Variety (December 1907)

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VARIETY 15 VARIETY ARTISTS' ROUTES FOR WEEK DEC. 23 WHEN NOT OTHERWISE INDICATED. (The routes here given, bearing no dates, are from DEC. 22 to DEC. 29, inclusive, de- pendent upon the opening and doting day* of engagement* in different parte of the oonntry. When an address follows the name the act la "laying off" for the week and may he written or telegraphed to accordingly. All addresses are furnished VARIETY by artiste and may be relied upon as accurate. Addresses care managers or agents will not be printed.) "0. R." indicates that the route of the circuit immediately preceding it may be found under "CIRCUS ROUTES." "B. R." in the list indicates the route of the burlesque company named, with which the artist or act is with and may be found under "BURLESQUE ROUTES." 1 Abrsm A Johns, Bennett's, Montreal. Abbott-Andrew Co.. 207 W. 88, N. Y. Ailaiiiinl Taylor, Empire, Paterson. Adams E. Kirke A Co.. Brunswick, Ga\ Adsms Bros., Imperials, B. R. Adsins A Drew, 281 \V. 43, N. Y. Adsms A Kirk. Lady Birds. B. R. "Adelyn," Majestic. La Salle, 111. Addison A Livingston, Weilsnd, Clarkesburg, W. Va. Adler, Harry, Park, Alsmeda, Cal., lndef. Adler, Flo, Orpbeum, Minneapolis. Ahearn, Chas. A Veeta, Empire. Toledo. Ahesrn, Charles, Golden Crook, B. R. Ahem A Baxter, Harry Hastings, B. R. Aherns, The, 290 Colorsdo. Cblrsgo. Aldo A Vannerson, 331 Roebllng, Brooklyn. All A Peleer. High Jinks, B. R. Alpine Troupe. Majestic. Evansvllle. Allen, Bra, Ideals. B. R. Allen, Josle, 306 W. 112. N. Y. Allen A Blscoe, Hathsway's, Lowell. Allen. Searl A Violet, Poll's, Springfield. A Ulster. Harry, 11 Rue Geoffrey Marie, Paris. Alrona Zoeller Trio, Marlon, Marlon, O. Alsace A Lorraine, Chase's, Washington. Alvora, Golden Crook, B. R. American Dancers, Six, Empire. Hoboken. American Newsboys' Trio, Wisconsin Hotel, Mari- nette, Wis. American Newsboys' Quartette, Pantages, Seattle. Americus Comedy Four. Orpheum, Harrlsburg, Pa. Ampere, Electrical, Miss N. Y., Jr., B. R. Anderson, Carl, Bowery Burlesquers, B. R. Apdale's Animals, Chase's, Washington. Apollo Orch., Century Club, Elkhart, Ind. Apollos, The, 65 8th Ave., N. Y. Anderson, Richard, Majestic, Des Moines. Archer, LaDella A Davey. Jolly Girls, B. R. Ardo A Eddo, 317 Hoyt Ave., Astoria. L. I. Arlington, Four, 30. Orpheum, San Francisco. Arlzonas. The, 148 W. 68. N. Y. Armstrongs, Three, Star. Cleveland. Arminta A Burke, 510 Ringgold, Cincinnati. Arnold, Lucia, Boston Belles, It. R. Arnot A Gunn, 215 6th Ave.. N. Y. Astrellas. The, Foil's, Springfield. Ash ton A Earle. Farkershurg. W. Va. Atkinson, Geo., Orpheum, Pittsburg. Auberts, Les, 14 Frohel Str. III., Hamburg, Ger. Auhurns, Three, Broadway, Mlddletown, O. Auers. The. Lyric. Paris, Tex. Austin. Clsude, 232 E. 21, N. Y. Austins, Great, Rockvllle. Conn. Austins, Tossing, Dec. 23, Pavilion, Albertlllery, Eng. Avery A Fearl, 653 Wash. Boul., Chicago. Baader La Velle Troupe. Luna Park. Mexico. Daggcssons, The. Orpheum, Oakland. Cal. Bailey, It. N., Palace Hotel. Chicago. Baker, Nat C. 32 Division, N. Y. Balno A Shaw, Hippodrome, N. Y., lndef. Banks, Chas., Boston Belles, B. R. Barnes, Al., Majestic, Muskatine, la. Barton, Joe, Bohemians, B. R. Barrett, Grace, Pat White's Gaiety Girls, B. R. Barrett A Belle. Century Girls. B. R. Barrett. Charles. High Jinks, B. R. Barry, Katie. 541 W. 158. N. Y. Bnrry, Mr. A Mrs. .llmtuie, Olympic, Chicago. .. Barry & Wolford. Orpheum. Beading. Barto. Eddie, Rolllckers. B. R. Bartlett, Al, Hunt's Hotel, Chicago. Bates A Neville. 46 Gregory, New Haven. Be Anos, Two. 12th St.. Chicago. Beard. Billy, 1401 Drayton, Savannah. Beatties. Juggling. Orpheum, Portsmouth, O. Bedell Bros., O. II.. OH City, Fa. Bedlnl. Donat. A Dogs. 229 W. 38, N. Y. Beecner & Maye. Scenic, N. Tonnwanda, N. Y. Bel ford Bros.. 223 1st st.. Jersey City. Belford, Allan Q., Washington, N. J. Belmont, Harriette, Jolly Girls. B. R. Bellclatre Bros.. 30 Majestic. Chicago. Bell Boy Trio. 10 Stuyvesnnt. N. Y. Bell, Frank, 1553 Broadway. N. Y. Bell, Norma, TransAtlantlcs, B. R. Belmont A Brennan, Imperials, B. R. Bensons, Musical, Belleville. Mich. Bentley, Harry. Imperials, B. R. Benton, Maggie. 136 Taylor, Springfield, 0. Berkes. The. 400 W. 80. N. Y. Bernard, Csssle, Rose Sydell. B. R. Bernler A Stella. Keith's, Providence. Berzac's Circus. Orpheum, Kansas City. Berry A Berry. Olympic, Chicago. Beyer A Bro., 203 Henry, N. Y. Big Four, High School Girls. B. R. Big City Quartet. Cropsy A Bay 25, Bensonhnrst. BIJou Comedy Trio, Watson's Burlesquers, B. R. Bingham, Kittle, Broadway. Mlddletown, O. Bingham, Broadway, Mlddletown. O. Blnney A Chapman, Garden. Memphis, lndef. Birch. John, 133 W. 45th, N. Y. Bishop, Frances, Centnry Girls, B. R. Bissett <V Miller, Poll's, New Haven. Bixiey, Edgar, Boston Belles, B. R. Black A Leslie, BIJou, Superior, Wis. Blancbard Bros., Keith's, Philadelphia. Block. John J.. Harry Bryant's, B. R. Blue Cadets, 61 Hanover, Boston. Blush. T. E., 3241 Haywood, Denver. Blanchet Bros. A Randolph, Watervllet, N. Y. Bobker, Henry, 116th St. Music Hall. N. Y. Bobannan A Corey, Century Girls, B. R. Foiaes, Five,.44 Curtis. Grand Rapids. Booth A Gordon, Tarrytown, Long Beach, Cal. Bottamley Troupe, Oreo Bell, Mexico. Bouillon A Qulnn. Toms River, N. J. Bowers, Wslters A Crooker, Bennett's, Hamilton. Bowery Comedy Quartet, 821 Charles, W. Ho- boken. Bowen, Bros., Wash., Spokane. Bowman Bros., 326 W. 43, N. Y. Boyce Bros., Family, Melville, N. J. Boyce, Llll)an, Jolly Girls, B. R. Boyce, Jack. Trocaderos, B. R. Boyd A Veola, BIJou, Flint, Mich. Bragg, John I).. Toreadors, B. R. Bradna A Derrick, Keith's, Columbus, O. Bradshaw, Chas. II., A Co., 329 W. 34, N. Y. Bradys, The, 721 Copeland, Pittsburg. Brady A Mahoney, Irwin's Big Show, B. R. Brinn, L. B., Hippodrome, Liverpool, Eng. Brennan A Downing, National. San Francisco. Brennen A Riggs. Century Girls, B. R. Brantford, Tom, Park Hotel, Port Chester, N. Y. Brit tons, The, Shea's, Toronto. Broadway Quartette. 1553 Bway., N. Y. Brobst Trio, Imperial, Fremont, O. Brown Bros. A Kealey, BIJou, Winnipeg. Brooks A Vedder. 210 E. 17, N. Y. Brooks A Jeanette, 1602 Madison, N. Y. Brooks A Clark, 2464 Patton, Philadelphia. Brooks, Jeanne, Parisian Widows, B. R. Brown A Bartolettl. City Sports, B. R. Brown A Wllmot, 71 oien. Maiden, Mass. Brown A Wright. 344 W. 45, N. Y. Browne, Frank, Palace, Boston. Browning, Mr. A Mrs., 126 W. 83. N. Y. Browning A Le Van, 895 Cauldwell, N. Y. Bruce, AL, Toreadors, B. R. Bruno A Russell, Orpheum, Brooklyn. Bryant, May, Boston Belles, B. R. Bryant A Saville. Bijou, Lansing. Mich. Burke, Minnie, Boston Belles, B. R. Burton A Brooks, Fair Haven, N. J. BUCKNER SENSATIONAL CYCLIST. Touring Europe. Address Central Hotel, Berlin, Germany. Associated with AL. SUTHERLAND, Vaude- ville Booking, St. James Building. Buckleys. Musical. 207 Ave. B, N. Y. Buckeye Trio. 646 E. Center, Marlon, O. Burdette. Madeline, 212 W. 44, N. Y. Buckeye State Four, 2364 E. 57. Cleveland. Burke A Urllne. 110 E. 14, N. Y. Burke, Dan, Ac Girls, Alhamhra, N. Y. Burke, Wtu. II., 84 Barston. Providence. Burnham A White, Varieties, Terra Haute. Burns, Morris, A Co., 54 Hermen, Jersey City. Hums, Harry, National. Erie, Pa. Burtinos, The. Dec. 23. Crystal, Denver. Burton A Burton, 300 W. 55, N. Y. Burton, Matt, 1185 Valencia, San Francisco. Burton A Shea. Ill 7th Ave., N. Y. Burton t V Vass. Wlnsor Novelty, St. Paul. Burrows Travers Co.. 110 E. 25th, N. Y. Busch Family, Excelsior Springs. Mo., lndef. Bussler, Walter H., Orphia, Madison. Wis., lndef. Bulla A Raymond. Wash. Society Girls, B. R, Buxton. Chas. C, Crystal, Menasha, Wis., lndef. livers & Herman, Auditorium, Lynn. Byron A Blanch. Family. Butte. Byron A Langdon, Proctor's, Troy. t Byrons' Musical Five, 5138 Indiana, Chicago. Caesar, Frank, A Co., 802 Mechanics, Decorsh, Is. Callahan & St. (ieorge, Poll's, Springfield. Cameron A Flanagan, Empire, Paterson. Camp, Sheppard, Kentucky Belles, B. R. Campl»ell A Cully, 1633 Bourbon, New Orleans. Caldera, A. K., St. Charles Hotel, Chicago. Calvin, James, 445 W. 64, Chicago. Caprice, Mile.. Orpheum, New Orleans. Campbell, W. 8., Rose Sydell, B. R. Carbrey Bros.. 1347 E. Oxford, Phlla. Carberry A Stanton. Majestic. Evansvllle. Carrillo. Leo, Nyack, N. Y. Carr. Jessie, Toreadors, B. R. Carlln A Otto. Orpheum. El Paso. Carroll A Cooke. Forest, Phlla. Carroll, Joe, 231 Liberty, Paterson. Carroll, Great, Fay Foster, B. R. Casad A De Verne, 312 Valley, Dayton. Carson A Wlllard, 2210 No. Lambert, Phila. Carson Bros., 211 Bergen, Brooklyn. Carter, Taylor A Co., 444 W. 137, N. Y. Carter A Taylor, 256 W. 43. N. Y. Carter A Waters, 158 Greenfield. Buffalo, Cartwell A Harris, 1031 McDonough, Baltimore. Carver A Pollard, 1922 W. 6th, Davenport, la. OBwell, Maude, Gibbons Tour. ' Casey A Craney, Haymarket, Chicago. Chadwlck Trio, 229 W. 38, N. Y. Chameroys, The, 60 Manhattan ave., N. Y. Chandler, Anna, City Sports. B. R. Chapln, Benjamin, Lotos Club, N. Y. Chester A Jones, Gotham, Brooklyn. Chinqullla A Newell, Olympic, Bellalre, O. Christy, Great, Knickerbockers, B. R. Christy, Wayne G., 776 8th ave., N. Y. Church City Four. Strollers, B. R. Clalrmout. 2051 Ryder Ave., N. Y. Clark A Turner, Crystal, Anderson, Ind. Clark A Duncan, Star, Chicago. Clark, Edward, 1563 Broadway, N. Y. Clark, John F., 425 Forest, Arlington, N. J. Clarke, Harry Corson, Lambs Club, N. Y. Clarke A Temple. Lyric, Danville, 111. Clarke, Wilfred, Lambs Club, N. Y. •' Clermento, Frauk A Etta, Orpheum, Boston. Claudius A Scarlet, 50 Chapin. Canandaigua, N. Y. Clans, Martha, Olympic, Bellalre, O. Claus A Radcllff, Trocadero, B. R. Cleveland, Claude A Marlon, 215 Shurtleff, Chel- sea, Mass. Clipper Sisters, 466 Blewett, Seattle. Cllto A Sylvester, Family, Carbondale, Pa. Cllve, Henry, A Co.. Proctor's, Albany. CUvette. 274 Indiana, Chicago. Coate, Charlotte A Sunflower, 1553 Broadway. Cogan A Bancroft, 1553 Bway., N. Y. Cole & Coleman, .Spr4nr«eM, O ... Colleens, Singing, 104 W. 38, N. Y. Collins, Eddie, Oshkosh, Wis., lndef. Collins A Collins. 921 Dakots, Phlla. Collins, Nina, Lady Birds, B. R. Collins, James J., Jolly Girls. B. R. Collins A Brown, 148 Kosciusko, Brooklyn. Cottons, The, Champagne Girls, B. R. Columbians Five, Majestic, Ft. Worth. Connolly A Klein, Empire Show, B. R. Comrades, Four, 834 Trinity, N. Y. Contlno A Lawrence, 249 So. May, Chleago. Cohen, Will H.. Rolllckers, B. R. Comerford, Vaughn, Broadway Gaiety Girls, B. R. Conn. Downey A Wlllard, Majestic, Chicago. Connelly, Pete, Weast's, B. R. Conway, Nick. 207 W. 26, B. R. Cook, Billy. Toreadors. B. R. Cook, Frank, Austin A Stone's, Boston, lndef. Cooke, Joe, Orpheum, Resding. Cooke A Rothert, Bijou, Oshkosh, Wis. Cooper A Robinson. Poll's, Scranton. Cooper, Harry, High Jinks, B. R. Cooper, Harry L., Fay Foster, B. R. Cooper, Leo, A Co., BIJou, Racine, Wis. Cossar, Mr. and Mrs., 203 W. 121, N. Y. Coutboul, Jessie, 6532 Harvard Ave., Chicago. Coyne A Tlnlin, Dodge's. Keokuk, la. Courtleigh, Wm., Poll's, Bridgeport. Cottons, The, Champagne Girls, B. R. Cotton Lola, Keith's, Cleveland. "Covington. Marse," Orpheum. San Francisco. Craig. Rlchy, Hurtig A Seamon's, N. Y. Crawford A Manning, 258 W. 43. N. Y. Crawford A Blodgett, Hurtig A Seamon's, N. Y. Creo A Co., Bijou, Appleton, Wis. Crickets, O. O. II., Indianapolis. Criterion Male Quartette. 156 5th Ave., N. Y. Cronln, Morris, 21 Alfred pi., London, Eng. Cross, Will IL. A Co.. 440 No. Normal, Chicago. Crystal, Herman, Parisian Widows, B. R. Cummings A Merley, Unique, Los Angeles, lndef. Cunningham, Al.. 200 W. 44. N. Y. Cunningham. Bob, Birmingham. Cunningham, Bob A Daisy, Star, Slstersvllle, W. Va. Cunningham A Smith, 183 E. 94, N. Y. Curt in & Blossom, 01 Newell, Greenpolnt. Bklyn. Curtis. Palmer A Co., 2006 Nostrand, Brooklyn. Cushman A Le Claire, Lady Birds, B. R. Cuttys, Musical. 3034 E. Baltimore, Baltimore. Cyril, Herbert, Bennett's, London. D'Allza Hor. Bennett's. Ottawa. Dacre, IjouIc. Parisian Belles, B. R. Dagneau & Bruce. Orientals, B. R. Dagwell, Auiie. Temple, Detroit. Daley, James, Parisian Widows, B. R. D'Alvlnl, Rocky Point, R. L, lndef. Dale, Wm., Crystal, Elkhart. Ind., lndef. Daly A Devere. 115 E. 115, N. Y. Dale, Dotty Dainty, 252 W. 30th, N. Y. Dale, Sydney, Guy Bros.' Minstrels. Dale, Will, Bucklen Hotel, Elkhart. Dai ley Bros., 1379 No. Main. Fall River, Mass. Darling, Fay, Lady Birds, B. R. Dunns Bros.. Keith's, Toronto. Darmody, Harry Bryant's, B. R. Davenport, Edna, Yankee Doodle Girls, B. R. Davis, Edward. Reading, Pa. Davis, Floyd, Temple, Boulder, Col., lndef. Davis, Hal, A Co., Grayling, Micb. Davis, IL, Air-Dome, Murphysboro. 111., lndef. Davis, Roland, Fay Foster, B. R. Davis A Davis. Miss N. Y., Jr., B. R. Dawson A Whitfield. Family. Reading. De Camo. Chas., A Dog. Majestic, Little Rock. Deery A Francis, 328 W. 30th. N. Y. Delavoye A Frits. BIJou, Battle Creek. Dell A Miller, Hippodrome, Buffalo, lndef. Deltons, Three, Jolly Grass Widows, B. R. Delraore A Dsrrell, Wonderland, Wheeling. W. Va. Delmore. Misses, Poll's, Hartford. De Chautal Sisters, Keith's, Pawtucket, R. I. De Graff Sisters, TransAtlantlcs, B. R. De Lisle. Mae, Colonial Belles. B. R. Delaphone, 64 Wllloughby, Brooklyn. De Coe, Harry, Orpheum, Minneapolis. De Haven A Sidney, Orpheum, Easton, Pa. . DeMora A Graceta, Imperial, B. R. De Muths, The. 26 Central. Albany. De Velde A Zelda, Howard, Boston. De Verne A Van, 30. Orpheum, Mansfield, O. De Voy A Miller. 209 E. 14, N. Y. Dee, John A., Columbus, O. Demlng, Joe, Novelty. Brooklyn. Dervln, Jas. T., 516 So. Flower, Los Angeles. Diamond A May, Fischer's, Los Angeles, lndef. Diamond. Jas., Kentucky Belles, B. R. Dlerlck Bros., Clrco Bell, Mexico City, to Jan. 4. Dixon A Fields, Orpheum, Kansas City. Doherty, Lillian, Scalls, Copenhagen, Den. Doner, Joe A Nellie. High Jinks, B. R. Donnette, Irs, 114 W. 40, N. Y. Doherty. Jim, High Jinks, B. R. Dorsch A Russell. Dec. 30, K. A P. 23d St., N. Y. D'Ort A Leonard. Casino, Buenos Aires. Douglas, Chas. W., Broadway Gaiety Girls, B. R. Dove A Lee, 422 W. 48, N. Y. Dowlin, John, Toreadors, B. R. Downey, Leslie T., to Feb. 3, Electric, Racine, Wis. Doyle, Phil., Lady Birds, B. R. Doyle, MaJ. Jas. I).. 30, Novelty, Brooklyn. Dreano, Josh., Revere House, Chicago. DuBols. The Great. Vaudeville, E. Liverpool, 0. Dudley, O. E., Crystal, Ind., lndef. Duffy. Tbos. IL, High School Girls, B. B. Dunedin Troupe, Poll's, Springfield. Dunne. Thos. P., 128 E. 19, N. Y. Dunham, Heslln A Bsrsrdl, Jolly Girls, B. R. Duncan, A. ().. Keith's, Phlla. Dupree, Bob. Canvas. Provo. Utah, lndef. Dupree, George A Llbby, 251 W. 37, N. Y. Dupree, Jeanette, Hotel Albany, N. Y. Kckol A Du Pree. Family, Chester, Pa. Kekhoff A Gordon. Trent, Trenton. Edmonds A Haley, 308 E. 60, Chicago. Edmonds A Monle, 308 B. 60. Chlcsgo. Edwards, M. A C. E., Hippodrome, Buffalo, lndef. Edwards, Jennie, Bowery Burlesquers, B. R. Edwards, Ralph, Parisian Widows, B. R. Edwin, (Jeorge, BIJou. Keokuk, la. Ehrendall Bros.. 1344 Lefflngwell, St. Louis. Elzer, Carrie, Tiger Llllles, B. R. Elastic Trio, Majestic. Pittsburg, lndef. Kldredge. 59 No. Broadway, Strestor, 111. Elen, Gus, Edith Villa, Thurleigh Ave., Balham, London. Eltlnge. Julian. 1014 E. 163. N. Y. Elliott A West, 2902 Ellsworth. Phlla. Filer, Goldle, Fay Foster, B. R. Kllls-Nowlln Troupe. Hamnier«tp|n'i», N V. Elllnore Sisters. Bennett's. London. Elliott, Belalr A Elliott, Harry Bryant's, B. R. Ellsworth, 4, Tiger Lilies. B. R. Emery, Maude, 2110 E. Federal, Baltimore. Emerald Trio, 443 Centrsl Ave., Brooklyn. Emerald, Monnie, 41 Holland rd., Brixton, S. W., Loudon, Bug. Emerson A Wright, Kansas City, Mo., lndef. Emniett. Oracle, Hammerstetn's, N. Y. Emperors of Music. Four. 431 W. 24. N. Y. Empire Comedy Four, Dec. 30, Magdeburg, Ger. Erb A Stanley, Mollne, III. 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