Variety (November 1908)

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VARIETY 11 PARIS NOTES BY EDWARD Q. KSNDRSW. Pari», Nov. 10. Hie great event in theatrical circles has been the death of Vfetorlen Sardou, the famous dramatist The deceased author, who was a master of stage craft more than a great writer, will be remembered for many years in all parts of the world for his historical dramas. "Vera Violetta," Redelsperger's spectacu- lar operetta, which had a big run in Vienna, was produced by Victor de Gottens and H. B. Marinelli at the Olympia on the 6th. Mr. Baron, of the Varietes Theatre, has been engaged for a part that suits him admirably, though this popular actor is getting old and is now rarely seen. Marion Winchester, from the Gaiety, London, plays with much charm and es- pecially pleases by her graceful dancing. M. Fereal, a popular baritone, Girier, the rotund comic, Mile. Maud d'Orby, the 16 /"Olympia Girls" (Tiller's), Mathilde Go- * mez, Mile. Relly and the Delevines con- tribute to the success of this piece. The show is preceded by vaudeville, including Miss Smith with the Blondin "wire walk- ing" horse; the Five Juggling Normans (a a great attraction), Piwitt, the Sisters Nal- dy, Maria Florido, and a new ballet "A Penny Worth of Love," a rough, transla- tion of "Deux Sous d'Amour." At the Folks Bergere, Mr. Bannel has secured a /good program for November, mainly through Sherek & Braff, the in- ternational variety agency. The ballet "Sports" remains, but all else is changed. Urban! und Sohn, equilibrists; Alexandre, the whistler; Emerson and Baldwin, com- edy jugglers; Germain Gallois, chanteuse; the Ofcabe Family, Japanese acrobats; the Merkel Sisters, acrobatic; the beautiful Valencia, Moorish dances; Spissel Bros, and Mack, comedy acrobats, and the Four Emilions, equilibrists. H. Blondel, the stage manager (of many years standing at this hall) runs the show to perfection. The revue will be ready end of December. The Casino de Paris and the Apollo are relying on rival wrestling matches as at- tractive features. They seem to please the public. Good business is being done here. At the Casino, the new program commences with some good vaudeville, such as the Frisco, musical clown; Salt ley, wire walker; R. Debauga, billed as the M fairy of nature"; Jacfcsons, comic cyclists; Ma- hatssa, illusionist; the Dally Trio, acro- bats; the pastoral ballet, and Gukhnet, riding master of the Czar of Russia. The program is the same at the Apollo this week, excepting the wrestling anl Arora ana Karini, two pretty gymnasts. The Cirque Medrano, the only permanent people's circus of the old sawdust days now remaining, is still going strong, the new program containing the Salvarno Troupe, cyclists; Pichel Family, acrobats; Adelsons Trio, strong men; Three Sanowas, contortionists; Nicholas Brothers, aerial and clowns; Antonet and Grork. The cir- cus is still appreciated in Paris, for Rancy is occupying the Cirque de Paris, The Nouveau CSrque, in the Rue Saint Honore, the fashionable resort of young folks, is playing to full houses. A slight fire broke out in th* municipal theatre at Nimes on the 6th, but was quickly subdued. A subscriber of a box sent his own servant to polish it up dur- ing rehearsals, using methylated spirit and a candle. A sudden flare was the re- sult, just as happened to the fellow who sought an escape of gas with a naked light. I can fancy the subscribers of the New York opera houses delegating their own domestics to clean up their boxes each day! The winter revue at the Eldorado, Boule- vard Strasbourg (Le Cointe, director), will be ready to-day. It is entitled "Avec un Peu de Sucre," by F. Lemon (at one time secretary of the Ambassadeurs) and J. Bousquet, but of course the title of a revue here does not cut any ice, and is simply chosen to please the public ear, and for registration purposes at the Society. The Casino de Paris has taken up wrest- ling matches as the attractive feature of the program, like its next-door neighbor, the Apollo. However, there are a few new vaudeville numbers for next week, com- prising the Pastorale bachique ballet, the Daffy Trio and Jackson-Guichenet, the riding master of the Emperor of Russia. The u*ii ft the Etoile Palace this week in Dorinette, dancer; Max and Lora, jug- glers; Namttuaks, jugglers; Little Yette, dancer; Rose and Wold, wire; Blockett, comic singer; the Four Syrrots, acrobatic act; Grossi, equestrian; Professor Weyer's tricks; the Liberty Troupe, dancers; Achilles and Athene, equilibrists; Lorettos, contortionists; Brothers Starley, jumping bicycle act, and Louis Medy with his comic troupe. CHANGES IN THE WEST. St. Joseph, Mo., Nov. 10. The Western Wheel shows that have been playing Des Moines as a three-night date, finishing the week here, are closing the Des Moines dates, and 'The Briga- diers," due here for the end of this week, have been in town since last week. It is supposed here that the shows hereafter will open Monday night here at the New Lyric, controlled by the Crawford, Philley & Zehrung people, playing there until Thursday, when they will move to the Lyceum, where they always end the week now, under the present arrangement. The Lyric has been playing the moving pic- tures, but it isn't making expenses. MOSE GOLDSMITH FURTHER INVESTIGATES. Chicago, Nov. 19. Mow Goldsmith will erect a $40,000 vaudeville theatre at Aberdeen, Wash., with a seating capacity of 1,000. Mr. Goldsmith is interested in vaudeville on the Coast. MORRIS ACTS WEST. Chicago, Nov. 19. Some of the smaller acts engaged for the Morris Circuit will probably come West to play the houses around here booked through Morris' Chicago branch. One or two have already been placed for the Elite theatres in Davenport, la., and Moline, HI. Geev W. Day plays the Lincoln Square next week. William Morris left for the west on Thursday. He will return Monday. Dolan and Lenharr's new production will be named "Medium Done." William Henneasy, son of D. F. Hen- nessy, is now a vaudeville agent. Julian Rose leaves next week for Lon- don where he will open in pantomime as principal comedian at the Lyceum. Geo. D'Albert, an English singer of comic songs in funny costumes, may be given an offer to appear on this side. Eva Tanguay returns to vaudeville Monday at Keith's, Philadelphia, having fully recovered from her nervous attack. The Seven Mowatts will return home in time to open on the Orpheum Circuit next season, booked by Pat Casey this week. Kitty Miller, of the disbanded act of Flemen and Miller, will hereafter play in a single turn with singing and elaborate costume changes. It looks as though a law against side- walk speculators would be passed either by the Board of Aldermen of New York or the Legislature. "Fidelia," a musical comedy, managed by Harry Sefton, opened last Monday at Cedar Rapids, la., at the People's Thea- tre for an indefinite engagement. "The Modern Pocohontas," a new sketch from the west with Emma Rainey, an Indian actress, in the title role, will be at the Majestic, Chicago, next week. Mrs. Bella Goforth (Doyle), of Goforth and Doyle, is recovering in the Woman's Hospital, 141 West 109th street, New York, from the effects of an operation. Jesse La sky's latest production "Bird- land" will next play New York, February 15, at the 125th Street. It appeared for one week recently at the Orpheum, Brooklyn. Mary Muller, in the Geo. D. Parker piece, "The Happy Hunting Ground," pro- duced by the Orpheum Circuit, will take its initial vaudeville plunge in St. Louis, November 29. Atlanta wants Marshall P. Wilder for Nov. 30 week. Mr. Wilder will accept the engagement if the management accepts his terms. The last indications were they would be agreed to. "The A. B. C. D. Girls" have about ac- cepted an engagement of four weeks in Cuba. Mabel De Young is a new mem- ber, the remainder of the act being com- posed of May and Belle Connelly and May Curtis. E. F. Albee continues to improve. He is still at the Albany Hospital. Mrs, Albee is rapidly mending. Mrs. Berson, reported as in a critical condition last week, has passed through rhe danger sone. Adeline Francis, the character singing comedienne, is entertaining several offers for engagements in vaudeville and musical comedy. Miss Francis is adverse to leav- ing New York and may accept vaudeville engagements hereabouts. While at the Elite, Moline, HI., last week, Nella Prentice (Prentice Trio) sus- tained a fall while doing a back somersault from her father's feet. She will require a couple of weeks to recover. Had Miss Prentice turned the least bit mora she would have received serious injury. Speculators again made their appear- ance at the Lincoln Square Theatre this week, the credit for the scalpers return- ing going to Maude Odell, the English girl who is careless about what she wears while on public inspection. Miss Odell will again present her $10,000 worth of shape next week at the same place. The Sullivan-Considine New York of- fices this week gave out a statement that Joe Havel had not been connected with the circuit, and occupied desk room only in their suite in the Sheridan Building. This was to correct the impression which had gone abroad to the effect that Havel had left the Sullivan-Considine employ. Theo. Creo, of the Creo Brothers, a for- eign act, claims the statement in Yabxbtt on Sept. 12, last, that the Creo Brothers (who appeared over here for a few show* last season before returning home) are now on this side under the name of Malea and Bart, to be erroneous. Both of the "Creo Brothers" who played on this side are not of Malia and Bart, at present on the Sullivan-Considine Circuit, but one of that team was a "Creo Brother," aa that act was constituted on its last American appearance. JOE BK1TTON. (Of THK MUTTONS). Who ore milking i tremendous success, follow- ing Hltc nn<l Dunlin at the Orpheum, Brooklyn, this work. ' IIuu'h that?" Aluambra next we«k.