Variety (May 1939)

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28 VARIETY Wednesday, May 3, 1939 ^^^^ ^^^^M ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^ i diritt farnt«r» wH^Vl »«^^ , turned OMt fast weeken Paramouii**s fliorious Union Pocifk," the bigged «ff I ■ motion picture anyw|l«!9^.'|H fh« •s. Tlity piobb«d the »tr««ts Omaha' nt Jeffers of the Union Poclfie Itailroad for the Notiont^uord to keep <itdttt \n lh&; cily. They ffompled ^er each Other for the glimpse of the Paramount celebrities in for tlie big celebration...Cecil B. DeMille, |ar%r%S^v^'ck, George Raft, Lynne Overman, l^biPt ^restbn, and the other big Paramount stars. And they crowded three theatres, at $2.75 a head, to cheer this as the biggest and best of all the greot DeMille triumphs. When the Indians wrecked the U. P. train In the picture, when the old engine plunged down In the snow slide, when the troops crossed the Dale Creek bridge through fire...they practically Tremendous WovU e heimr^Wft* fh« Orpheiint UtaK^^ad a mkMifift sh«W and that only|took car* of a frtiction of IHa ovwHow ** From such thocAM man as John Friedfi^^tarr Burke, Al Anson and E t Ludwig of Mli^k«t Amusement Company Harold Robb on4 M Rowley of the Robb and Rowley Circuit Rubin of Great States Theatres John Bolaban «f Balaban and Kotz A H Blank of Tristote Theatres Ed Cassler of the Denham Theatre, Horry Warren oiF the Central States Theatres... came praise for Paramount*s picture and for ParamounPs show- manship. W. Averill Horriman, Chairman of tho Board of Union Pacific Raihroad summed up tho whole show.. .''A great pictura".. • he said. And Carl R. Gray, Director of the U. P. gave tho greatest praise of all, "The first railroad pidura I've ever seen In.whtch • railroad man couM find ho fault." ~ Cecal Be 0eMUle's ''UNION wHh Akim Tamirof E ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^; ^ ..-5>.. ,..^..> .r.:-.. . ... / ^' . ^