Variety (November 1908)

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VARIETY RALPH AND CO. ' ■ In "THE COLLEGE INN" By Herbert Hall Win.l ow ▲ strong comedy drama written to introduce Ralph Johnstone's latest SENSATIONAL BICYCLE NOVELTIES, featuring hit JUMP OVER A HOUSE ON A WHEEL. A BIO SCENIC PRODUCTION including "The College Inn," 95-foot high, oyer which Mr. Johnstone leap! while astride of a bicycle. ▲ COMPANY 07 SIX. REALISTIC PANORAMIC MOTOR-RACING FINALE. ENTIRE ACT ENTIRELY ORIGINAL from story to tricks. Manaoemenl RALPH JOHNSTONE If you want a cartoon for that Anniversary Advertisement, communicate with me, care VARIETY THE CARTOON IS THE THING Representative. FILMS "THE VALETS** WIFE" A ROARING FARCE COMtDY BT THE BIOGRAPH Betrgie Van Twiller resided luxuriously in Bachelor Apartments, surrounded by a ooterie of agreeable companions. Hit social duties war* that exitant aa to prarant hit working for a livelihood. Still, the money moat oomo from somewhere. His nearest Ida and benefactor waa an uncle, the Bar. Ebon Haddock, who had often in Recti*'• SSSSMES youth lost a helping- hand. Knowing that the old man's moat ardent wiah waa that he, Rerrie, should marry and tattle down, he writes him that ho had at last taken a wife, and of oouree Bag gi a'a allowance waa incraased. This la time proved laadoquato to hit mods of livina;, and a second letter waa despatched that hit reverence had been made a graadunolo, and to another increase la the allowanoa. Tor two yeare everything went well, until one morning whoa Reggie receives a letter from Uncle stating that ho would arrive in How York that day. "Good heavens, Z matt have a wife, but how." Well, Timothy Tubba, the Valet, comes to hit reaoue and tuggaata that Mra. Tubba play the wife. "Fine, bat how about the kid?" "We'll have her bring along a baby." Bin. Tubbs thinks ho meant her own baby, a boy of fourteen. Meanwhile the Bar. Ebon Haddock has arrived and it anxious to too the family, and at last Mra. Tubbs dathot ia with bar boy. She it a tight, bat Reggie matt make the best of it, bat it it oat of the queotion to palm a fourteen year old boy off as a two year old infant, at "Buttons," the hallboy, it hustled to the Orphan Asylum to procure an infant. Exousea art made that it la oat with the nurse and will bo baok shortly. 'Ornat Jupiter, It's a —--•• The Asylum nurse arrivee with tho infant, and, unoovering ita face, ana look It too LENGTH, JOS FEET I: 99 V 1 "MONEY IN/IAD THE INSATIABLE CREED FOR GOLD Wild indeed la tho delirium of tho poor unfortunate obtatsed with tho fever of money-madness. How vain ia It all; for Mammon hat enriched his thousands and hat damned hit ton thousands. In this Hiograph story wo p r at o at a thrilling episode, illustrating the terrible retribution attending this avarioioutness. The central figure it aa old miser, who in par* simonioutness ia a veritable Harpahon. And, like Foaoua, hoarded hia money in a secret oollar, where ha mot hit death. Wo first Bad him begging on tho street. A young girl passes and dropt her purse, whioh the miser piokt up. Whoa tho returns to regain it ho knocks hor insensible and makea off. Finding a generous roll of notoa in tho purse, ha goat to tho bank to have them exchanged for gold ooin. A couple of thuga witness tha transaction and art at onoo infected by tho money fever. They follow tho miser to hia homo, tho oollar, and while ha alaopa they break in and are securing tha money whoa ho awakes. They pounce upon him and ha ia made to pay tha penalty of hit treed with hia life. Tho thuga go to their own 8ualid hovel, whioh it presided oyer by an old hag. She ia aant from tho room and they divide tho spoils. While tha vision it equal, each ia invidious of the other's store. They retire, both possessed of tho same thought, ono waiting for tha other to fall asleep. One lies with a pittol in hand, tha other with dagger. At length ono gota up to stab tha other, but receives a bullet in hit breast. With a mighty effort ha plunget tha dagger into tho heart of hia adversary, and both fall over dead. Tha shot brings in the old hag, who, finding them both dead, aaiaat their loot and in a frtuty pours it out upon tho table. In doing to tho knocks tha lighted candle to tho floor, which ignitoa the litter of ttraw and rubbish and tha place it toon in flames, incinerating tha throe. A holocaust upon tha altar of Mammon. LENGTH, 604 FEET BET ON OUR MAIL LIST AND KEEP POSTED WRITE FOR OUR DESCRIPTIVEICIRCULARS ALL PICTURES ARE MAD! WITHfiOUR CELEBRATED BIOCR AR^CAMER AS SOUR FILMSlRUNfOrCaNY MACHINE AMERICAN MUTOSCOPE*"-BIOGRAPH COMPANY tKLEINE OPTICAL COMPAHT. OBEAT BOBTHEBN FTLM CO. AMEBIOAH MTXT0800PB A BIOOBAPH 00. AM8, BROWN A EARLE. AMEBIOAH MUTOBOOPE A BIOOBAPH 00. ■-• 14th Si REET, NEW YORK CI lY WILL PROTECT OUR CUSTOMERS AND THOSE OP OUR LICENSEES AGAINST PATENT LITIGATION IN THE USE OF OUR LICENSED FILMS Kleine Optical Co., Chicago, Special Selling Agents 312 California Street, Los Angeles, Cal. When answering odverti*ement$ kindly mention Variett.