Variety (December 1907)

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VARIETY 83 GREETINGS TO FRIENDS IN AND OUT OF VAUDEVILLE Twenty years behind the scenes—now in front of the house. A modest stride from the variety field to the dramatic firmament. Still have an ardent feeling for all vaudevillians, old and new, and will be pleased to see the boys whenever they're in the greatest town on the circuit—Phila- delphia. Those were happy days—gone but not forgot- ten. Remember Boston at the big house? Kos- ter & Bial's in the village of Manhattan? The biggest of them all, Keith's in Philadelphia? The large and successful openings of the finest houses? And now the launching of the Orpheum Dramatic Stock Company in Philadelphia. Never had a failure—and there's none in sight. GRANT LAFERTY, Manager Chestnut Street Theatre. Glad to See You When You Come to Philadelphia mm a HONEY BOY EVANS Permanent Address, White Rats off America what some of our GREATEST PERFORMERS say of MY ACTs "I havei tried everybody's monologue in show business, but I like yours the best." — ART ■ UR * DEM "Am longing to see you perform again, as I am running short of stuff." — WILL DOC» CRY* NG. • i Greetings From JACK BURNETT H Very Jvlerry Xmas and a fiappy, prosperous ]Ne$> y[tpr ■ ■ To all of my clients" and friends, especially the following partial list of artists who have been convinced I write nothing but hits "ROLL Off* HONOR" The Hutchison-Lusby Co., Earl and Wilson, Hal Davis and Co., Carlin and Otto, Hoyt and McDonald, The Le Pelletiers, Mr. and Mrs. John T. Powers, Loyd and Erwin, Wilson and Rich, Patrice, Mayme Gehrue and Co., Rawls and Von Kaufman, Al Carleton, Dave Nowlin, Geo. Pork Chops Evers, Wilbur Held, Livingston and Schultz, Art Fisher, De Monde and Dinsmore, The Brandon-Cantway Co., Byrd and Vance, and there are 50 others. NOW FOR A COUPLE OF WORDS TO SAVE UNNECESSARY CORRESPONDENCE! I write only for recognized artists. Prices range from $200 (for complete tingles and two-people acts with specialties) to $1,000 for big sketches, with or without unpublished special songt. Please don't write unless prepared financially to make a bfr/c per cent deposit. I personally direct and stage all acts that rehearse in New York or Chicago, and they never fall down. I can show . anybody. JACK BURNETT, ActwrigHt, CHICAGO. Suite 52, Grand Opera House Building. THE VENTRILOQUIST WITH A PRODUCTION AND HIS FAMOUS MECHANICAL FIGURES ENTIRE NEW ACT FOR NEXT SEASON ECLIPSING EVERYTHING HERETOFORE OFFERED IN THE VENTRILOQUIAL LINE , "THE VENTRILOQUIST WHO MADE VENTRILOQUISM FAMOUS" When answering advertisements kindly mention Variety. •