Variety (November 1908)

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VARIETY 23 I. MILLER. Manufacturer 202 W.251ST, M.Y, of Theatrical Boot, A CLOO, Ballet u4 Aorobatlo a specialty. All work made at short notloe. FINK © 0RTL0FF 1IM BROADWAY, AT 17th STREET. (Tolophono 4467—88th) NEW YOHJk OXTY. Now showing the snappiest line of fall style* on the market. SUITS SSO AND UP NOTB.—All garments made on tho pre ml snder tho personal supervision of Mr. Ortloff CHAS. LELLA Mater of Fins Stags Footwear Guaranteed superior to oil others. 1 31 W . 42d Street, NEW YORK CITY. Mme. Belmont American Milliner to Alice Lloyd 134 W. 116th St. Phone 5860, Moraine;. NEW YOIE K E 8107 MICHIGAN ATX., I UIN/IEIR EXCLUSIVE DE8I0N8. Ooetnmer for tho Leading Stage Oelekrltiea. 'Phone. Calotnet 3402. « GREAT PARODIES on "Are Yon 81ncere?" "Sunbonnet Sue," "Rainbow," "Mandy Lane"; 25 cento each, or tho four for 00 cents. Your money back If they are not a riot. Jack Gorman. Room Ml, 1408 Broadway, Vow York. LETTERS 0. O. follows name, letter la la Chicago Oflco. Advertising or circular letter* of any description win not he Hated when known. Letters will be held for two months only. P. 0. following name Indicates postal card. Allen A Francis. Aatrellas, The. Addman, Joseph. Anderson, Dan (0. O.) Andrews, Pesrl (0. O.) Aces (0. O.) Amea A Ball (C. O.) Angerine. Louis. Austin. Miss Maxine. Barron. Ted. 8. Boyd, Wm. Borneman, Alfred. Bentley, Arthur. Butemen, Thomas. Barry. Dick A Dolly. Bender. Wlnleld. Barnard, Joseph 8). Bslsder. Bd. Bragg, Archls (C. O.) Brlgnols, B. (O. O.) Beck. Carl B. (C. O.) Bowles, Geo. Belmont, Prods. Baker A Carlisle. Belmont. Belle. Burke. Chea.. A Co. Bellman. Harry K. Brahame, The (0. O.) Borne, John H. Bunnln, Miss Evelyn. Blscher. Miss Anna. Brttt, Preddls (O. O.) Bell. Floss (O. O.) Bsker A Robinson (C. 0.) Bennett. Mrs. Mar- garet. Brown, Hat nrown, nirr Barrett. Be Barrett, J. J. Beatris, May. Bee eon Trio, Lulu. Barnes, Stuart. Braham, M. Bertlsch, Jack. Cllne. J. B. Carroll A Baker. Conklln. Al. Chester, Bltssbeth B. Clifton, William. Csmp. Frank E. Calvert. Albert (0. O.) Close. Sidney (0. O.) Clifford. Dare (C. O.) Carlaas, Miss Csrlle. Carroll, Tom (O. O.) Cook, Dick (C. O.) Clark, Oeo. A. (a O.) Cnlbert, Mm. Centeno, Jose. Crawford, Margaret. CoUlgnon, H. A. Clarke A Clifton (C. 0.) Carr Trio (C. O.) Connelly, Arthur. Connors, Rslph (C. 0.) Csiocy A Brown. Cbappelle. Frank. Curtis. Miss Bea (a O.) Carmen Sisters. Clayton, Webb A. (O. O.) Coles, Three. Collins A Jewell. Conn, Downey A WI1- lard. . Caclteux, Mr. Cowles, Greet. Darin. Laura (O. O.) Do Keika. Gabriel. Denton, Ray (C. O.) Douglas. Wm. (C. O.) Darrell A Hodges (0. O.) Do Baasinni. Tors. Do MOSS, Edward. Dalley. Bob A Nellie. Delmar, Carlotta. Dumont, Charles. Drutoo. Miss Alfretta. Dunfee. Rffle. Dsvis. Bd.«BU (0. O.) Doris. FtsjJL, :-^> Dolan, Edd*TKrX)- Daly Comedy Trio (0. O.) Dot ere A Pollock. Dunn, Miss J. Lee. DoLoech A ZUlbsnsr (C. O.) Dnpreece, Miss (a O.) Deane, Walter. Dreaaer. Miss Lonlse. Donovan, James B. Des Roche, Gertrude. (0. O.) Downey, Msnrlce. Donovan, Fannie (C. O.) Dolph A Lerlne. Raton, Burt. SHORT VAMP SHOES Creator of Short Tamp Shoes. 107 BUU Are.. Vow York. Bet, 80th and 81st i lead for Hlastreted Catalogue. One flight Op. Tel. 108* Madison Sig Wachter's Theatrical Exchange LOUIS HALLETT, Mgr. Dramatlo Dent. IDA STEP HANY, Mgr. Musical Depfc VAUDEVILLE AOTM WANTED AT ALL TIMES (Good Openings for Vow Acts.) Dramatlo People Furnished on Short Notioe. 125, KNICKERBOCKER THEATRE BUILOIM NEW YORK CITY 'Phone 290638th St. Ellsworth, Four (0. O.) Kckert, O. W. Kd wards. Jay (C. O.) Engsl. Carrie L. Brans, Miss Ann. Early, Emma (a 0$> Evellen, David M. Farnon, Wills A Ransley. Florence Sisters. Free, Martin. Fltsgerald A Wllaon (0. O.) Facclattl Tom (0. O.) Fisher, Miss Minnie. Frsscons, Menottl (0. O.) Fullsell. Psol. Fslrmsn, R. Wm. Fsrren, L. K. Foreman, Robt N. Ford, Miss Edith. Fsys, The. Feurt, Lola (C O.) Fox. Charlotte. Forrest. Greet. Fref Trio (C. O.) Fsccends, Alberto (0. O.) Ford, Mrs. Max. Ford, David 8. German, Will. Holllch, Qua. Graham, Miss Glsdys. Green, Harry. Goddard. Stanley (0. O.) Gibson. Chss. T. (C. O.) Oluckstone, Harry (C. O.) Golnes, J^ > Gregg, W. W. Gordon, Mian Both. Gibson, Chss. T. (0. 0.) Geyer, Bert. Hart, Geo. Dory. Hynee, Tom. Harris, Will J. Hicks. Loonsrd. Hardlna Bloc Ballet Co. Heras, Wm. Holland. Miss Lay. Hayes, Edmund. Harrison, Charlea. Butchlnson-Lusky On. (C. O.) Hsusel, Emlle. Hammond, Chss. Honnlnghsm, Albert (0. O.) Hamlin, Paul (a O.) Harvey A Farren (0. O.) Hodges, Jsmee (O. O.) Hart, Henry (C. O.) Howley A Leslie (O. O.) Hyde, Jlmmle. Husk, Harry B. Herkimer, Msdge. Hsrrlngton, A. A. Hackett, Fred. Haaion, Jr., George. Hammer, Frank A. Holman. Harry. Ishmeal, Prince P. Innea Band Mgr. (0. O.) Irwin, C. Jscobs, Miss Threes. Johns. Harry (C. O.) Jarron, Emll (0. O.) Joyce, Miss Lottie. Johnstone. Gordon. Johnson, Otto. Juniper Bros. Judge, Todd. Jenaon. Otto. Jewell, Anns. Ksnes, Juggling. Kitta, Wm. P. Helton, Ned. . Kelvana, J. J. [eeUpy Miss Edna. tellelL. Erederlcke. ,- : rcC 6.> me. Genevieve (C. 0.) Kllgnsn, Ssm. • Kelsey. A. Kenyon, Jack. Kretschmsn, John. Larose A Hatfield. La Salle. Jeaale (C. 0.) Linton, Harry B O.) (0. Love. Frankle. Lewis. Etts. Looter, Bddle (C. O.) LeCsll. Ed. (0. O.) Lee. Minnie. Logan, Bruce. LaMont Grace (0. O.) Lasro, Duncan (0. O.) Lackeye, Bmma (0. O.) Logan, J. A. Lee, Kenneth. Leo, Bob. Leonard A Forbes. La Blanche, Marie. LaMar, Leona. Lock A Kessler. Lavlne, Arthur. La Mott, Wm. Lester. Harry. McDonald. Wm Manning. A. B. Marklntb, Wilbur G. (C. O.) McGlbney, Tlola (0. 0.) McLelland (0. 0.) McMillan. Mrs. B. D. (C. O.) Mellor, Mrs. Alfred (C. 0.) Mitchell Miss Mamie. Mann, Billy (C. O.) Marcla. May (C. O.) Medallion Trio (0. O.) Moore, Herbert (C. O.) Moore, Pony. Marshall A King. Morrelle, Bertha M. Mil It-r, Edgar M. Matthes, Hugo. Myers A Mwr. Morrison, Lee. McKeusle. B. Msck, J. D. Moy. Miss Qsssl A. Minton (C. O.) Morris' Three (0.0.) Malll. Miss Blanche. Mann, Danny. Murray. Tom. McCarthy, Jae. J. McDermott, Blllle (0. O.) Murray A Lane. Maach, May. McLean, Avery. May, Arthur O. Mack, J. C. Morning, Mary. Mack, Bddle. MUler, Kitty. Mack, Mies. McNown, Bertha. Meyers, Rose (0. O.) Murry, Helen (C. 0.) Mardo, Tom (0. 0.) Newsboy Four, Amerl> can (C. O.) Norton. Jack (0. 0.) Nllee, Tergoala. Nolle. Jos. Nelson, Agda. Nelson, Agnes. Nile. Grace. Normlngton. Harold J. Newell, Wllllard (0. O.) Nelson, Jr., Artie (0. 0.) Nswmsa, Harry (0. 0.) OUhem, Clifford. O'Roorke, Bageae. O'Boorke, Jr., Jas. O'Connor. B. P. O'DonneU. Bdwsrd. Overlng Trio. Plottie, The. Pe mbrok e. Kittle. Pearson, BOe. Pern. Mrs, R. Planked, Berry (0. O.) Puillam, CaroHne (O. O.) Patheasoa, Bayard. Pond. Dare O. Prldeao, Store (0. O.) Pratt, Jack. Queen A Bone. Qulnn, Tom. Rivers A Rochester. Rockwell, Msud. Russell A Held. RoddsjBes, L. JkV Rysn, Mrs. T. J. Reynold, Msx (0. 0.) Reno. 0. H. .,-., Ridley, Henry. Rsncb 101. Raymond. Melville B. Rlns, Mms. Rice, Bessie. Rosenberg-Keogh - HiU. Raymond, Melville B. (C. O.) Bsy. Elisabeth (0. O.) Relnhsrdt, Cyrus (0. O.) Roms, Ross. Robinson, Miss. Roberts, Btgna (0. O.) ShsMoa A Co. (0. 0.) Stater. F. A. (O. O.) Smith, J. Spencer, Lloyd. Shardlck A Talbott (P. 0.) Stewart, Carl. Stagpoole Trio. Stolts, Melville. Snow, Rsy W. Sharp Bros.. Star Spangled Banner Co. Spong, Hilda. Stevens, Mike J. Horn mere, J. T. Schemer, Marie. Sutherland A Cur tie. Snook, B. J. Sargent, I. P, Sharro*:ks, The. Sheldon, H. S. (C. 0.) Swor, Bert (C. O.) Sutherland A Curtis (0. O. Stlne, Chss. J. Sboff, Ads B. Sylvester, Geo. (0. O.) Sorenson, Lou (0. O.) Shelton, Byron. Shelton, Ruby. Shields A Galle. Sea Hun, Frank (C. 0.) Shelton, R. B. Stewart, Wlnnefreri (C O.) 8pink, Geo. A. Stevenson, George. Solar, Wm. Sullivan, Ben. Thompson. Frank A. raft. Miss Billy. Thompson. Eph. Trlckey, Miss Coyde. Thurber, Murrains. Taylor, David. Tbayer, Nine. Clpae A Hella. Oystt. Miss Ida. Verdi, Georgia. Valley, Camilla. Voerg. Frank. Voegel, Marie. Vau Lee, James. \ Weston, Miss Bmma. Welch, George. Watch, C. OlUlng. Well. Mr. Wetherall. Harry. Williams, Lean. Wilson, Hsrry. Wolfe, Grade. Wyne (Ekle). Winner, Ellle. Williams, Dot. Willing BrotLere. Winter, Banks. Woodman. Joseph. Wright, Mrs. Fred. Wsrd. Miss Msy. Williams, Arthur (0. O.) Warren, Day A Warren (C. 0.) Wheeler, Zelma (0. O.) Williams, Msle (C. O.) Web, Grover. West. Bd. Ward, Hugh J. Weston. Willie. Wsrd, B. T. (C. 0.) Wood. Francis. Widen, Pauling. Wilson, Ivs. Woodruff. Henry. VVorbon, Bessie. Young, Mrs. Wm. (C. O.) Yams. * f Vmell A BookeDs. Zemo-Zemo Troupe (C. 0.) CORRESPONDENCE Unless otherwise noted, the following re- ports are for the current week: CHICAGO By FBAJTX WTESBXE0. TABJBTT'S Chicago Oflco, Chicago Opera House Block. EMPIBB (I. H. Herk, mgr.).—The last time Wm. B. Watson appeared on the west side wss st the old Lyceum, then under. the management of Thomas Grenler. The populsrlty of Watson wss demonstrated Sunday afternoon when an audience filled the Empire utmost to capacity and seemed to relish ths spontaneous and peculiar "Krousen- humor of the comedian. He still hss meyer's Alley." which hss been somewhst revised with new dlslogue. The most striking featore of the show Is ths brlgsde of women. There are twenty-two girls In the chorus. They are the hearlest lot of choristers ever seen together. There sre s few besvywelghts In the contingent who would look funny enough la long dressings, but to see them In fleshings I Even the little soubrette who causes so much trouble for her fsthsr, Krousenmeyer, Is over the middle-class BL00DG00D (COSTUMIR) 103 WEST 43d STREET NEW YORK CITY Telephone: 8805 Bryant. Bear tth Ave. SAM ANDREWS DEALER Dff FINE FURS and DIAMONDS BOOM 888, REPUBLIC BLDG., STATE AND ADAMS ITS.. CHICAGO. •• A TIGHT PROPOSITION ee Cotton Tights, per pair .« ...$ .TO Worsted Tights, per pair ...» 1.8S Stlk Plaited Tights, per pair 3.4S Heavy weight stage satins, In all colors, per yard. 80c. Shirts seme pries ss tights. Spsngles in all colors snd slses; samples on request. WOLFF, FOR DING <S» CO. 81-85 ELIOT ST.. BOSTON. MASS ESTOP CIGARETTES ■ m WEHTOB inroaTEQ' 40 cts. Blue Lsbcl, 15 ct«. Green Label, ■5 cts. If you must hare the very beat Smoke Bestor's and ignore the rest. I WRITE FOB VAUDEVILLE, MUSICAL COMEDY AND IRVING B. LEE 708 Chicago Opera House Blook, CHICAGO, ILL. Harry Fen Dal ton WTBX your address to K. 0., 0/0 Saratoga Hotel, Ohieago. Chance to Join Headliner Act. himself with the tallest, stoutest snd largest bevy of women seen in sny show this or lsst season. It Is s good show, with furious comedy of the Watson sort. STAR AND GARTER (U. J. Hsrrmaaa. mgr.). —Irwin's "Majesties," return engagement. FOLLY (John A. rsnnessey, mgr.).—"The Dreamlands." EDSON'S (Bid J. BUSOO, mgr.).—"Fads and Follies." OLYMPIC MUSIC HALL (J. Murdoch, mgr.). Russell Bros., Hayes snd Johnson, Adelaide aud Dancers. Nonette, Donald snd Carson. Seldom'* Venus, Clifford and Burke, Bernard and Seeley. HAYMARKET (W. V. Newklrk. mgr.).—"At the Sound of tbe Gong," Ellle Pay. SUbon'o Cats, Eight Melsnls, Bowers, Welters and Crooker, Keene and Briscoe, The Ssndwlnas, Pollard, Kid Gabriel and Co., Chas. La DIeux, Bronswlck Bros., Genter snd Gllmonr. STAR (Tom Carmody, mgr.).—Ha Hen end Pul- ler, Rossiter Novelty Four, The Moearta, Airs York, Vsn Cleve, Denton snd Pete, Lsurs Ben* nett, Geo. Hussy. COLUMBIA.—Bill B. HsU snd Jennie Coiburtf, TO CORRESPONDENTS. For the issue of Dec. 12 kindly have all matter arrive one day earlier. Also please take notice that whenever a holiday falls upon Thursday, Friday or Sat* urday, the matter for the week containing the holiday should reach this office one day earlier than customary. weight limit. '^wSStt sofl^aWncWdlrig ■ a m^>>' .(nlr.tlnna She is A| Bernstein, however, d<_ sings a few "coon," sorfg^afflncWdirig'' a popular Stfty with "*mr*Z\*m**' J aspirations. Billy Spencer plays opposite to Watson. Hs Is a very good Irishman of the type be represents, snd com- manded attention In tbe Important scenes through- out the show. Tbe International Four sing well-chosen songs very pleasantly. Watson Is the centre of Interest. Tbe audience laughs st his drollery. The "Salvation" episode Is still sn ssset with Watson. There Is an oriental number with a "Cooch" enthusiast. On the pro- gram It Is called "Salome," snd tbe Salomer Is Toney Devere. Wstson's show is materially about the same as last year. It Is better end larger In equipment. There are s number of good looking snd sctlve damsels among the chorus in spite of tbe weight. Watson is credited with giving the west-slders s "resl" burlesque show, ss others Identified with that branch call It, and he hss certainly surrounded 01ive£Hare snd Co., Tetsufsri Japs, Leon and Bertie Allen, Stevens and Wsshburn. Msy Ad- dlson. Musical Brebats, Sesjnon and Mills. LYCEUM.—Four Cstes, The Kaplers, Vau Hoven, The McCsrvers. VIRGINIA.—Johnson snd Psyne, Msrstbon Comedy Four, Martin and Crouch, Chester Co. CRYSTAL.—Cora Youngblood, Corson Sextet, Llndstrom and Anderson, Murray's Dogs, Zlegler Trio, Bland and Jones. PBKIN.—Great Martynne, Wlncberman'a Bears, Banks and Glass, Mile. Grady, Colonial Trio, Tim Owsley. PALAIS ROYAL. -Fred and Dolly Carpenter, Chas. Williams, Kyle and Garney, llawes Sisters, Rice Bros. 101. a. mil- Alberta, Three De Monelos, Billy Earthquake, Almee Bernard, Murphy's Lions snd Bears. GRAND (Chicago Heights).—Lavlne and Lavlne, Deloss and Pearl, Clarence Csssd, Tbe Carpenters, Alice Tlffce. When answering advertisement* kindly mention Variety.