Variety (November 1908)

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VARIETY TO MY FRIENDS WHO KNOW I AM IN THE PUBLISHING BUSINESS WHO DON'T KNOW I AN IN THE PUBLISHING BUSINESS WHO WOULD LIKE TO KNOW I AN IN THE PUBLISHING BUSINESS "Cheer Up! Cherries Will Soon Be Ripe A GREAT MARCH SONG By AL BRYAN and OIO. W. METER. GREAT LYRICS Never 1m* than tea eaooraa nifhtly with THE EMPIRE OITT QUARTETTE. GREAT MUSIC THE GREATEST 07 ALL RUSTIC BALLADS, A QEM1 SEMI-HIGH CLASS BALLAD. ff IN THOSE GOOD OLD COUNTRY DAYS SUMMER REMINDS ME OF YOU If IT TOU'LL HEAR THIS, TOU'LL WANT IT. PRETTT SEHTTMEMT — BEAUTIFUL MELODY. beautiful slides for the above three songs now ready MAYBE THE REAL HOVELTT SOHO OF THE SEASON. WOULD COULD IF AX RRYAH and GEO. W. MEYER. A LITTLE LOVERS' QUARREL SET TO MUSIC—IT'S DITFEREHT FROM OTHERS—READ THE TITLE—THAT'S ENOUGH. JUST THE THING FOR DOUBLE OB SINGLE ACTS. NOTE —We have other great songs in press. Write or call HARRY COOPER MUSIC PUBLISHING COMPANY SEYMOUR FURTH EDGAR LESLIE NAT. OSBORNE LEW COOPER GEO. W. MEYER ED. HANLEY and A u uj ..«».. ,« L * „ w .. AL. PIANTADOSI HARRY COOPER Our New Address: MO West 40th Street. New York aiwaya pleased to see you Moving Picture Machines and Films Uaed In Many of the Best Theatres in the United States EXCLUSIVELY FURNISHED BY SPECIAL 52 5TAT £ ST. 1 Orpostn MamnK TmPU Lloaaaaa Undar tha BIOORAPH PATENTS. NEW YORK Ml tta Aveaoa BIRMINGHAM MOf Ira Ava. BOSTON 657 Waihiavtaa St. Boyleon Baildin*. INDIANAPOLIS TTaotioa Baildinc Mehlhorn Bid* DENVER Boataa Building LOS ANO MONTREAL, OAM. Is Patrla Bid*. SAN ANTONIO, Alamo Film Ezohaara. WTNNIPEO tit Athdewa Blk., ST. LOUIS 613-4 Oommoroial Bid*. ttt aad OUT* Sta. DES MOINES Gommeroial Bid*. DALLAS, TEX, MS Mais St. ST. JOHN. V. B. M Friaoe William St. AS GOOD OR BETTER FOR $5 LESS sit the price. 28 in $9.00 30 in 10*00 3a in 11.00 54 in 12.00 36 in 13.00 38 in 1400 40 in 1500 4s in 16.00 B. B. & B. TRUNK CO. 520 WOOD : : 625 SMITHFIELD 109 FEDERAL. North Side Three-ply veneer body, heavy duck covering, Hickory Slati, Maleahle Scroll-Bound, hand riveted. TIPPING TEAT. GUARANTEED PITTSBURGH, PA. send for free catalogue DON'T OVERLOOK THIS ONE XYXRTBODT THDTKS THAT 4 T « E LaZAR *h 0 LaZAR 4 COMPANY PRESENT A SCENIC PRODUCTION. "THE HYPNOTIC GLASS" By Nat Phillips Wkm a**o*ring •dveriitemm U kindly wtmtlom Vartett.