Variety (May 1939)

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Wednesday, May 3, 1939 PICTURE GROSSES VARIETY Bette^yde McCoy, Big $38,(1, Durbin-Vande, 23G, dii Standouts; 'Serenade'Slow lOG,Ms Neat Chicago, May 2. Two top bracket pictures In the loop are corralling the major portion o( the interest. For the real adult trade there is 'Dark Victory,' which came in almost pre-sold. to the citi- zens. Picture had gotten word-of- mouth buildup several weeks before it was put on the screen here, and when it was opened for public ex- hibition it had an audience all ready and waiting. Other' flicker Is the new Deanna Durbin picture, which is guarantee- ing plenty of profits at the Palace. Interest in the Durbih series con- tinues to hold up in excellent fashion. With Bette Davis end Deanna Dur- bin cutting up the sophisticates and non-sophisticates, the rest of the houses are doing the best- they can. Hold-overs are 'Baskervilles' and ■Dodge City', with both getting plenty of male play. Estimates for This Week Apollo (B&K) (1,200; 35-55-65-75) ~- 'BaskerviUes' (20th) (2d wk.). Looks for $4,500, all right, after turn- ing in solid $6,500. last week. Chlcaro (B&K) (4,000; 35-55-75)^ ■Victory' (WB) and stage show. Clyde KcCoy orchestra on stage. Another winner for this house, which has come out of the doldrums with a boom in the ^ast four weeks. Strong $38,000 in the offing; Last week, 'BelT ' (20th) and vdude, neat $30,100. Garrlok (B&lt) (900; 35-55-65-75) —*BIackwell' (WB). Heading to okay $5,500 on male trade for the pr.ison yarn. Last week, 'Love Affair' (RKO), repeated in loop. to fine $8,200. OrlenUl (Jones) (3,200; 25-40-55)— ■Saint Strikes' (RKO) and 'Son Is Criminal' (U), plus vaiide. Back to doubles and looks for good enough $14,000. Last week, 'Crowded Hours' (RKO) and vaude, managed $13,700, all right. raUee (RKO) (2,500; 35-55-65-75) »'Smart Gli-Is' (U) and vaude. In here for a't least two weeks on the opening pace. Getting away on ini- tial session to $23,000, hearty coin. Last week, 'CasUes' (RKO), finished excellent three-week gallop to com- fortable $12,300. BoMevelt (B&K) (1.600; 35-55-65- 75)—'Dodge City* (WB) (2d wk.). Fourth week in the loop and on its second week In this hous* will 'garner satisfactory $8,500, after get- ting splendid $10,400 last week. State-Lake (B&K) (2,700; 26-40)— ^?hird- Nation' (Par) and vaude. Steady draw indicates $13,000, okay. Last week, 'Musketeers' (20th) and vaude. nifty $14,100. United Artlsla (B&K) (UA) (1,700; 36-55-65-75) — "Serenade' (M-G). Opened Saturday (29) and evidences ■light pull at take of $10,000. Last week, 'Heights' (UA) slid sharply to finish two-wreeker to fairish $10,100. 'CONQUEST.'61/^ ONCYPLEASER Cincinnati, May 2. Returns by and large for down- town houses currently at fair level. Shubert is getting pleasing biz on %an of .Conquest* and 'Zenobla' is doing okay by Keith's. A b.o. dis- appointer, 'I'm from Missouri,' was jerked out of the Palace after fourth day^ Monday ,(1). Opening of 'Con- fessions of a Nazi Spy* was moved up to today (Tuesday) for replace- ment. Estlmatet tor This Week . Albee (RKO) (3,300; 36-42)—'Gra- ham Bell* (20th). Okay $11,000. Last week, 'Dark Victory' (WB), ..very good $14,000. Capitol (RKO) (2,000; 35-42)— "Dark Victory' (WB). Moveover fTQm Albee for second week. Fair $4;500. Last week, 'Midnight' (Par) (2d run), mUd $4,000. Family (RKO) (1,000; 20-30)—'In- alde Story' (20th) and 'North Yukon' (Col), split with 'Risky Business' (U) and ,'King Underworld' (WB). Normal $2,200. Ditto last week on Pardon Nerve' (20th) and 'Prison Tram' (Ind), split with "King China- tovm' (Par) and 'Mystery White Room' (U). Grand (RKO) (1,200; 25-40)—'Mid- Jignf (Par). Transferred from Capi- tol for third run. W.s.h. $2,400." Last week. 'Dodge City' (WB) (3d run), excellent $3,400. .-Keith's (Libson) (1,500; 35-42)— Zenobia' (UA). Okay $5,000. Last yeek, 'BaslierviUes' (20th), eight "Jays, good $5,500. ciS?""'," (RKO) (1,400; 35-42)-'East Sidd Heaven' (Par). Moved from falace for second week. Neat $5,000. J«t week, 'Stagecoach' (UA) (2d ™n), slow $3,500. ,„f»?*ee (RKO) (2,600; 35-42)—'Mis- wun- (Par). Slow going. Yanked Mter fourth day, Monday (1). Re- placed by advanced showing of 'Con- fessions of a Nazi Spy' (WB). Sorry $4,500 for the Bob Bums pic. Last week, 'East Side Heaven' (U), good $11,000. Shnbert (RKO) (2,150; 35-42)— 'Man of Conquest' (Rep). Pleasing $6,500. Last week, 'Castles' (RKO) (3d wk), fair $3,800, bringing $18,800 for the three-week run. BETTE HOT IN HORSEY LlfHlE Louisville, May 2. Spring race meet opened at Churchill Downs Saturday (29) and downtown houses are dolled up for race visitors, with sweet lineup of product, Natfonal reopened for a week's run of horse pics, 'Long Shot' and 'Great GUiy,' reissues, and Loew's State has a natural in ICing of Turf.' The story of 'Vernon and Irene Castle,' at the Rialto is zooming into a bumper gross currently, and 'Dark Victory,' at Maty Anderson, looks set to cop some coin and linger for a spelL' Bette Davis has a strong following here and is making the wicket hum. . Estimates for This Week Brown (Loew's-Fourth Avenue) (1,500: 15-30-40)—'Heights' (UA) and 'Kid Texas' (M-G). After successful stanza three 'weeks ago at Loew's State, 'Heights' should find nice going and payoff okay $1,900. Last week, 'Three Smart Girls' (U) and 'Risky Business' (U), in third down- town week, wound up with fairish $1,600. Kentucky (Switow) (900; 16-25)— ■Honest Man' (U) and 'Cafe Society' (Par).' Sharing in general spurt and should manage good $1,900. Ijast week, 'Mr. Deeds' (Col) and 'Hap- pened One Night' (Col) (revivals), split with 'Great Man Votes' (RKO) and 'Newsboys' Homie' (U), oke $1,700. Loew's SUte (Loew's) (3,100; 15- 30-40)—'Freedom Ring' (M-G) and 'King Turf (UA). Aiming at $5,000, poor. Last week, 'Ice Follies' (M-G) and 'Prison Bars' (UA). fair $6,000. Usry Anderson (Libson) (1,000; 15-30-40) — 'Dark Victory' (WB). Critics went to town on this one and lavished praises on Bette Davis, prime favorite in this town. Cer- tain^ to hold. Pointing towards splendid $6,600. I^st week, 'Dodge Cltf (WB), in third week at this house, chalked up mild $2,600. Ktelto (Fourth Avenue) (3,000; 16- 30-40)—'CasUes' (RKO) and 'Almost Gentleman' (RKO). Broke fast at the barrier and should pick up speed down the stretch. At current pace should easily pass the finish line an $8,000 winner. Last week, 'Man Conquest' (Rep) and 'Woman Doctor' (Rep), fail|>d to hold up to expecta- Uons. MUd $6,500. Strand (Fourth Avenue) (1,400; 15-30-40)—'Flying Irishman' (RKO) and 'Saint Strikes Bach' (RKO). Should manage fair $3,200. Last week, 'Never Die' (Par) and "Bull- dog Drummond' (Par), mild $2,900. McDoiiald Day 'n' Datingr Seattle; 'Heights/ $4,100 Seattle, May 2. Jeanette McDonald opens tomor- row (Wed.) at the Fifth Avenue in 'Broadway Serenade,' and at night she's at the Music Hall In song con- cert in person. 'Serenade' was booked In so- as to take advantage of the buildup for the personal. GeneiMy speaking the town is quiet. Estimates for This Week Blue Monse (Hamrick-Evergreen) (850; 32-37-42 )-^'Bell' (20th) and 'Sudden Money' (Par), dual. Moved from Paramount and indicates moderate $2,400. Last week, 'Castles' (RKO) and 'Saint Strikes Back' (RKO), eight days, $3,100, good. CoUseam (Hamrick - Evergreen) (1,900; 21-32)—'Huck Finn' (M-G) and 'Musketeers' (20th). Looks poor at $2,200. Last week, Tailspin' (20lh) and 'Honolulu' (M-G), $2;800, good. — . Fifth Avenue (Hamrick-Ever- green) (2.349; 32-37-42)—'Dark Vic- tory' (FN) and 'Society Lawyer' (M-G) (2nd wk). Expect only mild $4,500. Last week, same films; $8,300, big. Music Box (Hamrick-Evergreen) (850; 32-37-42)—'Wuthering HeighU' (UA). Got preem opening and plenty of bally. Anticipated good $4,100. Last week, 'Daughter' (FN), third week, okay $1,600. Orpheam (Hamrick • Evergreen) 1st Runs on Broadway (Subject to Change) week of May 4 Astor — •Pygmalion' (M - G ) (22d wkl). CapItol-r-'Lucky Night' (M.G). Criterion—'Big Town Czar' (U) (3). (RetHetoed In VAioErT, April 28) Globe—'King of the Turf* (UA) (6). (Reviewed in VAlOEFr, Feb. 15) Hollywood—'Juarez' (WB) (2d wk.). Hnsle Hall—'East Side of Heaven' (U). Paramount — 'Lady's from Kentucky (Par) (2d wk.). Etalt«^'Fixer. Dugan' (RKO) (5). BivoU — 'Wuthering Heights' (UA) (4th wk.). Boxy — 'Rose of Washington Square' (20th) (S). Strand—'Confessions of a Nazi Spy' (2d wk.). (Revietoed in Current Issue) Week of May 11 Astor ^ 'Pygmalion' (M - G ) (23d wk.). Capitol—'Calling Dr. Klldare' (M-G). Criterion—' Hotel Imperial' (Par). Globe—'The Challenge' (Film Alliance) (13). Bollywoods'Juarez: (WR) (3d wk.). Hnsio HaU 'East Side of Heaven' (U) (2d wk.). (Retrieuied in Varirv, April 12) Panunonnt—' Union Pacific (Par) (10). (Reviewed in Current Issue) Bivoli — 'Wuthering Heights' (UA) (5th wk.). Boxy—Rose of Washington Square' (20th) (2d wk.). Strand—'Confessions of a Nazi' Spy' (WB) (3d wk.). (2,600; 32-37-42) — 'Baskervilles' (20th) and 'Culver' <U). Indicated okay $4,800. Last week, 'Dodge City' CWBIi and 'Winner AU' (20th), $3,800, good. Palomar (Sterling) (1,350; 16-27- 37-42)—'Mystery Plane' (Mono) and •Disbarred' (Par) dual, plus vaude. Expect only $3,400, slow. Last week, 'Mexicalli' (Rep) and 'Wong' (Mono), and vaude, $3,800, good. Foramonnt (Hamrick-Evergreen) (3,039; 32.37-42)—'Hardys' (M-G) and 'Kid Texas' (M-G). Anticipate fair $4,000. Last week, 'Bell' (20th) and 'Sudden Money' (Par), $5,800, good. Boosevelt (Sterling) (800; 21-32)— 'Gunga Din' (RKO) and Tom Sawyer* (Par) (2d wk.). Looks like good $1,800. Last week, same films, big $2,700. tptown (Sterling) (800; 27-42)- •Lady Vanishes' (20th) (2d wk.). Okay $1,000. Last week, same film, big$l,90 0. 'CASTLES' PLUS CUGATTOP Detroit, May 2. Looks like 'Story of Vernon and Irene Castle,' plus Xavier Cugat band on stage, at the Fox, will have things pretty much to themselves, Otherwise biz Just fair. Estimates for This Week Adams (Balaban) (1,700; 30-40)— •Romance of Redwoods' (Col) plus 'Winner Take All' (20th). Around $4,500, okay. Last week good $C,800 for 'Love Affair' (RKO) l2d run; plus 'Boy Slaves' (RKO). Fox (Fox-Michigan) (5,000; 30-40- 65)—'The Castles' (RKO) with Xav- ier Cugat's band on stage. Matinees off, but building at night for prob- able $24,000, good. Last stanza tepid $19,000 for 'Alexander Bell' (20ih> plus stage show. Miobigan (United Detroit) (4,000; 30-40-65)—'Sergeant Madden' (M-G) plus "Lady's from! Kentucky' (Par). Doesn't figure to get more than $12,- 000, fair. Last session 'Dark Vic- tory' (WB) and 'Kid Texas' (Par), pulled disappointing $14,000. Palms-State (United Detroit) (3,- 000; 30-40-50)—'Dark Victory' (WB) (2d run) and 'Within the Law" .(M- G). Bette Davis opus moved Iiere after sesh at Michigan; looks like $8,500, pretty good. Last week about $9,500, nice, for 'Dodge City' (WB) (2d run) and 'Sudden Money' (Par). Former film moved here after nice sesh at the Michigan. United Artists (United Detroit) (2.000; 30-40-65)—'Hardys' (M-G). Although Detroit locale - of picture has been plugged heavily, opening stanza of new Hardy series was bit disappointing at $14,000. Looks like about $10,000, good, currently. B way Under Pressure, But 'Nazi' Strong $45,000; Eleanor Powell Ups Ice to Slick 32G; 'Juarez Good With a lull having fallen over Broadway, capped Sunday (30) by opening of the Fair, only the more meritorious of the current pictures are withstanding the general public apathy. . Those that are doing well are estimated to be running at least lO'/o and maybe more unqer what would be a normal take. Things began slowing up for un- accountable reasons Thursday (27). In some spots Saturday (29) was a satisfactory day. but on the whole, it was away under expectations con- sidering that favorable weather pre- vailed. The dip on Sunday was deep, with Broadway dead most of the day. There was a slight pickup late in the afternoon when a drizzle began and the night business got a little closer to normal, but still wasn't good. Aside from the Fair's opening Sun- day (30), managerial opinion is that the sluggishness at boxofflces which set in Thursday (27) was caused partly by plans to attend the Fair and saving of dough toward that. Also not enough out-of-towners here yet. Two Warner pictures, 'Nazi Spy' and 'Juarez,' latter on a roadshow run, are bucking conditions effective- ly. 'Spy' came into the Strand FrI. day (28) and opened good. Plain clothes men were parked inside the house and cops were on dufy out- side but nothing happened except ap- plause and hissing. Getting the best part of weelcend business available, 'Spy' will hit $45,000 or close on its first week, 'Juarez' had an invlted-audlence premiere Tuesday night (25). But- tressed by a good advance sale. It has obtained lively $19,000 on the first six days ending Monday night (1). Picture received excellent no- tices. Capacity at the Hollywood, where current, is $25,697 on the week. The State is up in the higher brack- ets also, and 'Wuthering Heights' is holding its own admirabi}, latter on its third week at the RivoU looking about $28,000 in spite of general leth- argy. The picture dipped with the street Thursday and Friday, but got a good play Saturday (29). It again dropped down on Sunday (30) with the opening of the Fair, but not as much aS: many other shows. It's Eleanor Powell who's drawing at the second-run. State, where the gross will be about $32,000; the pic- ture with her—a fizzle at the Capitol first run—Is 'Ice Follies'. Paramount is weathering the storm satisfactorily with 'Lady's From Ken- tucky' and a stage show including Henry Busse, Lanny Ross, Shirley Ross and Hal LeRoy. The first week. Sl'J^.'il'* '^'t "'Sht (Tues.), was f?5,000, with a premiere of 'Union Pacific tossed in, and second (final) stanza begins today (Wed.). Both 'Cisco Kid' and 'Man of Con- quest are disappointments. The for- mer will hardly hit $20,000 and thus gets but one week, while 'Cisco Kid' won't get $30,000. 'Kid' also scrams after just one week, 'Rose of Wash- ington Square' opening Friday (5) Lovely Night' moves Into the Cap to m or ro w (Thurs.). *^ ~*|nrtlrer--cairght In the slump Is Dark Victory,' which ends Its sec- ?w„7,*"'Vfc* *^e Music Hall tonight i^f^-Knl^L^^'^^^^^ will be lucky to top $70,000 on the holdover after a disappointing Sunday take. 'East Side of Heaven,' obtained from Uni- versal with the RIv releasing It from Its books, opens here tomorrow (Thurs.). A part of this deal by U is giving the Riv 'The Mikado,' which was to have gone Into the Astor. 'Pygmalion' remains at latter for a while as a result, with 'Good- bye, Mr. Chips' opening May 16. 'Streets of New York' will get no more than $6,000 at the Globe, pretty slow. A bitter pill Is 'Blondie Meets, the Boss' which will be this side of a poor $5,000 at the Criterion. The Rialto is in the dumps, also. 'Santa Fe Stampede' and 'All Over Town,' latter reissue, were withdrav/n after three days at under $2,500 and 'Escape from Devil's Island,' another oldie, was rushed in Friday (28). Latter will no doubt be short of $5,-' 500 on the week. Estimates for this Week Astor (1,012; 25-40-55-65)— 'Pyg- malion' (M-G) (21st week). Still do- ing well, about $7,000 this we^k. Last stanza (20th), $7,500. Getting ready to move out with 'Goodbye, Mr, Chips' (M-G) to follow on May 16, Capitol (4,520; 25-35-5S-35-$1.25)— 'Ma'n of Conquest' (Rep)."This pic- ture, most Important first run on Broadway for Republic to date, had to come in at the wrong time; con- ditions will hold It to $20,000 tops, disappointing but not so b^d. Last week "Hardy's Ride High' (M-G) (2d week), under $15,000, a big drop from the first lap's take of nearly. $25,000. Criterion (1,662; 25 - 40 - 55)— 'Blondie Meets Boss' (Col). Very poor at less than $5,000. Last week 'Backdoor to Heaven' (Par), $5,500. Globe (1,274; 25-40-55) —'Streets of New York' (Mono). This one looks only about $6,000, disappoint- ing. The third (Anal) week for 'Prison Without Bars' (UA) was $6,700, good. Hollywood (1,454: S5-85-$1.10-$1.65- $2.20)—'Juarez' (WB) (2d week). Begins second stanza today on twice- daily basis, with three shows Satur- days and Sundays. Premiered Tues- day night (25) before invited audi- ence, picture on first six days has gotten good $19,000. The preem was elaborate and well handled. Palace (1,700; 25-35-55)—'Castles' (RKO) (2d run) and 'Family Next Door' (U) (1st run), dualed. This combo points to around $8,500, okay. Last week 'Love Affair' (RKO) and 'Can't Get Away with Murder' (WB), both 2d run, $8,200. Faramonnt (3,664; 25-35-55-85-99) —'Lady's From Kentucky' (Par) and Henry Busse, I^anny Ross, Shirley Ross and Hal Le Roy in person (2d week). Final week (2d) begins to- day (Wed.) after first seven days of $35,000, aided by preview last night (Tues.) of 'Union Pacific' This is satisfactory going in view of things. In ahead, third week of 'Midnight' and Tommy Dorsey band was $28,000, very good. Radio City Mosic Hall (5.980; 40- 60-84-99-$1.65)-^'Dark Vlptory' (WB) and stage show (2d-anal week). Caught In the current jam, looks doubtful of topping $70,000, okay though under hopes. The first week was $90,000, good. Blalto (750; 25-40-55) — 'Escape from Devil's Island' (Col) (reissue). Thought being to cash in on pub- licity attending withdrawal of 'Devil's Island' (WB), this revival was brought in Friday (28). but not do- ing well, under $5,500 Indicated. 'Santa Fe Stampede' (Rep) and 'AU Over Town' (Rep) (revival), pulled after three days at less than $2,500, Blvoll (2.092; 25-55-75-85-99) — 'Wuthering Heights' (UA) (3d week). Affected a little by a phlegmatic Broadway, but still very formidable b.o. at around $28,000. Last week (2d) was $38,000,. excellent Con- tinues Indetwlth The Mikado' (U) to follow; orobably around June 1. Boxy (5,836; 25-40-55-75)—'Cisco Kid' (20th) and stage show. Away poorly Friday (28), the week, will probably end at this side of $30,000, unfavorable. Last week, fourth for 'Bell' (20th). was $23,500. o. k. State (3,450: 35-55-75)—'Ice Fol- lies' (M-G) (2d run) and Eleanor Powell. Dancer's personal teasing the pocketbooks OTicn for a likely "^^I.OOO week, very good. Last week. 'Stagecoach' (UA) (2d run) and George Givot, plus Eddie DeLange band. $25,000. Strand (2,767: 25-40-55-75-85-99)— 'Nazi Spy' (WB) and Fred Waring band. HIghly-tlckllsh subject mat- ter of this picture Is proving good b.c $45,000 or near to It Although house was prepared for any trouble, with oolice Inside and outside, noth- ing happened beyond applause by some customers and hiising by '>thcr.<r. Great majority of customers are men. An excellent ad campaign, designed to arouse, was put on by the theatre and Warners. Starts a second week Friday (5). The third and last week for 'Dodee City' and Guy Lomba'rdo was $24,000, very good. A swell nroflt was run uo on th'»t show over 21 days, total being •: 7" ofio. 'Okla. Kid; $3,700, Bright In Lincoln; Bette H.O. OK Lincoln, May 2. With everybody* scampering to Omaha for the 'Union Pacific' cele- bration and a glimpse at the flicker stars, local film biz hit the toboggan. Warm weather didn't help any, either. Nevertheless, 'Dark VIctorv,' a holdover, and 'Oklahoma Kid' are tabbed as money-getters. Estimates for This Week Liberty (NTI-Noble) (1,000; 10-13- 25)—'Get Away With Murder' (WB) and 'Fighting Thoroughbreds' (Rep). Fairly good $1^00. Last week, 'Fauntleroy' (UA) and "Blane (3ilna- town' (WB), light $1,100. Lincoln (LT(:-Cooper) (1,600; 10- 15-20-25)—'Frontiersmen' (Par) and 'Marry' (RKO). Won't go over $1,300, light. Last week. 'Basker- villes' (20th), nrofiUble $1,600. Nebraska (LTC-Cooper) (1,236:10- 23-40)—'Love Affair' (RKO). Forti- fied with good names; okay $3,800. Last week, 'Pygmalion' (M-G), nice $3,600. Stuart (LTC-Cooper) rr.OOO; 10-25- 35)—'Oklahoma Kid' (WB). Will rake in strong $3,700. Last week, 'Bell' (20th). good $3,400. Varsity (NTI-Noble) (1.100: 10-25- 35)—'Dark Victory' (WB) (2d wk). Knocked off $3,800 last week, fine, and may score $3,300 this week,, also good.