Variety (December 1907)

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106 VARIETY FROM OVER THE SEAS TO ALL PARTS OF THE GLOBE H JAcrry Cbrietmae and a F)appy flew ^car to all MANAGERS AND ARTISTS Is the hearty wish of PARIS I. PLACE ■OTtlDIKU • «n fec« i Op«r» CoTiiqu*' TEttP: 235-85 Adr»»»« T«l«graph<gut UPTODATl PARIS Cabl* Addr«sa mm avi %&t mo lo h DON TELEP:AMT.|-256fi Cable SINSATlON-BtRLIN C«bl« Addr*«* NCiriMtCN SJtWYOftK TELL YOUR TROUBLES TO ME; THAT 18 MY BUSINESS. HEARING TROUBLE AND GETTING YOU OUT OF IT. JUST LOOK AT MY REFERENCES; THEY SPEAX FOR THEMSELVES. ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW 302 BROADWAY, NEW YORK {2742 2743 Wortn ASK ANY OF THESE PEOPLE IF I KNOW MY BUSINESS. R oyen Brothers. Pat Rooney. Pat Casey. Jack Levy. Hugo Morris. John W. World. Lee Harrison. Ralph Johnstone. Joe Paige Smith. Louis Pincua. Fred Niblo. Fred Solomon. Edward P. Temple. Bailey and Austin. M. S. Bentham. Wesley & Pincua. Rice and Prevost. Hall's Studio. Mike Simon. I HAVE A REPRESENTATIVE IN EVERY CITY IN THE UNITED STATES, CANADA AND EUROPE. WITH BEST WISHES FROM SIM Collins and Hail "THE TWO STRONG MEN" FIR8T APPEARANCE IN NEW YORK. PRINCE and VIRGINIA In a Novelty German Comedy and Character Singing Act. WEEK OF DEC. 16TH, AT PASTOR'S. 18 MINUTES IN ONE. Managers and agents, look us over. No good time to follow but willing to acoept some. Mr. and Mrs. EDWARD H.KEMP Second Season in Vaudeville Presenting Their ORIGINAL Illustrated " Tales of the Wild " A Travel Monologue; Artistic and Novel LORRETTF sa^aWa^^ THB ^^^^^^^ ORIGINAL DANCING JUGGLER P. 3.—Have cancelled my foreign contracts and will remain as the "Special VAUDEVILLE FEA- TURE" with the Murray and Mackey Comedy Company, playing the best repertoire time, the re- mainder of the season. The title "ORIGINAL DANCING JUGGLER" la my property. Have used it for years. Hands off! Bella Belmont VOICE JUGGLER. "A HIT EVERYWHERE" COMING EAST WITH A NOVELTY. MERRY XMA8 AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL FRIENDS. MUSICAL SPRAQUELLES IN OODIMENTO—DIABLO. Scenic, muaioal, electrical sensation. Two years of continuous success in the West.. East soon. Address, San Francisco Offloe. VARIETY. When answering advertisement* kindly mention Variety.