Variety (December 1907)

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VARIETY 91 SIDJ.EUSON'STHEATRD •. IN. dark Street, Just Over the Bridge, GtllGAGO Home Of Refined Burlesqu PLAYING THE COLUMBIA AMUSEMENT COMPANY'S ATTRACTIONS Only the Highest Form of Burlesque Entertainment Offered TWO SHOWS EVERY DAY AMATEUR NIGHTS FRIDAYS i "THE NARROW FELLER » CHAS. F. SEMON Booked Solid by United Booking Office HIBBERT "THE PIANIST AND THE FUNNY DANCER" BOOKED SOLID KEITH-PROCTOR CIRCUIT—SEASON '07 - '08 Management JACK LEVY "HIS TWO DEST LITTLE DARKIES FROM THE WEST" CHADWICK TRIO cc FOR SALE WIGGINS FARM w Ida May Chadwick is champion lady buck dancer of America, hav- ing won all dancing contests held in Tammany Hall, 1905, 1906 and 1907. She is the present holder of the original Richard K. Fox medal. "The girl Is a wonder on her feet. She Is showing some new and most difficult steps In buck nnd wing work. Anyone taking her title away, If that ever becomes possible, will have to dance a whole lot before it happens."—SIME. A MERRY XMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND ENEMIES TED MARKS "THAT'S ALL" CHARLES HORWITZ Wishes you a Merry Chrtxtmas and a Happy New Year, and aluo desires to say a few words regard- ing sketches. Over twelve years' solid success as author of high-class playlets, comedy sketches and m< nologues is eerti.iuly a record that speaks for itself. Many artists occupying places' In THE HEAD- LINK (.'LASS in the best Vaudeville Theatres owe their positions to sketches from the pen of Charles Hmwltz. This Is acknowledged by the artists themselves. The many grateful letters Mr. Ho'ruitz receives prove the truth of this statement. Call on him. see the letters and convince yourself. Keep your eye on bis regular weekly "ad" In VARIETY, but KINDLY REMEMBER CHARLES HORWITZ KEKI'S NO TYPEWRITTEN MANU- SCRIPTS ON HAND. HE NEVER ADVERTISES SKETCHES FOR SALE. He has no time for that. He WRITES the ACT EXCLISIVELY for you, and as he Is constantly busy It is to your Interest to see him or communicate with him at once. Be wise and place your order with hlra now. Charles Horwiti Understands What Vaudeville Demands. Address 102-104 West 38th Street (Mark Stern Building), New York WORK » OWER Season of 1906-1907, with ORPHEUM ROAD SHOW. Season 1,907-1908, KEITH & PROCTOR'S, Representative, ALBERT SUTHERLAND, ST. JAMES BUILDING. — PRESIDENT MUDGE PRESIDENT KONORAH WHITE RATS. I.. A. L. Both recommend me to the artists traveling abroad. Theatrical trade a specialty. Paul VAUDEVILLE STEAMSHIP AOENT, 104 East 14th Street NEW YORK (German Savings Rank Building) \Yhen answering advertisements kindly mention VARIETY,