Variety (November 1908)

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VARIETY 33 WILLIAM MORRIS, Inc. 1440 BROADWAY, NEW YORK 167 DEARBORN LONDON OFFICE. 416 STRAND. ST., CHICAGO 513 WASHINGTON ST., BOSTON W. C. PAUL. MURRAY, Manager —- ■—■ "SUBJECT OF MANY COMPLIMENTS" So says Bessie Browning, now playing the Orphenm Circuit. "The black and white dress It the handsomest costurns in my wardrobe, and mbjeot of many compliment*. Considering that I ordered it by mail and narar tried it on, yon deserve oommendation for the way it lit*. All future costumes that I may need will be ordered from yon." Our Booklet of Stage Fashions will "put you right" and is abso- lutely free. WOLFF. FORDING ft CO. 61-65 Eliot Street, Boston, Mass. I'M THE MAN Who cen get yon the lowest price* and the beat accommodations If you are going to EUROPE Reference.: Lyiter A Cooke, Alice Lloyd, La vine A Leonard, Great Lafayette, La Camargo, Irene Lee, Lydla A Albino. Ernest Lock, The Labakans, Herbert Lloyd. PAUL 104 East 14th St. T ft U 1 Hew Torn. I O. Vaude>vllle> Staamahlp Affant German Barings Bank Building. Telephone—SOM Starresatft HAMMERSTEINS CHICAGO VAUDEVILLE MANAGERS EXCHANGE Big •th FLOOR, fketohea always in BLDO., Ml WASHINGTON IT., OHIOAGO. FRANK 0. DOTLE. Masager. THE LEADING ENGLISH THEATRICAL ABB VAUDEVILLE HEW8PAPER. THE STAGE Foreign Subscription, 8/10d. per Quarter. May be obtained at Samuel French's, W-24 West ttnd Street, H.w York. ARTISTS VISITTHO EHOLAND are cordially inrited to register at "The Stage" offices imme- diately upon their arriral. The Editor of "The Stage" will always be pleased to weloome them. Adrance notioee of aailinga and opening dates should be posted to the Editor. When an artist has registered at "The Stage" offloa, which may be regarded aa his permanent London address, all oer- leepeadenee will be immediately forwarded. London Offices: If York St., Oerent Garden, London, W. O. PLAYING THE BEST IN VAUDBVILL^ SULLIVAN and CONSIDINE CIRCUIT GENERAL BUSINESS OFFICE STTLLTVAH AND OOHBXDIHE BLDO., THIRD AHD MADISOM STREETS. GENERAL BOOKING OFFICE BUTTE 0 AHD 10, ISM BROADWAY. fK£9. LI/iCOL/i, G*n. Mgr. BRANCH BOOKING ST So. Clark SL, Ohioage, Dl. PAUL OOUDROH. Third and Madlaen Sta., Seattle, Waeh. CH'Rl^T. O. -B-ROWJ*. Mgr. or riCEi 1119 and 1111 KSel It, American Theatre Bld*\, San Fran clso o, Ca L. ARCHIE LEVY. WOODWARD PARODIES (Exclusive Permlte) at S1.00 escb, are HOT JUNK. The author of MATTHEWS A ASHLEY'S Four- Season Hit, "The Dope Song," could not write rubbish. Write for Parody List snd circular of splendid tertlmonlsls. MATT WOODWARD, 694 Eighth Are., H. Y. City. WANTED Actors and Musicians! Also Chorus Girls Lyceum Theatre, Atlanta, Ga. VAUDEVILLE PEOPLE WRITE The best salaries paid, and you get it. Ererything furnished. straight Burlesque. Billy McCall, Wm. Maloom, Tom Kelly, Frank Hobbs, Billy Rafferty, Jack McGreevy, and all friends write. Address GEO. W. MILTON, Springfield, 111. (until Nov. 80th), or J. M. SWEET, Lyoenm Theatre. Atlanta, Ga. Author of Matthew* A Ashley's Four-Sessnn Hit, "The Dope Song," does not deal In Junk. Limited Exclusive PARODIES, $1.00 escb. Send for Hat and Testimonials. CONVERSATION or GET-BACK SONGS written to suit set. SKETCHES to order only. 694 Eighth Ave., Hew York City. VICTORIA Ess*"-" Open the Year Around VAUDEVILLE HEADLIKfltS - OOQD STANDARD ACTS If yon hare an open week yon want to Sll at abort notice, write to W. L DOCKSTADBR, CarricK Theatre. Wilmington. DeL Can close Saturday night and make any city east of Cblcsgo to open Monday night. Charles Horwitz Sketches from the pen of Horwlts are the beat in vaudeville. His record spesks for Itself. Over One Hundred Hits now playing. Order that aketcb, playlet, monologue or song from CHARLES HORWITZ, Knickerbocker Theatre Building, Room Sll, 1408 BROADWAY, HEW YORK. Piano - MUSIC ARRANGED - Orchestr. Copying. Transposing. Autographing. W. H. NELSON, 1867-9 Broadway, Hew York. Percy G. CIRCUIT Th. COLONIAL New York TheALHANBRA • Harlem The OBPBEUN Brooklyn The CRESCENT Brooklyn The NOVELTY Williamsburg The GOTHAM East New York And The NEW GREENPOINT THEATRE Brooklyn Address all PERSONAL letters to PERCY 0. WILLIAM, St. Jatnei Bldf., 26th SL and Broadway, New York City WANTED-BIG COMEDY and NOVELTY FEATURE Acts to write or wire open time. Three weeks in Chicago. Also other houses In Illinois. CHICAGO BOOKING AGENCY OKAS. H. DOTJTRICK, Manager. Room 10, 92 La Salle St., Ohioage. Wanted—Vaudeville Acts Manager Majestic Theatre, CINCINNATI, O. Variety's Chicago Office IS IN THE Chicago Opera House Block Advertisements and subscriptions received at regular rates. News items may be forwarded there, and will be promptly transmitted. FRANK WIESBERG, Representative. "Fagan's Decision," captured the honee; "Col- lege Girls," good; Three Yoscarys, remarkable acrobats; Big City Quartet, many encores; Hlb- bert and Warren, piano and dancing, fine; Rlffan's Honkers, amusing. C. B. 0. ST. JOSEPH, MO. CRYSTAL.—Henri French, Juggler and Im- personator; Tyler Brothers, the "Bah Bah Boys"; Sidney B. Payne A Co., dramatic sketch: Clara Walters, trick pianist; Ver Valln, rentriloqulst; Frank Groh, 1U. songs, and m. p. complete a good bill. LYCEUM.—Brigadiers, 19-21. BIL8HAW. STAMFORD, COVY. LYCEUM (Anthony Geronlmo, mgr.).-^3rane, Flnlay and Co., "His Room-Mete," a scream; Alice Georgette and Co., failed to appear; Tom Branford's sntlcs went big; Onelts, acrobatic dancing, One; A B C D. Girls, s. snd d., good; the Musical Kins Family, musical melange, fair; R. V. Murray's songs, rery good. MUSIC HALL (8am J. Klein, mgr.).—Atlsntlc Comedy Trio, comedy of s high order; Georgie Thompson, generous spplsuae; Frank Lafell snd Lillian Kelly, "True Marksmanship," rery good; Francis Gibson, soubrette, ordinary. NOTE.—The Vaudeville has again changed Its policy, snd Is giving s four-reel picture show Instead of the combination lecture, picture snd songs which has been the rule for the last two weeks. HARRY KIRK. TOLEDO, 0. EMPIRE (Harry Winter, mgr.).—"World Beaters" is well up to this sesson's standsrd, and much attention has been paid to elabor- ate staging and striking effects. CROWN (Chss. Nsssr, mgr.).—Hugh McOormack, een- triloquist (New Acts); May Mulligan, soubrette, good; Ward and Vaughn, balancing, fair; Lillian Letter, s. and d., ordinary. SYDNEY WIRE. TOFEKA, EARS. NOVELTY (A. B. Israel, mgr.).—Week 18: "The Msn from Out There," B. Allen Morten and Elsie Gresbem, Claudius snd Scarlet, ban joists; Terry and Elmer, s. snd d.; Harry Van Fossen, blackface; P. B. Hamlin, ill. songs. JOHN HELLER. TORONTO, OVT. 8HBA'8 (J. Shea, mgr.). —Joseph Hart's "Bath- ing Girls," pleasing norelty; Robert Henry Hodge snd Co., funny; Helena Frederick, good; Stanley and Russell, excellent; Wills and Hasaen, wonder- ful; Frsnco Piper, entertslnlng; Qnlnn and Mit- chell, good. GAYETY (Thos. R. Henry, mgr.). —"The Girls from Hsppyland." 8bow above the average. STAB (Harry H. Hedgee, mgr.).— "Century Girls." Plesslng bill, which made good. HARTLEY. hit; Faust Bros., pantomimic comedy and musical, rery eccentric and good; Hutchinson and Baln- brldge. In "Out All Night," pleased Immensely; The Kemps, singing; Msreens, Navarro snd Mar- eens, comedy acrobstlcs, best of season; Balpb Johnstone snd Co. closed excellent bill with the most thrilling set ever seen here. Cspsclty busl- r.ess. LYRIC (C. J. Hlldenbrsndt, mgr.).— Brsnd Slaters, s. snd d., excellent; Harry Taylor, vocalist, good; Boss snd Ross, pbyilcsl culture, good; C. J. Hlldenbrsndt, singer; m. p. AN- TIQUE (L. M. Sneden, mgr.).—Ackley, minstrel, good; Kenny snd West, s. A d., good; Molly Grsiger, soubrette, pleased; Robt. Sharkey, fea- turing popular songs, sdded attraction; m. p. BIJOU (J. Ludlow, mgr.).—Gay Sisters, very plesslng; Fletcher Smith, singer; m. p. ODELL. s. snd d., fslr; Chsrlotte Parry and Co., "Corn- stock Myatery," applause; Jlmmle Luces, favorite; Ed. Winn and Co., headline, made hit; Smith and Campbell, pleaHcd; Jean Clermont's Circus, ex- cellent. NOTE.—Next week "Buster Brown snd Tlge" snd the Qulgley Brothers appear for the first time In their home town. JAMBS. SYRACUSE, H. T. GRAND OPERA HOU8E (Jos. Pearlsteln, mgr. Monday rehearsal 10:80).— The bill thla week Is one of the beat offered this season. Terley, pleased; Gavin and Piatt, good. Middle- ton, Spellmyer and Co., good; Stuart Barnes, went big; the Exposition Four, scored; Jsck Wll- eon snd Co., decided hit; Our Boys In Blue, good. SAM FRBEMAN. TROT, H. T. PROCTOR'S (G. A. Grsves, mgr. Monday rehearsal 10).—"The Bandit," hit; Empire Com- edy Four, amused; Marshall and King, a. and d., good; Lew Wells, monolog, good; others. Henry First and Co., and C. W. Llttlefleld. LYCEUM (R. H. Keller, mgr.).—16-18: "Bohemians"; 10- 21; Pat White and bis company. Business rery good st this bouse. J. J. M. WHEELING, W. VA. THE GRAND (Chss. Felnler. mgr.).—Brlnda- monr is the beadllner st The Grand this week snd is proving s big winner; The Mimic Four provided both mirth and melody and were well liked; The Overlng Trio are exceptionally good juvenile en- tertainers; Ssnns, Impersonator, well liked; Wood Bros., athletes, good; Calnka Pana, "cymbal vir- tuoso," good performance; Carter and Waltera Co., scream from start to finish. THE VIC- TORIA (Geo. Sbsffer, mgr.).—Exceptlonslly strong bill this week. Pete Baker, good German dialect and yodllng specialty, well received; Euella Brun- elle Is s very talented \lollnlst and was very well liked; The Oaanoux. jinrelty Jugglers, do s f?rv good torn snd received spplauae; Mr. snd Mrs. John T. Powers, very clever In a comedy aketcb, and the Bijou Comedy Trio, which closed tbe show, have s nest singing set. C. M. H. WTLLIAMSFORT, PA. FAMILY (Fred M. Lamada, mgr.).—Mangean Troupe of Acrobats, besdllner; 81ater, Perrln and Croaby, colored, scored; Cowboy Williams, jug- gler, very good; Lewltt, Ashmore and Co., rapid- fire comedy; Reded and Hadley, good; Allen aad Dallou, muslcsl, well liked. STARK. WORCESTER, MAM. POLI'S (J. C. Griddle, mgr.).—Leroy and Levanlon, comedy bar, went well; Bootblack Quartette, songs, good; Harlan knlgbt. "Tbe Chalk Line," went big; "The Angelus," Intro- ducing Glover Ware's village choir, a hit; Eddie Mack and Dot Williams, s. snd d., responded to aeversl encores; Msy Tully snd Co., "Nors." very fine; Four Resdlngs, gymnastx. went well. W. M. SHERMAN. WATEETOWH, H. T. ORPHEUM (W. C. Mack, mgr.).—The Kramers, WILEZS-BARRE, PA. POLI'S (J. n. Docking, mgr.).*—Bsren Trio, equilibrists, well liked; Bert snd Bertha Grant, YORKERS, N. Y. ORPHEUM.—Marshall P. Wilder, enough ssld; Sutcllffe Troupe of Acrobat", pipers and dancers, taking big; O'Brien Havel, loud laughter for his "Ticks *«?'1 flicks," with H.-hmIo Kyle; Gartelle Brothers, roller fkatera, funny fall*; Ttradlee Mar- tin A Co., "Jens, Jock nittl .Icrrry," noisy; Jacob's Dogs, only three, but right; Irene Hobson and' Co. pleased NOTKS. T.;>onbardt engaged Sut- cllffes by wireless fi-Utrraph to Saxon I a aa steam- ship was one day out from Itnston last week. They have two year*' s-.ll<! ranking, commencing Mon- day next.- ftlnrn'v petting good booses since he returned to legitimate. When answering advertisement* kindly mention VARIETY.