Variety (December 1907)

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VARIETY 115 RGPRC8CNTATIVB ARTI8T8 RCPRC8BNTATIVB ARTISTS MADDOX i MELVIIN Wesley & Pincus EDWABD GRAY was driving the auto which mined my «76 and it ruck my foot last Sunday. Give the act X have won to ■oraeone who need* it or keep it youraelf.— AL. W. MADDOX. MANAGERS AND AGENTS INVITED TO SEE The Great Caicedo KING OF THE WIRE. Address per route or N. Y. CLIPPER. ^^^^ DcVcldc & Zclda *Arli$ric 6quilibri$te and Lazell That German Comedy 8ketch, "DELMONICO'S UPSIDE DOWN." Are playing the West Indies with the Flying Jordens for a season of 14 weeks. BESSIE WYNN XV VAUDEVILLE. Direction of MR. X. T. ALBEX. ABNER ALI AND PEISER En Route T. W. Minor's "HIGH JINKS." ECCENTRIC COMEDY ACROBATS WEEK DEC. 16, GOTHAM, N. Y. RUBE KITTIE Welch- BOOKED SOLID. Assisted by COYLE, BEATRICE and DYER, Direction JACK LEVY. Why not have a cartoon of yourself or act for lobby, or a diagram of your tricks ? I'LL DRAW THEM FOR YOU IGINAL If you are, this is the best protection A(ldr««m pare VARIETY AAO SaONTHJ 80.-40. ENORMOUS SUCCESS MISS ENORMOUS SUCCESS ENORMOUS SUCCESS THEATRE ALHAMBRA THEATRE ALH WEEK DECEMBER 16, HAMMERSTEIN'S, NEW YORK MB ■ ■ ■■■i^fe ■ ■ ■ ^% S± MM ■ ■ ■ 4% iP%tt U ^% ^fe Presenting JACK BURNETT'S GREAT DRAMATIC COMEDY HUTCH SON-LU SBY CO. "The 6irl Untamed ■ ■ ^^ ■ ^^ ■ ■ ■ ^^ ^^ ■ ™ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ■ ^^ ^^ ■ » WESTERN VAUDEVILLE ASSOCIATION. i ELLA ^^^^^ ^L REGULAR WARDROBE, REGULAR SINGING, IRREGULAR DANCING. PRESCRIPTION NO. 3 TO FOLLOW. JacR BURNS SBURNS ECCENTRIC COMEDIANS. Originators of the Burlesque Bounding Tight Bope. Jim Also, MAY AND LILY, Vocal and Musical Entertainer*, can be booked in conjunction with above act. AGENT. JENIE JACOBS, KNICKERBOCKER THEATRE BLDO. When answering advertUementt kindly mention Variety.