Variety (December 1907)

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VARIETY 119 REPRESENTATIVE ARTISTS REPRESENTATIVE ARTIST© WEEK DEO. 18—ACADEMY, PITTSBURG. HCUCti & TtNNCSSY'S a EMPIRE SHOW DIRECTION W. K. HISS. 9* "IBB DOT BO!" GEORGE KLEIN STILL WITH THE BIO SHOW. Th* B*nsatlonal Acrobati* Oomodlaaa. Monumbo and Hurl-Fills Th* Poor of Oomlo Acrobats MHSf and CORIHNE "IN A STRANGE HOTEL EMMA WESTON CCXTBALTO, THAT'S ALL ED. THE TWO EXTREMES JIIISTIIaH BICILEf 'Why, Kar-Boit-ny" AL. ZIMMERMAN Character and 811111119 Comedian. LEW H. SPOOLER MUSICAL DIRECTOR AND ROGER IMHOF 1 WORLD FAMED M BOOKED SOLID TO 1909 BY MARINELLI. WEEK DEC. 16, POLI'S, NEW HAYEN. MR. mi MRS. ffl HUGHES IN "SUPPRESSING THE PRESS." BOOKED SOLID. PHIL NETTIE PETERS WEEK DEO. 16, POLI'S, BCRANTON. A Good Singer of Good Song*. JOSIE AINSLEY Direction of JAMES 7. MORTON. SUTTON AND SUTTON The Rube and the Living Pumpkin En Routs with the High School Girls WEEK DEC. 16, COLUMBIA. BOSTON. CoccialAmato NOVELTY DANCING SKETCH. "The Mixer and the Moid,*' IN VAUDEVILLE, Netta Vesta SINGING COMEDIENNE KoiU Circuit Address oar* VARIETY PREMIER ECCENTRIQUE8. For Tima and Terms Addron ALP T. WILTON. SHEPPARD CAMP "The Msn from. Georgia" MR. AND "The 5 (FRANK MAJOR A CO.) Address, FRANK MAJ OR, COMEDY CLUB, V. T. OTTT. Le BRUN s=J Trio Strongest SJaftaf Aet la Vaudevill*. Magnificently Ooitomad. Management ALBERT SUTHERLAND. TRUESDELL Tim* all Ailed. Address, ear* VAUDEVILLE COMEDY CLUB, 147 W. «6th St.. B. T. Otty. THAT NATURAL JEW COMEDIAN WITH THE BIG VOICE. FRED. RUSSELL Signed 1907-OS witb R*nti-B*aU*7 Oo. Lillian Tyce ORPHEUM CIRCUIT. The Really Fanny Monologist. JAMES J. MORTON Still oa the Theatrical Platform. KELLY «• KENT ORPHEUM ROAD SHOW. SIDNEY FORRESTER Singing Comedian and Monologitt, Introducing "The Coatermonger." Per. Address, oare VARIETY. Now on B.C. Circuit. LOU MORGAN THAT LITTLE DUTCHMAN. En Route with Chaa. E. Taylor's Parisian Belles. "^>^^^^-> ^^m A Cure for the Blues ENGLISH COMEDIENNE. FELIK REICH, Manager. LOUIS WESLEY, Agent ROBINSON PARQUETTE TRIO K. A P. CIRCUIT. AL MAYER. Agt. WEEK DEC. 16, GAIETY, SPRINGFIELD, ILL. Hug hey Conn as "Dr. Louder," of CONN, DOWNEY! WILLARD ECCENTRIC HEBREW COMEDIAN HENRY FINK At Liberty for Farce Comedy and Burlesque After Dec. 21. Addreas. CHESTER, PA. GEORGE EDDIE Lyons: Parkes In a Unique Musical, 8inging and Dancing Act. Add. all Com. to AARON KES8LFR, Htir^Tifr«tpjrT* Victoria Theatre. Now York. Walter S. Dickerson Pete Curley PRINCIPAL COMEDIAN. Tho Behmaa Show. Management, Jack Singer. S saooa 1907-Of. .. I IT? >1 Ryan-Richfield Co IV VAUDEVILLE. DIRECTION MAO HAGGERTTS FA EDWIN STEVENS la "A Night Oat" "Julius Oaoaar U» To Data.** "An Er*nlng with Dickens" "Aa America* Raffi**" Assisted by MISS TINA MI1SHST.U Time all SUod tflJ Jaao 7. ISO*. STUART BARNES Direction 0X0. HOMANS. i» MR. and MRS. John T. Powers VAUDEVILLE "TIT-BITS." Agent. ALP T. WILTON. MARION VICTORIA Direotion AL SUTHERLAND. I think I will be very hard to please when I get home. My wife must leaxa to make oyster cocktails and stew and wheat cakes. (Riff ENJOYING AMERICA. DEC. 16, EMPIRE, HOBOKEN, N. J. Time All Filled When oniwering advertisements kindly mention Variety. Senator Stebhtas, tho Yank** Rube." Add r ess oar* VARIETY. DE CHANTAL TWIN SISTERS SWEETEST SINGING IN VAUDEVILLE. "The Two la Bed," by Junie McCree. THE COLTONS OPEN FOR FARCE COMEDY OR BURLE8QUE. Per. Address, 259 E. 14th St., N. Y. City. EDITH AND LEE HANEY, * "The Doll and the Tin Soldier." Always Busy—A Feature Everywhere.