Variety (November 1908)

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VARIETY 29 NA/H-L-IAIVI 1440 BROADWAY, NEW YORK Inc. 167 DEARBORN ST., CHICAGO 513 WASHINGTON ST., BOSTON LONDON OFFICEi 418 STRAND. W. C, PAUL MURRAY, Manager "I AM DELIGHTED." Aielle M. Fowler Joins the "well pleated" procession. "Gown received to-day, and I moat aay I am lellgbted with tt. Don't understand bow you can get such perfect fit wlthont trying on." Send for oar BOOKLET of stage faablons for ladies and jon will got a bunch of good information for NOTHINO. WOLFF, FORDING * CO. 61-65 Eliot Street, Boston, Mass. I'M THE MAN Who can get you the lowest prices and the best accommodations If you are going to EUROPE References: Bameralda, Emerson A Baldwin, Ford ft Wilson. Imro Fox, Fox & Foxy, Charlea Leonard Fletcher, Fred ft Pauly, Flood Bros., Frobel ft Huge. Lilly Flex more, William C. Fields, Emma Francis. F» f\ UL -T f\ «J S I O. Vaud*ullle> fltoom.hlp Aff*nt German Savings Bank Building. Telephone—20&1T Stuyvciant. 104 Eaat 14th St. New York. CHICAGO VAUDEVILLE MANAGERS EXCHANGE oth FLOOR. MERCHANTS BLDO.. Ill WASHINGTON ST.. CHICAGO. Big Comedy Bketohos always la demand. FRANK (L DOYLE. Manager. THE LEADING ENGLISH THEATRICAL AND VAUDEVILLE NEWSPAPER. itabllabed 1880. THE STAGE Foreign Subscription, 8/10d. per Quarter. May be obtained nt Samuel Frenoh's, ft-84 West 22nd Street, New York. ARTISTS VISITING ENGLAND are cordially invited to register at "The Stage" offices imme- diately upon their arrival. The Editor of "The Stag*" will always be pleased to welcome them. Advance notices of aailinga and opening dates should be posted to the Editor. When an artist baa retistored at "The Stage" office, which may be regarded as his permanent London address, all cor- respondence will be immediately forwarded. London Offloea: 16 York St.. Covent Garden, London, W. 0. PLAYING THE BEST IN VAUDBVILLB SULLIVAN and CONSIDINE CIRCUIT CENEKAL BUSINESS OFFICE SULLIVAN AND CONSIDINE BLDO., THIRD AND MADISON STREETS. GENERAL BOOKING OFFICE SUITS • AND 10, ISM BROADWAY, NEW YORK CITY FUE-D. LI/tCOLJ*. Gen. Mgr. BRANCH BOOKING €7 So. Clark St., Gkloago, IU. PAUL OOUDROH. Third and Madison Sta., Seattle, Wash, HARRY LEAVTTT. CHUIS. O. SHOW/i. Mgr. OFFICC S 111* and il25 Market It. American Theatre Bldg., Ban Fran cisc o. Oa t. ARCHIE LEVY. WANTED Actors and Musicians! Also Chorus Girls Lyceum Theatre, Atlanta, Ga. VAUDEVILLE PEOPLE WRITE The best salaries paid, and yon get it. Everything furnished. straight Burlesque. Billy MoCall, Wm. Maloom, Tom Kelly, Frank Hobba, Billy Rafferty, Jaok MoGreevy, and all friends write. Address GEO. W. MILTON, Springfield, 111. (until Not. 80th), or J. M. SWEET, Lyoeum Theatre, Atlanta. Ga. Who wrote what WILLA HOLT WAKEFIELD sings about Fluffy Ruffles "showing her indignation," and what RALPH HRRZ sings about "Three Werks." in the song "THAT WASN'T ALL," writes Sketches, Songs and Parodies, to order only. 094 Eighth Ave., New York City. St. Onge and Co., bead; Doherty's Dogs, well trained; Powers and Freed, musical, and others. PRINCESS (Proctor E. Seas, mgr.).—Mabel LaVclle, neat s. and d.; Swisher and Kramer, blackface, house in uproar; Herbert and Vanct. high class musical; Raymond and Harper, good singers; Sydney Toledo, clever contortion; Ruth Evelyn, ill. songs. WALTER D. HOLCOMB. HAMMERSTEINS VICTORIA sss."™" Open tlM Year Around VAUDEVILLE HEADLMEItS - GOOD STANDARD AGS If yon have an open week yon want to SU at short notice, write to W. L. DOCK8TADBR, Garrick Tkeatro. Wllaaiagten. PeL Can cloae Saturday night and make any city east of Chicago to open Monday night. Charles Horwitz Sketches from tbe pen of norwits are the beat In vaudeville. Hla record apeaka for itself. Over One Hundred Hits now playing. Order that sketch, playlet, monologue or song from CHARLE8 HORWITZ. Knickerbocker Theatre Building, Room 815. 1408 BROADWAY. NEW YORK. Piano - MUSIC ARRANGED - Orchestra Copying. Transposing. Autographing. W. H. NEL80N, 1867-9 Broadway, New York, Percy G. CIRCUIT The COLONIAL New York The ALHAMBRA Harlem The ORPHEUM Brooklyn The CRESCENT Brooklyn The NOVELTY Williamsburg The GOTHAM East New York And The NEW GREENPOINT THEATRE Brooklyn Address all PERSONAL letters to PERCY 0. WILLIAM, St. James Bldg.. 26th St. and Broadway. New York City WANTED--BIG COMEDY and NOVELTY FEATURE Acts to write or wire open time. Three weeks in Chicago. Also other houses In Illinois. CHICAGO BOOKING AGENCY CHAS. H. DO UT RICK, Manager. Room 89, 88 La Salle St., Chicago. Wanted—Vaudeville Acts Manager Majestic Theatre, CINCINNATI, O. Variety's Chicago Office IS IN THE Chicago Opera House Block Advertisements and subscriptions received at regular rates. News items may be forwarded there, and will be promptly transmitted. FRANK WIESBERG, Representative. SAM KATE CLARA PAUL 4 MORE Weeks with WILLIAM MORRIS, immediately followed by 3 LP ■ .A „■■-■■• In Big Production THEN WILLIAM MORRIS says we can come back to him and we're coming. Weeks Feature S/\/Vl mORTON, Mgr. ^ /Vlortoni When answering advertisements kindly mention Variety.