Variety (Aug 1933)

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Tuesday, August 22, 1933 VARIETY 17 A WM mm IP PRODUCTION He doesn't make man/ pictures, but when he does make one he mokes dne mo htstoVy ot the some time, A Chop4ifi mostmrpiece Is not the work *oiF weeks or months^ but ofyeors; Into the lavish treasure chest of his resour- ce* he dips 0 prodigal hond^ And the whole world toloet notice when he, is reody to lift the veil This Qne will be hit igreofest by fipr, greotor oven than;: "City Lights", end you know what ffcaf one didf (TITLE BE ANNOUNCED) EUGENE O'NEILL'S amqzlnq story of the pullman porter who BECAA^E A KI NC ^— BRITISH & DOMINIONS PICTURES LTD. P r e s e n i s aries LAU G H TON ThePrimteLrfe of T|te screen's ace character^ dctor in the lusty beef-eaKng role of England's, qmorout king in the glamorous doys^ of the Tudors. Remember iaughton as Nero in "Thej Sign of the Cross"? tie tops ' ft. In this one.^ AS A BOOK IT IS KNOWN TO MllLlONS WARWiOC u it A NO 10 K AS A SILENT PICTURE, SPOT FOR SPOT> IT BROKE ALL RECORDS A BAinSH 'AND DOMfN/ONS P/CrUft£j NOW, AS A TALKING PltTURJ^ It looms Up as one^of-the-big outstdnd-- jlng naturals of the V^ci''' Everyone will ^wont to' see this tiftnder story^of a .father's love for bis .motherless son^ JOHN KRIMSKY ori'd GIFFOR D COCHiiAN present PAUL ROBESON in with DUDLEY DIGGES A sta9« p|dy, o book, dii opMti,.ond noiw o pic-^ turel Your heart will beat ¥^fh the.tom>toms ot! this tragedy-of o roaring buck from Harlem, who' swopped « pullmah porterVcop for o rtyront's jirowh^^o^ in fhcrCdrribedn; "NOEL COWARD'S BITTER SWEET The song of a nightingqie.ot twilight, the perfume/ of a lover's letter long forgotten, the sweetness of o love that never diesl All the lovers in the 3vorld,.ali those who have ever joved, oil those who expect to love, will thrill at this rdmonce of a brave smile shi ing through tragic, tears. A BMT/SH AND OOMTNirONS P/CrURES LTO. fSlSBmATlON ^ SaiMl oil Iroadway ivcc'U, at prM«nl«l by Floranx lEitgfald. / UNITED ARTISTS I