Variety (November 1908)

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26 VARIETY REPRESENTATIVE ARTISTS REPRESENTATIVE ARTISTS AND LLVEY WeeH Not. 30, Poll's, Worcester. Undtr the prionml direction of PAT CASEY and JEN1E JACOBS II Kl ill RAWSON and CLARE 101 TONS. THE COMEDY DUO. BERT » LflniE WALTON THIS WEEK (NOV. 28), PROCTOR'S, TROT. PAT OASET. Ageat - CHAS. AHEARN TROUPE Of CYCLING COMEDIANS were a riot at the Colonial, Norfolk, this week. Managers and Pnu say it's tho funniest oyolo act la Tauderille. WEEK NOV. SO, POLIS, SCRANTON. MR, PAT OASET. Tho Agent MELVTLTE ELLIS REAPPEARANCE IN VAUDEVILLE. Diroction PAT CASEY. VELDE TRIO la their European Equilibrial Aerobatio Combination, including- tho "LOOP-THE-LOOP" DOGS (Tho original, not a copy). Now playing Western Vaudeville Aasooiation's time. Address oaro VARIETY, Chicago Office. Valerie Bergere AND HER OWN OOMPANT, Presenting m repertoire el Playlets. TIME ALL FILLED KAUFMANN TROUPE The artattst Trlek Mdlir. let Oi Earth Returned from Australia and Africa and opened with groat success at the Hanaa-Theatre, Hamburg. Berlin to follow. Permanent address, HICK KAUTMAHN, Berlin. W. SO, Wlnterfoldstrasas S. Cable addreas, Bicycle, Berlin, Telephone Amt S, 1SSS1. GREAT AERIAL SMITHS WORLD'S GREATEST TRAPEZE ARTISTS. THE TALK OF EUROPE. SAM RICE* thro' the Agency of PAT C*StY, Presenta in Vaudeville A magnificent scenic production equipped with marvelous eleotrie effect* and handsome wardrobe, entitled "A NIGHT IIM EL- F»ASO" Introducing the famous lady dancer, LULU BrZESON, and WARD and WtBrtr. Companion Dancers. Danoea arranged by AL WHITE. WEEK NOV. SO, O. 0. H., PITTSBURG. Y K N V Y N X ASCOTT, EDDIE TRIO What's the use of sitting through s three hour pantomime when we deliver all the goods In twelve minutes. Toe dancing, trick tumbling, burlesque Juggling, pantomimic and acrobatic comedy. Y K E N & Y A N S 1 FRED RAY PLAYERS In Roman Travesty >• C. Robinson Co note nee Wlndom BooKed Solid PAT CASEY l*ew Benton , Arfent Two NOVELTIES OF MERIT: (in ana act) tad by JNO.ZOUBOULAKI £188! AMD MUSIC la "ene'i onea « VIRTUOSO ** WHO WANTS E?-s* A Real Hebrew and Italian Comedian, now playing the "Dago" with Gus Edwarda' "School Day*," is AT LIBERTY. Address care) VARIETY, CHICAGO OFFICE- A DAGO COMEDIAN SECOND TO NONE, MAX C. BAKER 64 A-B^D GIRLS IN VAUDEVILLE. Reloh A Plunkett are NOT our agents. Addreas SCO West S6th Street, N. Y. City. ** niETY KBTGKERROCKER THEATRE BUILDING, HEW YORK CITY. CARDS OF ARTISTS UNDER THE HEADING OP " REPRESENTATIVE ARTISTS " AT FOLLOWING BATES» 1-1 kioh alnsjla sjoL, S4.0O mantJily, net 1 lew* * 7.O0 - ^ 1-SI 1 I 7.B0 IS.S0 1 InoHc* SemMe) ooL, S£t~SO wai sU s lf. m| |.tlAeassremss«r IMO T T Hew* SI SS.00 " S0.00 " " Ipaca Pro Rata Ha adTortiaement under this heeding aooepted for leas than one month and no preferred position given. Bemittanoe must acoompany advertisements forwarded by maiL Cash disoount for • and IS months. * BERT KALMER. - BR.OWN Smart Novelty Booked solid on United Time Direction, EDW. S. KELLER