Variety (April 1932)

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28 VARIETY VA ii n EVlLLE Tuesday, April 26, 1932 News From the Daib'es This department contains rewritten theatrical news items as. pub' lished during the week in the daily papers of New York, Chicago, San Francisco. Mollywocd and London. Variety takes no credit, for these news items; each has been rewritten from a daily paper. East Annual meeting of Actors' Fund will be lield jlay 13- Edward Marshall down in Florida to pick a spot for picture produc- tion. Brock Peinberton plans for next peason include 'East of the Sun,' by Bosley Growther and Wm. Dubois; •Lovers, Happy Loyers/ by Lewis Galantiers and John Haussman; 'Christopher Comes . Apr oss,' by Kfawthoriie Hurst, and ._ 'White Dragon,' by Norman Anthony. Lat- ter only one prieviously announced. Antoinette Perry will stage. •Lenin's Dowry' new title of David Vardi's play. . Projectionists' Union, Locar 306, enjoined by a Brooklyn judge from picketing Esco theatres. Held that parading of misleading statements might ije more hurtful than physi- cal violence. Ca,sie in .court for some time, and - Supremo Court decision now Ahal. Beadlcy. Beach casino destroyed by flrei April . 17. Loss $75,000. Beach adjoins Ocean Grdvie, N. J. Holdup men raided the Brook Club in. East 64th street April 20. Held up members, gathering in $1,700. ForreiBt Wilson's 'Rich Brat' be- ing turned from a novel into an opereitta by Dudley Glass and Phillip and Aimee Stuart. For Lon- don production : by Oswald Stoll next season. Brokers Protective Assn. recom- mending 'Take My Tip,' play, in its" weekly news letter to' members. Columbia buys 'Brief Moment' for picture production. Station WHDL, Tapper Lake, N. Y., ttsks Badlo Commission to au- thorize lncrea[se to 500 w^tts, and to sharie that chanSel' with WCAD, Gaiiton, N. Y. ' WBEN. Buffalo, wants to go up 1,500 watts .'-fter sund6wn. Both under advisement. BUI Braldy through for season, so 0. CARL FREED 'Bulls, Bears and Asses' will come Into Playhouse. Francis X. Bushman sues Wllbert E. Hamilton, London, Ont., for $10,- 000 claiming injuries in an auto ac- cident laiat winter. J. M. Williams, mgr. of the:Plym- outh, who hag been put since Dec. 4 with a fractured skull, back on the Job In a couple of weeks. Arthur Pryor, ■ bandmaster, is foreman of Monmouth county (N.J.) grand jury for the. current term. ' Dorothy Leie due In from Europe. Says she will marry Fred .Waring wheii she gets here. Hampton players due to open at Southanipton, L. i;, July 6. H. C. Potter and George Haight at the reins. Metropolitan heads cheered by the early response Qt, subscribers renewing for next seaispn's short-: ened.program at reduced prices. Cables from Moses Taylor, head of Newport (R. L) Casino theatre, assure d season at that resort this seaison. Has a $6,000 subscription list, and' prospects .i3eem bright.' Lodewlck Vroom, long with Gil- bert Miller, quits to go Into theatre business on his own. Walter Hampden will end his coast to coast toun in 'Cyrano' week of May 2 in Brooklyn. Monday night performances of 'Animal Kingdom' on again. Had ^een out the past thiree VKeekS. Otto Harbach back from London where he staged 'Cat and Fiddle.* Reginald Sheffield will produce 'Growing Pains' Instead of Marga La Rubia. Speaks working a new. gag dur- ing prevalent' federal raids. Bar their entrance if the searchers show no warrant. By the time they are back with the paper; the speak has moved. — : . ^—^ charge, Mrs. Pearl Sector, of Buf- falo, says she never divorced him, though Ste\vart declares that she promised to obtain a divorce ond- later Infot-med him that she had. Mrs. Aaron Fox suing brother of Willla:m Fox for divorce and telling the Supreme Court about husband's gay doings. Horace Liverlght bjiys 'Life and Death,' drama by Martin Mopney and Patrick Kearney, coast drama- tists. ■ Dry agents made a record when they tumbled in on li99 places last week, ranging from: well-known whisperlpws to cider stubes. Figure there are only 19,800 left In New York. F&N-RKO tAUQNG OVER AUTUMN DEAL John Golden fussing over 'Why Don't You Go Back' by Montagu Glass and i)an Jarrett. If he can shape it up, it may be back of the footlights by early summer. Jerome Kern and Oscar:Hammer- steln li tecfxpture 'Showboat' rights. Shows which do not get 75 .per- formances a yeai' for two years fol- lowing end of original ran auto- matically revert to the authors. Russ Cblumbo, center, of a muss in Philadelphia. According tp re- ports, singer dropped plenty in a gambling hpuse just outside the city. . Newsjpaper reporter, who had the story, was threatened If hfe wrote anything for his paper, but the authorities got wise and the house, which caters to the miost se- lect trade, had td fold. N. Y. Stajfe Society, patterned after the London model, threatens to. get busy next season^ Plans a; sub- scription at $.6 to provide funds" to stage five plays^ Single Invitation perfdrmances with producers 'asked ih to see. " Reported that the Lunts and Noel Coward will 6ach receive $3,500 a week in the Coward play next sea- son from Max Goijdon, Besides which there are Cbward's royalties. Jos. Schildkraut t possibility for the Le Gallienne troupe next sea- son, which would put him in his original role when they revive 'tlllom.' 'Cynara' will close April 29 to per- mit Phillip Merx'ivale to catch a boat for London. Materlul by X:i;tiK>E C01«KAD Direction CUR'rid & ALLEN Jack Weirier wishes to Announce That Harry Kalcheim And He Are AsBo;Inted Representing Btan<1ard vaudeville acta for UKO ond afTIIlatcd circuits. Acts desirous of enrncat. and con-, sclentlous rKprcacnldtlon WRITE^WIRE^CALL ' Weiner & Kalchdim Palace theatre Bldg., BRY. 9-4519 New York TAOL, PESIPSEY—ASSOCIATE Marlon Davles obtains .a judgment for $10,309 against Chas. Dillingham in N. Y. Supreme Court. Action based on a "note given Miss Davies by the producer in 1931 due In four months. Judgment by default. Earl Carroll reports he Is after White Horse Inn,' British musical. 'Elektra' added to repertory of Metropolitan Opera for next sea- son. . Not the O'Neill play. 'Counsellor at Law,' at the Plym- outh, cuts balcony to. $2.50 and $1. Only $2 at the mats. Downstairs re- mains the old scale. Aurora Film Corp. doing a talker in Italian at the Standard Sound Studios,. N. Y. . United Artists announces that 'Scarface' has been passed 'in its entirety' by Ohio censors. LcoUe Banks will hop la plane for Hollywood April 30. Due May 3 op the RKO lot. Will play In two fea- tures and then go to England. Jack L. Whittle has been made manager of the Balto. and Wash, exchanges for Powers Pictures. Billy Minsky, or his p.a., sees a chance and demands that a paint- ing labeled 'Burlesque a la Minsky' be removed from the 'Theatre Ip Art' exhibit. Josef von Sternberg, director, leaves Hollywood for New York after a dispute w-lth Paramount over 'The Blonde Venus,' slated to be Marleije Dietrich'^ next film. Question of adaptation. Velmar Bryant, night club enter- tainer, held for possession of a re- volver. Earl Carroll, it's announced,'may get his theatre back. Now nego- tiating, while in Europe, with the New York owners. Overtures are belne discussed to shunt Fanchoh. fis^M^co units into out-of-town spots for RKO. It may also lead'to the F.&M. shows play- ing RKO spots In New York, Deal may bp closed for the falli Meantime, through Asher Levy, RkO has closed with F-M for the units at the Orpheum, .. Madison, wis., beginning May 9; Units will split weekly with RKO vaude there. The F-M troupes are probabllltlles for Davenport and Des Moines as well, where -RKO operation Is pppled with Publix. Publix, hpwever, Is knpwn tp be dPing the negotiating in this case, as P-P • operates in these spots. Thurston Replaces Utiit ' Los Angeles, April 26; Thurston, closing at San Diego this week, will replace F & M ideas in the northwest, opening May 7 at Portland and followihg: at Seattle and Vancouver. iETe edges but the 'Town and Country' unit which will jump from the local Fantagcs to St. Louis.. Thurston's dates with F &;.M after that, are indeflhite.. Ratoff's 'Hit the Deck' Iios Angeles, April 25. Gregory RatoH hs^s a cpmpany re- hearsing a tab edition o£ 'Hit the Deck,' negotiations being on. with Fanchpn & Marco and RKO to use the abbreviated edition oil thic Coast. Tab is being produced by Jack Haskell with a cast comprising May Boley, Geprgie Dobbs, Dprothy Appelby, Miller and Macfe, Esther Mulr, William Wagner and a chorus of 30. LYNN CQWAN'S ACT Los Angeles, A^ll 26. . Lynn Cowan, who has been m. c'ing in Coast houses, will go out with his own act. Opens with an F-M unit in Portland, Ore,, May 29. Act comprises two eccentric dancers, femme singer, and pianist. FABEELO AT ALBEE Phil Fabello's pit entertainers go into the Albee, Brooklyn, May 9. It's a sudden switch, Fabello hav- ing been slated for the Palace, New York. Fabello has been at the Coliseum for a season. House goes straight films; May 7. ' Schwartz's 2d Bill Second experiment with vaude- ville by the A. H. Schwartz circuit is Huntington, Huntington, L.. 1. First show was five acts foi' the week end last week. Arthur Fisher is booking. Katherlne Cornell extends 'Bar- retts' tour to coast. Walter Hartwlg to stage 'The Trio,' which he adapted from the German for Frank Teller, producing. Verree Teasdale, Henry Hull and George Carpentler named for cast. Coast Robert Edmund Jones named art head of RKO theatres in Radio City. 'Springtime for Henry' won't close. Jnmes Rennie or Reginald Owen will replace Leslie Banks. Show moves to the Shubert May Two b.arkers for burlcy shows on 42nd St. fined $3. each and told that next time it .will be jail. West Side court last week. Margueria Sylva's 'Carmen' held up lor more rehearsals. Now due late in May. Franklin Adams (F. P. A.) will play in Heywood Broun revue. "Theodore Stewiart, hu.sband of Olive Borden, faced: with bigamy HIPPODROME, NEW YORK, THIS WEEK (APR. 23) ANNIE, JUDY AID ZEKE (The Three Georgia Cracker^) 54th Consecutive Week of Vaudeville.,, rers. Mnn.. HnWABT> RII.ET BKO—MORRIS Si OZ Mary Astor and her husband, Dr. F. Thorpe; will sail for the South Seas May X' WB-F & M Renewal Warners has renewed with F. & M. for Jersey City where the units close for the summer June 9. Troupes reopen there Augl 18. libson Holds Off on RKO Assignment, New Changes in H. 0. Staff . Ike Libson Is due 4n"^ljew York thia week for a conference with Hkrold B. Franklin over his disln.; ^lination to accept the Ohio divi- sion managership, oiCered by RKO, until the fall. Xibson prefers re- malnlng in Cincinnati, where ho Is permanently • located as tlie RKO district head, to taking ovei: the rest of the Ohio territory. In a home ofllce shakeiip In the RKO operating department last week Charlie MacDonald was let out and Russel Emde's duties extended to take in MacDonald's New York theatres. Ed Lenlhan, New York district manager, had thei Palace and Mayfalr theatres added to his territory, which now- takes ih the 86th St., 81st St. and 68th St., in addition to the two downtowners. He will supervise the other theatres from the 86th. Frismklln is bringing In Ben Serk- oviph, who has been in charge of special exploitation on the road, td take charge of advertising In the New York division. J. J. Franklin's appointment as one'of the six division managers un- der the new operating setup, as- signed tp. the .Ca.nadlan division, la understood to have been rescinded with a successor yet to be picked. LOEW UNITS FOR RKO MEMORIAL IN BOSTON Keith's Memorial theatre in Pos- ton goes on the Loew presentation route May 4. It gives the New York Capitol units three, 'outside*, weeks with two Publix towns, Chi- cago and Detroit, also playing the Loew presentations. • Both RKO and Loew's have yaudevllle theatres in Boston. Situ- ation there will have Loew units In an RKO theatre playing iagainst Loew vaudfllm at the State.; HAIE SIGNS A CHOEUS Pittsburgh, April 25. With F-M units opening at the^ Stanley, May 6, house's regular chorus, all local gals, go east for Chester Hale and will be sent put over the Loew route as'an Intact line outfit. Hale will use only 12 of the 16 kids in the Stanley lino. Chorus was to have been placed in one of the F-M troupes, but Hale beat them to it and signed the lo- cals. Springfield, |ll., Back Chicago, April 26, Vaude goes back to the Orpheum, Springfield, 111., Api'll 30. Local RKO oflfice will book. Bill of four acts on a three day. basis, Saturday, to Monday. F. & M.'s Added 3 Days Hollywood, April 25. Orpheum, Madison, Wis., has added Fanchon & Marco units for three days, following St, Louis. Elva McGuinnese, Culver City night club dancer, willed $75,000 by her grandfaither. of Dublin, Irelatid. pancer says she will not retire from her profession, Don Alvarado sued Dwain Esper, agenti for $360 over a check issued him for film work In a Mendel- Bernal production. Hoot Gibson called in court to explain why he has not kept up monthly alimony payments of $250 to his first wife. Marcus Loew Marguerite Thomas, actress, sued Carry Nagle for divorce. Actress asserts that Nagle -struckrher arid also had a bad disposition. Jesse E. Larkin, actor, arrested for liquor possession. Pleaded not guilty. General executive Offices LOEW NIILDINC N E X ISO W E SX 4e™ ST- BRyani 9-7800 NEW YORK CITY Monty Banks filed suit foi' divorce from Mrs. Banks (Gladys Ifrazln) on gi-ounds of Incompatibility. Hilda Deesy, actress, sued for $300 by the Sterling Finance Co. for npn- payment of checks she issued to an auto dealer. ■ \ Lina Basquette hurt when she fell off a Iiprse while taking scenes for (Contihiued on page 54) J. H. LUBIN OUNEBAL hamaoeb MARVIN H. SCHENCK BOOEINO HAMAGBB