Variety (April 1932)

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Tuesday, AprU 26, 1932 VARIETY 29 Commute 'SheV Buff, lodecency' Sentence To Time Served' Buffalo, April 26. May Martin, known In burlesque as 'Shei' convicted and sentenced in city court for Indecent performances at the former Palace theatre, was Teprleved on appeal In county court last week on recommendation of the district attorney. Her sentence was cominuted to'time served.' . The severity of the sentence was brlglnally widely commented upon. •Time served' was few hours as 'She' has been at liberty on ball since her nrrest. 'Blackberries' in Harlem Condensed version of 'Black- berries of 1932,'J negro musical; opens next week at the Lafayette, Harlem. Show plays the Paramount, New- ark (Publlx-Skouras) later oh per- centage. SINGLE /roni S^50 DOUBLE . f r 0 ni ■s A oo lANDNOWl SUN- RAY HEALTH UMP8 FOR OUR QUESTS fmUicr proof tbst Tli* EdiMMl I* N«w York's tcit hotdvmlde. 1000 reotitf. «ach with both fljiti mud a thmuer), radio, dradaU ■ Ing ice water, large eloMtU 1-8600 ' flftA Na«V Tal. PEntuylyinla O-f 47tii ST. JUST W. OF B'WAYr N.Y. FOR LEASE Theatre In Brooklyn, New York I.ocn(ea In Brownsville Section SEATING CAPACITV 960 Excellent Location for Movie or Jewish Attractlona Writs for Full Partleultn Boi 26 . . Care Varltty, New Yurie City HERB TIMBERG My Dad and I fighting it out with the Rooneys at the Palace, New York, this week. So far it looks like a draw. 755 Seventh Avenue New York Very dealrable office space; reason- able rent. Small and large units; especially suitable for theatrical agency, ,Supt. on premises or WM. A. WIIITB & SONS, 360 Madison Ave., VAnderbllt 3-0204. EDGAR BERGEN "THE OPERATION" Dir.: WEBER-SIMON AGENCT JIUMT .UTRTLK CONUN and GLASS Enrdute RKO Direction, TOH. J. FITZPATRICB. Talace Theatre Bids.,. Nfcw Tork City FISHER-UNDER WANT CONTRACTS FROM RKO RKO may bring In an Independent vaude Vooker to head Its family time department. Under considera- tion from the . outside are Arthur Fisher and Jack Llnder, with both of whom RKO has conferred during the past week. Fisher ai.d Llnder are presently booking independent y^^de houses in the East, handling around a dozen houses each. It is presumed that with whichever of these book- ers a deal Is reached. If at all, they will carry with them Into RKO the theatres how on their books. Both iai'e asking for contracts. RKO's present family dept. houses now comprise seven first halvesj booked by Jack. Dempsey. Publix's 1-Night Vaude Dates in Minn. Houses Minneapolis, April 25, , In an effort to stimulate business, Fublix is augmenting Its straight films with, stage entertainment. at its pop-priced loop houses. The Aster and Grand, having a 25c top admission will use stage acts one night each week. The Aster is a first-run.and the Grand second-run. A vaudeville revue and auction are announced for the Aster, while the Grand has a tie-up with one of the local radio, stations, WRHM, whereby local talent will be tried out for radio and stage appearances. Publix also is using vaudeville once a week in many of its neigh- ttorhood houses. This vaudeville and the stage shows at the two loop theatres is so designed as not to re- quire any orchestra or stage hands, the music being furnished, by a pianist or organist. Circuit Is put- tiue In. Dick Long's orchestra, In Its principal neighborhood house, the Uptown. The only other local Fublix house to use an orchestra is the Minnesota, principal deluxer. Kiki's Dates yKIkl Roberts, after doubling at the "Star and Gaiety, Brooklyn burlesk houses last week, hopped to the Academy, Pittsburgh, this week with two more burleycue stands In Dayton and Cincinnati to follow. All are played on a guarantee and per- centage. Brighton theatre, Brighton Beach, is dickering for Miss Roberts as Its opening attraction Decoration Day week. She Is set for the summer In the Folies Bergere, Atlantic City nlte club. Pittsburgh, April 25. Threatened police Interference with the appearance of Kiki Roberts at the- Academy, local burlesque house, failed to materialize. Di- rector of Public Safety Jam'es Clark had insisted that Manager George Jaffe cancel the appearance. Jaffe had a conference with Clark and latter agreed to take no steps until receiving a rep,ort from his censors following the first show. Palace Ass't Out Assistant manager at the Palace, New York, William Cook, was dropped Saturday (23). He had been at the house for years urtdev Elmer Rogers. As yet no successor to Cook. ■ : : — ^ —r~ Columbia Wheel Week April 25 Tturlcsque Events—Qayety, Washinglon. Jersey Belies—Troeadero, Philadelphia. . Temptera-rGayety, Baltimore. Godfrey in Charge While Beck Scouts in Europe George Godfrey will be acting head of the RKO booking ofllce dur- ing Martin Beck's month's absence in Europe. Latter sails May 6 with S. L. Rothafel. While on the other side Beck will look for vaudeville material and ar- range for the opening of an RKO agency in London. Two or three scouts will cover the continent out of the London ofRce. W. L. Passpart, London agfent in New York oii a call from Beck, re- turns this week to line up. in ad- vance material for the booking head. WB VAUDE TIME DROPS TO Si WEEKS BY MAY inroads In the Warner' vaudeville book since April 1 will have cut the stage time of that circuit to five and a half weeks when the HollyT wood, New York, closes Sunday (6). Washington and the Earle and Mastbaum theatres, Philadelphia, are the. remaining full weeks on the Warner books. Elizabeth and Hobokcn, both splits, are the, only other spots playing vaudeville all week. Balance of the time Is .com- posed of Elmira and New' London, three days each; Waterbury and Jamaica, two days, and Ba.yonne, one day. -Lev^ Inspects Chicago, April 26. Asher Levy, Rk6 division chief in the midwest, made his first, ex- tended. Inspection tour last week. With Levy'; jurisdiction understood CO include sut'eryision of vaude bookings here, he is going over all houres In his territory with a. view of re-establishing policies, if neces- sary, as a business stimulant. ^o managerial changes have been made by Levy so far. His terriforial supervision includes Minneapolis and Denver". Looks Like MO Agents Win B^^^ their Own Ass n, CaUing It a Gag RKO's agents are already discus- sing abandonment of their new as- soclatibn not :-i three weeks old. In apparently having to abide by the booking office's opinion on all matters, to the exclusion of their own, the agents feel that, tho or- ganization as established and muz- zled is more' of a gag than, any- thing else. Wliat topped everything else was the arbitration board's.resolution to give decisio;- : but no reasons.. It was explained that the board had resolved to Svithhold tl>e causes usually accompanying vsrdicts in dispute cases to 'prevent argu- ments.' Hence, conclusions on which decisions are based will not only be withheld from the agents in general, but r.IsO from the parties directly concerned in tho contro- versies: which come before the boai-d.. No Appeal Under this system an agent who is ruled against will not be able to N.Y. OPS'10% CUT MAY HELP VAUDE RETURN With a few itiinOr exceptions where contracts await, approval of theatre owners, a straight 10% cut of operators' salaries has been ef- fected witli Independent exhibitors In the greater New York area. In sonie cases this may mean installa- tion of vaudeville. Following a 10% slice for the ma- jor chains recently, the operators' local, r306, took up reduction deals with the Indies. learn wliy lie lost his case. There will' be no avenue of appeal, as Martin Beck has;agreed to back up: all decisions of the agents' board. The association, when formed at Beck's sUF.irestiori, resolved to co- operate with Beck on all matters. Talk of dissolving the association followed the , board's first , decision, •rendered last week in the case of Mort'is & Oz vc. Gladys Brown over tho act of and Ray Goman. Decision went to Miss Brown. In awai'ding the act and commissions to Miss Brown the board upheld an identical decision prevlou.sly made by the booking ofllce. Eight of tiio 120 members of the RKO Agents' Aissociatlon are on the arbitration board. They are Mau- rico Rose, chairman, N. E. Man- waring, Chai-lle Morrison, Alex Gerber, Hugo Morris, Arthur Blpn- deil, Geoige Weedon and Eddie Keller. Two agencies . protested' against the one man rule', ori the booking, floor dui'ing .one of the meetings last week, biit were advised to forget It in the open forum. Harry Kalchelm Aniiuunces His AsGOclatlon with Jack Weiiier in the . Weiner-!-Kalcheim Agency ItKO Representatives WRITE^WIRE—CALL Palace Theatre BIdg. BR. 9-4519. New'V'ork PAVI. DEMFSETt ASSOCIA'l^E WELCH-SCIIUBERT ^'Talkies in the Making 99 All material and appliances used in these productions have been registered with the Librarian of Congress, Washington, D. C, the Lord Chamberlain of Great Britain and the Authors* League of Anterica. Rube Welch Bernard Schubert NOW AT THE RKO MADISON, B'KLYN - (WEEK APR. 23) RADIO-VAUDEVILLE-PRESENTATIONS-PRODUCTIONS ALICE JOY RADIO'S DREAM GIRL NBC ARTISTS' BUREAU or J. W. BONNEY, Attorney 364 W. 34th St., New York' RKO 86th STREET WEDNESDAY—THURSDAY—FRIDAY (APRIL 27 to 29)