Variety (November 1908)

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VARIETY 29 Vaudeville Novelty COMEDY Dramatlo CATCHY MUSIC uelcal Re PATHOS GUS SOHLKE "Western •1 1! Life New Version—Book by FRANK TANNEHILL, JR. Staged by 0U8 SOHLKE himself. THREE DISTINCT SCENES WITH COMPLETE COSTUMES AND MAKEUP CHANGES. I 20 People and Horses "Elaborate and ambltioua effort."—VARIETY. "A big bit."—N. Y. 'Evening Journal." "Wonderful creation for vaudeville."—"Dramatic I News." "Moat novel melodramatic and musical production in vaudeville. Mr. Soblke baa never done better work."—N. Y. "Morning Telegraph." What the Wilmington (Del.) papers Bald of the opening at the Garrick: "Moat conspicuous feature of an excellent bill." "Delightfully pleasing." "The star number ia 'Western Life/ a feature of genuine intereat and merit. Cloned the bill and took 7 curtain calls." Hew ebeut that T BUS SOHLKE PRODUCING CO., 131 W. 41st St., N. Y. Bookings by M. S. BEfTMM ■ I HYDE & BEHNAN'S Amusement Enterprises Bijou Theatre. FoUy Olympic Star Gayety Newark Qayety Star & Garter " Brooklyn •• «• it 4* II 44 • 4 14 44 44 Newark Pittsburg Chicago HYDE I BEHMRN AMUSEMENT 60. TEMPLE BAB BUILDING, BROOKLYN, V. T. moot, Borton and La Treaka, Ott'a Fonr Players, Counteaa Boat and Three Livingstons. G. M. YOUNG. CINCINNATI, 0. By HABBY HESS. VARIETY'S Central Office, 107 Bell Block. COLUMBIA (H. M. Zlegler. Sunday rehearsal 10).—Frederick Musical Trio, opened. Julia Klngaley and Co. offered "Supper for Two," bat the audience failed to digest It; Work and Ower, comedy acrobats, great work; Fred Singer, In "The Violin Maker of Cremona," fine; Hayes and Johnson; Casting Dunbars, good; Leo Carrlllo, mimic, stood out prominently, being especially well liked; Jwan Tacbernoff's Unique Circus Troupe, very good. BTANDABD (Frsnk J. Clements, bouse agent). —"Bowery Burlesquers," good show and com- pany. PEOPLE'S (James B. Fennessey, mgr.).— "Tiger Lilies." "A Trip to the Moon." the opening burlesque possesses much merit, but the company is sorely in need of some women who can sing and a chorus that can dance. Costuming elaborate. Gladys Bears, singing comedienne, very good. Will H. Ward and Co. presented bis own playlet, "When the Devil Comes to Town," a twenty-minute sketch, among the best In bur- lesque. "A Nigbt In the Csfe Chantant" Is about on a par with the first part. BOBIN80N (Monday rehearsal 10).—Sweeney and Booney, s. snd d., very fine; IfcGee and Collins, comedy sketch, secured lots of Isugbs; Biaaonette and Newman, equilibrists, good; "West Point Cadets," featured; Cary and Nugent, 111. songs. AUDITORIUM (Jsmes L. Ring, mgr.).—Mil- lano and Alanlo, sketch team, very fine; Demnoco and Belle, good; Marvin Brothers, hand balancers, good; McKee and Richmond, Irish comedians, good. CLEVELAND, O. KEITH'S (H. A. Daniels, mgr.).—Luce and Luce, musical offering; Adelaide and her dancers, very dainty; Cook and Stevens, colored comedians, good; Virginia Harned headlines the bill In a comedy, "The Idol of the Hour"; Ray Cox, char- acter Interpretations, hit; Willy Paotser snd Co., marvellous acrobatics; Searl Allen and Co. In a farce, "The Traveling Man," la familiar here; Fred St. Onge Co. are clever wheelmen. MA- JESTIC (Myer Euemsteln, mgr.).—Enoch, wonder- ful swimming feats; Crenyon, clever ventrilo- quist; Master Gordon, skillfull dancer; Morgan and Chester, comedlsns; Melfle and Heclows gave good music. GRAND (J. H. Mlchlel, mgr.).—The Besttles, booprollers, clever; Chas. Barrlngton, mualcal mimic, good; Ansel and Dorian, feats in balancing; The Desgoos, comedy entertainers; Jerge, Alleyne and Hamilton, song and dance artists; Otto Fisher, 111. songs. PRINCESS (Proctor E. Seaa, owner and mgr.).—Ruth Evelyn, HI. songs; . < > Wallace, neat a. and d. act; The Allyna, musical act of merit; Howell and Webster have good songs and a clever line of talk; Ham- lin and Noyes, In a comedy sketch that pleased; Hugh McCormlck, ventrlloqulal novelty of Intereat. EMPIRE (Geo. Cheuet, mgr.).—Trans-Atlantic Burlesque Co., presenting Chas. Howard In "A Nlgbt In New York." The ahow la high class. 8TAR (Drew A Campbell, mgrs.).—Williams* Im- perials with Chas. H. Mackle leading comedian. NOTE.—Business at all theatrea baa Improved this week. WALTER D. HOLCOMB. DALLAS, TEXAS. MAJESTIC (Interstate Amusement Co., owners; T. P. Flnnegan, local mgr.).—For the week of Nov. 8, an excellent bill consisted of Georgia Gardner and Co., "A Wife's Stretegem"; Boyer and French, Will Lacey, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bacon,' Edwards and Glenwood, and Brennou and Downing. DALLAS OPEBA HOUSE (Geo. Ansy, mgr.).—Al G. Field's Minstrels were the attraction on Nov. IS and 14. Very good show. M. S. FIFE. DAYTON, O. LYBIO (Max Hurtlg, mgr.).—Fred Zobedle, gymnsst, very good; Boss and Adams, German comedians, fair; Devlin and Bllwood In "The Girl from Yookera," very entertaining; William Holt Wakefield, well received (headllner); W. C. Whittle, ventriloquist, big hit; Steeley and Ed- wards, mualcal, good; Selma Braats, one of Europe's sensational jugglers, liberal applause. AUDITORIUM (B. O. Wheeler, mgr.).—Ada and Jennie Huber, mualcal, very good; Clara Kuan and Anetta Shaw and Lee Blchards, ill. songs. NOTES.—The Rothleder snd Schwalm Amuse- ment Co., of Pittsburg, will open the Jewel about 25.—Blanch Mlcbeals, formerly with the Casino Co., waa married. B. W. MYBB8. DETROIT, MICH* TEMPLE (J. H. Moore, mgr.).—The Kelllnoe, acrobats, better than the sversge; Bmmett Cor-, rlgsn and Co. in "His Last Performance," well received; Glllett's Dogs and Monkeys, plessed; Violet Allen snd Co. In s lively skit won much spplsuse; Qulnlan snd Msck, laughing hit of show; The Adeimsn Trio, very clever; Milt Wood, dancer, very good; snd Hill, Cherry snd Hill, bicyclists, pleased. AVENUE (J. Drees A Campbell).—"Watson's Burlesquers," good per- formance, with Billy Watson snd Billy Spencer ss chief fun makers. QAYETY (J. M. Ward).— "Dainty Duchess." Chorus large and coaturning better than the average. LEO LESTER. ET.MTBi, V. T. FAMILY (G. W. Middleton, mgr.) .—Melrose snd Kennedy, hit; Dlsmond snd Smith, good; Cliff Desn snd Co., fslr; Billy Carter, fair; Brooks and Jeannette, fair. BIALTO <F. W. McConnell, mgr.).—Bobby Fields, Lillian Ferris, Laura Nolan, Bessie Belton, Sue Dele snd Max Bruno; entertaining bill. HAPPY HOUB (Ira Van De Mark, mgr.).—Fred Stiles, Vosper, Caro- line Reed, m. p. and HI. songs, good. J. M. BEERS. EBB, PA. ALPHA (E. H. Suerken, mgr.).—Tianita Mid- gets, musics), fslr; Devesu Sisters, s. snd d., good; Jules and Marson, comedy acrobat s, ve ry good; Joe Flynn, hit. BBUCB GBONNETT. EVANSV1LLB, DTD. MAJESTIC (Edwin Raymond, mgr.).—Baader and LaVelle, cycllate, clever; Kelso and Sidney, blackface, good; Billy Brown, comedian; Minnie Weathauae, dancer, ill. songs and pictures. Business good. 8. O. FALL BTVEB, MASS. SAVOY (Julius Cahn, leasee snd mgr.).—Open- ing week of Sbeedy's vaudeville; Walter Bedell and Co., dramatic sketch, excellent; Kllpatrlck, Smith and Emerson, juggling drum majors, good; the Sisters McConnell. s. and d., comedlennen. applauded; O'Day and Wllkens, comedians and dancers, pleased; the Fredericks Family, acro- ats, good. BIJOU (L. M. Boas, mgr.).—M. p.; Gardner, West and Sunshine, good; Curran and Milton, a. and d., very good; Buah- nell, musical artlat, good; .Jere Sanford, songs, pleased; People's Stock Company, ap- plauded. PREMIER (L. M. Boas, mgr.).— M. p.; 4 Emperors of Music, good; Foley and Dale, Irish comedians, pleased; Jack McKay, fFB4JP* 8cotch comedian, very good. PURITAN (Fred Hooper, mgr.).—M. p.; Doutbltt and Jones, comedy aketcb, very good; Louis Prltskow, char- acter singer, good; Marian and Rial, comedy aketch, applauded; Mlas Claremont, ill. songs, pleased; Wm". San Souci, singer, good. EDW. F. RAFFERTY. FOB! WAYNE, JJTD. , TEMPLB (F. B. Stouder, mgr.).—Week •: Four Comrades, headline, lively comedy acrobatic; Ver- non, ventriloquist, good; Csrberry and Stanton, good; Josephine Gsssman snd "picks," good; Goldsmith and Hoppe, musical, excellent; Ilda Schnee, ill. songs, fine.—~LYBIO.—Brown Broth- ers, comedy musical, went big; Hodges and Dar- ren, s. and d., pleased; The Vagges, well re- ceived; Chas. Saunders, good. H. J. B, FOBT WOBTB, TEX. MAJESTIC (T. W. Mullaly, mgr.).—Week 9: Fine offering. Big houses. American Newsboys' Quartet, Slgnor Joseph St. Claire, Four Franks, George Austin Moore, Jennings snd Jewell, Jug- gling Mathleus and Llasde Weller. LYBIO (H. G. Cottar, mgr.).—10c. vaudeville. HABEI8BTJEG, FA OBPHBUM (O. F. Hopkins, mgr.).—The Three Hsnlons, comedy acrobats, very good; Conley Sisters, a. and d., liberal applause; Fiddler and Sheldon (colored), piano playing. Imitations and songs, well received; Hlckmsn snd Co., "A De- tective Detected," went well, lsughs; Arthur Huston, jugglers, "Stanley In Africa," scored de- cided bit; Jss. L. McDonald, songs snd dances, ordinary; James B. Beeves snd Co., "A Night with the Poets," splendid. HIPPODROME (W. Bexroth, mgr.).—Geo. Whalen, the mlmle with the baton, pleased; Psrker sod Dsvls, comedians, lsughs; Nelson Csmp, "Destiny," novel produc- tion. J. P. J. HABTTOBD, CONN. POLI'S (Geo. S. Hsnscomb, mgr. Monday re- hearsal 10).—Juggling De Lisle opens, good; Oscar Lorraine, violinist, truly a master; Ger- trude Shipman Co., "On the Bio Grande," fair; Abel and Irwin, s. and d., good; Blrdland, a spectacular mualcal offering, excellent; Howard and North, offering "Back In Wellington," re- ceive unlimited commendation; Howard's Musi- cal Ponies, an enjoyable number. SCENIC (H. C. Young, mgr.).—W. H. Gracey, mualcal. deserving all the applause It receives; Ferris and Russell, s. and d., good; Arthur Watson, singing and comedy, pleased; Katharine Byan continues to sing ill. songs. M. W. MORRON. HAZLXTOV, FA. FAMILY (Knoblauch A Heraker, mgrs.).— "Dlaeda," good production; Geo. Evans, good; Billing and Blanney, very good; J. 0. Cooper, ventriloquist, good. BAY T. DBUM. HOBOKEN, Y. 7. EMPIRE (A. M. Bruggemann, mgr.).—Monday rehearsal 10).—Claude Gllllngwater and Co., bead the bill In a capital aketcb, "A Strenuous Rehearaal"; the Felix and Barry Four In a com- edy mualcal melange, very good; Kobler Oper- atic Trio, high class vocalists, pleased; the Laughing Horse, a circus travesty, very funny; Warren, Lyon and Meyers, clever s. snd d.; Arthur Rlgby. minstrel monologlat, new songs and stories; Londe and Tilley, gymnasts, fair. GAYETY (Cbaa. Francklyn, mgr.).—The Jer- sey Lillles are the current attraction to good business. JOHN KAY. INDIANAPOLIS, DTD. NEW GRAND (Sbafer Zlegler, mgr.).—Tw^ heavy spectacular acta give claaa to tbia week's bill at the Hooaler borne of vaudeville. Mile. De Dio, the novelty dancer, scored; Merlan's Dogs, with their pan torn lne, good comedy num- bers; Keeley Brothers, with comedy and bag punching, great dexterity; Harry L. Webb, black- face, new material and great style; John Hath- away and Emma Slegel. "The Soubrette and the Bellboy," s. and d., please: Three Misses Klrk- smlth, with three Vs. violin, viola and voice, danlty and artistic; Harry H. Richards, Doro- thy Dale and Adele G. Ferguson, "Love a'la Mode," farcical; Hymau Meyer, "The Man at the Piano," pleasing comedy In German make- up. EMPIRE (Henry K. Burton, mgr.).— The Colonial Belles. In two-act mualcal review, "Lady Wall 8treet." • Olio: Bandy and Fields. Ed and Hazel Lucas, Texas Steer Quartette, Dehollis and Velora, Juggling hit. JOE S. MILLER. IOWA OTTT, ZA. BIJOU (H. F. Pocock, mgr.).—10-18: Becker and Mack, German comedlana; Roaslnl snd Bosstnl, musical; Clconl Pearl Fell, comedienne; 10-81: Arthur Yule and Co.. mualcal; Klein and Br- langer, pantomlmlats; Miss Fell. J. J. M. JACKSON, MZ0X. BIJOU <W111 Marshall, mgr.).—La Salle and Lind, jugglers, very good; Geo. (Porkcbops) Evers, laughable; Will and Joe Aldesna, sensa- tional; Eddie Glrard and Jessie Gardner, Dooley and the Diamond, hit of the season: Joe White- man and Co., pleased. BBADLBY. JACKSONVILLE, FLA. AIRDOMB (A. J. Clark, mgr.).—La Rose snd Bros., acrobats, very good; Ben Fagan, blackface, good; Leigh and Shone, a. A d., good; Big Four Quartet, hit. OBPHEUM (J. D. Burbrfdge, mgr.).—Thelma DeVerne and Co., mualcal, better than average: Kallchratur and Boblnson, jugglers, good; Frsnk Voerg, musical, good; Lee Edmonds and Co., "Rasor Jim," side splitting. B. N. DICKEY. JOHNSTOWN, FA. MAJESTIC (L. B. Cool, mgr.).—Mr. snd Mrs. Oardner Crane and Co., In "Plxley's Prodigal Parents," waa tbe feature set snd went big; Wilbur Mack and Nells Wslker, "Tbe Pesrl snd tbe Girl," good; Foster and Foster, planolog. a bit; Frank Stafford and Marie Stone, In "A Hunter'a Game," clever; Bemka Bros., acrobats, fine; Ha Grannon, songs, success; Van Camp, fair. GLOBE (J. G. Foley, mgr.).—Dainty Dolly Dale and Bro., kid sketch, good; DeTellem snd DeTellem, "School Days," hit; Scbaunard and Bellaurora, musical, poor; 12-14, 10-18: Boyd, Coleman and Co., "Buster Brown and the Burglar," pretentions offering and pleased; ale- Gee, tbe Calliope Kid was better with bis feet than his ptpea; Pack Coyne, pleasing baritone. CAMBRIA (H. W. Scherer, mgr).-aaos- Nelson Fight Pictures. JES'ilCAM. XNOZVILLE. TENN. CRYSTAL (Thos. E. Clllns, mgr). -The Bul- locks, sister team, a. and d., good; lufanta "Vic- tor," child singer, excellent; Boby Bertba, comedy, very good: I'Mer II. Alvln, gymnast, very pleasing.——COLCMIUA. — Mny A. Keeuao, "Sheath Gown Girl." very attractive; Gourlpy and Keenan. kidding the kid. amuidng; Clyde Long, comedian, very o!» ••. if. W. ARTHUR 8PBOUSB.