Variety (Jan 1933)

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Tuesday, January 3, 1933 VARIETY 41 DOROTHY FIELDS and JIMMIE M'HUGH APPEARING IN PERSON at RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL, Introducing Their New Song ''HEY, YOUNG FELLA" other FIELDS and McHUGH Songs in RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL: "HAPPY TIMES" 'WH A FEATHER IN YOUR CAP" ''JOURNEY'S END" All Published by ROBBINS MUSIC CORPORATION Season^s Qreetings ED LOWRY RE-ENGAGED B. & K. CHICAGO THEATRE, CHICAGO EIGHT WEEKS, COMMENCING JAN. 27. 1933 Direction ABE LASTFOGEL, WM. MORRIS AGENCY GREETINGS From An Admirer Of Season's Greetings KARL FREUND Director THE MUMMY" Universal Pictures Mo Go Mo PROTEX PICTURES CORP. Leo Brecher, Pres. 32 East, 58th St.. N. Y. American distributon of and leading German and French Features and Short subjects CURRENT RELEASES 'Der Schwarze Jlusar* 'Das Shoonc Abonteur' 'Zwcl Ilprzon und EIn Schlag* Tork." 'I.o," 'nnvld Colder'