Variety (November 1908)

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VARIETY 27 The International Pavorlta VESTA VICTORIA Makes Her AMERICAN RE-APPEARANCE Monday (Nov. 30) at the LINCOLN SQUARE THEATRE Presenting Selections from Her Old Favorites snd Offering Half a Score of New Numbers with which She Took London by Storm. Among These Are: "THE WIDOW" "DOUBLE DUTCH" "HIS LORDSHIP" "NOW I HAVE TO CALL HIM FATHER" "THE PRIDE OF THE BALLET" GEORGE A. BEAHE, Sr. Wants to hear from some lady who has never been in vaudeville. Sketch now playing and one of the successes. An artiste whose name will be a feature with the manager desired. Address care Shubert Theatre, Utica, N.Y. FIRST NEW YORK APPEARANCE OF Jos. K. Watson ^ Toma Umbo <«• Assisted by JAMES HUNTER in " NEARLY A MANAGER " NEXT WEEK (Nov. 30) KEENEY*S, BROOKLYN Purely a Comedy Piece. NAGEL and ADAMS Presenting their original comedy, entitled "THE TRY OUT ACT.'* Yet, Z wrote "THE GREAT BIO SMOKE SOUBBETTE." Both are fully protected, ao keep off. ■till la the wett and doing well. Address 1188 Sutter St., San Francisco, Oal. Irishman, handle it well. The burlesque Is given unusually elaborate stage setting, and the costuming ia clean and attractive. The cborns again comes in for favor, putting over a well- executed drill which won deserved recognition. Miss Croix leada this and wears a military uni- form. Pert Mackey dresses up in black velvet and gets her first chance in leading a number, but her voice is no Improvement over the others. Marie Fisher makea a funny looking squaw and tries her voice again at the head of an Indian number. Cbarlea Nichols got very little out of tbe rube role, but bandied bis part In the burlesque in a capable manner. There is a lot of good, bright talk in the dialog, and with something fresher than tbe "blow-the-horn" business. "On the Frontier" should be worked Into a first-rate burlesque. Billy Wild works bard throughout the ahow and a big share of what honors there are, belongs to him. Phillips Is not funny in tbe first part, but does good work as a "coon," clinging closely to an imitation of Heath (Mclntyre and Heath) and Phillips uses a bit of the talk famous with tbls pair. Joe Burton does well enough with bis Irishman when he is not so noisy, and the same applies to Victor Yass, who appears on tbe scene In sev- eral disguises. Phillips opens the olio with some parodies, meeting with fair success. A sketch called "Western 8tyle," presented by Charles Nichols. Billy Wild. Marie Croix and Marie Flaher scored the hit of tbe olio. Properly played, it should be an excellent bit of entertainment. Aa It was the house warmed up to it in fine style. Burton and Yass bad a lot of n61sy talk, and Wells and Sells were well liked for their comedy acrobatic turn. Tbe show could be greatly Improved. CASINO (Ellas A Koeulg, mgrs.).—"Gay Mas- queraders." BI JOU (Sam Dawson, mgr.).—"Thoroughbreds." GAYBTY (Edward Sbayne, mgr.).—"Rents- Bantley." AUSTRALIAN NOTES By MARTHf 0. BKENKAV. Sydney, October 10. TIYOLI.—Osborne and Brookes, musical, big hit; Barnard's Marionettes and Burt Sheppard, big bit. Also here Tod Lowen and Ted Kalmana, comedians; Nellie Wilson, Nlta Leete, Four Rose- buds, Fanny Powers, Rock fort and Hart, and the marvellous Arabian acrobats. NATIONAL AMPHITHEATRE.—Yantells, bar experts; Eva Hughes, comedienne; George Jones, Bttle Williams, Jack Kearns, Ernest Pitcher, May Dablberg, and Joe Lasbwood. Last week Mrs. James Brennan, tbe wife of the popular proprietor, died. STANDARD.—Harry Clay has a fine show. In addition he has now sent out a strong dramatic company headed by bla daughter Essie. Some of his vaudeville people figure In tbe legitimate bunch. At the Oxford Hall pictures have been supplant- ed for the most part by variety. Several promi- nent Sydney artistes are here. Including Elma An- derson, Will Robey and Jim Gaffney. At Adelaide Tlvoll Brandon Cremar has a very strong array of talent. Prominent are Will Tyler, foot equilibrist; Melrose and Meniies, patter co- medians; Atbos, trick skates; Josephine Johnson, Malvena Moore and Will James. OPERA HOUSE (Melbourne).—Gllettl's Dogs and Baboons still here. Likewise Mignonette Kokln. Tbe same bold-overs are strongly in evi- dence and a fresh influx of talent is urgently needed. Yesterday Good fellow and Greyson were to have made a reappearance after a considerable absence, ami tbe Marcools, an original electrical act, were looked upon to arouse tbe audience out of the lethargy. GAIETY (Melbourne).—The ususl combination helping to fill this house nightly. No distinct changes are noticed, the same acts alternating their 8ydney and Melbourne times with unfailing regularity. Harry Richards, Australia's Vaudeville King, returns In time for tbe Melbourne Carnival. He has booked many fresh acts, though I am inclined to think that too many reappearances msy be looked for. Brandon Cremar, Adelaide's popular variety en- trepeneur, was In 8ydney last week, booking. Ted Holland, of Brisbane, was also here on the same quest. Sydney A V. A. is resplendent In its new war paint, and the general surroundings savor of prosperity. What at one time threatened to end In a general upheaval has now been carefully tacmRf* VMWrfM /-i l>«)f r B'i'i m.-vv r i.» * **-i:n i r_vi_r vt«F w. Equipped with improved Fire Maga- zine!, Automatic Fire Shutter and Au- tomatic Fire Shield (Lubin's patent), Asbestos Covered Wire Connections, new improved Lamp House, new style Fire-proof Rheostat, improved Electric Lamp. Complete with everything seen in the cut, including polished carrying case for Mechanism, including Adjust- able Bicycle-steel Legs, to extend over 5 feet high $145 Released Nov. 23 "A Pair of Spectacles" For a favor done to her an old lady gives to a young man a pair of spec- tacles through which he will ses the truth. They help to keep him on the path of righteousness. l*atNOTM. 5QOit. "The Dirigible Airship" An exquisite picture of a Dirigible Airship following every movement of the King of the Air. LENGTH, 395 ft. Released Nov. 26 11 The Thanksgiving Turkey M . A comedy full of humor and new ef- fects. A regular Lubin hit. MeUls "Persistency Wins" A young suitor ia rejected by the girl be loves. He persists, however, in his suit and is at last accepted. A regular screamer. LENGTH, 600ft. S. Lubin Lubin Bldg., 926-928 Market St. Philadelphii Pa. smoothed out, thanks to the excellent work of the new committee. In Melbourne last week a "Green Room Club" waa formed by prominent vaudeville people and several members from the legitimate. Commodious premises hsve been secured in Bonrke street. Any person directly connected with the profession Is entitled to membership. Jack Stavordale, Bert Bailey, Fred Bluett, George Deane, J. H. Nunn, and Edmund Duggan will be amongst the first office holders. Fuller, of New Zealand, will be booking vaude- ville features about December. Whether he will sandwich them between the pictures or plsy a complete show is not stated. —Mildred Cox, Cox Family Quintet, and m. n. IDLE HOUR.—The Musical Smiths, A. J. Wayne Donald Heath, Jessie Hale and Co. ACADEMY OF MUSIC—Last week Wayne Musical Comedy Co. drew good crowda at all performancea. J. BHRICHS MB88EROY BALTIMORE, MD. MARYLAND (F. O. Schanbeiger, mgr. Mon- day rehearsal 10).—"Love Walts," good; Dandy George Duo, well received; Lyons and Parkes, very good; Wynn and Lewis, good; Ed. F. Rey- nard, interesting; Charlotte Parry makes some quick chaoses; Nelson and Otto, good muslcsl number. NEW MONUMENTAL (M. Jacobs, mgr.).—"Miss New York, Jr.," away above tbe majority of the shows seen here. GAYETY (W. E. Ballauf, mgr.).—Bryant's show, good and pretty chorus. JOHNNY MEYERS. BUTTE, MONT. ORPHEUM (John F. Cordrsy, mgr.).—Week 21: Snyder and Buckley, great laughter; Edna Phil- lips, most attractive; Morris and Morris, fun throughout. FAMILY (Geo. Donahue, mgr.).— Week 21: Columbus, tbe "dancing horse," best on bill; Wenona-Francis and Co., wonderful per- formance with firearms. Emelle Benner, good; Spethsn, Grattan and Co., liberal applause. CIIAS. SCHEIBAL. CAUSE*, N. J. BROADWAY (W. B. MacCullen. mgr.).—Show pleasing and business being excellent. Musical Klels Family, Jones and Mayo, Imitations, well liked; Charles McDonald and Redding Sisters, good; Apdale's Animals, big hit; "Betty's Brother's Chum," a sketch oy Charles Kinsley, Virginia Ackerman and George Weasels, well liked and promising; <Jolden and Hughes, black- face, good, and Veronica and Hurlfals, comedy acrobats, hit. G. M. YOUNG. cnrcTjrvATi, o. By HARRY HESS. VARIETY'S Central Office, 107 Bell Block. COLUMBIA (II. M. Ziegler, mgr. Sunday re- hearse] 10).—This week's bill failed to please. The Misses Klrkamlth, three good musicians, opened in neat turn. Hathaway and Slegel made a lot of noise dancing, but very sby as ulnars. Mitchell snd Cain offered their old art. Harry H. Richards, supported by Dorothy Daley and Adele G. Ferguson In a comic oper ctta, "Love a la Mode," very ordinary. Agnes Mahr. assisted by Flora Mahr, In "The American Tommy Atkins," good. Augustin McHugb and Co., In a Western melo-dramatic sketch, "After Six Years," well acted. Hyman Meyer, at tbe piano, comedy bit of bill. Merlan's Dogs, great. PEOPLE'8 (James E. Fennessey, mgr.).— "Fashion Plates." The chorus best looking yet aeen.^ STANDARD (Frank J. Clements, house agent). —"Vanity Fair." A chorus of twenty lavishly gowned and well balanced vocally make thia company rank among the very best. AUDITORIUM.—Williams and Culver ap- plauded. Mildred WMIiams, in "The Girl Ahead," one of tbe few acta playing tbla kind of time, carrying Its own scenery. Jimmy Wall, black- face, scream. Mlleno and Alvln, In "Tbe New Woman." Mias Adams, ill. songs, good. "Tbe Musical Trio." excellent. NEW ROBINSON (8. B. Overpeck, mgr. Sun- day rehearsal at 10).—Nelusco, magician, very good; Coleman and Mexls, sharpshooters, clean work; Axel la Fontaine. contortinnlHt. good; "The Dancing Sunbeam Girls." clever; Montrose and Hsmburg, 111. songs, good. CHARLESTON, 8. C. MAJESTIC (A. F. Roberts, mgr.).—Raleigh and Raleigh, Washer Bros., Billy Makln, and Herbert tbe Frogman. BON AIR (Geo. Gulda, mgr.).— "^ CLEVELAND, 0. KEITH'S (II. A. Daniels, mgr.).—IMcaro's comedy acrobats, cle\er; Ilcrtlc llerron, won favor; Hteeley and Edwards, high elaas musical; "Tlie Wyoming Whoop," hearlllncn; Stanley and r.uffM'li, Hcortii, "HhHiImk < Jlrla." pleased; Harry Cllfoil, clever: tin- Kyusyss, novel. GRAND (J. II. Mlclinci, mgr.). —Enoch, marvelous swimmer; Crenyon, ventriloquist; the Heclows, loiiirdv skit. Morgan and Cheater and others. - MAJESTIC (Meyer Epcnateln, mgr.).—Fred When antweririff advertitementt kindly mention Variety.