Variety (April 1932)

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24 VARIETY Tuesday, April 26, 1932 ' METRO-GOLDWYN- MAYER SHORT SUBJECTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES! *'OMr pictures are playing more spots than ever. Showmen give our names feature hiUing. Hal RoocK lias BIG PLANS his*PardonUs'boys'^ •*Tfie box-office teltsmerny ' personal appmrance tour gives my comedies a bigger draw than evers_ yil never fail you *^We\e delighted voith the reception our first season of cO'Stdrring comedies is getting from the press arid thepublicr' LAUREL-HARDY Charlie CHASE zasu PITTS-Theima TODD m Our Gang! comedies, Pvewon thc of America and Vm so happy,'* Vm DICKEY MOORE just signed for the NEW - ALL-STAR •OURT5ANG' COMEDIES" ''OUR GANG" COMEDIES BOY FRIENDS COMEDIES FITZPATRICK TRAVELTALKS HARRY LAUDER FUPTHE FROG DOGVILLE COMEDIES