Variety (Jan 1933)

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VARIETY Tuesday, January 3, 1933 Best Wishes to All Our Good Friends STANLEY BERGERMAN Producer Universal Pictures Hollywood CHOICE OF FOREIGN LANGUAGE TALKERS 42 GERMAN PICTURES 8 POLISH FILMS' CAPITAL FILM EXCHANGE 630 Nmth Ave., New York HOLIDAY GREETINGS FROM FRANK and MILT BRITTON and Their Gang With GENE FORY and TITO This Week (Dec. 30), Capitol, New York IRVING PICHEL Player-Director PARAMOUNT 1^ PAUL •COUNSELLOR-AT-LAW" PLYMOUTH. NEW YORK SECOND YEAR HOWARD HUGHES' "SCARFACE" "I AM A FUGITIVE FROM A CHAIN GANG" WARNER BROTHERS Direction (courtesy of BEN BOYER) WILLIAM MORRIS Office, MURRAY FEIL, Associate Season s Greetings HARRIS BOYS BBd LORETTA ALLEN Personal Direction CHA8. G. HOGAN NOW AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE BOOKINGS: KAMERADSCHAFT—"Be«t °*""''!LS/.V'"iie.^d MinBe- Rated nnanlmoualy by the crltlca as one of the ten best pictures of the yearl ZWEI HERZEN IM 3/ TAKT biggest box-orrice attrae- £.v«c.i nc.r\£.bi^ iivi 74 1 rirv 1 ^^^^ ^„ foreign plcturesi And Other Outstanding German Film ALL WITH SUPERIMPOSED TITLES IN ENGLISH Associated Cinemas of America, inc. 154 West 55th Street, New York City Cable Address: Cinema Telephone Circle 7-6311 HERBERT MUNDIN FOX FILMS Extends New Years Greetings SEASON'S GREETINGS HOWARD J. GREEN