the’ Dawson. stage cident. .w hich | laid. ‘the foundidicn 7 « he “Lucey 7 Tbaveh wee Eveline: . 7 3, Pe Mariis ‘Leo oe “Maren 20, 1£00° Uy Dp. ‘Giowi ley: is oe ae Os i bo he 4 fe en re re ; To fee Traptre.’ wes 2 ml + Brown. Tent. the. train’ -at “the dépot.. few” stragglers. “Soon; ‘vanished: “atid: T found myself... looking: I. stépped --: oft The. }oGeorge’ b Hillyer’ and, Babette .| Pyne, "Pyne. is” lhe + qaughier, of Jack Sutherland. -a ‘fa-. ; ones, needed -a. leading lady “To: ‘go ‘back’ “a: few! Years: sit is. " | learned .: ‘that Miss: for: these. reflections. Charlie’ Aci the ‘er ad: . ‘to needed her. Dadlv: fie wanted “east. ‘Camille’: and: the success of “the venture: depended upon tre: . oS ES Pert... 7: a oy doit: Managers! Pilaee’ . “at. a--small” barefoot Youth. of.” MOUS: ‘ea: ‘king:. Of: San. Jogquiir gHalities of the leading lady “Hig 7 : ot danas 2S. West. “Grand: Theatres j™ :about 10.'His: "exes. and: village’ * valley ‘and owner -of:the‘scizZar” choice’ finally resolved updn Bele... a OPoD LW Piatt |: “manners ‘said “let. mre. ‘carry -brand. $0." ‘yell. known: ‘among the “Pyne. and by offering a salary of a Se John: Mulligan). Stage: Manaker Fred CF eese . Fe Orchestra: Tetaer a we -, Your ~ baggage, “Mister.” “Bit § “2 always: ‘did that).a trooper’: Western. “‘stockmen. Babe. and Dot”’ Were ‘heirs: to a large. fortune when: indst tempting proportions. he $020 cured her: :serviees.."Camille’ was. : 1 -Jacqueline: &: ‘Mulligayi. oe ‘Comedians | te . Sngbit.. A -struckUp. a.conter: + : fdaek | ‘passed inhis* clierks: bit. his’ finally presented to’ the public. znd; “ " Maddoleon . ~ Gontortionist :, sation: .however, :. “Little” “boy, thousands :have.-long’ since. ‘disap---the® Spectacle was seen. of George. “i Alice Fairbanks Dancer. . ar ‘2. "do" You * ‘Know Where’: ‘the. nig ‘, peared,.. the girls; having remaintiller ‘playing ‘Armand Duval” the "May: Walker’. aa ~Dancer: rs : 2 DT oun” tent is?” “Oh, yes Sir’ ing. of. the fortune: ‘only a‘beautiful Tover.'to the Camille. of iis -for: er’ ah he Leo ‘Shaw . yooen wa “ . came: the «. ‘instant™. Feply,; es cee nome at: Kingston, Califer hia... Bat wit fe, thouch neither had. spoken to: me With above: persons: iat ; ae Brow ning. Sinters:: a ties” ‘ Picnié™ 2D Sai i 3, 1900.. TW prorrafimes:, ue Ps a ort ! oH *-dor’s: Dream”, ‘mwa pievamimes adver tised:: “Forgiven: a‘ ‘fourcact : “have been’ meimbei's-of-|' * ~ A _tasts | of: “Cupid's “-An-|-and: !MUldoon's i |. Bore a ““L.ynyood and seat] re can take you: right to ite’. | We: started’ off, through: the ” ~ dusty: -dog-day.Streets; which, . I noticed . were’ sort.” of... at’. : this is ‘digression. . ‘ on e-and four years: ‘ago they were -") ; directional. “Janes,* = Inake; ..conversation,..-1«" , dropped: ‘this, -homely, ‘question::: a4. “Little. boys, Nhat anakes the’: , “streets tt 3, Arama, ‘and. Frank “Si Me r] Ie these uy ith’. “George Hitlyer:: inet and ‘loved. : anairried: After -two: years ‘of mar=" Vied--lfe they. .Separated-—it . is. ho ‘business ° of ours. « ‘hy-—and’ have: Since’ “been. ‘following : ‘tpaths, though; : by: one “of. She. in i Scrutable. plans; of: fate. ‘continuing individual: iin thie-:same-; orbit..“When: ‘Frank . “the, other: off: the: stage” lair “vears ™M oO. “No. cone. observing the sk: Hof. thé two could: possibly guess at tie relations between tliem and of. the. consummate. ‘art: with: which’ they Cover their real: feelings: but niucsa -could be. guessed at -by one’ “hese: uprivilege~ it--miust .be-to ‘sce t)-e actress. “aS some . ‘have. leave” the. 7 “es * wandering” “blue * ‘eyes a. few: 4S b f St li t : “mon's-£S appli”. APre-| *,: : Simons began tooi'ganize-his. pres-: stagé in’ a condition of! ‘narveus” te ‘sd jul. Pages, . , then . .caine* up-; with ent. ‘conipany’ he .had-.for.‘his. Asprostration-as a.result-of the strain, nen . ~ Geeessors OF. “Floyee ~ this’ ow ell:. Mister,.You “sce (33 pany. Pp ike” wet oe ee feces heey ‘sdora”). ae 2" dune: 18,1900" Society. Cakewalk ‘Olea Na a OT a.” Eddy. -O'Brién:’ “&. Jennings “Oia Friends” a : : Simon's New ‘Chechako Girls Singers anl: Daneer.. Btofesser: Max Adler | ree) print. Last ‘report, doin: OK... Orchestra. Direttor fay i. :|-.“they:-Hate . to” be: .crooked.. ‘to. “Bet to where ‘they:regoin’, A “Crooked. Streets’? “is * still _Geopres: OHara aka | in. "each. ‘other’ $s. * sistant Mr. Hilly¢r> and_among, the.. ractresses “engaged: Wére :-Babe’ and. Dot Py ne. ‘Thys the two were again thrown into closé: association,. mak-. ing the: Jong, ‘trip~ tathe. ‘Klondike company, ; and ‘in. -a ‘sudden’ flow’ of tears. ° a is the: real.story these tears tell. ** and ‘ ‘possibly indulge. ywoman-Jike, What. and. how. do: they ‘effect. ‘sie? the man-.on whose. account, it is sajd.. . they zre. shea?”