Variety (December 1907)

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VARIETY 113 REPRESENTATIVE rtRTIST© REPRESENTATIVE ARTISTS AND VA/HI Ltwrooot "Daily Ncwh. "- Ryan ami White du auuie uf the slickest heel and toe danclug lmagla uhie. They are masters of the art, though holh youu», and their work *tth splendid recognition. Not lit iik better In this line haa ever been given here. WHY WE 8AY POSITIVELY THE BEST, ETC. WEEK DEO. 16. KEITH'S, BOSTON. Curtis, Palmer In '* MAMA'S DARLING BOY,'* By AARON HOFFMAN Booked aolid by our Maaoot, Harry Leonhardt. Verdict of preaa and public, bigger kit than the School Act. AND CO. JAMES AND LUCIA COOPER "CHATTERING CHUMS." WEEK DEC. 16, OAYETY, ST. LOUIS. "Gee, Blutch mad* me laturh." (ft n THE HITCHIE-HEARN PANTOMIME COMPANY XV THE LONDON FIRE RRIGADE Booked by MR. WILLIAM MORRIS, over the KUw A Rrlangor Oiacuit. General Manager. MR. JOB BUNDLE. Managen and Agenta, here it la—the act yon have been looking for. OLMES and HOLMES Musical Merry Makers. At Last a REAL Comedy-Musical Act. Adreaa Care VARIETY or BILL BOARD. Adg and Her Lions eatured attraction on the SULLIVAN CON8IDINE CIRCUIT. Permanent addreaa, 816 B. 47th St., N. Y. THE ASTRELLAS Presenting Their Original long and Dancing Novelty in VaadarrQle. FLOURISHINO, A HOME GROWN NOVELTY. TARIBTY. NORTON 1 RUSSELL REALLY REMARKABLE, REALISTIC, RAPID CHARACTER CHANGES. VAN GOFRE «. CORTRELY — ANTONIA Novelty Balancing and Posturing. Addreaa, care VARIETY, Ban Francisco. FRANK MUELLER A D WILL HIGH CLASS VOCALISTS ORPHEVH CIRCUIT. Tiro NOVELTIES of MERIT! (in on. act) Present*! by JNO.ZOUBOULAKIS CLAY CARTOONIST AND MUSICAL VIRTUOSO 14 Minutes. (Seven in "one"; open or dose.) KIETY KNICKERBOCKER THEATRE BUILDING, NEW YORK CITY. CARDS OF ARTISTS UNDER THE HEADING OF 44 REPRESENTATIVE ARTISTS " 1-2 Inch single ool- 1 Inoh M 1-2 Inoh doubt* ooL. 1 Inch » AT FOLLOWING RATES: S3.0O monthly, net 6.O0 M e.oo M " 10.00 ■ " 2 Inohea double col., $20.00 monthly, not 1 -2 Inoh aoroa* page, 1 3.60 1 Inoh Z 22.00 ■ ■ 2lnche* " 44.00 " M L»«ar6t«r Space Pro Rata No advertiaetnent under this heading accepted for less than one month and no pr eferred position r- given. Remittance must accompany advertisements forwarded by maiL Cash discount for 6 and 18 months. r 'The sort of Entertainment thai Advances Vaudeville —■■■■■— PRESENTING ■ \f 35 [EVANS FARCE tt " ITS UP TO YOU, WILLIAM" comV. THIS WEEK. O. 0. H.. CHICAGO. Have Your Card in VARIETY THE FAVORITE IRELAND'S ALL-ROUND DUBLIN ENTERTAINER With his own copyrighted songs, words and music, and self taught dancer. On my own merits for 18 years. One like me hard to find; was born in me (1867). Am in good health and doing well. Who is my friend ? To-day is the day. Address care VARIETY PASTOR'S THIS WEEK When answering advertisements kindly mention Variett.