Variety (Sep 1935)

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10 VARIETY PICT E GROSSES Wednesday, September 4, 1935 f olies Bergere' Unit Smash h Bestoii; G^b in 1 Houses, Boston, Sept. 3. (Best Exptoitation: Met) Bean town went to town ovei" holiday weekend, Labor Day belne be.-it since 19i9. Biggest film grosser this week will te 'Anna Karenlna' at two houses, Stiite and Orpheum, ringing up a BCiniillant 136,000. Ace gross lor wiiule town will be registered at the Keith Boston, however, where •Fo.ies Bergere,' on stage, is p.i.^i;- Ing 'em In all day long and far Into the night. With house scale upped this treason to match the jMet'.s, this stand will stack up a pile of coin that looks like J36,000, tremendouf. 'Annapolis' on Met screen, with "WHN Barn Dance on stage, wlH rust'.e up about, $32,000, good. Will Kogers at th« L'o.r and Fenway an- other heavy draw and house records wir. be crowded. Par will do $10,000 or better. "I'op Hat' opened, single, at the Ke:.h Memorial Sunday (1) to sock b'.z p'ter a hefty advance camnalgn. an 1 first week's take will be $30,000 cr inure. J,.;t explolteers pulled nifty of the •w, e'.: In connection with 'Annapolis raiewell.' Discovered Tom Brown vacation on Cape Cod and Gene Fox hot-footed It down to his summer place with Le' ;er Allen, ace feature writer, in to'^- Not only landed exr elusive Interview but induced pic Btar to make a p.a'. Friday night (30) on 'last- show. Appearance plugged one day In advance. Estimates for Thl* Week Keith Boston (RFO) (2,30Q; 35-. BO-'GC) 'Hot Tip' (Radio) and 'Folles Bai"„ev«' on. the stage 'o open th»^ vaiids ' season. . Almost capacity 'elrtce opening Thursday (29). Stage Bhow gets all credit for the $36,000 Indicated. Last week a sluggish $3,i;oo -for 'She Gets Her Maji' <V) and 'Mary Dow' (U), dual. rHouse closed Wednesday (28) to make stage.and ork pit.ready for 'Folles' and augmented 'band' of 20 pieces wh'.ch • win stay ' tere throughout season. ■■ • • ■ Met (M&P) (4,200; 36-50-05) 'An- napolis Fitrewell' (Par) and WHN JBarn Dance on rostrum. Will at- tract a good $32,000, helped by over- fl'ovy biz at other stands. Barn dance Is bringing Ih .a Jot of those oj)ce-a'-year visitors. ^Accent on ■youth' (P-ar) and Phil Spltalny Gta:;e show, good attraction last, week to tune of $24,000. Kc:th n-Iemorlal (RKO) (2,900; 25- 83-59) —'Top Haf (Radio). Running B'.ngle, screening seven or eight shows dally, heading for a bountiful $3.0,000 or better. Planning to h. o. three weeks, Last week, nine days of.^'AUce Adams' (Radio), bke at $n,ooo. . .Statp (Loew) (3,:00; 25-30-40-55) -r-'Anna. Karenlna' (MG), single. Day and dating with Orpheum, will snare a tidy $18,600. Possible h.o. for at least one-^of the .hou.ies. TSonnie Scot'and' (MG) and 'Girl Friend' (Col), double, last' week, tolled a medium $12,200. Orpheum (Loew) (3,000; 25-35- 40-55)—'Anna Karenlna' (MG). Big draw here at $17,600. Second stanza of 'China Seas' (MG) last week a surnrlse at $13,500. Paramount .(M&P) (1,800; 25-35- BO)—'Steamboat Round the Bend' (Pox) and 'Without Regret' (Par), dual. Crashing throu'-;h with rosy $10,000 or bigger. Posthumous pic gets draw credit. Last week swell $3,000 for 'Bright Lights' (FN) and •Vlllago Tale' (Radio), dual. Fenway (M&P) (1,600; 25-30-10- 60)—'Steamboat' (Fox) and 'Regret' (Par), dual. In a Wilt Rogers n .he, steaming In with strong $6,000. Last week a nifty $1,500 for 'Bright Lights' (FN) and 'Village Tale' (Radio), double. Scollay (M&P) (2,700; 25-3.1-40) — 'Dante'H Inferno* (Fox) and 'Every Night at Right' (Par), dual. Looks like $" 500, good. Last week very good, $7,000 for 'Cuvlcy Top' (Fox) and 'Virginian' (Par), reissue, doubled. following 'Redheads' Is aiming for sizeable money. Varsity is going in the news- papers finally. LTC shiuld be con- gratulated in handling Rogers' pic ads. Simplicity itself, which was a talking point. Estimates for This Week Colonial (LTC) (750; 10-15)— 'Outlaw Deputy' (Pur) and 'West- ward Ho' (Rep), split. Fair $850. Last week 'Outlawed Gun.s' (U) and 'She Gets Her Man' with Aloha Wonderwell and travel pic in per- son, spilt, only $900, below expecta- tions. Lincoln (LTC) (1,600; 10-20-25) — 'Curley Top' (Fox). Hitting the ball plenty hard, for Fair week money Is more plentiful this year. Will go to $3,200 from present indication.^ which Is a G over the average. Last week's 'Farmer Takes A Wife' (Fox) potent enough on the first half to finish with $2,500. nice running. Orpheum (LTC) (1,200; 10-16-25) —"Welcome Home' (Fox) and the return of vaude. Set to run four days Including Labor Day and will be followed in by 'Redheads on Parade' (Fox) which will make a good weiek with a cinch $2,900. Last week 'Old Man Rhythm' (Radio) dualled first half and followed In by 'Escape Me Never' (UA) only $1,500. Stuart (LTC) (1,900; 10-25-40) — Steamboat Round the Bend' (Fox) Will lead a number of the homo folks bj; the b. o. till. Pace sure to get over $4,000., first gross of alze In three months. Last week 'Call of the Wild' (UA) fast enough to count up to $3,500 before a weekend- cold sn""!' c"t It down. Varsity (VV^estland) (1,100- 10-16- 25) •i.ove Me Forever' (Col) 2d week.,.Chiefly for. Fair trade, first week was short of expected Moore pace hy several hundred dollars when $1,800 rang up. Second canto may be worth about $1,400. ill Rogers Wow $18,000; Cab Hi-De's Tubs/ 13iC, Cincy the Dance' (Col). Divided, $1,800, average. Last week 'Rainbow's End' (FD) and 'Silk Hat Kid' (Fox) spilt. $2,000. Strand (Ind) (1,300; 15-26)— 'Scarface* (PD). Revival enlivened with controversy over release be- tween management and volunteer moralists that carried Into the pub- lic prints for b. o. assistance. Might hit $2,500, heavy. X^t week 'Man- hattan Moon' (Ind), plus amateur and beauty nights, $2,100. 'STEAMBOAr A $13,500 SMASHER IN SEAniE LINCOLN'S STATE FAIR Shoii'd Help B. O.—Will Rogers' 'Steamboat' Strong $^,000 Lincoln, Sept. 3. Fox pictures get the break this stretch and one oC the best booked layouts considering the Labor day holiday and the w6ek of the annnol State Fair, which brings the yokels In plenty to town, is on the mar- quees. Top spots In the two down- town acers are given to 'Steamboat Round tlie Esnd' (Stuart) and 'Curly Top' (Lincoln), Thefe two films alone are heading for an excess or $7,000, a pull here any time Varsity, the first .seven days didn't Warrant it, has stretohpi 'Love Me Forever' Into a wcp': holdover^ hopln;? there'll be enol'.T^ "-It of town trade to carry it. O I'm went vnude (30) .«nil with IfO.'c'a 'Welcome Home' and Cincinnati, Sept. 3. (Best Exptoitation: Shubert) 'Steamboat Round the Bend' Is floating home with the blg.gest trade cargo this week ot $18,000 on nine days at. the Palace. Next best all- pix mark Is $8,500 on 'Every Night at 8' for the Albee. 'Page Miss Glory' Is lining up $6,000 at Keith's. Capi- tol, with 'Paris'in Spring,' and Lyric, with 'Hopalong Cas-sidy,' are slow- timing at around $4,000. . ' Town has been stageless through summer, and reopening of muchly renovated Shubert with screen and (lesh Is glad tidings for natives. In- itial combo, 'Lady Tubbs' and Cab Calloway's ebony troupe, is register- ing $13,500. House has four shows oh weekdays and extra performance on Saturdays, Sundays and holiday. Extremely cool weather on tap for past week a biz-upper for indoor amusements, and had tendency to keep motorists to home over Labor Day, padding the week-end. Shubert grabbed off exploitation high' on week through extra splurge in dallies and billboard bally on the- atre's reopening and combo policy Press was sweet on space for Will Rogers release. Estimates for This Week Palace (RKO) (2,600; 35-42)— 'Steamboat Round the Bend'- (Fox). 'A Rogers monument at $18,000 for nine days. Plx transfer to Capitol next week. Last week '39 Steps' (GB), five days, $-1,500, sad. Shubert (RKO) (2,150; 35-55) — 'Lady Tubb.s' (U) and Cab Calloway ork and revue. Starting off new sea- son with a hi-de-ho $13,500. Albee (RKO) (3,300; 35-42)— 'Every Ni.ght at 8' (Par). Rnft- t''aye combo in tall typo. Lukewarm notices, maybe $S,.')CO, n.s.g. Last week '.Mice Adams' (Radio) $14,500, big. Capitol (RKO) (2,000; 35-42)— 'Paris in Spring' (Par), ilary Ellis th« name honor, nice reviews, slow start points to $-1,000, tame. Last week 'China Sea.s' (.MG) (2d wk.). 56,600. pood, following $20,000 for (Irst nine days at Albee. Keith's (LIbson) (1,500; 30-40) — 'Page Miss Glory' (WB). Davles the billing quepn. Looks like $0,000, all right.- Last week 'Bright Lights' (WB), $7,000. Lyric (RKO) (1,40C; 25-30-40) — 'Hop-Along Cassidy' (Par). Wil- II.Tm. Boyd and western fans sup- porllli.!; for $4,600, okay. Last week same fl.rrure on 'Mud Love' (MG), Grand (RKO) (1,20(©' 2,')-40) — 'Curly Top' (Fox) (4th- wk.). Uii- usunl run for Cincy and holding up strong at $3,000.- Last week $3,500. Pic, fetched $22,000 on first two weeks, divided between Palace iind Capitol, Family (RKO) (1.000; 13-25)— •What Price Crime' (FD)'and 'After Seattle, Sept. 3. Sensational biz for Will Rogers' 'Steamboat.' Fifth Ave. Is sho-n-lng the Rogers opus this week, grosses running but slightly behlnia the re- cent reeiord smasher, 'China. Seas' (MG) and assure extended run at Blue Mouse. Heat wave end of last week chilled box offlce at most spots, but holiday started to help the b.o. No particular explol tipn this week, with sofind advertising pre- dominant locally". 'Seas' goes Into third big week. Music Box Is billing Elisabeth Bergner as 'greater than- Duso or Bernhardt.' Orpheum pulled 'Inferno' after five alow days, and hopes 'Bright Lights' (FN) will hold nine days to bring reg change date. Estimates for This Week Blue Mouse (Hamrlck) (1,000; 27- 37-42)—'China Seas' (MG) 3d week. $5,300 and holding for another. Last week $6,600, great. Coliseum (Evergreen) (1,800; 21- 32)—'Glass Key' (Par) and 'Ginger' (Fox) spilt with 'Our Little Girl' (Fox) aiid 'One New York Nlghf (MG), with latter likely to hold over, $3,8D0, with 'Girl' responsible. Last week 'Four Hours' (Par) and 'Age Indiscretion' (MG) dual Iwlit with 'Public Hero' (MG) and^'Ladles Love Danger' (Par) dual, six days, $2,800, slow. Fifth Ave. (Evergreen) (2,400; 27- 37-42)—'Steamboat* (Pox), doing sensational. Indicated $13,600. Iiast week 'Accent on Youth' (Par). Heat cut In on' top of mild draw, $6,100, slow. Liberty (J-vH) (1,900; 11-16-27)— 'After Dance* (Mas) and 'Westward Ho' (Rep), dual, $3,600, fair. Last week 'Back Room* (Col) and 'Girl Friend* (Col), dual, $4,100. good. Music Box (Hamrlck) (900; 27-37- 40)—'Escape Me Never* (UA), $4,000, so-so. Last "week,'Irish In.Us' (FN) $3,500, fair after fair opener week-at Orpheum. Orpheum (H^mrick) (2,700; 27-37r 42)—'Bright Lights' (FN) atarted at oke pace, anticipating slow $6,000 on nine days. Last week 'Dante's In- ferno' (Fox) no draw, with 'Lady Tubbs' (U) no help, dual, pulled after five bad days, $3,000, low rec- ord for operation. Paramount (Evergreen) (3,106; 27-37-42)—'Bonnie Scotland* (MG) and 'Smart,Girl' (Par) dual, prob- ably moderate $4,000. Last wfek 'Every Night' (Par) and 'Woman Wanted' (MG) dual, $4,800, big. 'Annapolis Farewell' Nice $7,250 in Omaha Omaha, Sept, 3. (Best Exploitation: Omaha) For theatre row it's back to nor mal this week after the super-infla- tion of last week with a stage show at the Orpheum and stellar bills all around. This weeli it's nearer nor mal for each house but something to boot besides. Question of the lead will be a contest with the Omaha and the Orpheum vying Both houses observing Paramount week featuring that company's films with Omaha having best drawing type of show as against Burns and Allen at the Orpheum. In the sec ond feature Orph gets the edge in Lyle Talbot's name (local boy) in the plx. Brandels will hold Its own getting something more than ordinary from the latest Joe E.' Brown flick by virtue of some extra work in selling This one topping $5,500 will explain itself sufficiently. Weather taking a turn for the cooler and decidedly so. Continuance will help though flrst day or two slowed down activity as do all rad- ical changes in the atmosphere. Closing of Krug -Park after Lnbor Day removes an outside competitive situation from the picture, and leaves opposition for the week prao tlcally nil. Holiday Monday; p>it mother Saturday's biz in the weol; upping all figures materially. Last week Orph went the limit In toping $16,000 with,Olson and .John son on, the hropklng all pre vious iccords in this house since the advent of the- Blank regime. Omahii and Brandels reportP(l biz good even w-ith such opposish a.rtC. pictures the reason. Credit for 'xploltatlon goes to the Omah.a for lobby and general cam palgn'on 'Annapolis, Farewell,' most of the campaign being centered about the house Itself. Blank houses also nutting considerable emphasis on Paramount week, and Brandels Those Mo. MiDs Clog K.C. RO/S But Biz Good—Garbo $17,000, Hepburn $9,000—'Steamboat' IIG getting set for a stiff campalgiv on 'Top Hat.' Estimates for This Week Omaha (Blank) (2,100; 25-40)— 'Annapolis, Farewell' (Par). The whole thing here with a good cam- paign behind it an^ emphasis on it by virtue of Paramount week, 'Calm Yourself (MG) as a companion fea- ture Just rounds out the bill. This blli helped by the holiday to around $7,260. Last 'week 'Diamond Jim (U) lived up to Its name to bring in around $6,7C0 In the face of tough opposition.. 'Paris In Spring' (Par) as a dual partner no help. Brandeis (Singer-RKO) (1,250; 25-35-40)—'Bright Lights' (FN) and 'Hot Tip' (Radio). More to be ex- pected from the Brown number; holiday besides bringing it in around $5,600. Last week 'Alice Adams' (Radio) dv».v Hepburn fans, and young set was attracted by 'Old Man 'Rhythm' (Radio). Two were ver.v good at $6,200, keeping pace with high marks at other houses. Orpheum (Blanlr-Tri-State) (2,- 976; 25-40)—'Here Comes Cookie' (Par) and 'Chinatown Squad' (WB), dual. Draw here will be to Burns and Allf-n names. Holiday and all around $7,200; not bad. liast week was the silver lining week with 'We're In the Money' (WB) on the screen, and Olsen and Johnson In Everything Goes' unit on the stage, boosting totals to top $16,000, and a new house record for Blank control duration. ' Good Weather Offsets Newark Holiday Scram: 'Annapolis,' Par, $10,0^0 Newark, Sept. 3. (Best Exploitation; Par-Newark) Good weather sent plenty to the shore and country for the holiday weekend, but plenty stayed in town anii filled nearly every downtown house. Branford should lead with $16,000. for 'Page Miss Glory* and 'Black Room.* A good second is Proctor's with $12,000 for 'Alice Adams' and 'Old Man Rhythm,* while Loew's Is not to be sneeied at with nearly $10,000 for the second stanza of 'China.Seas* Even the Paramountr Newark Is going over $10,000 with 'Annapolis Farewell* and 'Ubangl Follies' on stage. Empire Is being repainted and nearly ready for a season of bur- lesque, but the strike Is postponing the opening. Paramount Is using a large truck and in the lobby an amplifier direct from the stage, which is attracting attention. Estimates for This Week Branford (WB) (2.966; 15-65) — 'Glory' (WB) and 'Black Room' Col). Will take a fine $16,000 and the gross may go higher. Could hold over. Last week 'In the Money' (WB) and 'Bright Lights' (WB) good, $11,000. Capitol (WB) (1,200; 15-25-40)— 'Irish in Us' (WB) and 'Smart Girl' (Par). Cagney opus did two gooc} weeks at the Branford and there may not be much left, but with the holiday should go over $3,500. Last week a light $2,900 on six days for 'Shanghai' (Par) and 'Murder Man' (MG). Little (Franklin) (299; 30-40-60) —'Princess Charming' (GB) and 'Woman in Command (GB) not .good, but not bad at $550, Last week, second of 'Wandering Jew' (Twick), bette rthan expected at $680. Loew's (2,780: 20-30-35-40-55-75) —'China Seas' (2d week) may come near a big $10,000, which mcan.s plenty for a second week. First week splendid at $19,000, with more af-endance than for a year. Paramount-Newark (Adams-Par) (2.248; 15-20-30-35-40-55-75)—'An- napolis' (Par) and 'TJbangl Follies' on stage. Will probably beat a nice $10,000. Last week 'Accent on Youth' (Par) good at over $9,000. Proctor's (RKO) (2,300: 15-551 — 'Alice Adams' (R.adio) and 'Old Man Rhythm' (Radio). Hepburn mean,'' more in tliis one than in her last and tlie bill may hold over. Taking!^ should reach a fine $12,000. I..aKf week 'Farmpr Takes Wife (Fox) and 'Welcome Home' (Fox) good, $10,000, Terminal (Skouras) (1,000; 15-25- -10)-'WlldernesK Mail' (Syn) and 'Captured in Chinatown' lc,iv') with 'Silk Hat Kid' (jFox) and Honey- moon Limited' (Cap) split. About $3,500, probably an even break. Last week 'Hell's House' (Rep) and 'Reclcless Roads' (Rep) with 'Gin- ger!' (Fox) and 'Orchids to You' (Fox) split also about even at same figure. Kansas City, Sept. 3. (Best Exploitation: Newman) Exhibitors sent In some of their ace pictures for the September start, and the fans should be happy. Heavy newspaper publicity given all fea- tures, displays being so large that extra amusement pages were carried in the dallies. Heavy rain starting Saturday noon and continuing over Sunday kept thousands in town over the Labor holiday and increased the lines at the theatres. Loew's Midland, with Garbo In 'Anna Karenlna,' Is leading thd town. Mainstreet with 'Alice A.dams'' and the Dlonne quints picture as art added feature, and the Newman showing 'Annapolis Farewell' are going nicely, and the Uptown with 'Steamboat 'Round the Bend' Is happy and will likely hold the pic- ture for a couple of weeks. Strong local Interest in 'Annapo- lis,' as It was when they were flying to location that a number of Par- amount people crashed near here' last spring. The 1% state sales tax on amuse- ments Is causing the theatres plenty of grief and extra expense, as it has necessitated extra ticket sellers. Making change for the one mill 'bottle cap' tokens slows the lines up about one-half. The Tower ha,3 special token sellers outside the house, so that the customers will have the right number ready when purchasing tickets. In addition to 500 line displays in the papers, the Newman used 25,000 heralds in ' a tie-up with a national oil company; special publicity in connection with the Naval Reserve, and four special broadcasts. ' Estimates for This Week Mainstreet (RKO) (3,200; 26-40)— 'Alice Adams' (Radio). Schedule set for six shows a day, Henburn good for close to $9,000, good. Last week 'Bright Lights' (FN) and March of Time,'$7,500, nice. Midland (Loew) (4,000; 15-25-40) —'Anna Karenlna' (MG). Gar.b<^. and March over the title; lines holH-:, Ing steady, indications are for neap $17,000, big. Last week 'China Seas'' (MG), second week), $8,400, fine. Newman (Par) (1,800; 26-40)^. 'Annapolis Farewell' (Par). Prom- ises a good $7,000. Last week 'MIs^ Glory* (WB) held nicely for $10,000, big. Towep (Rewot) (2,200; 25)—'She Gets Her Man* (U) and stage show. Only flesh In town. Bill Is a set-up for the Tower's following; expects close to $8,000, great. Last week 'Lady Tubbs' (U) also proved popu- lar and drew $7,900, nice. Uptown (Fox) (2,040; 25-40)—i 'Steamboat 'Round the Bend* (Pox). Opened Friday, a day ahead of reg- ular schedule, and enjoyed capacity business. In the weekend rain it was the same, and management ex- pects picture to break all other Rogers records with $11,000. Last week 'Keeper of the Bees' (Mono) built nicely after slow opening, and returned $3,300 in six day.s, good. GRACE MOORE, GARBO FAVES IN BUFFALO Buffalo. Sept. 3. (Best Exploitation: Buffalo) With good features being offered and plenty of advertising all round, downtown box o ces appear due for pood grosses this week. 'Love Me Forever' opened strong at the Lafayette and will better the first Moore pictui-e bv plentv,. Though sold well, 'Annapolis' is something of a disappointment at. the Ruff. 'China Seas' at the Buffalo last week built up to over expectations and switched to the Hipp for a sec- ond week. Buffalo continued exploitation for- 'Annapolls Farewell' with Para- mount Week with a parade of the naval militia In uniform, other ma- rine organizations, two drum corps and usher.s at the head carrving a big banner advertlshig the picture. Theatre was decorated with pen- nants from the militia and u.sed a lobby di.<!pla.v of General Elortric radios. Special srreenln? for Xavy men In and around Buffalo and a tie-up with the V. S. Navy recruit- ing otrior using fifteen 'A' boards with Navy men stationed at each iioard in the downtown .<<ectlon. Xew.s'inper storie.s, co-oncratlve ad- vertising, window disnlays, ncw.s- naper contest."; jind radio urograms wor e used. I'he New York Central distrihutod 5,000 long strips of pa- per offering holiday excursion rates from outlyin.g towns. LaCaypttp. played up the .\roore picture, using window dis- plays in downtown department stores, plenty 24-slieets and radio annoii'ir^mpnt."-. Estimates for This Week Buffalo (Shea) (3.000: 30-40-50) — 'Annajjolis' (Par). Around ?9,- (Continued on page 30)