Variety (December 1907)

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VARIETY 117 RBPRESBINTrtTIVB ARTISTS REPRESENTATIVE ARTISTS TKB JAMOUS JACKSON FAMILY WORLD! MOST MAR VKLOUS OY0LMT8. WILDER "-r »• W. nth It, Mew York. Phone sit* UmiUk Bob Van Ostcn TKB HAM WITH TKB DUCK MO BR. Balno»d$liaw BURLESQUE ECCENTRICS. M. T. Hippodrome, lndof. MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL FRIENDS. ALLEN CURTIS Clifton Crawford Direction JOE BART. Have Your Card in Variety It lin't the Um« that make. th. Ifl th. act that mtkM th. mam*. THE KINO OE IRELAND, JAMES B. DONOVAN RENA ARNOLD QUEEN OF VAUDEVILLE. DOINO WELL, THAME YOU. ALT T. WILTON, Agent. Herbert Lloyd and Co. Grace Orma In Vaudeville Deo. 9-14, Pastor's Theatre. DeWITT-BURNS and TORRANCE Presenting "The Awakening- of Toy*," WEES DEO. 16, POLI'B, SCRANTON. REICH A PLUNKETT, Agent*. johm a ■ALLY Presenting "A Baohelor Wife.'* WEEK DEO. 16, COLUMBIA, CINCINNATI. ILA dRANNON IB VAUDEVILLE. X. A P. CIRCUIT. BOOKED SOLID. RICE & PREVOST "Bumpty Bumps" Ritterand Foster ACROSS THE POND. Address oare BOMER A WARBBR, 1 Tottenh am C ourt Road, London. Eng. ALT T. WILTON, Amerioan Agent. Chris Richards Eoo.ntric Co»«di»i DEC. 16, COLUMBIA, ST. LOUIS OEO. O. TOM COMEDIANS AMD PRODUCER*, Of Bam Scribner's "Big Show." We make them laugh heoauae we work la harmony. JANE GILBERT With MAT TULLY IN "Btop, Look aad Listen" Week Deo. 16, Lyrio, Dayton, Ohio. L AM ADVANCED PRE8EMTIMO Sensational Tricks—Refined Comedy WEEK DEC. 9, TREMONT, BOSTON. WEEK DEC. 18, MEW YORK THEATRE, N. Y. HE OWN OPIC 1CKLE ALKER3 THE TOWN TOPIC TICKLE TALKERS and TIP TOP TICKLE SINGERS, Tickling more abundantly at Keith's, Syracuse, this week. DEO. 16, 8HUBERT, UTICA. Those Smart Agents REICH A PLUNKETT. THE AUSTRALIAN PREMIER VOCAL. SOCIETY SKETCH ARTISTS RIVERS A N D DIRECT FROM AUSTRALIA SULLIVAN A COMSIDINE CIRCUIT, LYRIO, CLEVELAND, WEEK DEC. 9. Permanent Address, Care off VARIETY ALF. T. WILTON, Agent, St. James Building, New York. JIMO. AS SHERMAN SAID, "WAR IS HELL. AND THE THE THIS WA8 A H OF A (VAUDE- MUSICAL WOLF yj^^ WAR BHOWNIl SAID When answering advertisements kindly mention Variety.