Variety (Jan 1937)

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12 VARIETY V4BIC1V HOVSE IIEYIEWS Wednesclay, January 13, 1937 FARAMOUNti^ N. Y. Glen Gray and the basa pbmi «)rchestrat3' debut Ihto the BaihboV^ Boom, Y,^ last. Wednesday neces- sitated :^ new. ipit baixd show coming: :into Par for the final. Xthilrd) week ot /CpH^^e Holiday' (Par). Mario Bragglo.tti, from the snooty Hotel Pierre,,, was drafted and the emerr genpy booking isn't by apy means distinguished. Just a fair band presr 'entration, ■>■•'..;•" ■: ' .Surrounded by Judy Starir, Paul; Bobinsoh, Ddle Winthrop and Robert William (Red Piist, the dog), It's .ia lackadaisacal variety procedure. BraggiOtti (New Acts) is polite and -polished, :but lacks' the necessary plinch and. presentaitioit 'housie unc-*' tioii to command attention. Of his supporting spi^bialists, Judy Starr is viii Detiti^ songstress, who'is ,done a feW. v^ee\spot radio broadcasts. She ^Sr -sa3^^ <$haKe YoU^^P^^^ -imd ''iJeeii•-Blue Sea' in-^sWlng^-slng . sfyle;' Dale Winthrop (New Acts) is , 2tap^^^^ clicks^ although; per- ihitted tO; run too -long. Paxil Bob! ;;son!&: harmonica ; are :distin-. ; j^uish^d through the fa;Qt he l)rQdu66s' 'vft flbck t>f ^ar^busly .iiitchied mo^thr Organs; upon which, to Uerforift. His ; is obviously an attempt for brches« ' tri^ted vharmonica,: virtuoisity, V ;THe: : others ^tn/^thii? category, are dfstin-. Jniished v^bjr V^^^^ 4b 'get tl^e..,d^erent ^eya; .anidrwotifs'^^ the : san^e \sHohneir, ,Bobj[n§oii;vi^hen wittfitirtg^^ •: t>£iss musieal.: sequbnc'e,' ■'hbAl^iaver,. produces one pitiched. Icfyir; ; fihbthev isiltor anbtheti ;^ It ,:iriai?6sifc JOofc ii.fiit-fla^^ the;: gamut 'from -'Tiger. > Bag* .to- 'St. ; ipuis.. Blue$/;. iatt^r alWi^^S/ faye ' >Vith .the harmbhicalists.> : Bbtiip^t ' ^lllam;: and ; Beat-JDusti vcleyey - canine, ' cah 'i^lay ; *anTwhere.' '.:Qkay.' ■fOr-lnHteri ■■■;^^:a*/airiSl#v-^"i- .:,dbT|iCfed';; v,th* iciast; at. th6'^'iib#' dfe- (.fuhct G0sihq;dd Paree; ojr, j>roductibri ;<Oift, iWinter Oarden'ahb^vi^ lais^ ; ti^ith :anything i|h. between. . Strong ;'C««ac::ot'Fatil Svdell and Spotty W -th^l^^^aradisife isuggeists^ ithis'exeell^t :::)Eutimal''^ee^ ; i^yue. iWilliam works the .dOg: neatly ^->juid^;l6bl^ ditt9;-;C-::-.,.;:!v..-o'i,,:/ ,;.; lDbn^Bakei::^:p^^ -at the ' Wfli;litS5$f registers with his 1$36 tin .pan: alley. choruses of the e&fty '37 -Output '" ■ ? Ni^ws; a :.I*QOeye\ the^^^^ u = find <'a ':OranUand B^Ce-Tid ;Uusing Sppjrtli^t round it <iiu • Biceps AlSihith diotloii^rgbt titter^ ; jIt's^.>ChaiiSi> -G^ and. ahiOng the ^l>est^3h;^he^i3eties. r v :\-lni()r.essiv€j in the Par's stiibhd clicK year with , baiidishow^^^ the iht- stituttohal' values the: thi^atfe Is, now " v']^^ the ih- .)poi^i»ig;vba»dSi.' i^iieidenteUyv; lEff^ a v. baroifhetet pn how: the 'Idddieis; ih -ihe tiildi'^ffCevitf^ tv^the .applausie, for the fayies,- and rsilence' foi:. the; others. -Bus okay^fbr Hthbvthird laiit Bay N6We;Wfth The v:Malnsriian':<PI*) Qperiis tbdfi^ ■;4iesda3^)»-:v: '.-4 >•.•;.' ■•■ ■; ■>Abel,"- ■■■'f -t, - ' i,. - srv 'y. JP^^bably the 'hot s^t ibf ihe cbun- ^ ;try';|bi:, fi^nfty^-^Wvlsife^ 4h. ;dyhaiiiitlp with hi^, riStardusi BevutesV vi. consistentlyv : .and " even, befor^/ that when M used to .eome aroiind a . deeade ago. in^^^^fr -with the lady who's how the ISfrs. : -It's true ■ that he always brings-with Win a vflpck of tialented youngsters; some bf them so spectacular that Davis" own pifft in/the success of thiis type of show hiis possibly become mi imized. , -But youngsters' with ;plenty on the ball are still a nickel a dozi^n any- where and ori their dWri ml'ght get by and thslt's blL But. under the Davis aegis, they^re-genuine showr steppers. \Not that there are any third-rate turns in Davis' current crop. \Neither is it exactly a Unit of liew faces. Shiea and Baymoh*cl were with him three and two seasons ago, later went into the 'Scandals' and are back again. They're still soi:ks with their nut pantomimic hoofing. Manhattahnitesi gal and two boys, were with Davis last year^ and even with the same new .numbers are-der livering a: real wallop. ,Kids have improved, however; -in showmanship and gal barticularly; (Diaisy Berhier, sister of Peg?y Bernier) is a 'lithfe ; blonde comedienne who definitely has ;; plenty to offer. It's a.iiarmony trio, « :but harmony with a .:b:ace of satire , . and mpre than a slight suggestion of cspmedy. Then there's Mickey Braatz, Who can hardly be called a 'discov- .ery,' since she's been airbund for several seasons and only recently tplayed here with" Phil Spitalrty.vand .: NTG. But: Mickey's: cute; face doesn't belie her experiehee and thbse rapid cartwheels are swell, audience stuff. . Shet's also added a -juggling bit while tapping for swell bit of novelty;- An- other. one-season veteran act -with Ja^ViS is isepia dance teaih of Chic and Chiclets. This year, they've added a third member, whose chief. ^dntHbution. is, a Stepin Fetchit irhi tatlOii that's too long, and slows-up the ttirh cbnSiderably.^ ' Ambng: the r novitiate^' Davis has . iitruck gbld ss well as stiardust again., lA Bussian c;al named :Vita Nivi^ has V a' .corking voice; and a gbbd-looking iMVenil^;' -"Don •Matib, awns, a rich iaritbhei. and individually.: and tq- «ether, they register ^solidly. Shirley : Stost lA^" in:. cute'; little > tapper, -Miss Itosamond .maXes „^ ..accordion -stty %ncl^/but lopnotch WlWjg the new- «btter4 is PhU Beg«K fMt the WB film player, of course). Youngster's a mimic. and his vocal impressions Of the great and heft-great are the last word in this ^brt of thing. He even .looks like sbme of them<.." Ex:tra attraction, ' okay but not necessary since show, already rUns overboard, is Gypsy Bamaje; exQtlc Aookihg.vfemme whb tosses in a couple of hot torch tunes and does a bit of torso swinging that takes her off big, Davis,'bf course, is still go- ing thrpugh, |he old- medley bf his song hits; winding up With' the in- evitable -'Margie/ : and it's: a hit the mob expects of him as much as they do:j[>isjJfids,-.,: , Unit right nbw. too long, but ta^tnt is, generauy' okay, vso - that Davis' task is one of reduction rather than selection. ' - 'Mind; Ypur' OWn Business', (Par) screen .and dpwhstairs comfort- ably filled at first show, with balcony -.abbut^H. - ■-;: V ■ 'Cphen. IfeoLONlAli, , ■Detroit; ' V GoHBiderable letdoWhsRwrently • iit- this (?la^s B :jspot. There was only Prt4 act: on ^oiw! caught (7 )■ which dr^w -any . appreciable: handda^iping frpjn: audience, • a^d when patrons here don't like something yb^ can beti .ybiUr:: jitney they^re correct.: At 25c} top for HWO'fli9kci'i^;\ijlU$ Idur acts 0^^ yaude ' apd- .an^ ^occasional 'auictipn* vnighlv house's ' clients «dfe- mahd plenty: 'and- usnallj^. iet it'. ' v ■ Oix 4h«|;. billir^ biesides ABoyd Senter and. his band, are Dubell'S iJp,?*;. Sir G^Cil Alexander, comedian; Bbbby Axiji Kitiff- father-son 'tomedy^dup; iand the -LeMar 'TJ^o, : two males aid a.^emme hpofjir,Si'^;^:■ ■ ; v ■•. ■ iLpne act;tb 'get .Qver . is Boh^ King.: sppt^ted.^ m • the riCxt-to-shu^ ,syhp >40')evew .acrobatics. J*ather-sqn duo's chief ;fault' lay ' in thWir' Chatter, ;which :^es^ just'fair; but they contribute nfejntyi pf ,other stuff to offsbt .it. They can sing wellnenough, and are off with a : comical balancing bit; with :-son '.perched precariously oh father's, shoulders. . , ' 'Dubell's. Dogs, 'vWhich "might have gotten .\along; , ioke ; but " for; :their irritating: femme trainer, perform like brdiriary ibacforaird .Varied. Cotipla mb^rC-yeats-of training and r.^I](e mpiig'rel$:h(ugh1^be ft-^ood hetf as they are hpw ; the act's brutal; • Clbwning pf Sir Cecil Alexander ls(cks>sincerity^ ■ and V stuff,. dp^sh't iclick. ^, His ch{(tter^and jokes are oke, but his singing: is .nothing to write Home abput. - Buss - Weaver, tfianist from -Senter'a ork," sahdwibhes i iiifty .solo bbtweeh ^the fput acts, al though: ..hi^ /. semi-classiC' . .pumber , seems:' a misfit in current 4p-mih!ute ^Shbw.-^ . ■>,.:: '. '■ \}:. '■. ■, .* '•■ • .•Closing cog is filled:.w^ll by the -LsBi&r -.Trib. 'i two males and- a Wphlah; Their: apjpearance knd: tapt . pih^" is of the-better- sorty-and one of the 'male's ;dancing ; while playing banjo'is heat.' impersbhatlbn;^ by the other fella get otit bf bbuhdsi. Senter, sif/ho handles the m.e, duties besides directing seveh-pieCe band, did ^ke> desDite a break in the p.a. system 'midway ih shbw. „ .- Screen; 'Bewaris of Ladies' (Rep) plus .^Hearts in Bbndage' (Bep). Fair ci-owd .bn hand at early evening shbw''Thusday'(7).' P^te> ; PRIENTAI., CHI Chicago/J[8n. 8. . Sophie Tucker is/jat .the'- Oriental this week,, {She's :'whkll they .cbme to see, and it's a long wait between the end o,f the picture, 'Hideaway GirV^ (Par) and\Sbphie's'ehtfcince. But the time doesn-1 seem so jbngj because it's filled With a 'gubd , show, spotted , right>, to bulld-u]^ Sophie Tucker's, entrance, Marilyn: I^rlowe^ ppetis in front of the porbthy Hild girls'With a clean- ciit tap-rbuti . ' Although the. girls are dressed .' worki better these days, 'the qjpening is. 'siow^^^^ Show begins to catch ' when th!§ ijighthihg #rio, who arb just that, conies on. Two men and> girl roller skaters, they pffer spe^edi daring/ ahd Ipts.flf novelty.:' -^ l:.]- ' : ; Jpe: Mayi and;, Jtme ^Barle . fbllpWv letting down the spieed built up - by the Wshthing Trio- by getting off "to a ^Ipw start,'and he walks right ihtp siudiehce :resentmeht with i stpmaCh"- upsetting^ glaj^ whfcffh doesn't, db them any. good. •::;When, th<^ get istarted, they go bver^hicely: with intimate, easy' gagging between .ftiiih,* wbmah, and a stoogC ii). the. bOxj . the' last meaningless until harmbnica play- ihig.- ■■ ■^■:'- '>l ..;.•'.•■'■'■;;-:' TiTbt time for Sophie'^Tucker yet,; sb the Hild dancers conie back, ahd with them afjain -is.^Marib'n- Mar-.; loWe, -all' working in a novel Spanish set.' .Girls:,Kwbrk'well* heije. too, and the: cpstuijies ape a^ eye-?fulL ,. . ;Sbphle Closes the bill;' And' at this- lasts shbw • of' :bpening:i day;: .she ^Witchedi..arvcapaci^':^udience,^:frbm the hilarity of I'm f he. ;GiW Who Didn'tvMatfjy. Dear Oid-Dad^ fb: the force of 'Wanderers Must Die^' Plenty ■ sbckb.'" '" "■;v--' £ets under way with Stafford #nd Louise in effective dtoce rivue. Team dpes three numbers, fast ball- room, tango and modernistic routine with lilts and whirls that garner hefty applause. Act'is done in full stage* with lighted scrim and twp pianists, pne er whom doubles in nice acrobatic tap. Violet West is bn .be- tween changed with**tisfictbrycart^ wheel routine; * Sid: MaBNw;4^^ OUve Sible^r on next wathj'foig and pattet. Marions gag} get across o.Ke and gal. whb is huge ,but a .looker scores with just- ias-big sopranb, but it is still the big-' dame - making - Ibve-to-the-rlittle-guy thfit tops the: tutri. ' . . jPuppets,. as usual, take a Uttle while^to win the skeptics in . the audi- ence, vppenjng Italian street scene not havinjg much to-ofler. Tianist, hand- stahdj acrobats and the cloV/ns chas- ing the butterfly, however, put. 'em across with bang; The Cigaret light- ing scene,: with the dPll puffing real- smoke,' is :tbps ,iagaln.. iNpvfel twist; here :at least;-is pulling up curtain . tb ;show. olpetator^ oh cigaret stunt^ although audience stiirhas no notion of ihow it's done.,- Bike- rsifce, with cui^tain down to alloW/rest qt cpmr : j^ihyrtb iget. bh ;st8ige: for bow, .alsb^ ■,ne^ here.- .■:••" '•■."•' .-:,.,'..■■:. :^ •Pici is 'Garden of ■ An^h'-dTAf), :•> .r" > ' Cvai .y • ; '^^ "^Kansas City! Jan. 8» • sQme^^•-1li«peV'ho^5e has been presenting its.., .'stage section in straight Vaucieii'ashion, bUt this week finds a return "tp the? unit slant.' Frimk Tracy tWi:iuhg in his best-pro-, diietibh bitdate. " The weather is all that will hold gross down feurrently.^> Pix is,'Chan at Opera' (26th), "plcia comedy .shbrt and Fox News;. ,."•': ■■*:. ' fiehe- Vermillion and Co. are in to headline. The dancer and foiir girl trumpet, playeifs are oh three :times -in production . numbers and wear well. In all appearances, there are; some 30 people on the stage, including the. lihe (I?),, and band (12). Irene Vermillibn's Work, acro- hoofingy. ' liice ehbugh. 'She has assurance' ahd i$ .all. bvbr: the place: including . 'a Cbuple bf' trips to '; the pianp Jid fpr . ieajpsi Her hest. 4t- forts 'ire ' ' :^the > finale'/ when she South - Seak: a* cbuple of tom'-tbrns; with the. line, itrumpeteers and • Les-, ter Harding Tfuri^shing the popular .CpnceptibnVof -what .constitutes back-!- ^Ound in the isles where vegeta- tion, is. wbrh.'-' ;: Naida and Ernest Prez have a .perch turn.; The gal does some vig- oroiis . Spinning atop the.: pble,' get- ting liiice returns. In What should be the .comedy spot, are Carr Bros, and Betty; The boys offer .sOme dead-pan stuff, db a. flock bf handstands and flips. This ib an unfortunate bit of; .booking, considering the' acrbbatics' pf, Irene Vermillion.. -Betty gets the worst break, . her, ; routines' being alon f[ saii^e lines; as that of iy|[iss. Vermil- lion, J Bice and Shaffer, two.boys with guitars, -were here some time .^'agb as: amateur .Contest'winners and are currently' introed a^ - malyng. their prbfessibnal debiit. >: But, the boys shoiildn^t' get tob excited about it iall and ' had best git that " little matter bf arrangements attended^to imme- diately. Their instruments' a):e elec- tric and they use an -ampli^ei:. .Ted Cook eontinues. in his m. c, tole'and' batons the band^' Lester .Harding handles his pop -iwes in acceptable fashion. Hoyt, • • 'Down to'four -acts this .w^ek;. with a slow running bill. The abbrbvia- tibn is .in the number of jtuirhs 'rather than ruiinihg: time, -for theFats Waliei: bpnd (New Acts) extends the ^hbW to. nearly art ' hour, "with 30 minutes of its pwh at the far end. ^enerpus^ slicing in-.-the - band act Wpuld not have hurt iahd might have ■provided a spot: .for ^a" .fifth: act' and a ibetter '^entertainhibnt. .. ... '. -, ' Of- the iliieui>,'Mells, Kirk aftd Howard are best, suited to. present-, day variety - requirements^ The three, boys hit them fast and scram 'faster^ ^providing lO zippy and en^' joyable .mihutes, ^They have suc-s cessfuUy' dciparfed - from -the slap- stick-mayhem wbrk which'. e&rr marked- this' and Other similar: acts, and now ' spend most Of their time With broad "chartfcterlsSation^ bf ha-; tionahties . and some world: person- ages. A: song, in. various deliveries, from cowbby to .Scotch,.^sets' them' for the clincher, a triple takeoff on Hitler, Mussblini and Haile Selassi , 'all cbmedy. They mix talk, singing ahd mugging with some hoofihg ahd are going best at . thb 'flnish, which is the surest 'indication' of' nierlt Mells, Kirk and Howard are not long destined for viaudeville alone if they continue to progress as: rapidly as they have ih the past year ot so; Three Kanes-open vit Tip with their Splendid perch' tricks and Le Paul makes-it two dumh acts in a row.: Latter is doing card tricks only and his 15 minutes'. could use some di' versification, bthei^wise" he. shouldn* 1 be " airbund" that-: Ibhg.; * The paste-^ bbard- 'manipulation is- expert -and clever;' y^t palming bf cardS:^ alone: no matter how well done, is apt to seem-repetitious, after- awhile. ""V th a girl assistant, Le Paul does mosl of the" act.:himself,. and as :a sort'bi encdre' brings ,up.. couple Of .-boy Plants from ■the first- - row. They're the usual :gobf types, but very ob-^ vibus. .in case anybody cares, and the shorter of the two' boys makes acceptance, -difficult by .straining; for his laughs in a profei^ional manner, on hiS'State performance, Pan appears to. need another. piece of business, employing tools other thar^. cards to;'justify a qliarter hour's ;stay. •■: /■ . . . ■; ' ■■'.' , Waller contains, 13 musicians and Myra Johnson,: •singer, besides Waller. The. act is mostly Waller arid it's tbo much of one • thing for 30 .minutes. In his ..introduction o' a song* giving a gag title,. Wf HeJ' took an unnecessary chance with r remark that was'deliberately rushed but still cleair enough tb reach th" loge;- For those who heard it, i' was downright filthy, with no pos- sible excuse for it here or. Where else, except possibly show. . Mae West's 'Go West, Young Man' vpar) w?s- birin^?»ne them in' niceiv Friday night. New idea of ma,r6uee heraldini? is a tungsteh stri''* outside the theat'-e billing; Miltort 'BeHo for next'week.: ' • CAPITOL, WASH. Washinston, Jgn; . Hquse back tccstr&ight vaude again aftbr two siicqessiye units,'with the Salici Puppets, ■'whic^ provide last 23 minytes of threb-act. bill,' iving program • plenty nqyelty, Salici act i|s beginning to mean something at the b.o. Following overture, fobtlight fare ; ' , .., -. . LPuis, .Dec. 8'. , .'Per^hiapsitvV^a^ ocCa«:;oned;by a si^et storm fqllpwing a^iall-day rain,that took th^ edge off the stage, show "here (8),' but calibre pfrbiil is far'belbw. pre- 'vious'stahdards and only: a ^oiq^ by •Freddy Mack, ■ ini.c. ahd ,:baton •swinger,.. it frora b.eihg'avCbrii- "plete .waShouttTa-begin -with, a waviE! • bf • flu has ,:re.duced the' niomerical : strength of the Rqxybttes; Girls'try .hard-- fttie 'qld zi^po':is' •nii'ssihg., i." ;:.• .'Current shbw is labeled 'Ranch House.' - Opens with the line, clad Ah ;>.bbbt$,.and .so'mbrbros,' -"when 'fur- lined- . caps' tmd mackirtaws • would have^ been ^ more - in keeping . with, .weather outside. ^Bailey and Bailey follow the gals, doing the :usual robe .'and ychip stuff; . - A ^.Micjkey Garrpjl, Iqcal jyVe,: and Eddie . Mancke, who is twice ' the ycymgster's size, a^e^in next ilot for tap, routines.-- Mickey sih»»s a bit and comes back fjar a pi?oductibn: number in', which Gloria Quayle and Bobbe Hdnisen of the line warble a few bars and add a few disnce steps. : Next ■ come Hays; Haig- & Hbw, three lads, who entertain with iacro* bktics, slapstick and some i.eccentric d^ncin;g;. Frfeddy Mack, who has dpne SoiA]5 sihging in previous .weeks in leading the cbmmunit.v^- sorigfest, eliminated currently, warbles "Lord, You Made the Night Tbb. Long' in sock styie; - Eight of his tooters de- sert their .chairs to Join An chorus and do ah effective vjob. iSammy Walsh .does, an imitation of Ted Lewis, and does some' novel dance tricks oh an altiminum platter. The Boxyettes, wearing" flimsy chaps, do a 'WahOp^ rPutine tp' bring a disap- pbinting -show tb a close.. : Screen offers 'Wantedi V'e . Tur-. her* (BICO), (2d run). Biz teirible. EARLE, PHILLY ' Philadelphia. Jan. 11. ' Earle's Current vaude array con- tains plenty of familiar names and faces, but taken altbgethfer they spell a: bill of more-thah-average powers of entertainment. Film is 'Smartest Girl in Town' (RKO). Sta'/re'show is N. T. G.' . it. con- siderably rearranged since Philly .saw it. last.: - First, act is Vera Fern, .supposed to be a 17-year-old ybuniEi- ster. who starts with an . acrobatic routine and fbllowsrwith a good tap.^ Betty Kean follows with rriutihes and even mannerisms of Elepnor Powell. Her stebping is: effortless and. het- personality good, ' The Three Sailors are back again and they spend' most :bf the entit'C time^ on stage .even when they're not actually: working. Their routi . with its rppe-skipping highlight, is as striking as eVer. Their: comedy is familiar and sbmetimes" erirs on 'the. silly side, but they' have plenty : of ,»;bod slapstick. They're funniest when they're butting in on the other acts,. : arpuinf With; Granlund and clown- ing with the stooges from the audi- ence, who are, called to the sta?e by Earl, .T.ick- arid Betty, roller-skatinf; team; This trio Scores with, their own faricy skatiri.g evolutions and also . with their comedy business with the 'fpt Ip.dy' arid the other, stooges, . Wialdori and Stapleton hf ve a slick dance pfferiri.i^ of: the ballroom Va- riety'. Granlund's group . of artists' .mbdels are decorative:, if a little - wood.eri-looking; Thfey're gowried yp to the minute and,' know how to wear th^ir togs^ EarlR's pit orches- tra, with Lou Schrbertct f .s leader, . is'Pn the stage tbrbuchout the show, something (it A novelty at this house: although it used' to be dbne,:fre- iquently at the Fox. •A Iocs 1 feature .;that also clicks is ,*be sipfifinfj ,of .'Chanel in the Moori-» liffht,* bv Jerry Lane, :an xisher, at the Earle. He's bona flde and sines very well indeed. Watefi^ HIPP, baiiimore; Baltirtiore> JanT 8f . When viewed 'FricTay- afternoon the unit •The- Kihg'a ScandaW seemed rather lamed by cast ill, nesses. Nina Olivette,: in a featured assignment^.had just arisen from a flu ;bed to - reibin ' rtmks ' of tiroupe lifter .a .flve-day siCfc siege, and comedienne .was feally .not suiffl, cientiy recovered to give an ade- quatb .account of ht?f abilities; . Out of the show was Olin Landicif a grippe victim. He does ia femme imp moholog. .* As to the. unit itself, the costumirigl and productiqn are . swell, but- on the Whole-the specialties. embodied " in layout never par the appurten- ances. Gil Lami>—how back in vaude as;a single.after isevering last, summer frqm Marion Belettr^is thie workhorse of the show;- -He's down for three-long sessipnsj up-early h?. a chatter , chore ,with Miss Oliyet't" which ' terminates ■ in ■' his ' solo" ec- centric legmania;; about'midWay ari,^ other .hblping :Qf, ,same, ^ and finale whisks through a strictly irinirig.--, ... ■• ■ For Some reason; couple; bf stand-i a'rd'"^'ttcts 'arb: -'billed^^nder rtem:;<R^ farily adopted i labelS; i : jthis: .uni The hat and club juggling 5 Elgin (3 mien,, 2 .maids), bob. up as the, Rpyal Bagbteers;; vet b'oiinib, bicyclist Oeorgb ■;. Dtfwriey ''.is pro^ammed 'Kieb^Kib.'-: .-^ ■ .v., ^ -i ^ • Aie^iander and- Santbs do very well;:with.;their;, standard act. that presient^.- .fqri;ner ■ formally attired from waist tjp and .below, . ih femhie. ballet;>tOgSf : Pair''^V,,hoke;, toe ter laWays sleyied J[arge l&fts in. Balto.,-' and the. two''lassies* "Taiilwarkirig. act -ristraight* tobv dahcer arid the. ii'rh who assi?^ ■ the. ■. boys.; i -the ..mbek' adiigib ro\ilirie4-^o. wbH.' Alexaiiidei:' should restore that amusing r-wig he ..used, tb affect f pr his 'ballet;' (- 'Three ■ Musketeers (2 lads; girl) are a military; unison tap trio,, arid' Joe, Godfrey is a solo Meppei', Both acts.. Wbtk in -front: .0? posed: line ■ffiris; neither lift showr-any, Georp;e, King - is. common-crop tenbr „who ihtros ♦ act* • frpm^ ,w^ siiiis a .cbuple bf ch)?hts;. fbr .line^ iris', pic-- Ijure'numbers.' : -,Sex:tet- of . .'-femme ' harmoriizers.:. billed -Six: Lovely- Ladies; also 'hoof S"ritlTi line, arid;'fia%re.brie, siriging shot ri 'owri; hi s. g. Lirie-eriUsts setviqes of -IS, .>and is' billed -'Elida Ballet.' ^froupe is definitely'not the. slick arid* top-talerited. ariray Betty Friedriian had under ' SVing •'ifo*: many- .appear^ Prices^ in - Baltb within'' the- yedr. -When matter- Was broached, 'man- ageirient ■ dfecWred - line, is a Noi- 2 .erbuo of Miss Friedniah's; It's'I^'^; ■,2 a\l ri^ht;- with" three routines which ■far frOri .approximate: relative, ex- cellence "'..of: costumes-, arid sets. Show spans"abbut-an"hbur.. ' I'Girl rroih Paris' (RKO) Is h: p;*ing. on screen.; ;;• - ' Bert: KEltH^S, tfpSTON ostpn, Jan..-7. With James. MeltPn heading the liheup, -this week's pfferirig, pro- duced- by Macklin Megley, develops into a fair-tormiddlin' offering. Mel- ton sticks tP singing simple arran.gc- merits of pop brings, such ds'^buse That Love Built.' •Wily You LobV and 'Lorie Prairie.' His encore 'Shortnin' Bread' supplies a pleasing coritrast. Meltbn's excellent . VbCalr ing..: emerged the winner, in a show, overboard : with singirig' because. of his easy-to-take arranistements,', ■ ' Hilde.garde, from radio, arid night clubs,, charms 'With her sweet voice and ace dictipn, as well, as an en- viable, stage presence; but. her selec- tion bf numbers: oriippenirig show proved disappoiriting ih that they were bver-^arranged;, or, too Ion;?. Midway in the ;bill she: sings 'Lpye, and Learn,': 'Got a Note' and .'Senti- mental Reasbris,' Latter, one had the custoriiers restless before it waSvfln- ished. . . Johnny Perkins, one of the too m;: C.'s of Vaude. knits the unit to- gether; but bn. show: caueht'did not seem to be hitting On all -12. Isq resorted' tb unnecessary . -low hunior. His partner,; Madeline Killeeri. also sinfjs, and gives good account of her- self with 'iPennies From Hoaver' Snecialties includb Park, and Clif- ford.: superlative hand-tbrhand tearii: Buddy, and Claire,; .dance tearrii ard Moore arid Revel, doi'ng hokrini hn]U rn'ohi .adaf?ib, in ; full;, dress. They qlirk. nicely in finale^ Good costurifilng of Manhattpn $tePbers (16) and colorful sets oerk up ♦he show in p»-oductton'r>i"^bers. ' 'Wanted: jane Turner'-(RK">; pn screen, ' J'o.t. EMBASSY^ N. Y. . (NEWSREELS) newsreel sticks out. its • neck :"»ai This time it is in repbrtin* the controversy between .the aiitp vi^brkers' union and Gerie'ral Motors. Paramount isn't satisfied .with shov'r'. in »i scenes around :the blari:ts where ■.«^itdowri strikes :ai'e taking place,, mit it poses a couple of workers to tell, tbb public, they're agreeable to the company union setup and all they want is to ?et back to wbrk because they, need the riioney. No worker was pictured presenting the contrary view. ,:.■.• Outside Of the strike clips, thr week-'s -runb^ at the Embassy givos the impressiori that things are pretty 1 (Contihued ori pat®