Variety (Jan 1933)

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34 VARIETY PICT ES Tuesday^ Januaiy 3,1933 Watching 'Cross' at $1.50 on Road Good Openings in First Few Keys Played— Picture's Several Angles 'Sign of the Croas,* which notice- ably Increased its stride In the New York two-a-day engasement last week, opened In seven keys over the Christmas week-end. To hoth Para- mount and J. J. McCarthy, who's roadshowlng It, openings were en- tirely satisfactory. Of the seven dates, only two are a little below expectations, but far from bad, according to grosses so far. Other five keys are turning In a handsome profit- Opening day's business In all spots was good, ac- cording to records. New Tear's week will be a better test of 'Cross'' real strength as a road show. It Is believed, but If not under showing for Xmas week, It'll still be okay. Seven Initial current dates are Detroit, Boston, Buffalo, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Columbus and Cleve- land. New dates eo far arranged are Shubert, Cincinnati, Jan. 8; Blltmore, Los Angeles, Jan. 20; Er- langer, Chicago, Jan. 15; Tudor, New Orleans, Jan. 21; Regent, Rochester, Jan. 8; Paramount, Syracuse, Jan. IB; National, Wash- ington, Jan. 8; Nixon, Pittsburgh, Jan. 16, and American, St. Louis, Jan. 8. All of these are legit houses with exception of Rochester, Syracuse and New Orleans, which did not. I have wired houses. In other keys, legit houses are equipping them- selves for sound in order to play 'Cross.' Maryland, Baltimore, did this, and so has the Nixo^i, Pitts- burgh, each taking ERPI appa- ratus. In Film Houses .Others, as bookings are ready, win probably follow suit in the hope by McCarthy and Par that the pic- ture can get a maximum of dates in legit theatres. Question of going Into a lot of picture houses Instead, which It may be necessary to do, brings up a psychological point that Is held to be important. This Is whether or not It Is against human nature to pay 91.50 In a regular picture theatre which has consistently been less than that at the box ofBce. When .'Cross' goes Into a legit house at (1.50, that; scale Is less than the Usual nick by 606, |1 or more, making a strong psychological difference with the public^ Just how far road showing of •Cross* •will extend will depend on how.the January dates pan out to a great extent. 'Cross* In New Tork, running up from a $10,000 pace to $16,000 with the arrival of the holidays, had two strikes against it through opening as. the pre-Xmas shopping mania set in. MET, BOS TON, BY ITSELF otherwise Publix Changes in Bost- ton Zone as Reported Boston, Dec. 81. Publix smashes precedent In the routine of its local organization, in the changes made, effective Friday (30). The Metropolitan is taken out of the Boston district and made an entity unto itself. There's a reason. Its new man- ager is Edward A. Zorn, who was until Friday the Boston district manager, with a salary higher than the Met manager was getting. In bowing to the decree that worked the change, Eddie argued that his house should be excepted from the district Une-up. His talk won. Otherwise than this Met mat- ter, all changes took place as re- ported in 'Variety* last week. For the first time in his long the- atre career, Henry Taylor, changed from the Met to the Paramount, finds himself without stage talent: under his control. Paramount is all films. ROUGH STUFF IN CANADIAN HOUSES Toronto, Dec. 81. Breaking Into the Weston the- atre, vandals ripped open cans of film and strewed it about the floor, slashed the projection screen from top to bottom, damaged seats, lights and decorations, and demolished an expensive radio In the lobby. The radio was systematically battered, the speaker being ripped to pieces, the tubes smashed and the cabinet hacked into small pieces. Manager Scott declined to ven- ture an opinion ias to the reason for the destruction but hinted that this was another chapter in the series of acts of violence that have occurred in Independent theatres during the past few months. Reputedly, it's an outcome of recent legislative rulings when government officials went contr«u:y to the Union of Motion Picture Projectionists and declared that two operators were not always necessary in a picture house. Only last month, Oscar Hanson, g. m. of Associated Theatres, pro- vincial indie chain of 114 houses, was slugged by assailants who police claimed, used knuckle-dust- ers. Fred Falrley, his colleague, was also battered when a trio side- swiped his car. Hanson is still us- ing a guard. Stench bomb invasions have also been reported ^y indies. F-WC Seeks Saving Of $100,000 Yearly by Wage Standardization Los Angeles, Dec. 81. . In an attempt to save $100,000 to $200,000 annually. Fox West Coast is working out a plan of wage stan- dardization expected to go in effect at once. Wholesale reduction in operating expense will be brought about through a grading of wages, and a pruning of excess help cover-* ing every branch of the home office and 'all operating divisions. ' Jbhn Ofil, efficiency expert, h&s been installed as home office man- ager by the Skouras Bros., and is working out the standardization Idea. Scarlet Dawn. Russian refugees in Constantinople. Doug Fairbanks, Jr., Nancy Carroll, Lilyan Tashman. Dir. Wm. Dleterle. Time, 68 mlns. Rel. Nov. 12. Rev. Nov. 8. Stranger In Town. Comedy drama of real people. Chic Bale, Ann Dvorak. Dir. Earle C. Kenton. Time, 66 mins. Rel. Aug. 6. Rev. July 12. Successful Calamity, A. Merchant pretends poverty to check family's ex- travagance. .George Arliss, Mary Aster. Evalyn Knapp. Dir. John Q. Adolfl. Time, 72 mlns. Rel. Sept. 17. Rev. Sept. 27. Two Against the World. Constance' Bennett in a murder Jam. Dir. Archie Mayo. Time, 71 mins. Rel. Sept, 3. Rev. Aug. 23. Winner Take All. Smashing fight' comedy. James Cagney. Dir. Roy Del Ruth. Time, 67 mlns. Rel. July 16. Rev. June 21. World Wide o""" ^%^Tot;?.^?;{. Y. Between Fighting Men. Conflict between the sheep men and cattle raisere. . Ken Maynard, Ruth HalL Dir. Forrest Sheldon. Time, 62 mlns. Rel. Oct 16, Breach of f>romlse. The ruin of a'man's career. Chester Morris, May Clarke, Mary Doran. Dir. Paul Stein. Time, 67 mins. Rel. Oct 23. Rev. Nov. Z2i Come On, Tarzan^ Ranch owner saves his horse from a gang. Ken Maynard, Myrna. Kennedy. Dir. Alan James. Time, 64 mins. Rel. Sept. 11. Crooked Circle, The. Mystery story with ample comedy. Ben Lyon, ZaSu Pitts, James Gleason, Irene Purcell. Dr. H. Bruce Humberstone. Time, 70 mlns. Rel. Sept. 26. Rev. Oct 4. Death Kiit, The. A murder mystery with a motion picture studio back' ground. David Manners, Adrlenne Ames, John Wray, Bela Lugosl. Dir.: . Edwin L. Marin. :Rel. Dec. 25. Dynaniite Ranch. Ranch manager fails to vanquish the hero. Ken Maynard, Ruth Hall. Dir. Forrest Sheldon. Time, 69 mlns. Rel. July 31. Rev. Dec. 27. False Faces. Doctor makes a racket of his profession. Lowell Sherman, Llla Lee, Peggy Shannon. Dir. Sherman. Time, 83 niins. Rel. Oct. 13. Rev, Nov. 29. . Fargo Express. Straight-shooting sacrince In the' career of a cow country hero. Ken Maynard, Helen Mack. Dir. Alan James. Time, 62 mlns. Rel. Nov. 20. Hell Fire Austin. Racing In the ranch country. Ken Maynard, Ivy Merton, Nat Pendleton. Dir. Forrest Sheldon. Time, 70 mlns. Rel. June 26. Rev. Aug. 2. Hypnotized. Jam following a big s^Areepstakes win. Moran and Mack. Dir. Mack Sennett Rel. Dec. 25. Last Mile, The. Drama In the death house, from the stage play. Howard Phillips, Preston Foster, Geo. Stone, Noel Madison. Dir. Sam. Blschoff. Time, 84 mlns. Rel. Aug. 21. Rev. Aug. 30. Man Called Back, The. Man's regeneration through a woman. Conrad Nagel, Doris .Kenyon, Juliette ComptOn, Reginald Owen, Alan Mowbray. Dlri Robt. Florey. Time, 80 mlns. Rel. July 17. Rev. Aug. 2. Sign of Four, The. Sherlock Holmes story. British cast. Arthur Wontner, Isia Bevan, Ian Hunter. Dir. Graham Cutts. Time, 74 mlns. Rel. Aug 14. Rev. Aug. 30. Son of Oklahoma. Western story. - Bob Steele, Josle Sedgwick, Carmen Laroux. Dir. R. N. Bradbury. Time, 55 mlns. Rel. July 7. Texas Buddies. Cowboy, veteran of the AEF, turns aviator to balk the vil- lains. Bob Steele, Nancy Drexel. Dir. R. N. Bradbury. Time, 67 mlns Rel. Aug. 28. Rev. Nov. 15. Those We Love. A woman's understanding averts domestic tragedy. Mary Astor, Lllyan Tashman, Kenneth McKonna. Dir. Robt. Florey. Time 77 mlns. Rel. Sept. 11. Rev. Sept. 20. Tombstone Canyon. Western, In which the hero tries to solve the mystery of his birth. Ken Maynard, Cecllta Parker. Dir. Alan James. Rel. Deo. 26. Yralllng the Killer. Epic of the North Woods. Dir. Herman C. Haymaker. Time, 64 mlns. Rel. Dec. 4. Rev. Dec. 6. Uptown N^w York. Married happiness and a past. Jack Oakle, Shirley Grey. Dir. Victor Schertzinger. Time,' 74 mlns. Rel. Dec. 4. Rev. Dec. 13. Rye, N. T. H. B. Warner. Ldla Lee. Dir. Albert Bay. Tine, 76 minut Rel. Aug. Rev. Aug, 80. Woman In Chains. (Anten.) Tragedy of a woman tied to «ii hypochondria^ Bng. east. Dir. Basil Dean. Time, 68 mins. Rel. Nor. 18. Rev. Nov. 21, Foreign Language Films <Note: Because of the slow mov^ent of foreign films, this list oovers on« year of releases.) (Most of these available with SngUsh titles.) A Nous la LIberte. (Auten) (French). Comedy drama. Henri Marchand.^ Raymond Cordy. Dir. Rene Clalr. 93 mins. ReL May. Barberlna, die Taeftzerln von Sanseucl. (Capital) (Oerman). Rocoeco musical comedy. Lll Dagover, Otto Qebuehr. Dir. Carl Ftoellch. 88 mina. Rel. Nov. 20. Brand In der Oper. (Capital) (German). Musical drama. Oustav Froellctk Dir. Carl Froellch. Rel. July 19. Broken Vow, The. (Capital) (Polish). From a novel. Kryatyna Ankwlca. M. C^ybulski. Time, 89 mlns. Rel. Aug. 26. Coiffeur Pour Dames (Paramount) (French). Musical farce. Femand Gravev. 80 mins. Rel. July 1. Rev. Nov. 8. ^-vey. Das Ekel (German) (Protex). Comedy. Max Adalbert. Dir. Frans Wenzler.. 76 mlns. Rel. Feb. 1. Rev. Feb. 16. ^ m Das Schoene Abenteuer (German) (Protex). Romantlo comedy. Kaethe von Nagy. Dir. Relnhold SchunzeL 83 mlns. Rel. Deo. 1, Rev. Dec. 13. David Oolder (French) (Protex). Drama. Harry Baur. Dir. Jullen Duvivler. 80 mlns. Rel. Oct 1. Rev. Oct 26. Der Ball (German) (Protex). Domestic comedy. Dolly Haas. Dir. Wllhelm Thlele. 83 mins. ReL Oct. 9. Der Falache Ehemann (German) (Protex). Farce. Dir. Johannes Guter. 86 mlns. Rel. Oct. 1. Rev. Oct 23. Der Falscho Feldmarschal. (Caplteil) (German). Military musical. Vlasta Burian. Dir. Carl Lamac. Time, 81 mlns. Rel. July 12. Der Herr Burovorsteher. (Capital) (Ger). Felix Bressart, Herman Thlmlg. Dir. Hans Behrendt. Time, 86 mins. Rel. June 10. Der Klelne Seltensprung (German) (Protex). Comedy. Renate Mueller. Dir. Relnhold Schuenzel. 86 mlns. Rel. Feb. 1. Rev. Jan. 6, ' Die Blumenfrau von LIndenau (German) (Protex). Comedy. Renate Muel« ler, Hansi Nlese. Dir. Georg Jacoby. 70 mins. Rel. July 1. Rev. July 12. Die Cslkos Baroness. (Capital) (Ger. Hung). Musical comedy. Gretl Thelmer; Paul VIncentl. Dir. Ernst Verebes. Time. 82 mlns. Rel. April 1. Die Grosse Llebe. (German) (FAF). Drama of mother love. I&nsI Nlese. 80 mins. Rel. March 1. Rev. Feb. 23. Die Lustigen Welber von Wien. 'Capital) (Ger). Willy Forst. Irene Elelnger. Dir. Geza von Bolvary. Time, 97 n.*ns. Rel. July 1. DIenst Is DIenst (New Era) (Ger). Musical. Ralph Roberts, Lucie Eng« lische. Dir. Carl Bosse. Time, 84 mlns. Rel. June 8. Die vom Rummelplatz. (Capital) (Ger), Anny Ondra, Siegfried Arno. Dir. Karl Lamac. - 9 reels. ReL Feb. 10. EIn Prinz Verliebt Stch. (Capital) (Ger). Musical. Geo. Alexander, Lien Deyers, Trude Berliner. Dir. Conrad Wlene. Time, 76 mins. Rel. May. El Hembre Que Asesine (Paramount) (Spanish). Rosita Moreno. Rlcardo Puga. 70 mlns. Rel. April 16. EIn Walzer von Strauss. (Capital) (Ger). Musical. Gustav Froellch. Dir. Conrad Welns. Time, 89 mins. ReL March 10 Qltta Entdeckt Ihr Herz. (Capital) (Ger). Comedy. Oitta Alpar, Gustav Froellch. Dir. Carl Froellch. Time, 90 mins. Rel. Oct 4. Gloria. (German) (New Era). Transatlantic aviation drama. Gustav Froeh- Ilch, Brlgltte Helm. 76 mlns. Rel. Nov. Rev. Nov. 1. Hurrah, EIn Junge. (Capital) (Ger). Farce. Max Adalbert, Ida Wuest, Lucie Engllsche. Dir. Geo. Jacoby. Time, 91 mins. ReL June 24. Kamaradschaft. (Asso. Cinema) (Ger). Sensational drama. Alex Granaoh. Ernst Busch. Dir. G. W. Pabst. Time, 78 mine. ReL Nov. 8. Koenlgin von Preussen. See 'Luise'. La Chance (Paramount) (French). Drama of a gambler's life. Marie BelL Francolse Rosay. 78 mlns. Rel. Feb. 1. Rev. May 81. La Couturiers de Lunevllle (Paramount) (French). Musical of a woman's love and revenge. Madeleine Renaud, Pierre Blanchar. 90 mine. ReL July 1. Rev. Oct. 22. Le Bal (French) (Protex). Domestic comedy. Dir. Wllhelm Thlele. 83 mina. ReL Oct. 1. Rev. Oct 4. Life of the newsboys. Time, 89 Kent's Rent Dents Hollywood, Dec. 31. Percy R. Kent, West-Coast v.p. in charge of real estate Is in Mon- tana for two weeks for the pur- pose of negotiating house rent re- duction negotiatloiis and handling tax adjustments. Par, N. H., DoubTe Bills New Haven, Dec. 31. Shift of F. & M. units locally due Jan. 13 from Paramount into the College (Harry Arthur)' although deal Is not yet dennltely signed. Par meanwhile plans to eliminate concert orch and organ solo along with stage shows and will probably go into double feature policy fol- lowing next week's show. Miscellaneous Releases Big Town, The. (Invincible.) Vice crusade story. Lester Vail, Frances Dade. Dir. Arthur Hoerle. 57 mlns. Rev. Dec. 27. Face on the Bar Room Floor. The. (Invincible.) Temperance discussion Dulcle Cooper, BramwcU Fletcher, Dir. Bert Bracken. Time, 65 mlns. Rel. Oct Rev. Oct. 18. Footsteps In the Night. (Auten.) Mystery drama. Benlta Hume. Dir. Mau rice Elvery. Time, 59 mins. Rel. Dec. 1. Goona Goona. (First Dlv.) T,ove charms on the Island of Ball. Dir. Andree Roosevelt, Arm<ind Denis. Rcl. Nov. 2G. Uev. Sept. 20. Manhattan Tower. (Remington.) Suggestive of 'Skyscraper Souls.' Romance In an ofl^ice building. Mary Brian, Irene Rich, Jas. Hall. Dir. Frank Strayer. 62 mlns. Rel. Dec. 1. He v. Dec. 20. Red-Haired Alibi, The. (Tower.) Gangster story. Merna Kennedy. Theo Von mtz. Dir. Christy Cabanne. Time, 76 mlns. Rel. Oct, 21. Rev Oct. 25. Scarlet Week End. (Irving.) Murder at a house party. Dorothy Revler Theo. Von filtz. Dir. Willis Kent. Time, 68 mlns. Rel. Oct Rev Nov. 1. Sinister Hands. (Capital.) Murder story with a police hero. Jack Mulhall I'hyllia H.-iniiipUm. Dir. Armand Schacffer. Time, 60 mlns. Rel. June 22. Rev. Aug. 16. Speed Madness. (Ciipilal.) Speedboat raring with acrobatic trlmmlngf". Rich. TalmaclRC. Nancy Druxel. Dir. (Joo. Crone. Time, 61 mlns. Rcl. Aug. 27. -Rev. Oct. 11. Tex Takes a Holiday. (Argcsy). All multi-color western of a niy.slerlous str.ingcr. Wallace MacDonald, Virginia Brown Faire. Dir. Alvln J. Nletz. 59 mlnf. Rev. Dec. 13. Unholy Love. First Dlv.) The classic, 'Mme. Bovary,' transplanted to Milton. Dir< Legion of the Street. (Capital) (Polish). mlns. ReL Aug. 26. Le Rol Des Resqullleurs (French) (Protex). Comedy with music. Georges Colombier. 90 mlns. ReL June 1. Rev. June 14. Llebe 1st Llebe (German) (Protex). Musical comedy. Kaethe von Nagy, Hans Albers. Dir. Paul Martin. 80 mlns. ReL June 1. Rev. June 7. LJubav I Strast. (Yugoslav) (Croat). Drama of life among N. T. Imigrants. Rakel Davldovlc. Dir. Frank Melford. Time. 1 hour. ReL Dec. 16. Lulse, Koenlgin von Preussen. (Asso. Cinema) (Ger). Historical. Henry Porten. Dir. Carl Froellch. Time, 92 mine. ReL Oct. 4. Man Brauch Kein Geld. (Capital) (Ger). Musical farce. Dir. Karl Boese. Rel. Nov. 10. Melne Frau die Hochstaplerin (German) (Protex). Comedy. Kaethe voa Nagy. Dir. Kurt Gerron. 90 mins. Rel. Feb. 1. Rev. Feb. 9. Mein Leopold. (Capital) (Gier). Musical. Gustav Froellch. Max Adalbert. Dir. Hans Syeinoft Time, 96 mlns. ReL April 1. Menach Ohne Namen (German) (Protex). Poignant drama. Werner Krauss. Dir. Gustav Ucicky. 96 mlns. Rel. Nov. 1. Rev. Nov. 16. MIche (Paramount) (French). Musical comedy. Suzy Vernon, Robert Burnler. Dranem. 80 min& ReL July 1. Rev. Dec. 6. MIstlgrI (Paramount) (French). Musical. Madeleine Renaud, Noel-NoeL 80 mlns. Rel. Feb. 1. Morltz Macht Sein Qlueck. (German) (Capital). Farce. Siegfried Arno. 9* mlns. ReL Dec. 16. Namenshelrat. (German) (FAF). Drama. 76 mlns. Rel. Jan. 1. 1914. (Capital) (GerJ Prelude to the world war. Dir. Rich. Oswald. Time, 73 mlns. Rel. Sept 1. Oberst Redl. (Capital) (Ger). Spy thriller. Lll Dagover, Theo. Loos. Dir. Karl Anton. Time. 79 mlns. ReL Aug. 30. Purpur und Waschblau. (Capital) (Ger). Draniatic comedy. Hansl Nlese, Else Elster. Dir. Max Neufield. Time, 85 mlns. Rel. July 30. Cuando te Siiicldas (Paramount) (Spanish). Musical. Argentina. 90 mina. ReL March-16. Quand te Tuee Tu (Paramount) (French). Farce comedy. Drean, Noel- Noel, Robert Brunier. 80 mlns. Rel. March 15. Reserve Hat Ruh. (New Era) (Ger). Military farce. Fritz Kampers, Lucie Engllsche. Time, 94 mins. Rel. Aug. 11. Rhapsody of Love. (Capital) (Polish). Hardships of an art career. Agnes Peterson. Mosjukine. Time, 89 mlns. Uel. Aug. 25. RIchthofen, Red Ace of Germany. (Gould) (Ger). Self explanatory. Dir. Robt Slezlch. Time, 80 mlns. Rel. Aug. 20. (74 mlns.). Ronny (German( (Protex). Operetta. Kaethe von Nagy, Willy Frltsch. Dir. Emerlch Kalman. 85 mlns. Rel. April 1. Rev. April 19. Schubert's Fruehllngstraum. (Capital) (Ger). Musical of Schubert's life. Carl Joeken, Siegfried Arno. Dir. Rich. Oswald. Time, 71 mlns. ReL June 28. SeIn Scheldungsgrund (German) (Protex). Comedy drama. Lien Deyers. Dir. Alfred Zclslcr- 80 mins. Rel. March 1. Rev. March 8. Storm Over Zakopane, The. (Capital) (Polish). (Synchronized.) Danger In the mountains. Time, 89 mlns. Rel. Aug. 26. Taenzerin von Sansoucl. Sqe 'Barberlna'. Tajemstvl Lekarovo (Paramount) (Czech.). ReL Jan. 16. Tempest (German) (Protex). Drama. Emll Jannlngs, Anna Sten. Dir. Rob- ert Siedmak. 90 mins. ReL March 1. Rev. March 22. Tingle Tangle. (New Era) (Ger). Comedy. Ernest Verebes, Fritz Kampers, Elizabeth Plnajert. Dir. Japp Spcyer. Time, 93 mlns. Rel. Majr 16. Trapeze (German) (Protex). Circus drama. Anna Sten. Dir. A. E. Dupont 80 mlns. Rel. May 1. Rev. May 10. Unknown Heroes. (Capital) (Polish). Polish police activity. Mary Bogda. Adam Brodzlcz. Time, 89 mlns. Rel. Aug. 25. Voice of the Desert, The. (Capital) (Polish). Algerian story in authentlo locales. Adam Brodzlcz, Mary Bogda. Time, 89 mlns. ReL Aug. 26. Weekend In Paradise. (Capital) (Ger). Farce. Otto Wallburg, Julius Falken- steln, Elsie Elster. Trude Berliner. Dir. Robt. Land. Time. 81 mlns. Rel. Nov. 1. Yorek (German) (Protox). Historical drama. Werner KrausB, Rudolf Forster. Dir. Gustav Ucicky. 90 mins. Rel. Nov. 1. Rev. Nov. 27. ZIrkus Leben. (German) (FAF). Circus drama. Llane Hatd. Dir. Heinz Paul. 70 mlns. Rcl. Dec. 15. Rev. Zwel Herzen und EIn Schlag (German) (Protox). Operetta. Lilian Harvey. Dir. Wilhelm Thlele. 90 mlns. Rcl. Sept. 1. Rev. Sept 13. Zwel Kravaten. (C.ipltal) (Oor). Operatic muplral. Michael Bohnen. Olga Tschcchowa, Ralph A. Roberts. Dir. Felix Roach. ReL Jan. If. Key to address—Amkino, 72."? Seventh Ave. Harold Auten, 1500 Broadway. Protex Trading. 42 E. 5.Sth St. Capital Film KxclianKo. 6^0 Ninth Ave. Associated Cinema, 154 W. 55th St. Symon Gould. 261 W. 80th St. New Era, (!S0 Ninth Ave. Foreign American Films, 111 W. 67Ui St