Variety (December 1907)

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104 VARIETY Achieved the Greatest Triumph in Modern Vaudeville!!! AND CO Presenting (C ROMAN SPORTS and PASTIMES" (Copyrighted) Produced for the first time on any stage at the NOVELTY THEATRE, BROOKLYN, N. Y., NOV. 20TH, THEIR SECOND EDITION of "ROMAN SPORTS AND PASTIMES," and scored an instantaneous hit. AS AN ATHLETIC PRODUCTION WE HAVE SET A PRECEDENT "DASH," of "VARIETY/' in reviewing our New Production said: "There has been no stinting in the outlay and the result is one of the most elaborate settings yet seen in the varieties. The splendid setting with a fountain of running water in the rear and swans swimming lazily about is bound to excite admiration and interest. La Veen and Cross have made a strong bid along original lines and should receive hearty encouragement. IT IS BY FAR THE MOST SPLENDIDLY EQUIPPED ACROBATIC ACT NOW BE- FORE THE PUBLIC, AND MAY BE SAID ALSO TO BE THE MOST SPECTACULAR ACT IN VAUDEVILLE." Four Men OUR COMEDIAN . AL. C. RIO All communications to S. LA VEEN, 1553 Broadway, New York, care of White Rats of America, or JACK LEVY. D I IVI M'gT "Motogirl" and Other Nevelties Bails for London, England, Dec. 14, on Lusitania. Cunard Line. to introduce the startling and remarkable novelty of Juggling 100 Hats as performed by MORAN and WISER The originators, who open in Paris shortly. MB. MELVILLE is the exclusive business representative of this act, also L-VIL-L. JOHN C. RICE and SALLY COHEN America's Leading Vaudeville Headliners, and others. Address, HOTEL CECIL, Strand, London, England. BERTHA NOSS-RUSSELL T £$5rt&.s SIX CHANGES OF COSTUME SIX INSTRU- MENTS SILK VEL- VET DROP 14 MINUTES A NEW MUSI NOV When answering adveriUemenU kindly mention Vaeodtt. 179 W. 47th St.. NEW YORK Telephone 5105 Bryant