Variety (June 1963)

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-_ ” Previn: asst. . iuectars Hal Polaire.. i “that it does. illustrate the sizable “Irma ‘La Deuce (PAN AVISION--COLOR) © Enrazing " gon-musical “farce “from the French legit. musi~-eomedy. Good bo. contender . but not Wilder's best form. } United: Artists release of Billy wnaer | eduction. Stars Jack Lemmon, Shirley. one: featurés Lou Jacobi, Bruce * Yarnell,: Herschel Bernardi, Hope | day,: Joan Shawlee. Directed by” ‘Wilder. | Screenplay, Wilder. 1: AL. Diamond, based on play by. Alexandre . Breffort;. camera ‘Technicolor),. Joseph -L Shellie; ..editor, Daniel. Mandell; ‘music, Andre “wiewed ‘at Directors Guild 0 f America, ‘May. 31, *€3. Running ¢ ee ‘MINS. Nestor warcare‘Lemmon. Irma La. Douce:. teacense : Shirley _MacLaine | ‘Moustache errs eeeivaarece "Lou Jacobi . Hippolyte ” Bruce_ Yarnell Inspector: LeFevre: “aeeepel Bernardi ‘Lolita © « Hop eee oer rsae Amazon Annie. ‘Kiki The Cossack. eetiee ewes: i Dabov Andre age on ceuseeee “Howaed WMeNear | “Police Sergeant Reet Cliff Osmond i ojo nche Charlie «aeeed -. Herb Jones {| Casablanche eepee Ru ith & Jane. Earl Suzette Wong §.i---reeee ee Tura Satana First Customer ......-..... . Lou ‘Krugman . Second Customer .+--.++4: John. Aivin'! . e Holiday’ E : Joan awlee 3 Grace’ Lee Whitney | 00ze “out of the. character, is-the perfect approach. to. the role. . ' self, which. may be the’ sincerest form of flattery but is. not. a very a | Rootes, healthy. creative sign. Lemmon ‘plays his juicy: role to "| the hilt, and there’‘are. moments |: ‘| when hig. performance "brings. to| + mind. some ofthe great visual com edy. of. the” classic . ‘silent.~film.| ‘clowns. His portrayal of. his British alter ego is a kind of cross: be -tween. Jose -Ferrer’s characterization ‘of Toulouse -:Lautrec’-and. Richard Haydn's caricature’ of an Englishman... Miss _ MacLaine de-' livers a> winning: “performance in the title role, and -has never looked better.. There’s:a whale. of. a com‘edy -portrayal: by “Low ‘Jacobi: as the versatile’ bistro boss-barkeep, “Moustache.” Jacobi plays it pretty straight and: just. lets the comedy which | ‘tine intérest are. dispatched ably. Prominent figures in the large and : Diki Lerner | spirited supporting cast: are Bruce. “Yarnell, Herschel ‘Bernardi, and ‘Hope. Holiday. . : Joseph La ‘Shelle’: S* photography Gustomer | ¥: From Texas. . ope "James. ‘Brawn }|isstriking | and. colorful.. A’ little. Poule Cath th, Baleony.. “Susan -Woods Mmi the Maumau 7 “1 Harriette ‘Young. Carmen “ee “ ‘e eo. fice Du ont. vevaceees.-, Billy Beck ! Sue k r. P petite Jack Sahakian at -, Man with Samples. wee eaens: Don Diamond Gen. Lafayette ‘(Ret.)......-Edgar Barrier Englishm:n tesertcenters, rd. Peel Prison Guard. ans Joe -Palma Coquette. Attee “* asace coeeone Shorty Billy. Wilder’ 5. screen version. of “Irma La Douche” ‘is a diverting ‘romp and a healthy boxoffice “prospect. It is not, however, Wilder at his best;nor ‘does. it. figure to: attain the blockbuster } category of some of his other films. |. . -On the plus side of the “Irma” }.. ledger, there are scintillating per| ° formances by two stars. of :the first |. Jack Lemmon. and| Shirley MacLaine, a batch of jovial | ... supporting. portrayals; a striking | magnitude, physical production and a number of infections comedy scenes. These | ‘positive factors, along with ‘the |: Wilder brand name and a liberal }dosage of sex, should combine ‘to.|" {nsure a robust and highly profit-|: . able public response to the Mirisch Co.-Edward. L. Alperson presentation. ‘andUnited’ Artists release. But. “Irma”. also misses on sev| eral important: counts, and the fact. ‘problems inherent in an.atfempt to. convert 2 Jegit musical.into a tune-| less motion. picture farce. In the first: place, | ofa bee; it loses a part of its iden-: tity. Transplanting it in this. ‘re-| vised form to the screen. poses an . even greater problem, since film is. a medium. of far greater realism: “than the. stage, and many. picture| "goers, responding ~ with natural | ‘concern to: the ‘sentimental’ love} < a story, may try to, take the demusicalized “Irma”: too ‘seriously . instead of receiving it. as. pure, unadulterated farce. ‘But what hurts the. film the: ‘most is: its length. Two hours and 27 minutes is an awfully long haul | for a frivolous farce. There are several ‘draggy . letdowns, .of which, a bedroom scene wherein ‘Lemmon is induced to revive his lost ‘male virility via. sensual. use -of his -imagination, should be: sliced to absolute essentials. Other scenes could. be tightened, too.. Half-an| hour iess film: could make. It a‘better film. © The hot-and-cold scenario. by “Wilder and. L.A.L.. Diamond, based. on the play by Alexandre Breffort,.‘traces. the love affair of “Irma”. (Miss. MacLaine), a proud ‘and. profitable practitioner of the old darme (Lemmon). who gets bounced off the force when he makes the mistake of taking his job seriously. Lemmon becomes number’ one “mec, or pimp,. on. the block when he knocks his. predecessor's. bleck. off, thereby inheriting ‘Irmaand. the rights to-her estate. Complica-. ‘tions ‘set in when Lemmon begins. to resent the nature of -herprofes-. which he her rich and exclusive client, grows jealous. of his creation,. pretends. to have ‘killed: him and winds. up: ‘with: a “long jail’ term’ for. the “crime:” -elusion:. ‘The film lacks” ‘the ‘originality of Some of Wilder's. recent efforts. . Runyonesque elements |. ‘abound | tor Daniel Mandell and. the. film’s “Sheryl_ Deauville | eceasional sluggishness, | larly in the latter stages, ‘could be} * G ‘reduced considerably. Alexander |: ‘| éssary backdrop: of: authenticity: to |: | reinforce the fanciful events of _the..story. A frisky’ musical. Score | by Andre Previn ‘is another valu-| able contribution. Orry-Kelly’s cos-_)"-. tumes ‘are. appropriately i and. H; Schn N Kovack:; . ancy. VACHS . “Raym Laurence —N: } Beverley . Cress; camera: ‘Wiikie “editor, Maurice -Rootes;. the music out |. ‘traction for the. family .trade—a sure delight for the kiddies and a | diverting spectacle for adults with a taste for fantasy’ ‘and adventure. The. Charles H.-Schneer produc ‘to captivate: an :audience and‘ sur‘mount. such commercial challenges | as the absence of any. appreciable : f marquee ‘name bait. and -asizable ‘expenditure that: the: ‘studio fabulates to be $3,000, 000. The ‘money, : -at any.rate, is on the screen. est profession, and a ‘young gen-| : from. ‘legend of Jason: and: his voyageat the helm of. the Argo .in search. of: the Golden Fleece...The film has, ‘nity of illusionist. Harryhausen: vand | the. other... ‘Schneer’s: staff are. (a remarkably . Everything comes up rosés,. how-/ lifelike. mobile version ‘of the ever, in..a rather ‘saccharine on Bill Bixby more snipping and splicing by edi-. aN ‘Trauner’s art direction is. outstand|: his sets the nec|.: ‘ing, providing. in his s . OF amiliarair ‘force drama tri: revealing. Jason “And The: Argonauts” ; (DYNAMATION 90—COLOR) . Diverting ‘and ingeiiously executed. romp through Greek. summer-. , ‘Hollywood, May: 27. Columbia Pictures release of Charles production. . Stars Todd. Arm‘features: zismith.‘Directed by Don Chaffey. ‘Screenplay, ‘Jan Read,. (Eastman) music, Bernard ‘Herrm director, an; asst.. “Dennis Bertera. Reviewed ‘at: the. suds. Leightorz ‘Here’ ea. choice hot: weather: ‘ate. tion’ is, most. ofall, ,an impressive display of cinematic verisimilitude. for which sgssociate producer :and: ‘special visual. effects. expert. ‘Ray Harryhausen rates at. least.:.the. motion: picture equivalent. ‘of: two. ears and a tail. Thanks’ mostly to his know-how, . ‘the «Columbia release seems. to have the technical sheen and «production. magnitude. “Jason and the Argonauts”. stems the © Greek -mythological. a workable’ scenario by Jan Read and Beverley ‘Cross. and“has been directed. -resourcefully'. and spiritedly by Don Chaffey, under whose. ‘Jeadership. 2colorful cast performs with zeal, . ‘sion, invénts. an alter..ego with-|. ‘logical. landscape. and_ characters‘ ‘Among ‘the. spectacular mythobrought: to life. through ‘the ‘ingen skilled artisans ‘oni ‘colossal bronze god, ‘Talos; flattery | -up the somewhat. negligent outfit personifications of the bat-winged. Harpies; . a. miniature. representa“crashing. -rocks” “through ‘which, Jason’s. vessel. ‘must | tion ~ the ‘smith, : -Gwynn, ‘Cairney, . Gernando Pogel.. _ particu-' A Gathering of Eagles: . " ‘Universal. release of Sy. Bartlett ‘Pro-. ; ‘duction. Stara ‘Rock Hudson: features Rod _ ‘Russell F t:. a a ae . : § lid -moppe P; lig BIT | wee cee os . | Victoria Caldwell -|Colonel Fowler... beoeeers 7 | General Kirby . oe -Gary | S cient and, ‘to. some extent, edifying job ’.of filmmaking, it. will take and there is ‘even -a téuich of} cruise; a menacing: version of the _Saroyan. But the tipoff is a scene : seven-headed ‘Hydra; _a-batch: .of ‘in which Lemmon is crammed into j some astonishingly. active. skeletons | “a paddy wagon. With a crowd .of | who. materialize out of the teeth of. | Hydra; ‘ad a yare™ replica’ of the: * had its. inspirational. origin in the | ‘Argo itself. In ‘addition: to. Harry “flashy, . fleshy streetwalkers, which. “Some .Like It Hot.’ So Wilder famous Pullman berth stquence ‘in | hausen, others: whose “skill. played _ here has resorted. to imitating him| prominent. roles: in. the ‘success ‘of this” production” are. production . ‘designer. Geoffrey. Drake, camiéra, ‘man Wilkie Cooper, editor Maurice | --art : directors «Herbert | “Smith, Jack Maxsted and’ Tony} ‘Sarzi Braga, -soundmen Cyril :Col Nancy Kovak is:: beautiful : as: his licity ‘boys have come up" ‘with one ‘ments. when, -intheir. ‘production. ‘notes, they .state’ that, with this ‘role, she. “is following in he illus‘trious -footsteps of ‘Judith. Ander-. son and Maria Callas.”. ‘That’s like { ‘saying Helen Gurley Brown is.fol| lowing in. ‘the: footsteps of: Mark. Twain. -. Other Toles of: more than: rou: by Gary’ Raymond, Laurence Nai Niall .MacGinnis, “Michael. Douglas: -Wilmer,,., Gwillim, Honor. Blackman, John. ‘drew. ‘Faulds, Nigel Green, John. Crawford, Douglas. Fen and ube, (COLOR). ‘angle: man,: wife. and duty. to country: Within boundaries‘of | ~ concept, acommendable job, but b.o. range limited. . ‘Hollywood, “May 20. Barry Sullivan.. “* Schoengarth:; -music, ‘asst. . director, Joseph... “C. Behm... Reviewed: at. Grauman’s. Chinese | Theatre... ‘May 0, "63. ‘Running time, 115 ‘Rock Hudson | _are. cochairing a blast June 17-for.AA general sales manager Ernie Sands. to celebrate: his upcoming: matriage.: Tariff for the celebration, which will be held. at. Cavanagh’s, N.Y.; is $20, being collected by. the. q viecdaes voeeree Rod Taylor. eveceiens Mary. Peach * Rarry Sullivan eeeeee ‘Kevin McCarthy . Henry va. .” Fowler Lee smote ese cs ce * Leora’ Dana {. Sgt. Banning ..:..6...6: Robert Lansing Colonel. Josten pewgece Richard “Anderson gt. Kemer ::....... Dichard LePore “Lt: -Col.. ‘Gales... Sen evecsorsss [Robert Bray. -Colonel Morse ... oe teesees im. Bannon. General Aymes .... sebeas “Nelson Leigh . -Colonel. Torrance’ otascnes ~ Russ Bender Major Jarvis ©... yon MeKee | eeees ae oe “May 37;"63. Running time, 164 MIN Mrs. orien iraevesese . Dorothy Abbott (FaHOR «25. ces ovasceceese Todd Armstrong:| Beresford. ..........2+-.-Joha ‘Holland ‘Medea. iveees coke es peri. Nancy Kovack Controller ~~ iss ceke ees oha kard ACARUE S22 ace pee e ee ee ary. Raymond. pay. Controller. Sade bbseses ea? Ea Prentiss gens AY " Laurence 3 *Ginnis Captain ‘Hutchens. Re “Wovland “Williams ‘ nes... . someces ees oe fichael Gwynn, General Hewitt... Leif Erickson Felis Seen eesccces ousias: Wilmer | 4 : nessecceseass ac i t, Hera... gacccccgecs ons Honor Blackman ! There has been’ a "fundamental HyTas «2... cee cene ee erie John Cairney.| SaMeness -about most film dramas Phineag .....sceeeees: Patrick, Troughton | concernea ‘with ‘the post-war. Air Hercules -"2-12sstassoc: a _Anarey Faulds | Force. The basic story. conflict. in Polydeuces '........-.... John Crawford | Virtually all of these films . has } Gamer ssal-cccinccreis, Gemmando' Poggi | been. Whether a mani “must ‘place allegiance 46 his job and his coun| ry. over. personal. friendships and ‘simple. everyday: . comforts and whether his wife. can’ put up. with: -+him -under. the ehallénge of. these | conditions. tion of. “A. Gathering of . Eagles” cadherés: closely to this formula:| ‘and, ‘although ‘itis .a highly effi Sy Bartlett's’ produc-" more than smooth and straightfor | ward’. execution. and a smattering: of technical. information to capture. the. imagination. of the selective | modern filmgoing public. ‘The Uni-: versal. release. is limited in appeal. by. the: story: groove it fits so neatly news. show from. Europe for..the duration of President Kennedy’s Eu--} into,; a groove that: John. Q..:Film goer. is likely” to detect. .in the | ‘process: ‘of. choosing an attraction. ‘to see Though: scenarist Robert Pirosh: ‘and the director. Delbert Manni |: have. been. hemmed “formiula;” within’ the narrow dramatic horizons of. the’ ‘story design, they have performed ‘their tasks quite “commendably:. The familiar situa-| ‘tions. have ‘been dramatized ‘on paper. by Pirosh “Well -as: ‘could ‘be. expected ‘and ‘the tenor of performance, histrionic and pro-. ‘duction, ‘is ‘skilled and steady under. | the .artistic. surveillance of. Mann} and-spur.of. producer. Bartlett from: whose original story. the project ‘springs. <. “Fagles” is’-a story of the -men | ‘of the: Strategic’ Air’ Command, ‘more | specifically that of ‘a’ wing ‘commander (Rock. Hudson). whose dedication to the task of shaping. ‘to -which he | ‘is. newly ‘assigned -almost strain marital. relations with: his wife’*:(Mary Peach). to the it: is. a: triangle—a . man, :.his. wife and his. job, ‘the: latter symbolized by: the red telephone: from. which “Continued” ‘On. age 20) that. film ; Medea, although the studio. pub-|Tewis: sl sboth from. England: UA’s of the last of the*-great ‘overstateeepers. are *both fro g Jack: ‘everybody else’s notice... ‘Patrick Troughton,. ‘An| ybody. ‘| creature.” ” No translation needed... | : whose. firm: bears his name, in. New: ‘York..scouting. American product 7 | Conduct a Military -Funeral,” for the U.S: Army Signal. Corps in Astoria, L.I., Néw York. Script was. ‘Parents Mag: Family Medal in its. June issue :. | strangulation murders in Boston recently is the ‘subject of “The. Boston. ‘ Strangler,” penned by William ‘Ballinger, directed. by Burt: : Topper, . . ‘starring Vietor Buono. and ‘produced. for. Allied. Artists. by Samuel’: ‘King. of the : + quick trip to Paris last. week. ‘now. completed: with the. signing -of. and Leif Erickson to portray McAllister, Buzz: Dalton and: -Jonas: Cord. Sr:, respectively . ‘original: historical “drama. by James Lee Barrett. amd. has ‘inked . -the. . author. to ‘do the screenplay: He recently. scripted: “Angel. Walk” for -Fred: Zinnemann and. also. worked — on the. Screenplay ' for’ “Greatest Story: Ever. Told.” a | folksy comedian. quipped: : -theatrés,.and not. bad enough for television.” * breaking point. Essentially, . then, Burt. ‘Lancaster, ‘back from Cannes, “where “The é Leopard” took: tha | Golden Palm, -and stopping over here: ‘to finish up his: dubbing work on ; . Bill Werneth has left the editorial staff of Quigley: PubPublicist Bernie . Summer's; first two. apparent . “Dr, No” and Janus’ “Heavens { lications to. become. the. UA trade press: -contact has. moved to: new ° ‘quarters’... JN New York Sound Track q Ben ard paren and composer. + +4 e wor _ Handsome Todd. ‘Armstrong does | i: commendable. job. as Jason and __Wednesday, June 5, 1963. § Above.” The former took inwhat UA des¢ ‘a “record-breaking” ~| a $75,963. in the first two days ofits’ Preem: Showcase release: here, and’: the Jatter: hit’ "$24, 187. in its first week at.the Sutton; -which would. be a. ‘very respectable. gross these days | even at. a Broadway house, -to Say * nothing of an eastside artie.: American International’s “Beach ‘Party will be. ‘attempting. to cash. : in. on the'new popularity of all things pertaining to surf-boarding. Two | ‘song titles: from. that pic: “Secret Surfing.Spot” and “Surfin” and A Swingin’ ; Harold Weisenthal’s Capri Films has: acquired worldwide: | rights to the 26-minute documentary, “Speak, to. Me,. Child, ” ' narrated — by. David Wayne, | ‘Publicist for Pace. College carried: away: by. it. ‘all: speaks of Edward: -L, Bernays,. possibly. the most. constantly ‘quoted ‘man in: public rela-'~ ‘tions, as breaking “his self-imposed, Silence,” .a-condition which escaped | . speaking of: press agents, Cushman: &' Wake-~ ‘field, the :realtors, boast: ‘of ‘supplying office space. for Eddie Bracken’s . new. ‘Decade Productions: Inc. . | managed by Don Britton, 25. Trans-Lux house at 85th’ & Mad. now’ Darryl F. Zanuck’s. “Longest: Day’”’ discovery, irina Demich,: has. just. ‘completed her-second film, “OSS 117;” a Franco-Italian. coproduction, the official synopsis of which describes “Miss: ‘Demich as “ine ‘splendide.. . French distrib. Jacques Leitienne, : ~ Hollywood, actor: Mitchell Kowal, who. spends’ most of: his time ‘working. in:-Europe, now in Madrid for a Tole: in “Scheherezade, 7 ce |. Spanish-French-Italian: ‘coproduction.. . . a .. Financial Times under caption. “Command. Performance” gags. of hs ‘film . fan‘calling theatre; “What time does the performance begin?” ‘| with the reply, “What time‘can you get here?” ‘Evelyn Lawson, VARIETY stringer, chas just “completed “How: ‘To. “a: half-hour’ “documentary. training: film .o researched and written in Arlington under: the: auspices ‘of.-Col.. James ff t; | Murphy, president. of .the Second: Army’s “board of chaplains... Pic. will. >| be-filmed in color and. actually. shot in Arlington, with Capt. ‘Edward: McCloskey. directing: It is the first official material td. be. released on this. subject ‘since 1947. ‘Documentary is” “Miss: Lawson’ s 50th. screen 4 effort. : “Nat Furst of. Allied Artists aid Bernie Meyerson. of. Fabian ‘Theatres 4 Symphony ‘Theatre’ s Sam. Figler,’.chairman for : the. festivities.. -Team of Hal Periera. and Walter Tyler: will handle art. ‘direction for ‘f n |} “Carpetbaggers” which rolls June 13 at Paramount as’ an “-Embassy-Par. “coproduction . Cognac” playing. 150: houses including those. of the RKO. circuit . lock, in. charge of Allied Artists’ organizational streamlining, ‘back’ in . Ben Wright | his Gotham. office following several. weeks at the Coast studio. — . .. Marcel Hillaire. inked fora role -in. U’s “Monsieur: . neces “Mondo Cane” will move into the Gotham. nabes. shortly ° Sheldom Reynolds. will do. the screen ‘adaptation of Pat Frank’s.. | espionage story, “Forbidden. Area,” for Irving Asher and Ely ‘Landau.: |: It’s. the first: time that Reynolds will not be producing. or directing one. of his-scripts.... . Universal's “Tammy: and. the: Doctor” awarded the © Bischoff and David Diamond . eee ‘Parley Baer into U's “Mountain.” ~~ ‘Rix Ortolani, _composer of the scoré for. ‘Mondo. Cane: Yin ‘New. ‘York from. jtaly for promo work ont:.the film’s behalf:. . Nicolas Reisini, — Cinerama. prez, and. his exec. assistant Arthur: Finston’ Will be on. the. Coast this week for a Thursday | press concerence. Jay Weston, ‘long-time Cinerama pub, also at the Bev -Hilton ... ; Shirley Eaton,. costar’ with. Mickey Spillane in his ‘Girl Hunters, aa ‘in ‘Gotham. for promo. work. Stanley Kramer, who'll: be U.S, Yep on the jury at: Moscow Film... Festival, has. selected Abe Polsky, one of his UCLA: students ‘in. his.cinema class; to accompany him. Producer. is permitted by the: Russians : to take one ‘of his students along as an observer. Leonard. Lightstone, Embassy. exec’ v.p., “hack in New York ‘after ‘a | Major: casting for “Carpetbaggers” is * ‘Ralph Taeger . Universal has purchased. “Fields of -Honor,” an -ABC News has set up amachinery. to telecast’ the. Ror Cochran 6 pm. . string.‘of 11: unsolved : . Roger Hur§ ropean tour -June 19. to 28. Show, originating from London, will be -4 sent. to the U.S. by. ‘Telstar and. Relay II. A ‘duplicate’ show will be.:: jetted. back: to the U.S. each: day for: ‘backup: ‘in case the: satellite trans: mission. fails: to work: Cochran. will. accomp | the. President throughout: Europe. with « ‘land -lines’ and. courier. services: used toget the -film -and-tape back to.. London. European ‘produeers “Walt. Peters.: and-Jack‘Begon: ‘have. ‘sét up the plans for the European origination. -ABC News. exec. producer’ °: ‘leaves. for Europe today. (Wed.) to make: the final arrangements. . Be Thankful or: Smali Favors ‘Dept.: the envelope from the Bill Doll office. which. arrived this week with no ‘Press Telease—absolutely-1 nothing, in. faet—Mside. » ~ Cy Harvey, Janus: Films. ke ead, just back from Cannes and. planning to. ‘put ‘subtitles under the. Cockney dialog. of” “Sparrows ‘Can't. Sing. ‘Henry ‘Morgan ‘and Stanley Kramer did the .samething as.gag™ ‘(trans-"” Tating: ‘a ‘Brooklyn:-cabbie) in their’ 1948 “So ‘This Is New York.” : ‘Peter Baker, editor of the: British: mag; Films andFilming, in the-: ‘June issue comments: as follows. on the U.S. éffort:at the Mar Del-Plata . fest: “The: United States made. such a poor show with its delegation -; that George Hamilton’s mother. seemed ‘the strongest ‘personality ....” ‘The. second issiié of Art Films," @ new-bi-monthly, has’ a three-page . spread. on Ernie Pintoff. It’ll be.on the stands. laté ‘this ‘month .°. . Alfred Hitchcock received an honorary doctorate of.laws and: gave the gradua tion address Saturday (1) at Santa Clara University :in -California: : Local exhib. Sidney. Dreier. will ‘build a. 550-seat. house: in ‘Massapequa, — L. I;, and. also ‘double: the seating capacity. of. his: 600-seat. -Oakdale.~ ‘Theatre, Oakdale, .L.-I.” ‘forces him, in’.he course of at-{': tempting. to-‘analyze’ and. pinpoint | ‘what is‘ ailing. theunit,. ta: make several unpleasant . decisions that} Pat Buttram, giesting. (30). on the Arthur Godfrey. Show over’ ‘CBS radia, said he had. appeared ‘with’ “Gene. Autry for years—we. ‘made 107. pictures, ‘Westerns—the only: time ‘I-looked:down ‘a barrel. was a. parrel of. beér—I don’t know where’ they. (the. pictures). are now.”..Then the... “They are’ not quite’ good. enough. to. Play “Martin. Luther King” is:one of-my dearest. friends. I am. nat: down... there in Alabama:being beaten or gaoled,. but, just as. it. is-his fate,” ‘so it is my fate. It’s time for the Negro. to receive hunian. dignity.. And -it-willbe won some day. We -eannot: exist any. other. way." Sammy | Davis, Jr. at a ‘Glasgow press confab.