Variety (December 1907)

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114 VARIETY REPRESENTATIVE ARTISTS REPRESENTATIVE ARTISTS T H E THREE NIGHTIN GALES PA8T)R8 NEXT WEEK (Deo. 16). Big Hit Everywhere MINNIE MARX, Mfr. WILFRED CLARKE Presenting Hit Sketches "NO MORE TROUBLE" and "WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT!" Addrees, car© Lambs' Club, New York City. I^> A T E N ProMtias "HIS DAT OTT." » TAUDXVH.IA TOU ALL TILLED. HABBY JACXBOH, Owml »Uf Dlreotor for JULES HOBBY. AdlTMa Unit«i Bookla, QAM or Boom 1, In York TAoatro Buildlic, V. T. Otlj. THE CHAMELEON COMEDIAN Mr I HYMACK The ORIGINATOR of an ORIGINAL act Will shortly visit America under Nr. PERCY G. WILLIAMS' maoagemsat ODELL and KINLEY ENGAGED UNITED BOOKING 01TICE8' TIME. FRED KARNOS Comedians Original London Comedy Company. Manager, ALF. REEVES. KLAW & ERLAN6ER CIRCUITS. Representative, WM. MORRIS. "A NIGHT IN AN ENGLISH MUSIC HALL" (with Billie Reeves, the orig- inal "drunk"), "A Night in the Slums of London," etc, etc., in repertoire. All productions copyrighted. Pirates, keep off. Attorneys, House, Grossman and Vorhaus, who have already confirmed all our legal rights. I DID YOU SEE WHAT VARIETY SAID ABOUT GOFORTH DOYLE AND Week Deo. 16, Lyric, Mobile. Ala. ("All Right") Week Dec. 83. Msjeitic, Firmingham, Ala. TO SPKAKXm OF TALK PHIL MILLS Is LEW SULLY'S ■onsessieml narration entitled "OBATOKIOAL D1BTUKBANOXB" and THE MUSICAL LAUGH MAKERS BOOKED SOLID KEITH & PROCTOR WEEK DEC. 16, K. ft P. 58TH ST., N. Y. C. Freeman Bros. Those refined medley singers sad danoera who do different styles of dancing. Now on the Sullivan ft Oonsidine Circuit. Coming East soon. Open for Burlesque or Vaudeville for next season. Swan THE ECCENTRIC RECRUITS, Bambard AND "On Guard" with W. B. Watson's Army, playing Grogsn and the Sheriff in "Krsusemeyer's Alloy." DEC. 16-18, LYCEUM, TROT; 19-21, OAYETY, ALBANY . LILLIAN HALE. S IN "THE PHANTOM RIVAL," BY 8AOER DEAN. >ne of the bast la u ghing shetohes la vandeville. Big success ever ywhere. A N D FISKE s Mc • It NOUCH HAV-L THREE WANTS 1st. Want to go with a show. 2nd. Want to write Acts for other artists. 3rd. Wsnt sll msnager* and agents to see their NEW ACT in "one," "Denny's Dilemma," at PASTOR'S DEC. 16 AND WEEK. Per. Address, 735 Jennings St., N. Y. City. SEYMOUR and NESTOR ;insy$i ^"^jeanc'iemoni Playing Maw H Erlanger Circuit Open time after April l» JIIVI and JENNY J rhgrgftST Sonya snd Changes. 120 W. 116th 8t.. New York. Phone 3470 Morn!ng«M# WORLD'S GREATEST WIRE ARTISTS AND JUMPERS. Booked hy H. H FEXBER. HAVE YOUR ARD I1N VARIETY. VAUDEVILLE SURPRISE JOLLY JOHN LARKINS ORIGINAL CONCEPTION IN ONE WESLEY (El PINCUS, Exclusive Agents When answering advertisement! kindly mmititn