Variety (September 1907)

Record Details:

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VARIETY 19 Gavin, Piatt ft Peaches. I'tahna, Ogden, Utah. Gay lor * Graff, 244 W. 10, N. Y. Gaylor, Bobby, 5106 Prlncatun ave., Chicago. Glbsea, Fay. Standard. Davenport. la.. Indef. Glondl. Art. Crystal ph.. Joplla. Me., Indef. Glrard ft Gardner. AmltyvUle. L. I., N. Y. Gladstone. Ida, 816 W. 50, N. Y. Glocker, Chan, ft Anna, Bowery Burlesquers, B. R. Golden. Lewis, Flood's pk., Baltimore, indef. Guldln Russian Troupe. Hageubeck-Wallace; O. R. Goldsmith ft Hoppe, Poll's, Worcester, Mass. Goolmans, The Musical, llayden Cottage. Lake Klpley. Wis. Oordoa, Cliff. 6 B. 106. N. Y. Gordons, Bounding, Folles Bergere, Parla, to Sept. 30. Gorman ft Waet. 62 B. 88. N. Y. Goes, John, Olympla. Bellalre. O. Gotham Comedy Quartet, City Sports, B. B. Oottlob, Mr. and Mrs., 2144 Lexington are. icare Berliner). N. Y. flraeey ft Burnett. Fair Haven. N. J. Orsham. Geo. W., Scenic. Providence. Indef. Gray's Marionettes, Otb and Arch Museum, Pblla., I'a., Indef. Greene ft Werner, box 10. Macatawa Lake. Mlcb. Gruet, Jack. Ideale, B. R. Gruet. Al.. Ideals, B. R. Gruet. Marie, Ideals, B. R. ■sines. Lola, Wonderland, Revere Beach, Mass., Indef. Hall, John G., P. O. B. 191, Leeds. Greene Co., N. V. Hallen ft Hayes, Hathaway's, New Bedford, Mass. Han lain ft Lounte. 706 I St., ft. B., Washington, Harris, Bobby, Toreadors. B. R. Hart. J. C. ft Co., Tiger Lilies. B. B. Hayea ft Carew, Bohemians. B. B. Hellman, BenJ., Toreadors. B. R. Hertsman. Julia, Imperials, B. R. Hardlg, Billy, 4 Paw-Sells. C. R. Hart, Sadie, 1163 Jackson Ave.. Bronx, N. Y. Hanourt, Prank. Lyric, Seattle, Wash., Indef. Harland ft Rolllson National. San Francisco. Mart Broa.. Hagenbeck-Wallace: C. R- llairls, Sam, Wetland, Cumberland, Md. Harvey, Harry. 8110 Cottage Grove ave., Chicago. Harvey ft Adams. Barton's Auditorium. Norfolk, Va.. Indef. Haskell, Loney, 48 Lexington ave., N. Y. Harvey, W. 8., ft Co., 132 E. 17, N. Y. Hayos ft Haley. 147 W. 127. N. Y. Hayman ft Franklin, Tlvoll, 8ydney, Australia. to Jan. 20. Haynea ft Harney, 144 East Bridge. Oswego, N. Y. Hea'ly ft Vance. 216 W. 106, N. Y. Hearn, Tom. Shepperd'a Bush Empire, London, Eng.; 16, Birmingham Empire, London. Eng. Heclow, Charlea ft Marie, 452 N. High, Chilli cotbe, O. Hefron. Tom, Clarendon Hotel. Cleveland, O. Henry ft Young. Sbellpot pk., Wilmington, Del.. Indef. Herbert the Frogman. Sells-Floto. C R. Herbert ft Rogers, Sodln's, Clinton, la. Herrmann. The Great, Paris, Indef. Haw, Billy. Snrf Ave. O. H., Coney Island, ladef. Haw 81sters. 256 W. 56. H. Y. Desman Trio, Bobbins' Show, C. R. Hewlettea, The Frits. Portland. Ore.. Indef. Hlwtand. Chas. F.. 2639 Iowa Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Hilda. Mm*., Sells Floto. C. R. Hlltons Marvelous. Fay Foster, B. R. Hlaa ft Them, Lnna pk., Chicago, Indef. Hlnes ft Remington. Harrison, N. Y. Hlrachorns, The, 207 8. 13, Omaha. Neb. Hobaona, Two. Rlngllng Bros.; C. R. Holman, Al ft Msmle, Ermltage, Moscow, Russia. Holmen Bros., 209 E. 14. N. Y. Hopper, Chas., Bingling Broa., C. R. Howard ft Howard. Poll. Hartford. Conn. Howard Bros., 229 W. 38. N. Y. Howard. May. 3608 Prairie ave.. Chicago. Howard. Harry ft May. 155 So. Halsted, Chicago. Hewelson. Oapt. Carl, Barnum-Bslley, 0. R. Hnghw Musical Trio, Lincoln Hotel, N. Y. Han toon, Dad ft Clara, Monarch. Lawtoa, Okla.. Indef. Hyde. Mr. and Mrs. iiobt.. Camp Rest, ■. ■ ol- den. Me., Indef. Hyde. Walt. M. ft Co., 8506 5th ave., Pittsburg. Illustroelles. notel Bartlett, Haverhill, Man. Imbof ft Corlnne, Empire, B. R. Inms*. The Great. 812 W. 24. N. Y. Irwin, Jack, Tiger Lilies, B. R. Italia. 856 Mass. ave., Boston. Jacobs ft Sardell. Sells-Floto. C. R. Jacobs ft West. 107 E. 110, N. Y. Jackson Family. G. O. II., Indianapolis, Ind. Jeanre ft Ellsworth. Barnum-Ralley. 0. R. Jee, Jim & Jenny, Keith's. Portland, Me. Jennings ft Jewell. 8*62 Arlington, St. Lonla. Jerome. Nat. S.. 1287 Washington, N. Y. Johnson. Chester. 338 3d Ave.. N. Y. JohnsonH, Musical. Empire. Shepparda Bush, Lon- don, Eng.; 10, Empire. Cardiff. Wales. Johnston ft Buckley, Empire. B. R. Jolly & Wild. Bijou. Superior. Wis. Jones. Roy C. Figure Eight pk.. Niagara Falls. N. Y.. Indef. Jones ft Walton. Box 28, Baden, Pa. Jones ft Sntton. 102 17. N. Y. Jndsons. The Great. Altherr's Show, St. Louis, Mo., Indef. July ft Paka, Cedar Point. Sandusky, 0., Indef. Kalmo, Chas. ft Ada, Maywood. N. J. Kates Bros.. Fair, Cumberland, Wis. Kaufman. Reba & Inez. 9-11. Majestic, Streator, 111.; 11-15. <;nlesburg. ill. Kaufman Trnnpe. Rlngllng Bros.; C. R. Kcegan ft Mack. 92 3d ave.. N. Y. Keesey. Herbert, Dowllng's, Logansport, Ind., Indef. Keller. Major. Buffalo Bill's 1 . C. R. Kellle ft Dixon, Bijou. Duluth. Minn. KePeys, Tba Throe, Gaiety. Gale-burg. 111., ladef Kelly, Sam ft Ida, Orpheum, Webb City, Mo. Kelly. M. J., 46 Johnson. Brooklyn. Kelly ft Massey, Pequot pk., West&eld, Masa. Kemp. Win. A., lrvludale pk., Warren. Pa.. Indef. Kemps Tales of the Wilds, Tba Angelas. Deaver. Kempton, Everett, Patterson House. Warwick, R. I. Kenuedy Bros, ft Mac. 68 West Ave., Bridgeport, Oonn. Kennedy ft Wllkens, 1558 Bway., W. R., N. Y. Kenyon. Healy ft Joe Allmon, 67 Bo. Clark, Chicago. Khems. Arthur H., Palace Hotel, No. Clark, Chicago. Klein. Gtt Broa. ft Nicholson, 16 W. 36. Bayonae, N. J. King, Sam ft Nellie, 2874 Pitkin, Brooklyn. Klngsburya, The, Richardson Farm, North Car- ver, Mass. KluKald, Billy, Barnum ft Bailey, C. R. Kins-Nera. 348 N. Clark/ Chicago. Klralfo Broa., 1710 3d ave.. Evansvllle, Ind. Klrsthhorns, 207 So. 18. Omaha. Knlgbt ft Seaton, Crystal. Frankfort. Ind. Knowles, Harry, 1558 Broadway, N. Y., W. R. Knox. W. II., Klyslan Grove, Tucson. Aria., Imlef. Kolfage. Duke. Crystal. Elwnod, Ind.. Indef. Kohler ft Marion. O. II.. Wilmington, O. Koppe, Hippodrome, Ocean City, Pa. Kratons, The, O. H., Chester. Pa. Kurtls-Busse, 6 W. 8, Erie, Pa. La Clair ft West. Hollywood pk.. Baltimore, Md. LaCroix, Paul, Poll's. Worcester, Mass. La Belles, The Fantastic, o. II., Decatur, Ind. La Fleur, 4-Paw-8elle. 0. R. Lakola, Harry, Star. New Cattle, Pa. Lamar, Leeds, Rlngllng Broa.; C. B. Lambert ft Williams, Irwin's Big Show, B. B. La Marr, Harry, Garden, Revere Beach. Mass., Indef. La Mase Bros., Keith. Columbus. O. LaMout's Cockatoos. 215 Ohio. Chicago. Langdon, Hardle. Princess. San Francisco. Laredo ft Blake, 825 E. 14, N. Y. Larklns ft Burns, Novelty, Oakland, Ky. La Reno, Art, Al Fresco pk., Peoria. HI., Indef. LaRex. Wonderful. Rlrfgllng Broa.; C. R. La Velle ft Grant. 226 E. 14. N. Y. LaVine Clmeron Trio. Empire, Peterson, N. J. La Tonka. 137 W. 22. Los Angeles. La Toy Bros., County Fair. Sioux City, la. Lausanne, Folles Bergere, Parla, to Sept. 80. Langer, W. J., Cole Bros., C. B. LaVeen ft Cross. 1553 Bway, N. Y., W. R. Lawler. Chas., 100 W. 105. N. Y. LeClalr ft Bowen. Cook's. Rochester, N. Y. Le Dent. 908 Poplar. Phlla. Le Gray, Dollle, White City. Oshkosb. Wis., indef. Leipzig, Nate, Empire, Manchester, Eng.; 16, Empire. Birmingham, Eng. Le PeUetlera, 144 E. Elisabeth. Detroit. Leahy. Frank W., Manhattan. Norfolk. Va., ladef. Lee, Henry, Hotel Navarre, N. Y. Lee, Mr. and Mra. J. P., People's. Los Angeles, Indef. Le Fevre ft St. John, 87 W. 28. N. Y. Lemonts, The, Wetland. Cumberland. Md. l<eonard. Gas, Acme, Sacramento, ladef. Leonard ft Thornton, Garrlck. Wilmington, Del. Lenore ft St. Claire, 4948 Easton. St. Louis. Mo. LeRoy ft Woodford, Orpbeum, Allen town. Pa. LeRoy Benson Co., Mannion'a pk., St. Louis, Mo. Leslie ft Williams. Colegrove, Pa.. Indef. Leslie, Bert, ft Co., Hay market, Chicago. Levy, Bert, Orpbeum. Boston. Levy, Mrs. Jalw, and Family, 162 W. 96. N. Y. Levlne ft Leonard, Folles Bergere, Parla, to Sept. 30. Libbey ft Trayer, 802 W. 47, N. Y. Llna ft Callajul, Fay Foster, B. R. Linn, Benn, Half Dime, Jersey City, N. J., Indef. Litchfield, Mr. and Mrs., 28 Homestead pk., New- ark. N. J. Llndaay'a Monkeys, White City, Chicago, 111., to Oct. 20. Loder, Chas. A., Rose Lawn, Oollegevlllo, Pa. Lois. Cbllllcotbe. Ohio. Lomlson, Wllllard, 228 Montgomery, Jersey City, N. J. Long, John. Family. Erie', Pa.. Indef. Louise ft Dottle, Bowery Burlesquers, B. R. Lowe. Musical. 238 3d ave., N. Y. Lowell ft Lowell, care Mow ft Stell. Bug., to Not. 28. Lucas, Jlmmie. Poll, Worcester. Mass. Luce ft Luce, 1353 Bway.. W. R. Luckles, Two. Family, N. Y. Lucy ft Lucler. Wilcox, Muskegon. Mich. Lucier, Mr. & Mrs. Fred. Bennett's, Quebec, Can. Lnclera, 4, Onset Bay, Maw. Lukens. 4. Lukens' Gym.. Reading Pa. Lutx Bros., Lyric, Salt Lake City. Ctah. Lyons, J., Champagne Girls. B. R. MacDounuith. Ethel. Cook's. Rochester. N. Y. Mack. Wilbur, Poll's, Bridgeport, Conn. Macks, Two. 243 N. 60. Phlla. Mack ft Dugal. 7.109 Drexel. Chicago. Malchow, Geo.. BIJou. Oshkosh. Wis.. Indef. Manley ft Sterling. 152 Lake. Chicago. Kremer. Manning Trio, 05 Washington, Chicago, care ■taken. ManteM's Marionettes. Emnire. Snn Francisco. Mantell Family. Cole Bros., C. R. Marlon & Pearl. Bennett's, Montreal. Can. Mario. Berger ft Mario. 62 E. 8, N. Y. Mardo Trio. Washington Society Girls, B. R. Marlon ft Lillian. Tiger Lilies, B. R. Marshall ft King. Bowery Burleaquers, B. R. Martell Fsmlly. Cole Bros., C. R. Martinez. Howard, Orpheum, Chllllcothe, 0. Martin. Have A- Pen le, Ciirrlk. Burlington, la. Marshall ft King. Bowery Burlesque", B. R. Marty. Joe.. 1628 Hancock St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. Mason ft Fllburn. Coeur d'Alene. Spokane, Wash., Indef. Mason ft Doran. Sheedy's, Pleasant St., Fall River. Mass.. Indef. Mason & Keeler. Columbia. Cincinnati. O. Jiaiuews ft Ashley, 306 W. 42, N. Y. Maxwell ft Dudley. 106 W. 90. N. Y. May, Arthur O., P. O. B. 628, Norman, O. T. McBauns, The. Prague. Austria. Sept. 16. McBreeu, Billy, ft Bio.. Lyric, Dallas, Tex. McCale, Larry, Imperials. B. B. McCree, Junle. LaSalle. Chicago, Indef. Mcl'bee ft Hill. Bennett's, Lcndon. Can. McFarland ft Murray, Champagne Girls, B. R. McCInula Bros., 75 Bradford, Sprlngheld, Maw. MeKenxle ft Shannon. Poll's, Bridgeport, Conn. McLeod. Andy. Innocent Malda, B. R. McMahon's Minstrel ft Watermelon Girls, Co- lonial. N. Y. McCree ft Gllroy. 2841 W. First av., Coney Island. N. Y. McCone ft Grant. 3 Banton, Pittsburg, Pa. McDuff, James. National. StcuLcnvlllc, O. McSbrley ft Eleanore, Coeur d'Alene. Spokane, Wash.. Indef. Melron Trio, 97 Park, Chicago. Mclis, Two, Gaiety, Galesburtr. ill. Melvln Broa., Innocent Maids, B. R. Melvey Trio, 97 Park, Chicago. Melrose Troupe, 109 Clinton. Bridgeport. Cobb. Melville ft Aaelle, Maple Lodge, Graas Lake. Mich. Meredith Sisters, 202 W. 80. N. Y. McCree ft Davenport. Hagenbet k-Wallace. C. R. McGregor, Lulu, Grand. Altoona. Pa., Indef. Mlddleton. Gladys, Fischer's. Los Angelw. lnief. Mietts Dogs, Star, Elgin. III. Mlguon, Helene. Empire, St. Panl. Indef. Miller. Harvey F.. Grpheum, R->ckfonl. 111. Millard Broa., Crackerjacks. B. R. Mlllership Sisters, Watson's, B. R. Millette. Ed., Rlngllng Brcs., C. R. Miller, Grace. Phillips'. Richmond, Ind.. ladef. Mills ft Lewis, 114 E. 11. N. Y. Millman Trio. Scale, Copenhagen, Denmark, to Sept. 30. Mills ft Morris, Clarendon Hotel. N. Y. Milton, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W., Star. Atlanta. Go. Indef. Mitchells, Dancing. 88 Cooper. Brooklyn. Mitchell Sisters. Monarch. Law ton, Okla.. lnief. Mitchell ft Qulnn. 20 Bay 26. Rensonhurat. L. !. Monroe, George, GUsey House, N. Y. Montambo ft Hurl Falls. Empire, B. R. Montgomery ft Moore, Auditorium, Lyceum, Lynn, Masa. Moore ft Dillon, Fay Footer, B. R. Montague's Cockatoos. 135 W. 26th, N. Y. Montray, 814 Western Ave., Allegheny, Pa. Mooney ft Holbein, Lyric, Liverpool, Eng.; 0, Tlvoll. Dublin. Ireland. Moore Lou W., Hagenbeck Wallace; C. R. Moorehead, Harry (Dreamland), Norfolk, To., Indef. Mourn. Pauline. 152 S. Pauline St., Chicago, III. Morette Sisters. Atlantic Garden, Atlantic City, N. J. Morse. Billy, Anheuser Music Hall, Aberdeen, Wash., indef. Morse. Bon., 119 E. 14th St.. N. Y. Morton, James J., Y. 0. C. 147 W. 46, N. Y. Morton, Ethel, Electric pk., Galveston. Tex., ladef. Morton. Fred W., 207 E. 87th St.. N. Y. Morrison, John. Seattle, Wash.. Indef. Mowatta, The Peerlew, 1904 Windsor av., Chicago. Moaarts. The. Pastor's. N. Y. Mullen ft Oorelll. Box 579, Spei.cer, Mass. Muller. Chun ft Muller. Travel; 9, Orpheum, St. Paul. Minn. Muller ft Muller. Orpheum. Frisco. Mullln Sisters, Washington Society Girls, B. R. Murphy, Mr. and Mra. Mark, box 86. Bast Setauket, L. I. Murphy ft Andrews, 116 Washington pi.. N. Y. Mnrphy, Stanley ft Murphy, 448 Central, Brook- lyn. Murphy ft Magee, Ideals, B. R. Murphy, Whitman Co., Hotel Chelsea, Asbury Park, N. J. Murrav. Clayton ft Drew. Melville pk.. Bayonne, N. J. Murray. Elizabeth M.. care Jno. Murray, Orchard, Col. Martha. Lillian, 211 E. 10, N. Y. Narelle. Marie, Ohrlstchurch. New Zesland, ladef. Nellls, Neil I ft Chapman, Travel; 10, Orpheum, Minneapolis, Mnn. Nelson-Fornum Troupe, 8141 Beverly rd.. Brook- lyn. Nevsroe, Four, Forepsugh Sells Broa,; O. R. Newell ft Nlblo, Albambra, Paris, France, to Sept. 80. Newport Bros.. Casino, Buenos Ayres, 8. A., Indef. Nlblo. Fred. South Africa. Nicolal, Ida, Bohemians. B. B. Nlemeyer ft Odell, Electric pk., Kewanee, 111. Night With the Poets, Armory, Bingbamton, N. Y. Nixon ft Eaton. 552 W. 32, N. Y. Noblette ft Marshall. Howard's. Chicago. Nouses, The, New Brighton. Pa., indef. Novellos. The, Bsrnum ft Bailey; C. B. Nugent, J. O.i 'Ihe Daks, (anal Dover. O. O'Brlen-Huvcl. tilti 52. Brooklyn. Odell ft Kin ley, 3405 Coll logwood. Toledo. Ogden, Helen, 279 Clybourne, Chicago. O'llana Sun. Orpheum, Los Angeles, to Sept. 22. Oil vera, 8. Cole Bros., C. R. unlaw Trio. Alhambra, Ports, France, to Oct 16. Orloff, Olga. Toreadors. B. R. Ozavs, The, Fnlrvlew pk.. Dayton, O. Paplnta, Wlntergarten, Berlin, to Sept. SO. Paradise Alley. K.-P. In ion Sq.. N. Y. Parisian Grand Opera Co., 630 Lexington, N. Y. Patty Bros., Rlngllng Broa.; C. K. Pendletons, The. 135 Pittsburg, New Castle, Pa. Pepper Twins, Lindsay, (int., Can., Indef. I'ero A- Wilson, O. H.. Corning. N. Y. Person 1, CamlUe, Four Mile ertek. Erie, Pa. Perry ft White, Miss N. Y. Jr., B. R. Fetching Brw», Ki ith. Bont< n. Peters, Phil & Nettle, Orpheum, Minneapolis, Minn. Plct-blanl Troupe. 104 E. 14, N. Y., care 1 Ike. Lester. Falrhaven, N. J. Piper, Franco, Albambra, London, Eng., to Oct. 14. l'o rlers, 3. Olympic pk.. Chattanooga, Tenn. Poaner, Allan II., 430 Central Park W., N. Y. Potter ft Han is. Orpbeum. Sioux City. la. Potter ft Hartwell, Champagne Glrle. B. R. Powers, Mr. and Mrs. John T., Bell. Oakland, Cal. Prlmnses. Musical. Orpblum. Turtle Creek, Pa. Pryors. The, Orpheum. Tacoma, Wash. Psycho, Mile., Mansneld, O.. ludef. Quigg, Mackey ft Nlckerson, Electric pk., Water- loo, la. Radford ft Valentine. Oxford. London, Eng.; Sent. 16-Feb. 10. Rain Dears, 58th St.. N. Y. Ramsey Sisters, 110-B. Nassau Ave., Brooklyn. Roatua ft Banks. Albambra, Parla, France, to Oct. 1. Rawls ft Von Kaufman. BIJou, Superior, Wis. Boy, Fred ft Co., Orpheum, Los Angelw. Kay no, Al.. Box 68. Sbarptown. Maryland. Reded ft Hadley, 270 W. 89, N. Y. Bedford ft Winchester. Gotham. Brooklyn, N. Y. Beed ft Earl. B. R. No. 8. Box 816, Los Angelee, CeL Reed. Harry L., Washington. Buffalo, indef. Beed, Sam E.. Colo Broe., 0. B. Reed ft St. John. 454 Manhattan Ave., N. Y. Reeves. Al, care Klks- club. Brooklyn. Rellly, Johnnie. 219 E. 11, N. Y. Remington, May me, Haymarket, Chicago. Kennee Family, BIJou, Battle Creek. Beaxettn, Bernard. Barnum ft Bailey; f. R. Revere ft Yuir. Champagne Girls. B. R. Revere, Law ton ft Yuir, Bohemlsns. B. R. Reynolds, Abe, Mlw N. Y. Jr., B. R. Rial to Comedy Quartet. Empire, Hoboken, N. J. Rianos, Four, Poll's, Bridgeport. Rice ft Cohen, Pateraon. N. J. Rice ft Elmer, 828 Vine. Philadelphia. Richards, Chris, Orpbeum. Ban Francisco. Richards, The Great, Family. Chester, Pa. Rich Duo. 215 B. 18, N. Y. Rio Bros., 16. Tlvoll. Dublin. Ireland. Rice. Fanny. Proctor*a, Troy. Rlnaldos, The, Hoop Rollers. Lvrlc. Cleveland, O. Rltter ft Foster, Empire. Johannesburg. t>. A. Robert-DeMont Trio. Park, Dayton. Rogers ft Mackintosh. 121 W. 42d St., N. Y. Konaldos. The. 138 Third. Detroit. Robiach ft Childress. 841 No. Clark, Chicago. Roblson, Mareotte ft Co., A in hoy, Perth A in hoy, N. J. Rome. Mayo ft Juliet, Cranford's, Tbpeka, Kan. Romola, Bob, BIJou, Davenport. In., ladef. Rooney ft Bent, K.-P., Jersey City. Rosa Ires. The. Ramona pk., Grand Rapids, Mlcb. Row. Clark, 1408 6th ave., N. Y. Row Sisters. Provldeace, Indef. Ross ft Lewis. Sept. 16. Empire. Belfast. Rosso ft Slmms, Bowery Burlesquers, B. R. Ronsek, Jack, Air Dome. Lesvenworth. Indef. Russell, Fred, Bowery Burlesquers. B. R. Ryan, Zorella ft Dion, Bsrnum ft Bailey; O. B. Ryan ft Richfleld. Chase's, Washington, D. C. Savoys, The, Hagsnbeck-Wallace, 0. B. Saunders, Florence. Bennett's. Hamilton, Can. Sanford ft Darlington. 2422 Bo. Adler, Phlla. Salvaggls, 5. Miss N. Y. Jr., B. R. Savage ft Kell, Novelty, Denver. Schaar Trio. 8130 Commercial Ave.. Chicago. ■cheU'e. Mb*.. Liona, CIrco Bell, Mexico Olty. to Jan. 4, 1806. •chnildling, H. H., 174 Chicago Art., Chicago. Schuator, Milton, Palace. Boetoa. ladef. Scott, Edouard. Orsnd. Bono, Nov.. Indef. Scott, Great, Hathaway's. Lowell, Mass. Selblnl ft Grovanl, 85 Princess road, Kensington pk., London. Sevengala, Empire, San Jose. Cal. Seymour ft Hill, Orpheum. Denver, Col. Seymour Slaters, 1840 Nicholas. Philadelphia. Seymour, O. G.. ft Co., Varieties. lerre Haute, Ind. Shah Manek, Majwtlc, Pittsburg, Indef. ■harpe, Dollle. Family, Pottsvllle. Pa., ladef. Bhaw, Margaret, Hargreaves, c. B. ■bawa. Aerial, Rlngllng Broe., C. B. Sherman ft Fuller. 868 N. 8, Reading. Pa. Sherman ft DeForwt, Sherman Hotel. Central Park. L. I. Sblrbart, Anson. Crystal. Detroit, Indef. Short ft Edwarda, 57 Mldoagh, Brooklyn. Shrodes, Two, Colonial. N. Y. Sldman. Sam. Oakland. Cal. si doubts. The. Parisian Belles. B. B. Sllbo & Emerson, 227 E. 25, N. Y. Simpsons. The Musical, 204 E. 52. N. Y. Smltha. Great Aerial, Bingling Bros.; C. R. Smith ft Arado, 825 Converse ave., B. St. Lonla, 111. Bmythe, Wm. IT.. Family, Scranton. Indef. Snyder ft Buckley, Alhambra. N. Y. Sommera, Al., ft M. Cook, Wwt Blver, Grwn Bay, wis. Sommera ft Storke, Ideals, B. R. Sonnett, Annette, City Sports, B. B. ftoper. Bert, Star, Altoona, Pa., ladef. Spooler, Lew H., Empire, B. R. Spauldlng ft Dnpree. box 285. Osslnlng, N. Y. Splssell Bros, ft Mack. Keith. Pblla. Stafford. Frank, ft Marie Stone, Diileland, Jack- sonville, Fla.. Indef. Stanley, Mr. and Mra. W. II.. 448 Central, Brooklyn. Stanley, Minna, City Sports, B. K. Stanley ft Scan Ion, Vaudeville, Frisco. Oil. Stanton ft Sandberg, 711 Orchard, Chicago. Stanti. Henry C, Hagenbeck-Wallace. C. B. Steinert- ft Thomas, I'avllllon. Lorallie, O. Sterling Bros., John Robinson. C. R. Stevens ft Boehm. 825 E. 14, N. Y. St. Julia. M.. Family. Fargo, N D. Stevens ft Keeley. Washington Society Olrla, B. R. Stewarts. Musical, Bohemians, B. R. See explanatory note head of Routes. See explanatory note head of Routes. See explanatory note head of Routes. See explanatory note head of Routes.