Variety (November 1908)

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18 VARIETY KEENEY'S. It's a curious combination of excellence and mediocrity at Keeney's this week, a combination that might not work out very well at any other house in the New York district. The matinee audience on election day, composed mostly of women, waited patiently almost through the first half before anything was developed that could in any way be considered to have been selected with an eye to their special entertainment. Al Leech and his "Three Rosebuds" came on "No. 6" after a solid procession of "fall-downs" (with the single exception of Fitsgerald and Wilson, who won some laughter with a noisy travesty and a series of very acceptable parodies). The way that audience took to Leech's school- room scene and the nonsense of the act ought to be a very plain indication to the management. It has been an axiom of the vaudeville business for time out of mind that if the house can take care of its matinee patronage, the night business will take care of itself. In his regard the bill does rather fairly. The Labrakans, acrobatic grotesques, amuse the youngsters with downing and the acrobatic dog helps a good deal, while "A Night in an English Music Hall" was a wild scream to them. And then there was "The Police Inspector" (New Acts), a very, very dramatic act to engage the at- tention of the feminine contingent. An audience of men might not secure a great deal of amusement out of the show, but for the purpose of entertaining a "family audience" such as Keeney's at- tracts, it serves pretty well. Even Rigo, who does an act with Jeanette Lowrie (New Acts), has a place in the scheme of things. The Labrakans open the show, having been substituted for Professor Alene and his monkey. The smaller of the pair is a, good ground tumbler, throwing his flip- flaps smoothly and with almost inconceiv- able speed, while the little black-and-tan dog fills in breathing space with a series of odd feats. A good finish brought them large applause. Leonie Pam (New Acts) followed, while "The Police Inspec- tor" (New Acts) had the "No. 3" place. Then came Fitzgerald and Wilson, with the first real laugh of the show. It took them quite a while to get to the comedy, for one would scarcely say that the open- ing dialogue was in any sense funny, com- posed as it is of the most passe material. One wonders how two comedians who show signs of having much experience and having attained a high degree of skill in delivering cross talk, could permit them- selves a fall for such "gags" as they hand out during the first excursion into talk. The opening solo goes nicely and the paro- dies drew solid laughter and applause. A noisy travesty, which had in it not a great deal of novelty, was equally ef- fective in the response it won. Before an audience of the more discriminating class, however, it would not fare so well. Elmer Tenley had the next-to-closing place, and did well. For the occasion he had an opening line of election talk that made a bull's-eye. The talk about the "almost hotel" went very well and the rest of the monolog (concerning a street car ride) formed an adequate close. Tenley has a simple way of delivering his matter. He talks easily and only occasionally has to "pump" it over. Rush. issTH STREET. "The Bells" will have to take th« re- sponsibility for anything which may be suggested against the show at the Harlem house this week. The acts have been ar- ranged as well as possible, but the show is anything but satisfactory. It is doubt- ful if a bill could be put together with "The Bells" which could be considered good entertainment. It is not difficult to imagine what the effect of the gruesome death scene would be upon a matinee audience composed mostly of children, who fortunately do not understand it. The splendid acting of Thomas E. Shea does not enter. Any actor capable of reading lines placed in the role would bring the same result in the average vaudeville theatre. It is espe- cially so at the 126th Street house, where anything tragic is immediately asso ci ated with "good acting." The sketch has been extremely well produced by Mr. Shea, who bas surrounded himself with an excellent cast. The Empire City Quartet were moved from next to closing to follow "The Bells." It is a tough spot, but a wise move, for there was no other way of arousing the audience after the stage had been in utter darkness for at least fifteen minutes. The quartet caught after a short struggle, and Harry Cooper soon "jollied" the audi- ence back by "kidding" the sketch. Fos- ter and Foster did extremely well in the first half. The house seem to know the comedians and they greeted their piano playing and singing warmly. The com- edy also got over in good shape. Carbrey Bros, were on second (following a sketch) and scored a neat hit. The boys are showing another dressy style this week. The Brothers have evidently made up their - minds to advance them- selves, and the way they are going about it augurs well. It will be some time be- fore any couple will get team dancing down to as fine a point as the Oarbreys have. Marcel's "Living Pictures" were in the second half, between two comedy acts, and they fitted in nicely. The Bas-re- liefs are the best shown. The cow in "Evangeline" is a trifle more tractable now, being content with chewing on the red skirt of the girl Tuesday afternoon. Wormwood's DogB and Monkeys had an easy task with the matinee audience. "The Watermelon Trust" was next to closing. The act contains a good co- median (who would be better if he dropped a quantity of rough stuff that he has been doing for some time) and a very good "straight" man. The pair could make an excellent colored team. The girls car- ried are not needed. Their dressing is about the worst ever seen in a New York theatre. Mira Martell and Co., New Acts. Dash. Fiske and McDonough have received new contracts through the William Mor- ris office, a mistake in bookings having occurred at the Chicago branch of Mr. Morris. When this was drawn to his attention by the White Rats, the new agreements were issued. James L. Ring, in charge of the Gus Sun office at Cincinnati, has been ap- pointed manager of the Auditorium Fam- ily Theatre in that town. VARIETY ARTISTS' ROUTES FOR WEEK NOV. 9 WHEN NOT OTHERWISE INDICATED. (The routM hen fives, bearing no fete*, ere from MOV. • to MOV. II, inolusiee, de- pendent upon the epealaf sad eleelaf days ef engagements la different parts ef the neatly. '' All addressee below are furnished YABJBTY by artists. Addressee eare smnngees ut Sfuujts will not be printed.) "a ft." ia the list iadicatea the rente ef the eireae named, with whins the ar tist as set Is with, and may be found under "OTBOUB EOUTBsV' "B. 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Allison, Mr. A Mrs., Oreen Boom Club, N. T. Alpine Troupe, Cole Bros., 0. B. Alronn, BoUer Trio, Mnrdl Ores Beauties, B. B. AlTano, Madame A Co.. Went Mlddletown, O. Alrarettaa, Three, Jersey Lltteu, B. B. American Dancers, Six, K. A P. 5th Are., N. T.; 18, K. A P. 125th St., N. T. Austins, Toealnf, Alhambra, Paris, Prance. Arsry, W. E., 5008 ForrestTlBe, Chicago. Ayree. Howard. 2411 Bo. Alder, Phlla. Asards, Tbe, 228 W. 88, N. T. Baraban Bnaalan Tronpe, 108 B. 116th, N. T. Bander, La Veils Trio, 888 N. Christiana, Chi- cage. Bacbmaa. Marie. Grand. .Los Angeles, tndef. Bacon. Mr. A Mrs., Majestic, Dallas; 16, Majes- tic, Houston. Baernsteln, Harry. Bijou. Racine. Win., tndef. Banks, Breasesle Duo, K. A P. 125th St, N. T. Barry A WoUord. Keith's, Portland; 16, Keith's, Boston. Borneo A Conway, City Sports, B. B, Barron. Baby. 20 B. 83. N. Y. Barrett, Marjorle, Grand, Cleveland. O. Barr, Bthel A Co., Huntington, W. Va. Barry A Hughes, Majestic Den Moines. Barnes, Bdwfn L., Bijou, Bscanaba. Mich. Barnold, Elsie, American. St. Louis. Barton, Harry, 502 P., Kern City, Cal. Bassett, Edward, Auditorium, Lynn; 16, Hatb- awaya, Lowell, Mass. Bntro A McCue, 816 No. Second. Rending. Be Anos, The, 8442 Charlton, Chicago. Beam, Will, Star, Charlerol, Pa.; 16, Star, Mc- Keea Bocka, Pa. SEND IN YOUR ROUTE VARIETY Prints No Route Not Received Direct American Newsboys Qnsrtet, 9, Majestic, Dallas. American Trio, 56 Penn Are., Newark, N. J. Andersons, Four, Family, Muscarine, Ia. Anderson A Oolnes, Trent, Trenton; 16, Hath* away'a Brockton, Mass. Aagell Sisters, T12 W. N. York, Indianapolis. Apollo Brae,, 848 W. 4, N. T. Arskl's Tjroupe, 9, Folly, Oklahoma City, Okla. Archer, Oble, Bijou, Newark. Ohio, Indef. ArdeU Bras., 814 Sands Is, Canton, O. Arte A Bddo, 500 B. 84, N. T. Arisonn Troupe, 851 B. 18, N. T. Arlington Four, Keith's, Clereland; 16, Bennett's, Hamilton. Armonda, City of Yesterday, Grand, Edmonton, Can. Armstrong A Lererlng. Empire Bnrl csqnorn . B. B. Armstrong A Verne, Majestic, Milwaukee. Armond, Grace, Bijou, Dubuque, la.; 18, Daren- port. Ia. Arnold A Felix, Family, Carbondale, Pa.; 16, Family. Pottsrllle, Pa. Arthur, W. J., Columbia, Knoxrllle, Indef. Arrllle, Dorothy. Boaalelgb Court, 85th, N. T. Astalrea, Tbe, O. O. H., Pittsburg. Aoberts, Lee, 14 Frobel Str. III., Hemburg, Ger. Anburna, Tbree, 885 Beacon, Sbmerrllle, Mass. Auers, Tbe, 87 Heygate, Soutbend-on-Sea, Bng. Auger, Capt., Geo., 12 Lawrence Bd., So. Baling, London, England. Beimel, Muaical, 840 E. 87th, N. T. Bernler A Stella, Pantages', Tncoma. Beyer, Ben A Bra, Orpbeum, Eaeton, Pa. Beard, Billy, Empire, Hoboken; 16, Empire, Pa tenon. Beaorals, Arthur A Co., Victor House, Chicago. Beattle. Bob, Little Nemo Co., indef. Bedell A Co., Walter Bijou, New London, Conn. B eecbe r A Mays, Lyric. Brldgetoa, N. J., Indef. Behrend, Musical, 62 Springfield, Newark. Belford. Al O., Frank A. Bobbins. 0. R. Bell, Cbas., Grand, Edmonton, Can.; 16, Lyceum, Calgary, Can. Bell, Hanel Ferns, New Csstle. Ind. Bennett, Phil, Doric, Yonkers; 16, Poll's Spring- field. Bellclslr Bros., Alhambra, N. Y.; 16, Hammer- stein's. N. Y. Bennett, Laura, 8tar, Chicago. Bertlna A Brockway, 311 Third, New York. Biff A Bang, Bijou, Superior, Wis.; 16, Bijou, La Big City Quartet, 9, Majestic, Den Moines. Blnney A Chapman, Majestic, Charleston, 8. C. Blssett A Scott, Orpbeum, Sesttle. Block Pattl Troubadours, Pine Bluff, Ark.; 21, Bberman, Texas. Blake A Amber, Hippo., Birmingham, Bng. Blampbln A Hebr, Family, Mabanoy, City, Pa. Blaney A Wolf, 257 W. 44, N. Y. USB THIS FORM IP YOU HAVE NO ROUTE CARDS CARDS WILL BE MAILED UPON L»r Q - , UST When answering advertisements kindly mention Vabiett*