Variety (May 1939)

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Wednesday, May 3, 1939 VARIETY Verniertremendous business ^ t for * .*«ed 01.* ' p,e«.i«r« •* ,ilv atwn* triple ^•'^ witto Oriil»e«- Look at that Old Union Pacific Pay Train Roll! OMAHA Firat week at (he Om»Iui Theatre hits 215% with Parsmoniit Theatre dolnf tremendoas bnslneas besides. LOS ANGELES ParamoDnt Theatre does week's bnslneis In three days.... 175% fer week. SALT LAKE CITT....Center Theatre (els week's baslness In three days.... 18$% fer week. DENVEB Denham Theatre comes throofh with week's baslness In two days and a rce- ord 200% (or week. CHETENNE, WTOMING....Lincoln Theatre ontfrosslnc "Wells Farco," which did record New Tear's business. LABAMIE, WTOMINO Empress Theatre BUNS WAT AHEAD OF "WELLS FABGO"— THBEE-DAT GBOSS IN TWO DATS. NOBTH PLATTE, NEBBASKA... .Paramonnt and Fox Theatres ranninc way oat In front of "^ells Farto." SAN FBANCISCO Fox Theatre rnnnlnr neck and neck with "Wells Fareo" to smash business. POBTLAND, OBEGON...Paramount Theatre In a close race with "Wells Fareo" and pack- ing them In. Stanwyck • Brian Donlevy kr. Jr. • UM M Ml A4li|it<iaM by J.cfc GunntaCliMi M m SMcy by Emest • A r»Tmmmmt Vtatnn m m 0 m