Variety (December 1907)

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116 VARIETY UEPBtiSEINTrtTIVE ARTIST® REPRESENTATIVE ARTISTS FRANK FOG ERT Y "Ain't I Right, Boys?" The Dublin Minstrel Booked Solid until June, 1908. K. A P. Circuit BERRY COMEDY MUSICAL DUO. DEC 16, ORPHETTM, MINNEAPOLIS. BERRY Vow Playing the Orpheum Circuit. ALF. T. WILTON, Agent. Afrit Wrtb Iht Aaiatraa JntmtU? Artiala Jfrrflrnttttg * tuntfl Winning and Banting sprrinlty Ad drew as per route, or 248 W. 45th St., N. T. City. Act staged by JSed OUyburn MAX REYNOLDS Featured Ml ■ big bit la the vaudeville bit "PARADISE ALLEY." Mgr. B. A. ROLLER. IVIclVIAMOIM'S 44 PORTER MAIDS »* "Tom" Kelley PIANI8T AT PASTORS THEATRE. Have Your Card in VARIETY Mill ("THE GIRL IN BLUE") Broke all records at London Theatre with Jas. H. Curtin's "Broadway Gaiety Girls," week December 2nd. Address LEW ROSE, Hurtig <& Seamon's 125th St. Music Hall, New York MR. and MRS. HAROLD KELLEY Jut finis hing a solid year on the Sullivan-Considine Circuit. TIME ALL FTLLED. IN VAUDEVILLE PORTRAYED Delmore and Darrell Ooe, whet a ■mall gg ffc I wondor where the mail box 1st Who is the artiit always introducing something newl Who plays return datos at all honsosf Who is always welcome and commands about the highest salary ever paid a "single" act on the Paoifle Coast I HUGHJ.EMMETT VENTRILOQUIST. Weeh Deo. t, playsd a return data at Orauman's National, Frisco. Ash Bid. THE A SENSATIONAL EUROPEAN NOVELTY. ERNESTS TRAMPOLINE HORIZONTAL BAR ARTI8T8. A featured attraction on Sullivan-Considine Circuit. Address ears VARIETY. THE MAGNETIC MAIDA DUPREE "High School Girls.' Singing and Dancing Comedienne. WEEK DEC. 16, COLUMBIA, BOSTON. JOHN J. WELCH - EARL MADELINE An entertaining comedy act in "one," consisting of singing, dancing and talking. A SUCCESS EVERYWHERE. Mr. Welch is the author of many popular songs now being sung everywhere. Booked by Western Vaudeville Association. THE REAL NEWSBOY ACT The Original American Newsboy Quartet CAME WEST FOR 10*^ESKP SfSS^StbJ^ 1KhXD *"* HOLDEN, SIN0ER8, DANCERS and COMEDIANS. Week Dec. 18f%Sr?Z! P^Kd' Ore?™ ,I0KZD *°H 10 WH™ MORE. WHY I MORE MONEY. All 55 open aft* March 7th. ' •'.'.■ (Keith-Proctor, Beware?) Wkm antwtring odt»rti*em*nt$ Hndlf m**tio* Variety.