Variety (December 1907)

Record Details:

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VARIETY WALTER SCHRODE MILVEY " FUNEDIAN " I Character comedian and producer. Author of the following laugh producers:' "Reilly's Speech/' "The Isle of Dinky Dee," "000167*3 Drug Store," "000167*8 Dry Goods Store," "On the Panama." Have just completed the following: "In the Land Beyond," "The Isle of Nowhere/' "College Boys"; also "Dooley's Hunch" (vaudeville act for four people and a ton of scenery). In preparation, a big farce comedy, "Sweeney's Finish/' a satire on politics. One of the best things I was ever acquainted with. P. S.—"NOW YOU TELL ONE." This season with Chas. H. Waldron's "TROCADEROS," "The Broadway Show in burlesque." t KIT AM LIRA 9 Japanese Enterprises UNDER THE PERSONAL DIRECTION OF Mr. PRED A. BRANDT CONTROLLING ALL THE POPULAR JAPANESE TROUPES IN AMERICA LILLIAN CO. IN 44 THE PHANTOM RIVAL," AN ORIGINAL COMEDY CREATION BY SAGDR DBA IN one of the best laughing sketches in vaudeville, a high class farcical playlet wit h a C OMPLETE PLOT IN 16 MINUTES, with a BURLESQUE MELODRAMATIC FINISH. SOMERS «, WAR.NER Wanted-First-class attractions for England and Continent B. OBERMAYER, Representative, 1431 Broadway, New Yorh When answering advertisement b kindly mention VARnrrr.