Variety (November 1908)

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VARIETY 19 Tin Obit. K. Harris Courier -Always Me" The ballad hit of the country. The most beautiful elides ever issued. Now being song to many encores at lEeith's Union Square Theatre, by SOL. LEVOY CHA8. K. HARRIS, •1 WEST 81st ST., rcw YORK. OOKBV, Mana*rer. Gkloa«o. Bran* Oyer* House Bldf., Bljoa Comedy Trio, Watson's Burlooquers, B. B. Bingham, 885 Beacon. SomervUle, Mass. Bison City Qnsrtct, Temple, Detroit; 16, Cook's, Rochester. Black * White Trio. 864 Columbus. N. T. BUck a Leslie. 484 Bsce. Cincinnati. Blanchard, Cliff, Royal Blare Co. Blonaell a Co., Ed., Lyric, Dayton, O. Bimbos, The, Grand, Marlon, Ind.; 16, Main* Peorls. 1U. Booth-Gordon Trio, Orphenm, No. Taklma, Wash. Bootblack Quartet, Poll's, New HaTen; 16, Poll's, Worcester. Bonlden a Qulnn, Toms Blrer, N. J. Bowen, Wnalea a riorense, 2882 Mass., Cambridge, Mass. Bowers, Walters a Crooker, Haymarket, Chicago. Bowery Comedy Qoar., Rons way Girls, B. B. Borslnl Troops, Hagenbeck-Wnllsce, C. R. Bowen Bros., 9, Garrlck, Norrlstown, Pa. Boyce, Jack, Gsrrick, Norrlstown, Pa.; 16, Young's Atlantic City. Boyds, Two, 1260 Bo. Decatur, Montgomery, Ala. Brays, The, Campbell Bros., C. R. Brady a Mahoney, Irwin's Big Show, B. R. Breen, Harry, Keith's, Portland, 16, Poll's, New Bedford. ' Brenon a Downing Co., Msjlstlc, Dallas; 16, Majestic, Houston. Brlgham, Anna B., 28 Exchange, Blnghamton. Brlnkley's, The, 424 W. 88, N. Y. Brttton, Sadie, Coliseum, Burlington. Is., lndef. Brlttons, The, Colonial, N. Y.; 16, Orpheum, Brooklyn. Brooks a Vedder, San Jose, Csl. Brooks a Denton, 670 6th, ,N. Y. Brooks, Franklin A., Peerless, Bradford; 26, Palace. Corry, Pa. Brooks a Jeannette, Family, Shamokln, Pa.; 16, Family, Wllllamsport, Pa. Browne. Bothwell. 407 W. 123, N. Y. • Brown B. Jay, 181 Dennyway, Seattle. Braces, The, Bijou, Jackson, Mich.; 16, Bijou, Ann Arbor, Mich. Brunettes, Cycling, 9, Samuel's, Jamestown, N. Y. Bryant a Barilla, Lyric, Union town, Pa; 16, Uberty, Plttsbnrg. Buch Bros.. 96 Milton. Brooklyn. Buckeye Trio, Bljoa, Saginaw, Mich. Burke, John a Mae, American, St. Louis. Burke, John P., Gem, Tampa. Fla., lndef. Buckley, John, Pan Handle Pete Co. Bnrnham, Cbas. C, a Co., G. O. H., Grand Rapids, 16, Bljon, Lansing, Mich. Barns a Emerson, 1 Place Boledleu, Paris. Burt, Glenn, City Sports, B. R. Burt a Stsnford, Poll's, WUkes-Bsrre. Pa. Burton a Burton, Al Reeves, B. R. Burton, Hughes a Burton, 882 Stanton, Nllea, O. Burton a Vass, Chsmpagne Girls, B. R. Bash a Elliott, 1884 88 St., Brooklyn. Bussler, Wslter H.. Orphls, Madison. Wis., lndef. Batter Brown a Tige, 46 W. 26, N. Y. Butler a Bmssett, 9, Aadltorlum, Lynn. Boston, Chas., Crystal, Menssbs, Wis., lndef. Byers a Hermann, 16, Orpheum, Butte. Byrne-Golson Players, Dominion, Winnipeg; 16, Majestic, Cedar Rapids. Byron a Langdon, 16, Orpheum, Kansas City. Csln Sisters, Empire, Yonngstown, O., lndef. Callahan a St. George. Coliseum, London, Bug. Csmeron a Byrne, 91 Bartlette, San Francisco. Campbell a Brady, Hastings' Big Show, B. R. Csrbrey Bros., 16, Auditorium, Lynn. Carillo, Leo, care of Variety, N. Y. Carlln a Otto, Albambra, N. Y.; 28, Chase's, Wsshlngton. Carmen, Frank, Portland, Ore. Carmen Sisters, Empire. 8an Francisco, lndef. Csrrays, The, Bronx, Bronx, N. Y. Carol Sisters, Serennders, B. R. Carson, Mlrsm, F., G. O. H., Indianapolis. Carter, Cbas. J., Milton, Queens. Sydney, Aus. Carter, Lillian, Irwin's Majesties, B. B. Casey a Le Clslr. 244ft First, Jersey City. Csstellsne a Bro., Orpheum, Seattle. Ceballoa, Hclarlon a Rosall, 779 Stste, Bridgeport, Conn. Celest, 74 Grore road, Clspham Park, London. Chadwlck Trio, Orpheum, Denver. Chase, J. Percy, Bijou, Oabkoah, Wis., lndef. Cherle, Doris. Follies of the Dsy. B. R. Christopher. Chris.. 49 nth Are., Chicago. Christy. Wayne O.. 207 W 43, N. Y. Church City Four. Strolling Players, B. R. Claire, Ina, 246 W. 52d, N. Y. Clark a Turner, 146 W. 64. N. Y. Clarke, Wilfred. Orpheam. Minneapolis. Clayton a Drew, Majestic, Leavenworth, Kas. Clifford, George A.. Comedy, Brooklyn, lndef. Clipper Comedy Quartet, Lyric, Terre Haute. Cogan a Bancroft. 1688 B'way, N. Y. Cogswells, Tbree, Touring Meilco. 'Ofl.'OO. Cole a Clemens, Wlcland, Morganstown, W. Va. Cole, Bert, Hsgenbeck-Wsllace, C. R. Cole, Will, American, St. Louis. Coleman a La Mont, Hippo Rink, Birmingham. Colonial Septet, Greenpolnt, Brooklyn, N. Y. Colonial Quartet, 1862 Page, San Francisco. Colonna a Cummlnger, Hippodrome, Darlington, Eng. Colombia Musical Trio, Do Rue Bros.' Minstrels. Columbians, Fire, Dominion, Winnipeg. Conley, Anna a Eflle, Hathawsy's, Maiden; 16, Orpheum, Harrtsbnrg. Courtney a Jeannette, 668 14th PL, Chicago, Connelly, Mr. a Mrs. B., 6140 Indiana, Oldham, Eng. Connelly, Edward.Lake Sunanee. N. H.. lndef. Jonn, Downey a wllllard, 484 Wabash, Detroit. Oonroy, Le Malre a Co., Bennett's, Montreal; 16, Bennett's, Ottawa. Conway a Leland, Royal, Oldham, Eng. Cook, Frank, Austin a Stone's, Boston, lndef. Cooke, Maurice B., Anderson, Loulsrille; 16, Majestic, Chicago. Cooper, Harry L., Williams' Imperials, B. R. CorelUs, Three, Hagsatbeck-Wallace, O. R. Courtney a Dunn. 282 B. 18. N. Y Crawford, Pat, Hi Henry Minstrels. Cralgs, Musical, 286 B. 169, N. Y. Cremes, De Witt, 688 Church, Ann Arbor, Mich. Creasy a Dayne, Columbia, St. Louis. Oreo a Co., Family, Butte. Cronln, Morris, 21 Alfred Place, London, Rutland. Cummlngs a Merley, Unique, Los Angeles, lndef. Curtis, Sam J., a Co., Proctor's, Lowell; 16, Hathawsy's, New Bedford. Curson 81sters, Circus, Bhumsn, Berlin, Gar. Cntty's, Musical. Not. 28, Keith's, Phlla, D'AlTlnl, Rocky Point, R. I„ lndef. Daly a O'Brien, 418 Strand, London, Bug. Dale, Wm„ Crystal, Elkbsrt, lad., lndef. Dare, Harry, 828 B. 14. N. Y. Darrow, Stuart, Mr. a Mrs., Hathaway's. New Bedford; 16, Poll's, New HaTen. DaTla Edwsrds, 16, Orpheum, Eaaton, Pa. DaToy a Moore, 468 B. Carned, Detroit. Davenport, John, Yankee Robinson, 0. R. DaTsnport, Stick a Norma, John Boblnaon's, O. R. Dsrls, Floyd, Temple, Boulder, Ool., lndef. Davis, H., Air-Dome. Murphyshoro. IB., lndef. Dsvls, Mark a Laura, Victoria, Wheeling, W. Va. Dawson a Whitfield, Dainty Duchess, B. B. Dsy, Carita, 822 Mott Ave., N. Y. Dell a MUler, Hippodrome, Buffalo, lndef. De Cortet a Rego, 1668 Broadway, N. Y. Elastic Trio, Majestic, Plttsbnrg, lndef. Elliotts. The, O. H., 8. S., Plttsbnrg, lndef. Emerald, Connie, 41 Holland Rd., Brixton, London. Emerson a Baldwin, Folles Bergen, Parte, France. Emmett, Grade a Co., Orpheum, Loo Angeles. Empire Comedy Four, Armory, Blnghamton; 16, Mohawk, Schenectady. Enlgmarelle, National, San Francisco. Ergott a King, Circus Slnlselli, Warsaw. Bosnia. Esmeralda Sisters, Nov. 1-30, Forlrisl, Budapest, Hungary. Espe, Dutton a Espe, Orphenm, Omaha. Eugene Trio, Family, Shamokln, Pa. Evana a Lloyd, 928 B. 12, Brooklyn. Every, Geo. W., Bijou, Battle Creek, Mich.; 16, Bijou, Jackson, Mich. Faber, Alsta, Hsgenbeck-Wsllace, 0. B. Fadettes of Boston, Empire, Newark, N. J.; 16, Proctor's, Albany. Falrchlld. Mr. a Mrs. F., 1640 47, Chicago. Fantss, Two, Vsn Bnren Hotel, Chicago. FarUrdaux, Camllle, Bice a Barton's Gaiety, B. R. Farrell, Billy, Moss a Btoll, London, Bug. Fsy, Bay P., Alamo, Cedar Rsplds, la., lndef. Fay, Anna Bra, Melrose Highlands, Mans. Fay, Frank a Gertrude, ,T7 Walton PI., Chicago. Fen telle a Carr, Orpheum, Ksnaas City. Ferguson, Dick a Bsrney, Grand, Tacoma, Wash. Ferguson a Du Pree, 9 a 16 Metropole, Panama, 0. A. Ferguson, Frank a Co., Majestic, Little Rock. Ferrell Bros., Proctor's, Newsrk. Field Bros., 62 B. 106. N. Y. Fields, Harry W., Poll's, Bridgeport; 16, Poll's, Waterbury. Fields, W. C, Hippodrome, London, Bug., lndef. Fielding a Carlos, Orpheum, Chllllcothe, 0. Flnnle, Jack, 1911 Bo. Chadwlck, Phlla. Flake a McDonough, 201 W. 108, N. Y. Flaherty, Dan, City Sports, B. B. Fletcher, Cbas. Leonard, Bennett's, Montreal; 16, Keith's, Columbus, O. Floods, Four, 810 Central, Jersey City. Fonds, Dell a Fonda, Orpheum, St. Psul. Fords, Four, Msjestlc, Cblcsgo. Fords, Fsmous, 891 Gstes, Brooklyn. Forrester a Lloyd. 1888 B'way, N. Y. Fortune a De Vine, Hagenbeck-Wallace, 0. R. Fox, Benjamin, Grand, Cleveland. Fox, Imro, Orphenm, New Orleans. Fox a Bvsns, Lyceum, Memphis; 16, G. O. H., Atlants. Fredo, Geo., Saratoga Hotel, Chicago. Frederick Muslcsl Trio, G. O. H., Indianapolis; 16, Columbia, Cincinnati, O. Franclscos, Tbe, Miner's Merry Bnrlesquers, B. B. Frsnks, Jessie J., Hsgenbeck-Wsllace, 0. B. Cairyifitf Monthly or Banning Advertisements Where a ohaige of copy including more than a date line is desired, new copy MUST BE4JT THIS OFFICB NOT LATER THAN WEDNESDAY A. M. to insure the corrjetion feing made. Do HoBls a Valdora, Colonial Belles. B. R. De Vesu Hubert, 864 Prospect PI., Brooklyn. De Velde a Zelda, Poll's, New Haven; 16. Poll's, Bridgeport. Delevaye a Frits, 2667 Madison. Chicago. Delmar a Delmar, Howard, Boston. Delmore a Darrell, 1616 Ninth, B. Oakland, Cal. Delmore, Misses, Msjestlc, Chicago. Delton. Al. H., 688 19. Milwaukee. Demacoo, The. 112 N. 9, Phlla. Domonlo a elle, Flndlay, Flndlay, O.; 16, Fam- ily, Mt. Vernon, O. Denker, Bone, Bebman Show, B. R. Deonao Bros., Scbellars, Copenhagen, Denmark. Desmond Trio, Flmaly, Elmira, N. Y.; 16, Audi- torium, York, Pa. De Mora a Graceta, Orpheam, Rock ford, 111. De Vere a Greenwood, 9, Maples Psrk, Newton Center, Msss. De Verne, Thelmn, a Co., 4672 Ystes, Denver. De Young, Tom, 166 B. 118, N. Y. Diamond, Jim. Kentucky Belles, B. B. Diamond a Smith. Family, Lancaster, Pa.; 16, Family, York, Pa. Dlerlcke Bros., Majestic, Madison, Wis. Dixie, Harrla a Francis, 243 B. Jefferson, Decatur, 111. Dixon, Bowers a Dixon, 766 8th Ave., N. Y. Donnelly a Rotall, N. Y. Stars, B. R. Doherty a Hsrlowe, Hatbaway's, Brockton; 16, Hathawsy's, New Bedford. Doherty Sisters, Maryland, Baltimore; 16, Or- pheum, Allentown, Pa. Dooley, Jed, Theatre, Gloversvllle, N. Y. Keith's, Cleveland. Donavan, Emma. Hagenbeck-Wallace, 0. B. Dorsch a Russell, Lyceum, San Francisco. Dot son, Howard, 1663 Broadway, N. Y. Dove a Lee, Imperial, B. R. Drew, Dorothy, 16 St. Martins St., London, Eng. Drew, Lowell B., 4229 Pechln. Boxborougb, Phlla. Dudley, O. B., Crystal, Ind., lndef. Duffy, Dan J., Lincoln Apta.. Atlantic City. Duncan, A. O., Dominion, Winnipeg. Duncan a Hoffman, Empire, Des Moines, Is. Dnnbam, Jack, City Sports, B. R. Dunbsrs, Four, New Grand, Indianapolis. Danedln Troupe, 418 8traod, London, W. C, Bug. Dunn, Harvey, De Rae Bros.' Minstrels. Dapres, Fred, Hatbaway's, New Bedford; 16, Hatbaway's, Mslden. Early A Late. Century Girls, B. R. Eckboff a Gordon, Rice a Barton's Gaiety. B. R. Edlnger Sisters, James Adsms Co., Auditorium, Charlotte. N. C. Edwards. Fred R.. Orpheum, Cambridge, 0.; 16, Gem, Lancaster, O. Edwards, M. a C. E., Hippodrome. Buffalo, lndef. 'Edwards & GlenwooU, Majestic, Dallas; 10, Majes- tic, Houston. El Bar to Family, Shamokln, Pa. Freeman Bros., Boss Sydell's London Belles, B. R. Freeman, Frank B., Hastings' Show, B. B. Frevoll, Frederick, Trent, Trenton. Frey Trio, Gaiety, Springfield, 111. Fullerton, Lew J., 98 Sumner PI., Buffslo. Gabriel's, Kid, Brigadiers, B. R. Gsffney Girls, R'way Gaiety Girls, R. R. Galnsboro Girl, Poll's, Hartford; 16, Keith's, Boston. Gsllettl's Monkeys, 804 N. Msplewood, Chicago. Galloway, Bert, Davis. Brsddock, Pa. Garden a Sommers, 207 B. 14, N. Y. Gardiner, Three, Children. 1968 W. 8. Phlla. Gardner a Vincent, Orpheum, Seattle. Gardner, Georgia a Co., Majestic, Dallas; 10, Majestic, Houston. Gsrcey Musical Co.. 2738 N. Dover, Phlla. Gaston, Albert, Bark's Sbow, C. B. I 16, AJTO Nov. 9, Travel; 16, Orpheam, San Fraaoisoo. Gavin, riatt a Peaches, Orpheum, Allentown. Oenaro a Band, Orpheum, Los Angeles. Gibson, Fsy, Standard, Davenport. la., lndef. GUI a Alter, 601 Springfield. Newark. Gllmore. Mildred, City Sports, B. R. Gllroy, Haynes a Montgomery, Auditorium, Lynn; 10, Hatbaway's, Brockton. Glsdstone. Ida, City Sports, B. R. Glocker, Cbas. a Anns. "Follies of 1907" Co. Cobb's Corner SATURDAY, HOV. 7, 1908. No. 140. A Weekly Word with WILL the Word wrlght. "Take Plenty of Shoes" MARIE CAHILL'S MCCEST '*» BIT and by WILL D. COBB WORDWmiGKT. Glover, Edna May, Gay Musician Co. Godfrey a Henderson, 1668 Broadway, N. Y. Godfrey a Erzleben, Reed Hotel, Ogden, Utah. Goldln Ruealsn Troupe, Sella-Floto, 0. R. Golden a Hugos. P. O.. MUford. Mass. Goldmsn, Abe, New Century Girls Co., R. R. Goeimsns, Muslcsl, Continental Hotel, Chicago. Gordon a Marx, Walker O. H., Champagne, 111.; 16, Gaiety, Springfield, 111. Gossans, Bobby, Bijou, Lorain, O. Goyt Trio, Keith's, Providence. Goolmsns, Musical, Orpheum, Atlanta. Graces, The. 267 W. SB, N. Y. Graham a Lawrence, G. O. H., Plttaburg. Graham, B, A.. Elite, Bltavllle. Wash., lndef. Grant, Burt a Bertha, Keith's, Wheeling, W. Vs.; 16. Poll's. Wllkes-Barre. Pa. Grant. Sydney. 269 W. 261. N. Y. Orannon, Ha, Bmplre, Paeeroso. iraham. Geo. W., Scenic, Providence, lndef. Gray a Graham, Mohawk, Beheoectady; 16, Proctor's, Newsrk. Gregory, Frank L., Bmplre, Leeds, Eng. Grimm a Bstcbell. 2072 8th Ave., NY. Greet a Oruet. William's Imperials. B. R. Guertln, Louis, Metropolitan HoteL B r oc kt on, Ml RIALTO ROUNDERS. (Continued from page 16.) the audience laughs at the most pathetic moment in the skit, but without that Howe's company, Anna Goldie and Joe Mil- ton, neither one of whom understands how to place any inflection in their voices to gain expression, would have spoiled it. The crudities and incongruities of the piece are laughable by themselves whether in a serious vein or no. The Misses Heitzman and Franklyn have a "sister" act which might better be replaced by moving pictures or an inter- mission, and Lovett and Vokes in talk and parodies have one suggestive verse, the only off-color moment in the entire show, a most creditable improvement alone, so much so the act, which is not important, might bo told to "clean up." The afterpiece has not been altered. It is still as funny as Howe can make it, upon his third appearance as a Hebrew and Vokes' third appearance as a "Dutch- man." In it Howe, after having lost some money at a "con game," says while in a fainting condition, "Send for a cheap doc- tor." It is the funniest line heard so far this season. Sime. TAKE NOTICE Mail addresses of acts playing will not be printed. Name of house and town necessary for publication in this route sheet. When not playing or "laying off/' temporary address if forwarded will be inserted for time being. Artists with burlesque companies send name of show only. Whem omno^ring satow K i— n wls Musty mention Vabtbtt.