Variety (November 1908)

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34 VARIETY REPRESENTATIVE ARTISTS REPRESENTATIVE ARTISTS THE VEHTRILOQTTIST WITH A PRODTJOTCOH Ed. F. REYNARD And His Famous Mophanloal Tignree. ELLIS MORA England's Premier High-Class Comedy Dnettists. Tha Champion Singers of Vaudeville. AND FIDDLER SHELTON "Suffocated with Delightfulness." Waak Hot. 28, Keith'*, Philadelphia. Direction, PAT OA8IT. Thia week (Hot. 16) Miner'*, Bowery. RANKIN AHD LESLIE Eighteen minntea of music and laughter is "One." Pint Appearance on thia side of THE GREATEST EUROPEAN NOVELTY, THE KYASYAS (Jack and MIm Oaaa). Unconcerned Hew Style Athletes, a sensational Dental and Hirsute Novelty. Pioneer for these mighty atoms. AL. SUTHERLAND, Agent 8UCCE88. 3 KELTONS Management WE MORRIS. With LA PETITE ADELAIDE 'The Dainty Four" la Yaadarllla. . E. F. S. 14 The Electric Creates a Sensation in the West presenting his Electrical Extravaganza It is a Show without Equal It is a Performance Unsurpassed It is an Entertainment Funnier than a areas It is a Production without a Peer THE RESULT Houses packed at every performance to witness the doings of the wonderful man with the Magic Touch* A Scream! A Yell! A Hurricane of Lasghter (leers «K Tears for 30 Minutes Spokane taken by Storm, by— "Thi man who has tamad alaotriolty" Address sU Cotnmunlcstioos BOHM & EDELMAN Knickerbocker Theatre Bld«., New York City Gartelle Bros. Introducing 81 aging, Da ■dag' and SKATORIALISm HOMER B. MARGUERITE Mason i Keeler Direction MOET H. SINGER. Prinoeee Theatre. Chloago. GAVIN, PLAIT and PEACHES STOLES SID." Addreoa 4417 3rd At* (Bronx), Row York, life don" Now waking them up in Milwaukee. Who? VIRDOH,PERRY ■»- WILIER "Thots Three Boya" Rear all theatrea. Friends call at tha Ponntain Inn, 147 3d St. In "A SSSSIOB AT SCHOOL," By GEO. W. DAT. Week Hot. S3, Colonial, Lawrence, Mail. Booked solid for eeaaon. HARRY FOX T/ndor Management of TOM MDTER. Addreas En Route, "Miner's Marry" Oa, Going it alone onoe mora and always «*Miig good. What do yon think of that I HOTEL WLLUARD. ttt W. 73tn ST., HEW TORS OTTT. BILLIE REEVES THE ORIGINAL "DRUSE." "POLLIE8 OP ISM." Management, MB. P. ZTBGPELD, JB,, 'M-'M. "Oatoh Ma" la "Tha Boxing Boat." Biggest langkmaker within tha oldatt BOOSED SOLID. MARIOS TIOTORIA Direction AL SUTHERLABD. Barry-Wolf ord Tha Typioal Topical Tloklo Stagara. Rooked Solid nntfl Inly, ISM. This Week, Eeith's, Boston. SOY. SS, AUDITORIUM, LTSS. REICH ft PLUBKETT, Smart Agents. MYERS AND ROSA "THE COWBOY AHD THE GIRL." WEBTERH WHISLWIBDS. This week (Sot. 16) Bennott'i, London, Can. Will Cole AS "SSEETER8." With "AT THE BOUSD OP THE GOSG." RUBY RAYMOND AMD CO. Booked Solid Through United Boektng Ofleea. SOY. M, S-.P.'i 8th AYE., SEW TOES. Whm smsvering advertisements kindisj mention Variett.