Variety (Aug 1933)

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Jmt saw comi^leted picture *I Loved A Woman/ I want to go on recoiTd l>^ond questwm M joiiM It*s fseally an epic." m # At the risk of becbibing monotonous, I wtint to write again about a picture called *I Loved A Woman."* «We showed iflie ^ctore yesterday to CSoloni^l Jason Joy and Dr, Wingate and others of the Hays office^nd they raved for minutes attw the end title came on. They used aU ' the superlatives in the lan^age on tills fttcture, as has every one eJae vi*o^ It is g<Hng to be a reM sen^tion.** • • • Ihe honey of Aem all is *1 Loved A Woman ' with Edward G, RoWnson MA 'gLm^timc^ fliat here was the kind of a picture that we haven't had for years-a; beautiful, romantic, tearful drama." **You can go the limit on this one. It is much better than 'Silver! Dollar/ and Al Green, who di^ both, says diat tiiis is the first picture t&atlbe h^ refllyli^S^OTiisi«ffl;tic made -Disraeli.''' W A R N E R B R 0 S.