Variety (Jan 1933)

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Tuesday, January 24, 1933- PICTURES VARIETY 29 CALENDAR OF CURRENT RELEASES (Continued from page 28) I Am a Fugitive. From the story I Am a Fuerltlve from a Chain Gang.' Paul Muni, Glenda FarrelL Dir. Mervyn liO Roy. Time, d3 mine. Rel. Nov. 19. Rev. Nov. IB. ^ Illegal. British made, story of a night club. British east and director. Time. ai mlns. Rel. Ang. 6. Rev. Oct. 4. Jewel Robbery. Romantlo comedy drama from an Himgarlan source. Kay Francis, WUllam Powell. Dir. Wm. Dleterle. Time, 68 mine. ReJ. Aug. U. Rev. July 26. Lawyer Man. Inside story of the profession. William Powell, Joan Blondell. Dir. Wm. Dleterle. 68 mlns. Rel. Jan. 7. Rev. Jan. 3. One Way Passage. Love develops for a prisoner. ICay Francis, William Pow- ell. Dir. Tay Garnett. Time, 69 mlns. Rel. Oct. 22. Rev. Oct 18. Parachute Jumper, The. Two ex-marlnes and a girl who go aloft. Doug. Fairbanks, Jr., Bette Davis. Dir. Alfred E. Green. 72 mlns. Rel. Jan. 28; Purchase Price, The. Night club singer with a past. Barbara Stanwyck. Dir. Wm. A. Wellman. Time, 68 mlns. Rel. July 23. Rev. July 19. Ride Him. Cowboy. Western cowboy story. John Wayne. Dir. Fred Allen. Time, 66 mlns. Rel. Aug. 27. Rev. Nov. 1. Scarlet Dawn. Russian refugees In Constantinople. Doug Fairbanks, Jr., Nancy Carroll, Lilyan Tashman. Dir. Wm. Dleterle. Time. 68 mlns. Rel. Nov. 12. Rev. Nov. 8. Stranger In Town. Comedy drama of real people. Chic Sale, Ann Dvorak, Dir. Earlc C. Kenton. Time, 66 mlns. Rel. Aug. 6. Rev. Jply 12. Successful Calamity, A. Merchant pretends poverty to check family's ex- travagance. George Arllas, Mary Astor, Evalyn Knapp. Dir. John G. Adolfl. Time, 72 mlns. Rel. Sept. 17. Rev. Sept. 27. Twenty Thousand Years In Sing Sing. Visualization of Warden Lawes' book. Spencer Tracy, Bette Davis. Dir. Michael Curtlz. 78 mlns. Rel. Jan. 31. Rev. Jan. 17. Two Against the World. Constance Bennett In a murder Jam. Dir. Archie Mayo. Time, 71- mlns. Rel. Sept. 3. Rev. Aug. 23. Winner Take All. Smashing flght comedy. James cagney. Dir. Roy Del Ruth. Time, 67 mlns. Rel. July 16. Rev. June 21. World Wifl<> OWces: 1501 Broadway, YVOria Wiae New York, N. Y. Auction in Souls. From Eugene CNeill's play 'Recklessness.' Conrad Nagel, tiella. Hyams. Dir. Victor Schertzlnger. Rel. Jan. 29. Between Fighting Men. Conflict between the sheep men and cattle raisers. Ken Maynard. Ruth Hall. Dir. Forrest Sheldon. Time, 62 mlns. Rel. Oct. 16. Breach of Promise. The ruin of a man's career. Chester Morris, May Clarke, Mary Doran. Dir. Paul Stein. Time, 67 mlns. Rel. Oct. 23. Rev. Nov. 22. Come On, Tarzan. Ranch owner saves his horse from a gang. Ken Maynard, Myrna Kennedy. Dir. Alan James. Time, 64 mlns.'-<nel. Sept. 11. Rev. Jan. 17. Crooked Circle, The. Mystery story with ample comedy. Ben Lyon, ZaSu Pitts, James Gleason, Irene Purcell. Dr. H. Bruce Humberstone. Time 70 mlns. ReL Sept. 26. Rev. Oct. 4. Death Kiss, The. A murder mystery with a motion picture studio back- ground. David Manners, Adrlenne Ames, John Wray, Bela Lugosl. Dir. Edwin L. Marin. ReK Dec. 26. Drum Taps. A Boy Scout troup to the rescue of Ken Maynard. Ken May nard, Junior Coughlln, Scout Troop 107 of Hollywood. , Dir. J. P. Mc- Gowan. 61 mlns. Rel. Jan. 29. Dynamite Ranch. Ranch manager fails to vanquish the hero. Ken Maynard, Ruth Hall. Dir. Forrest Sheldon. Time. 69 mina Rel. July 31. Rev. Dec. 27. False Faces. Doctor makes a racket of his profession. Lowell Sherman, LUa Lee, Peggy Shannon. Dir. Sherman. Time, 83 mins. Rel. Oct. 13. Rev. Nov. 29. Fargo Express. Straight-shooting sacrifice in the career of a cow country hera Ken Maynard, Helen Mack. Dir. Alan James. Time, 62 mins. Rel. Nov. 20. Hypnotized. Jam following a big sweepstakes win. Moran and Mack. Dir. * Mack Sennett. Rel. Dec. 25. Rev. Jan. 17. Last Mile. The. Drama in the death house, from the stage play. Howard Phillips, Preston Foster, Geo. Stone, Noel Madison. Dir. Sam. BlschoR. Time, 84 mlns. Rel. Aug. 21. Rev. Aug. 30. Sign ot Four, The. Sherlock Holmes story. British cast. Arthur Wontner, Isia Bevan, Ian Hunter. Dir. Graham Cutts. Time, 74 mlns. Rel. Aug. 14. Rev. Aug. 30. Texas Buddies. Cowboy, veterao of the AEF, turns aviator to balk the vil- lains. Bob Steele, Nancy DrexeL Dir. R. N. Bradbury. Time, 67 mlns. Rel. Aug. 28. Rev. Nov. 16. Those Wo Love. A woman's understanding averts domestic tragedy. Mary Astor, Lilyan Tashman, Kenneth McKenna. Dir. Robt. Florey. Time. 77 mln& Rel. Sept. 11. Rev. Sept. 20. Tombstone Canyon. Western, in which the hero tries to solve the mystery cf his birth. Ken Maynard, Cecilia Parker. Dir. Alan James. Rel. Dec. 25. Trailing the Killer. Epic of the North Woods. Dir. Herman C. Raymaker. Time, 64 mlns. Rel. Dec. 4. Rev. Dec. 6. Uptown New York. Married happiness and a past. Jack Oakle. Shirley Grey. Dir. Victor Schertzlnger. Time. 74 mlns. Rel. Dec. 4. Rev. Dec. 13. Miscellaneous Releases Big Payoff, The. (Capital.) From a Peter B. Kyne story. Barbara Kent, J. F.arrell MacDonald, Glen Tryon, Matt Moore. 71 mlns. ReL Jan. 16. Big Town, The. (Invincible.) Vice crusade story. Lester Vall, Frances Dade. Dir. Arthur Hoerle. 67 mlns. Rev. Dec. 27. Face on the Bar Room Floor, The. (Invincible.) Temperance discussion. Dulcle Cooper, Bramwell Fletcher. Dir. Bert Bracken. Time, 66 mins. Rel. Oct. Rev. Oct. 18. Footsteps In the Night. (Auten-) Mystery drama. Benlta Hume. Dir. Mau- rice Elvery. Time, 69 mlns. Rel. Dec. 1. Goona Goona. (First Dlv.) Love charms on the Island of BaU. Dir. Andree Roosevelt, Armand Denis. Rel. Nov. 26. Rev. Sept. 20. Hotel Variety. (Capital.) Grand Hotel In an actors boarding house. Hal Skelly, Olive Borden. Dir. Raymond Cannon. 71 mlns. Rev. Jan. 10. Jungle Killer. (Century.) Expose of wild game hunting In Africa. With lec- ture. Rel. Nov. 26. Rev. Nov. 29. Manhattan Tower. (Remington.) Suggestive of "Skyscraper Souls.' Romance in an office building. Mary Brian, Irene Rich, Jas. HalL Dir. Frank Strayer. 62 mins. Rel. Dec. 1. Rev. Dec. 20. Red-Haired Alibi, The. (Tower.) Gangster story. Merna Kennedy. Theo. Von Elta. Dir. Christy Cabanne. Time, 76 mlns. Rel. Oct. 21. Rev. Oct. 25. Scarlet Week End. (Irving.) Murder at a house party. Dorothy Revler, Theo. Von Eltz. Dir. Willis Kent. Time, 68 mins. Rel. Oct Rev. Nov. 1. Speed Madness. (Capital.) Speedboat racing with acrobatic trimmings. Rich. Talmadge, Nancy Drexel. Dir. Geo. Crone. Time, 61 mlns. Rel. Aug. 27. Rev. Oct. 11. Tex Takes a Holiday. (Argosy). All multi-color western of a mysterious stranger. Wallace MacDonald, Virginia Brown Falre. Dir. Alvln J. Nietz. 59 mlns. Rev. Dec. 13. Unholy Love. (First Dlv.) The classic. 'Mme. Bovary,' transplanted to Rye, N. Y. H. B. Warner, Lila Lee. Dir. Albert Ray. Time, 75 mlns. Rel. Aug. Rev. Aug. 30. Woman In Chains. (Auten.) Tragedy of a woman tied to an hypochondriac. Eng. Dir. B.iBil Dean. Time. 68 mlns. Rcl. Nov. 18. Rev. Nov. Foreign Language Films (Note: Bec.iuse of the slow movement of foreign films, this list covers one year of releases.) (Most of those available with English titles.) A Nous la LIberte. (Auten) (French). Comedy drama. Henri M.irchand, Raymond Cordy. Dir. Uene Clair. 93 mlns. Rel. May. Barberlna, die Taenzerin von Sansoucl. (Capital) (German). Rococco mu.olcal comeily. Lll Dagover, Otto Gebuchr. Dir. Carl Froellch. 83 mins. Rel. Nov. 20. Brand In der Oner. (Capital) (German). Musical drama. Gustav Froellcli. Dir. Carl Froclicli. Ucl. July 19. Broken Vow, The. (Capital) (Polish). From a novel. Krystyna Ankwlcz, M. Cybul.skl. Time, K'J mlns. Rel. Aug. Ho. Cinq Gentlemen Maud;t (IVotex) (French). Rone Lefevre, Harry Baur. Dir. Julian Duvivicr. Rel. Jan. Coiffeur Pour Dames (P.iramount) (French). Musical farce. Fernand Gravey. 80 mlns. Rcl. July 1. Rev. Nov. 8. Das Ekel (German) (Protcx). Comedy. Max Adalbert. Dir. Franz Wenzler. 75 mins. Rel. Feb. 1. Rev. Feb. 16. Dae Schoene Abenteuer (German) (Prote:?). Romantic comedy. Kaethe von Nagy. Dir. Relnhold Schunzel. 83 mlns. Rel. Dec. 1. Rev. Dec 13. David Colder (French) (Protex). Drama. Harry Baur, Dir. Jullen Duvlvler. 90 mine. Rel. Oct 1. Rev. Oct 26. Der Ball (German) (Protex). Domestic comedy. Dolly Haaa. Dir. Wllhelm Thlele. 83 mlns. ReL OoL 9. Der Falsche Ehemann (German) (Protex). Farce. Dir. Johannes Outer. 86 mlng. Rel. OoL 1. Rev. Oct. 29. Der Falsche Feldmarachal. (Capital) (German). MUltary musical. Burian. Dir. Carl Lamac Time, 81 mln& Re). July 12. Vlasta Der Hauptmann von Kepenick (A-R) (Ger). Comedy. Max Adalbert. 90 mine. R«l. Jan. 16. Der Herr Biirovorsteher. (Capital) (Ger). Felix Bressart, Herman Thlmlg. Dir. Hans Behrendt. Time, 86 mlns. Rel. June 10. Der Schwartze Hussar (Protex) (Ger.). Costume romance. Conrad Veldt, Mady Christians. Dir. Gerhard l&mprecht. 90 mins. Rel. Dec. 1. Rev. Jan. 3. Die Btumenfrau von Lindenau (German) (Protcx). Comedy. Renate Muel- ler, Hansl Nlese. Dir. Georg Jacoby. 70 mlns. Rel. July 1. Rev. July 12. Die Cslkos Bareness. (Capital) (Ger. Hung). Musical comedy. Gretl Thelmer, Paul Vlncentl. Dir. Ernst Verebes. Time, 82 mlns. Rel. April 1. Die Grosse Attraktlon (A-R) (Ger). Muslcat romance. Richard Tauber. 80 mine. Rel. Feb. 1. Die Grosse Llebe^ (German) (FAF). Drama of mother love. Hansl Nlese. 80 mlns. Rel. March 1. Rev. Feb. 23. Die Lustlgen Welber von WIen. ^Capital) (Ger). Willy Forst, Irene Elslnger. Dir. Geza von Bolvary. Time, 97 n.'ns. Rcl. July 1. DIenst Is DIenst. (New Era) (Ger). Musical. Ralph Roberts, Lucie Eng- llsche. Dir. Carl Bosse. Time, 84 mlns. Rel. June 8. Die vom Rummelpiatz. (Capital) (Ger). Anny Ondra, Siegfried Arno. Dir. Karl Lamac. 9 reels. Bel. Feb. 10. Eine Nacht in Paradies (A-R) (Ger). Musical comedy. Anny Ondra. 90 mlns. Rel. Feb. Ein Prlnz Verliebt SIch. (Capital) (Ger). Musical. Geo. Alexander, Lien Deycrs, Trude Berliner. Dir. Conrad Wlene. Time, 75 mlns. Rel. May. El Hombre (2ue Aseaino (Paramount) (Spanish). Roslta Moreno, Ricardo Puga. 70 mlns. Rel. April 16. EIn Walzer von Strauss. (CTapltal) (Ger). Musical. Gustav Froelloh. Dir. Conrad Welns. Time. 89 mlns. Rel. March 10 FrIederIke (A-R) (Ger). Dramatic operetta based on Goethe's life. Mady Christians. 90 mlns. Rel. Feb. 1. Gitta Entdeckt Ihr Herz. ((^pltal) (Ger). Comedy. Gltta Alpar, Gustav Froellch. Dir. Carl Froellch. Time, 90 mins. Rel. Oct. 4. Gloria. (German) (New Era). Transatlantic aviation drama. Gustav Froeh- llch, Brlgltte Helm. 76 mlns. Rel. Nov. Rev. Nov. 1. Holzapfel Weiss Alles (German) (Capital). Comedy. Felix Bressart. 90 mlns. Rel, Jan. 1. Rev. Jan. 16. Hurrah, EIn Junge. (Capital) (Ger). Farce. Max Adalbert. Ida Wuest. Lucie Engllsche. Dir. Geo. Jacoby. Time, 91 mins. Rcl. June 24. Hyppollt a LakaJ (International) Hungarian). Fast farce. Dir. Szekely Istvan. 77 mins. Rel. Jan. Rev. Jan. 16. Kamaradschaft. (Asso. Cinema) (Ger). Sensational drama. Alex Granach. Ernst Busch. Dir. G. W. Pabst. Time, 78 mlns. Rel. Nov. 8. Koenlgtn von Preussen. See 'Lulse'. La Chance (Paramount) (French). Drama of a gambler's llfe^ Marie Bell, FrancolsQ Rosay. 78 mine. Rel. Feb. 1. Rev. May 31. La Couturlere de Lunevllle (Paramount) (French). Musical of a woman's love and revenge. Madeleine Renaud, Pierre Blanchar. 90 mine. Rel. July 1. Rev. Oct. 22. Le Bal (French) (Protcx). Domestic comedy. Dir. Wllhelm Thlele. 83 mlna. Rel. Oct, 1. Rev. Oct 4. Legion of the Street. (Capital) (Polish). Life of the newsboys. Time, 89 mln& Rel. Aug. 26. Le Rol Dea Resqullleura (Frencb) (Protex). Comedy with music. Milton. Dir. Georges Colombier. 90 mlns.% Rel. June 1. Rev. June 14. Llebe 1st Llebe (German) (Protex). Musical comedy. Kaethe von Nagy, Hans Albers. Dir. Paul Martin. 80 mins. Rel. June 1. Rev. June 7. LJubav 1 Strast. (Yugoslav) jCCroat). Drama of life among N. T. Imlgranta Rakel Davldovlc. Dir. Frank Melford. Time, 1 hour. ReL Dec. 16. Lulse, Koenlgin von Preussen. (Asso. Cinema) (Ger). HlstorlcaL Henry Porten.. Dir. Carl Froellch. Time, 92 mlns. Rel. Oct. 4. Maedchen In Uniform (KrUnsky) (German). Poignant drama. Hertha Thlele, Dorothea Wiecke. Dir. Richard Froehllch. Rel. Sept. Rev. Sept. 27, Man Brauch Kein Geld. (Capital) (Ger). Musical farce. Dir. Karl Boese, Rel. Nov. 10. Melne Frau die Hochataplerin (German) (Protex). Comedy. Kaethe von Nagy. Dir. Kurt Gerron. 90 mlns. Rel. Feb. 1. Rev. Feb. 9. Mein Leopold. (Capital) (Ger). Musical. Gustav Froelich. Max Adalbert. Dir. Hans SyelnoS. Time. 96 mlns. Rel. April 1. Men and Jobs (Russian) (Amkino). An American engineer looks at Russia. 86 mine. Rel. Jan. 1. Rev. Jan. 16. Mensch Ohne Namen (German) (Protex). Poignant drama. Werner Krauss. Dir. Gustav Ucicky. 95 mlns. Rel. Nov. 1. Rev. Nov. 15. MIche (Paramount) (French). Musical comedy. Suzy Vernon, Robert Burnler, Dranem, 80 mlns. Rel. July I. Rev. Dec. 6. Mlstlgri (Paramount) (French). Musical. Madeleine Renaud, Noel-Noel. 80 mlns. Rel. Feb. 1. Rev. Jan. 16. Morltz Macht 8eln Glueck. (German) (Capital). Farce. Siegfried Arno. 90 mins. Rel. Deo. 16. Rev. Jan. 16. Namenshelrat. (German) (FAF). Drama. 76 mins. Rel. Jan. 1. Rev. Jan. 16. 1914. (Capital) (GerO Prelude to the world war. Dir. Rleh. Oswald. Time, 73 mlns. Rel. Sept 1. Oberst Redl. (Capital) (Ger). Spy thriller. Lll Dagover, Theo. Loos. Dir. Karl Anton. Time. 79 mlns. Rel. Aug. 30. Paris-Beguin (Protex) (Fr). Musical. Jane Marnac. Dir. Augusta Genlna. 70 mlns. Rel. Dee. 15. Rev. Jan. 16. Purpur und Waschblau. (Capital) (Ger). Dramatic comedy. Hansi -Nlese, Else Elster. Dir. Max Neufleld. Time, 86 mlns. Rel. July 30. Cuando te Sufcldas (Paramount) (Spanish). Musical. Argentina. 90 mlns. Rel. March 16. Quand te Tuea Tu (Paramount) (French). Farce comedy. Drean, Noel- Noel, Robert Brunier. 80 mlns. ReL March 15. Reserve Hat Ruh. (New Era) (Ger). Military farce. Fritz Kampers, Lucie Engllsche. Time, 84 mins. Rel. Aug. 11. Rhapsody of Love. (Capital) (Polish). Hardships of an art career. Agnes Petersen, Mosjuklne. Time, 89 mlns. Rel. Aug. 25. RIchthofen, Red Ace of Germany. (Gould) (Ger). Self explanatory. Dir. Robt. Slezlch. Timet, 80 mlns. Rel. Aug. 20. Ronny (Protex) (Ger). Operetta. Kaethe.von Nagy, Willy Frltsch. -Dir. Emerlch Kalman. 86 mine. Rel. April 1. Rev. April 19. Scampolo (A-R) (Ger). Cinderella romance. Dolly Haas. 80 mlns. Rel. Feb. L Schubert's Fruehllngetraum. (Capital) (Ger). Musical of Schubert's life. Carl Joeken, Siegfried Arno. Dir. Rich. Oswald. Time, 71 mins. Rel. June 28. Sein Scheldungsgrund (German) (Protcx). Comedy drama. Lien DeyOrs. Dir. Alfred Zeisler. 80 mlna Rel. March 1. Rev. March 8. Storm Over Zakopane, The. (Capital) (Polish). (Synchronized.) Danger In the mountains. Time, 89 mlns. Rel. Aug. 25. Taenzerin von Sansoucl. See 'Barberlna'. Tempest (German) (Protex). Drama. Emll Jannlngs, Anna Sten. Dir. Rob- ert Sledmak. 90 mlns. Rel. March L Rev. March 22. Tingle Tangle. (New Era) (Ger). Comedy. Ernest Verebes, Fritz Kampers, Elizabeth Flnajeff. Dir. Japp Speyer. Time, 93 mlns. Rel. May 15. Trapeze (German) (Protex). Circus drama. Anna Sten. Dir. A. R Dupont 80 mlns. Rel. May 1. Rev. May 10. Trenck (A-R) (Ger). Romantic drama. Dorothea Wiecke. 90 mlns. Rel. Feb. 1. Unknown Heroes. (Capital) (Polish). Polish police activity. Mary Bogda, Adam Brodzlcz. Time, 89 mins. Rcl. Aug. 26. Victoria und Ihr Husar (A-R) (Ger). Viennese operetta. -90 mlns. ReL Feb. 1. Voice of the Desert, The. (Capital) (Polish). Algerian story In authentic locales. Adam Brodzlcz. Maury Bogda. Time, 89 mins. Rel. Aug. 26. Weekend In Paradise. (CapiUl) (Ger). Farce. Otto Wallburg, Julius Falken- steln. Elsie Elatcr. Trude Berliner. Dir. Robt Land. Time, 81 mlns. Rel. Nov. 1. Vorck (German) (Protex). Historical drama. Werner Krauss, Rudolf Forster. Dir. Gustav Ucicky. 90 mins. Rel. Nov. 1. Rev. Nov. 27. Zirkus Leben. (German) (FAF). Circus drama. Llane Hald. Dir. Heinz i'aul. 70 mlns. Rel. Dec. 16. Rev. Jan. 3. Zwel Herzen und EIn Schlag (German) (Protox). Oprrotta. Lilian Il.irvey. Dir. Wllhelm Thlele. 90 min.s. Kol. .Si j.t J. Ilev. .Sept. 13. SO. CAL INDIES FAVOR KENT CONTRACT Los Angeles, Jan. 23. Virtual approval of the S. R, Kent pact by the Southern California In- dependent Theatre Owners Is con- tained In power of attorney that has been given by the association to M. A. Llghtman, head of Motion Picture Theatres Owners o£ Amer- ica. Local association has advised Llghtman that it strongly favors a uniform contract, and empowers him to represent it In the final draft acceptance. I<:xhlbs are hopeful that end of the depression will have been reach- ed by mid-summer, and that with the advent of the new film , buying season a state ot normalcy will again prevail. The Kent pact, they hold, will be a bier step towards re- lieving the straitened condition ot many of the indie exhlbs. So far as Southern California in- dependent exhibs are concerned, the current situation Is regarded as particularly dark. Most of the houses have so far been able to weather the storm, with few of the unaffiliated exhibs forced to close^ but it Is generally conceded they cannot hold out much longer. Un- less there are radical and drastlo changes by the start of the new sea> son It will spell quits for any nuni« ber of the smaller house men, it Is claimed. Key to address—Amkino, 723 Seventh Ave. American-Roumanian Films, 15C0 Broadway. A.ssociated Cinema, 154 W. 55th St. Harold Auten, 1560 Broadway. Capital Film Exchange, 630 Ninth Ave. Foreign American Films, 111 W. 57th St. John Krimsky, 33 West 42d St. International (Jlnema, 1499 Fifth Ave. New Era, 630 Ninth Ave. Protex Trading, 42 E. S8th St. Symon Gould. 251 W. 89lh St. IfUfo Cut wKh Receiver Spokane, Jan. 2S, ^ Operators took a 10% cut at the Fox, Orpheum and State (formerly operated as F-WC theati-eis), fol- lowing the appointment of Fnuok Newman, Seattle, as receiver tot the eroup. Stage hands are out of the Fox and Orpheum. Terry McDaniel, district manager for F-WC, continues in the same capacity over the Spokane territory. Tom Olsen, previously Fox man- ager, has changed places with H. D. McBride at the Orpheum on a tryout policy to work out best pos- sible setup for both houses. Jim Runte remains as manager of the State. Fox has dropped admission toik to 40, same as Orph. Previous top was 60, including tax. Toronto Cots Toronto, Jan. 23. Scale cut is the latest to get the customers into the downtown pic- ture houses here. Imperial, ace plc-prez. house, goes 26-35-66; Shea's, plc-vaude. 80-50; Uptown, pix, 26-80-60; Tlvoli, Brit- ish plx, 26-35; Loew's, plx, 26-30-60. All houses figure to get part ot the reduction back by charging 60 cents admission all day on Satur- days and holidays. Used to be 66 after 6, 50 before. DENVER'S CUTS START Spreading Around Town—Labor Started It Price cutting has started In Den- ver. As a result of 16-cent matinee price at the Tabor, the State Is changing its straight 20-cent to 10-15-20, while the Isls Is switching to 10-16. Within the past week two North Denver neighborhoods have cut from 36 to 25. This leaves only three 35-cent houses In town, the Mayan, Aladdin and Ogden, and with these competing more or less with each other. First run prices are: Denham, 15-26; Rlalto, 20-25-40; Paramount, 26-40; and Denver and Orpheum, 26-35-40-DO. Before stage shows went out the last two were getting 65 cents. Including tax. Recently Fox-West Coast boosted all their houses in the Inteimoun- taln dlvl.slon, ortslde of Denver, to 40 cents on Sunday and Monday on ace pictures. The raise was tried in a fe.v spots, and sucffHHfuI, .spread to all Harry Sherman Well Harry Sherman, Publix labor exec, has returned to his office after an Illness of several weeks. Uome with pleurisy.