Variety (Dec 1941)

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Wednesdaji December 8, 1941 PICTURE GROSSES 'Honky Tonk' Smash $30,000 in Chi; meed Woman'18a MF-Vaude 35G H.O^ 'Enemies'-Marcus Unit 23G Chicago, Deo. 3. Chicago loop started out at a sharp Dace again this week. State-Lake, now straight film, follows starting picture on this poUcy, 'Sergeant York.' with 'Honky Tonk.' Gable starrer will do a smash '$30,000. •York' moves to the Ciarrick for ad- ditional loop time. Chicago holds over 'Yank in RAF.' and will grab a bright $35,- 000 on the second session, aided by vaudeville. One other holdover is 'Suspicion' doubled with 'Weekend for Three' in the Palace. BUI topper Is responsible for a solid $12,000 on second stanza. A. B. Ilarcus unit in the Oriental, with 'Public Enemies,' is the main reason why the theatre Is doing socko business at $23,000, best here in somethne. United Artists came up Saturday (28) with Two Faced Woman,' Greta Garbo's sex picture, and is a cinch for around $18,000, fine takings. •SmUln' Through' is giving the Apollo its greatest business in weeks, but the Roosevelt is having some trouble with 'Swamp Water and .'Great Guns.' Estimates for This Week Apollo (B&K) (1^00; 35-55-67-75) —'Smilin* Through' (M-G). Bring- ing in a healthy $10,000, best here In a long time. Last week, 'Inter- national Lady' (UA) and 'Niagara Falls' (UA) (2d week), okay $4,400. Chlcaro (B&K) (4,000; 35-55-75)— •Yank R.A.F.' (20th) and stage show. Second week for the entire Imeup, bright $35,000. Last week, same combo, great $46,500. Oarrlok (B&K) (900; 35-55-65-75) —"York' (WB). Moved here for ad- ditional loop time after five excel- lent weeks in the State-Lake. WiU garner $7,500, great money In this house. Last week, 'Never Rich (Col.) finished three .weeks down- town at nice $4,300. OrlenUI (Iroquois) (3,200; 28-44- 55)—'Public Enemies' (Rep) and 'A B. Marcus Revue' on stage. Mainly on account of the boxoff ice dynamite of the Marcus show the house is rocketing to a brilliant money session, sockeroo $23,000. Last Week. 'Sailors on Leave' (Rep), plus vaude, okav $17,700. Pstoce (RKO) (2.500; 33-44-66)— 'Suspicion' (RKO) and 'Weekend Three' (RKO) (2d week). Good $12,000 following initial week s nifty $17,300. Booseveli (B&K) (1,500:. 35-55-05- 75)—'Swamp Water* (20th) and 'Great Guns' (UA). Double bill not getting much, dull $9,000. Last week, 'New York' (Par) and 'Bad- lands Dakota' (U) wound up two nice weeks herei at $9,600 for secortd session. . „ „, SUtc-Lake (B&K) (2.700; 35-55-65- 75)—'Honky' (M-G). Strong money item from the bell and zoominR to smash $30,000. Last week, Tfork (WB) finished five excellent weeks at sturdy $15,500 for final stanza. Vnltcd ArUsb (B&K-M-G) (1.700; 35-55-65-75) — "Two-Faced' (M-G). Got away in fine style Saturday (29) and looks for around $18,000 on first week. Came In rather quietly but the mere ad mention of a new Garbo picture was sufficient. Last week, 'Chocolate Soldier' (M-G) (2d week), dropped suddenly In its second sesh, mild $10,100. Ilise, Sbme' Mild at $16,000 in Blah WasL; Thb Man'12G on H.a Washington, Uec. 2. Things are back to normal after a mild holiday boom. Only two new films turned up last weekend, 'Birth of Blues,' at Earle, holding the edge over 'Rise and Shine,' at Capitol. Estimates for This Week Capitol (Loew) (3,434; 28-39-44-66) —•Rise and Shine' (20th). plus Jack Durant, other acts on stage. Gov- ernment payday (1) may boost some, but hardly more than a^mild $16,000. ■ 'Chocolate Soldier' vaude, very good Last week, (M-G), plus $19,500. Columbia (Loew) (1,234 ; 28-44)— 'Nothing But Truth' (Par) (move over). Stayed only one week at Pal- ace, which usually makes gross here better, excellent $6,000. Last week ■Yank RA.F.' (20th) (moveover) third downtown week, still healthy $5,500. Karie (WB) (2,2l'6; 28-39-44-66)- 'Birth Blues' (Par), plus stage shows. Sweet $19,000. Last week, 'Died With Boots On' (WB), plus vaude, sizzling $21,500 for eight days. Keith's (RKO) (1,830: 39-55)—'Sus- picion' (RKO) (2d wk). Excellent $9,000, meriting holdover It won't get, with booked pictures piling up be- hind it. Last week, same film, top- notch $15,000. Metropolitan (WB) (1,600; 28-44) -'Night Jan. IV (Par), Flopperoo $3,600, attar being ruahod In Tuaa- day (26) to replace 'Parachut* Bat- taUon' (RKO), whloh diad with $3,500 in five days. Current If Dlad With Boota On*^ (WB) (mbvaovar), starting Tuesday (3). Falaoe (Loew) (3,243; 2S-(IS>— 'Shadow Thin Man' (M-O) (3d wk). A hot boxofflca package, looking tor neat $12,000, followliig bang-up $20,000 first stanza. mp flying: 15G IN BALTO Baltlmor*, Dm. t. Fairish dolngi hara being high- lighted by 'Keep 'An Flying* at Keith's, which is reaching for the biggest take yet recorded by tlie Abbott-Costello combination In this house. Two-Faced Woman,' at Loew's Century, took a front page lacing from the local Catholic Re- view but held its own over the week- end for better than average gait Rest of town only lukewarm. Eatlmatei for TUi Week Century (Loew's-UA) (3,000; IT 28-44)—Two-Faced Woman' (M-G). Ran into criticism from Catholic Church circles but held up nicely to better than fair $12,000. Last week, 'Shadow Thin Man' (M-G) drew solid $16,200. Hippodrome (Rappaport) (2,240; 17-25-28-39-44-55-86)—'Belong to Me' (Col) plus vaude headed by Dave ApoUon, drawing sugary . $14,000. Last week, 'Suspicion' (RKO) plus vaude. held nicely to satisfying $15,300. Keith's (Schanberger) (2,406; 17- 28-33-39-44)—'Keep 'Em Flying* (U) Chalking up a new high, here for Abbott and Costello, bango $15,000. Last week, 'Skylark' (Par) (3d wk), added all right $7,200. New (Mechanic) (1,581; 17-28-88- 44)—'Wake Up Screaming' (20th). With title shifted from 'Hot Spot' some response at $7,000 Indicated. Last week, 'Rise and Shine* (20th), mUd $5,200. Stanley (WB) (3,280; 17-28-40-44- 55)—'One Foot Heaven* (WB) (2d wk). Holding modestly at $9,000 after rather steady openUig round of $12,000. 'Heaven' Sweet $8,000 In Doll K.C4 Garbo 8G, 'Swamp' 9G, 2, Spots Kansas City, Dec. 1 Grosses are retiring from last week's buxom trade although "fltill above average in most houses. Christmas shopping abready cutting into theatre trade. 'One Foot in Heaven' at the Orpheum, and Two Faced Woman' at the Midland, both as toppers on duals, are outstanding. 'Swamp Water' at the Esquire and Uptown is showing surprise strength. Vaudfllm combo houses are not faring so well as the celluloid but maybe it's the attractions. Estimates for This Week- Esqaire and Uptown (Fox-Mid- west) (820 and 2,043; 11-30-44)— 'Swamp Water" (20th). Opened solo Thursday and doing big biz at $9,000, holding over. Last week. 'Keep "Em Flying' (U), better at $7,500. Malnstreet (Indie) (3.050; 11-28-44) —'Her First Beau" (Col) with 'Man- hattan Merry-Go-Round' on stage. Mild $6,000. Last week, 'Buy Town' (Par), with 'Hooray for Hollywood' on stage with John Boles in person, below expectations at $6,200. Midland (Loew's) (4,101; 11-30-44) —'Two Faced Woman' (M-G) and 'Down San Diego' (M-G). Good $8,000. Last week, 'Shadow Thin Man' (M-G) and-'Latins Manhattan' (Col). One of bigger weeks here, solid $12,000. ■ Newman (Paramount) (1,900; 11- 30-44)—'Birth Blues' (Par) (2d wk.). Still in high at $5,500, after nifty first week at $9,000. Orpheum (RKO) <1.500: 11-30-44) —'One Foot Heaven' (WB) and 'Gay Falcon' (WB). Sweet $8,000 and mav hold. Last week, 'Suspicion (RKO) and 'Unexpected Uncle (RKO) average $6,000 but under ex- pectations. ^ Tower (Joffee) (2.110: 11-30)— ■Moonlight Hawaii' (U) with Bell's Hawaiian Follies on stage. Fair S6 500. Last week, 'Never Give Sucker Break' (U) with A. B. Marcus Continental Revue at 50c top. Socker«o $11,500. Fint Rims on Broadway (Subject to C?iani;e) Week ot Dee. I Aitor—The Chocolate Soldier' (M-G) (6th week). (Reuleued In 'Variety,' Oct. Ih) Broadway—'Dtmibo' (Disney) (7th week). (Revletued In 'Variety,' Oct. 1) Capitol—'S m i 11 n' Through' (M-G). .(Reviewed in 'Variety,' Oct. 17) Criterion-'Keep 'Em Flying* (U) (2d week). (Reoleued Jn 'Variety,' Noo. S6) Globe—'Swamp Water' (20th) (4th week). (Revleued In 'Variety,' Oct. 22) Hnalo Hall—'Suspicion' (RKO) (8d week). IRevleuied In 'Variety.' Sept. 24) Paramonnt — .'Skylark' (Par) (8d week). (Rroteued in 'Variety.' Sept. 10) BUIto—'Kid From Kansas' (U) (1) (Rnileuied In 'Variety.' Sept. 24) Blvoll—'How Green Was My VaUey' (20th) (6th week). (Reuleised in "Variety." Oct. 29). Boxy-'Rise and Shine' (20th) (B) (Revleuied in 'Variety,' Now. 19) Strand—'They Died With Their Boots On' (WB) (3d week). • (Retriaued in 'Variety,' Now. 19) Week ot Dec. 11 AstoT—"The Chocolate Soldier* (7th week). Broadway—'Dumbo* (Disney) (8th week). Capitol—'Smllln' Through' (M- Q) (2d week). Criterion—'Keep 'Em Flying* (U) (3d week). Paramonnt—'Birth of the Blues' (Par) (10) (Revleuied in 'Variety.' Sept. 3) Boxy-'Rise and Shine' (20th) (2d week). Blalto—'Date Wlth^' Blackie' (Col) (8). Strand—'Bliies in the Night* ' (WB). (Reviewed in 'Variety,' Nov. 5) ' NeYe B.O. OK Despite Xmas Shopping; Stanwyck - Fonda Sturdy $45,000; A. &C. Big 24&S.A. Vaude Unit 266 Garbo Snappy $16,000 in aeve.; 'Hying'Ditto Cleveland, Dec. 3. They're all flying high here, par- ticularly the Palace combo of Ella Fitzgerald's orch, Four Inkspota and 'Ladies in Retirement,' which is rid- ing clouds. In the field of straight films 'Keep 'Em Flying' stacks up smartly at Hipp and edging up to h.o. figures. Being topped by Two Faced Woman,' which is passing State's records for last Garbo com- edy. 'Shadow of Thin Man' doing excellent moveover trade at Still' man. Estimates tor This Week Allen (RKO) (3,000; 30-35-42-55)— 'Suspicion' (RKO). Satisfactory $5,000 on moveover. Last week 'Yank in RAJ.' (20th), $5,200. Alhambra (Prin-.z) (1,200; 10-20- 35)—'Blond Singapore' (Col) and 'James Bay' (Rep). MUd $700 for three days. Last week, 'Three Girls" (Col) and 'Flying Cadets" (U), nice $1,800 in four days. Circle (Polster) (1,800; 20-35)—'No Greater Sin' (Indie) and '9 Lives Not Enough' (WB). Big campaign on social hygiene film highly productive at $5,500. Last week, 'Great Guns' (20th) (2d run) and 'Niagara Falls' (UA), whammo at $6,000. Hipp (Warners) (3,700; 30-35-42-55) —'Keep 'Em Flying' (U). Abbott- Costello farce getting standees at opening and over the weekend, husky $16,000, and holdover. Last week, 'Suspicion' (RKO), very good $14,500. Lake (Warner) (UUO: 30-35-42-55)— 'Yank R.A.F.' (20th). Fourth chapter tor moveover, nice $2,500. Last week. Target for Tonight' (WB) and 'Law Tropics" (WB), reopened house with sock $3,500. Palace (RKO) (3.VU«; 30-35-42-55- 66)—'Ladies Retirement' (Col) plus Ella Fitzgerald's orch and Four Ink- spots. Best-drawing all-colored bill of season, leading town for an ex- tra-sweet $21,1)00. Last week. 'Texas' (Col) and Orrin Tucker's orch, eased up a bit to $20,000. State (Loew's) (3,4o0; 30-35-42-55) —Two-Faced Woman' (M-G). Talk about Catholic Diocese possibly ban- ning it here gave Garbo farce fan- fare of publicity, spurting biz to nifty $16,000 or better. Last week, 'Shad- ow Thin Man' (M-G) broke Thanks- giving Day attendance records at big $16,500. Stillman ttoew's) (1,872; 30-35-42- 55)—'Shadow Thin Man' (M-G). Fine $7,000 on shift. Last week, 'Skylark' ' (Par) (2d..wk), on li>;ht side, $4,000, The Christmas-shopping period Is here, but so far it is having no seri- ous effect on the downtown New York houses. Where the pictures have better than average public ap- peal business remains at a normal level for the first week of December, or better. -Neighborhood theatres, however, are below expectations re- gardless ot pictures on display. New shows this week include 'You Belong to Me,' which is doing well at the Roxy at $45,000, or close, and the Abbott-Costello comedy, 'Keep 'Em Flying,' a tenstrike for the Cri- terion. 'Flying' ended its first week last night at $24,000, tour times the house average, and embarks on its second today (Wed). There's a new bill at the second- run State also, with the 'Sweater Girl Revue' no doubt providing strong support tor 'Appointment for Love.' A snappy $26,000 or better in prospect. Music Hall, Paramount and Strand are In the holdover column. All are strong. Current (2d) week for 'Sus- picion,' the Hall incumbent, looks $82,000 or over, very good, and holds. Par finished its second week last night (Tues.) with 'Skylark' and the Harry James-Ray Bolger stage com- bination at a hefty $45,000, and be- gins third round today (Wed.). 'They Died With Their Boots On* and the Woody Herman band con- tinue at a fast clip and for the sec- ond week of the engagement will bring the Strand $37,000, or close. Capitol is dipping on holdover of 'Shadow of Thin Man,' probably only about $18,000, light. 'Smllln' Through,' long waiting for Ita N. Y. first-run, opens here tomorrow (Thurs.). Estimates for This Week Aator (Loew's (1,012; 35-55-85- $1.10-$1.25) — 'Chocolate Soldier* (M-G) (5th wk). Mlldlsh $10,500 was scored on the fourth week through Monday (1) and probably won't re- main here more than a week or two. The third stanza over Thanks- giving was $13,700. Broadway (Disney) ^1,896); 36-55- 75) — 'Dumbo' (RKO-DIsney) (8th wk). Still running good at around $22,000. Last week (5th), $23,300. Capitol (Loew's) (4,620; 35-55-85- $1.10-$1.25) — 'Shadow Thin Man' (M-G) (2d-final wk). Petered quickly, initial week expectations falling to/$28,000, while on holdover only about $18,000 is indicated Fair profit on 14-day run, however. 'Smilin' Through' (M-G) opens to- morrow (Thurs.). Criterion (Loew's) (1,062; 35-44-55- 75)—-Keep 'Em Flying* (U) (2d wk), As hot as a pistol at the b.o., Abbott and Costello meant a first week's take here of $24,000, very big; second flight starts today (Wed.). Final nine days on 16-day booking of 'Interna- tional Lady' (UA) was $13,800, good Globe (Brandt) (1,180; 28-35-55)— 'Swamp Water' (20th) (3d wk). Holding up so formidably at $7,500 this session that it will remain a fourth. Last week (3d) was $8,000, fine. PaUce (RKO) (1,700; 28-55-44-55- 65-75)—'Maltese Falcon' (WB) (2d run) and 'Marry the Boss's Daughter' (RKO) (1st run), dualed. This team brought in today (Wed.), a day ahead of schedule. 'Bad Men of MiS' souri' (WB) tlst run) and 'Interna- tional Squadron' (WB) (2d run) went six days but got only $7,000, weak. Behind these, 'Sgt. York* (WB) (2d run), here singly, dug a hangup $11,600 at a 40c opening price. Paramount (Par) (3,664 ; 35-55-85- 99)—'Skylark' (Par) and, on stage, Harry James, Ray Bolger, others (3d- flnal wk). A sock at the b.o., the second week concluded last night (Tues.) being $45,000; first was $68, 000, enormous. Windup stanza bC' gins today (Wed.). Badio City Mnsic Hall (Rocke- fellers) (5,945; 44-55-85-99-$1.65)— 'Suspicion' (RKO) and stageshow (2d wk). Maintains excellent draw- ing power at $82,000, or thereabouta, and another week is scheduled. "The first was $104,000, very big. RUIte (Mayer) (594; 28-44-55)— 'Kid From Kansas' (U). Moved In Monday (1), succeeding 'Date With the Falcon' (RKO), which got $5,800, mild. 'Mob Town' (U) grossed $5,500.' Rivoll (UA) (2,092; 35-55-75-85-90) —'How Green Was Valley' (20th). On the sixth round, up last night (Tues.), $21,000, okay. The prior (5th) week was $28,500, sturdy. No closing date set as yet. Roxy (20th) (5.886; 35-55-65-75-85) —'You Belong to Me' (Col) and stageshow. Stanwyck-Fonda starrer doing very nicely at $45,000, or in that vicinity, but v/111 get only the one week, with 'Rise and Shine' (20lh) opening Friday (5). The con- cluding (3d) rubber lor 'Week-End ir Hfvana' (20th) was $28,000, quite a drop from the second week, but o.k. State (Loew's (3,450; 28-44-55-75- 90-$1.10)—'Appointment for Love* (U) (2d run) and the 'Sweater Girl Revue.' Stage bill of film players combines with film to provide strong suction here this week, $26,000 or more being expected. Last week, •YouH Never Get Rich' (Col) (2d run), with Martha Raye and Jack Durant in person, over $32,000 was recorded with Thanksgiving acting as a tremendous aid. Strand (WB) (2,756: 35-55-75-85- 99)—'Died With Boots On" (WB) and Woody Herman (2d wk). Very good staying powers indicated on chance to hit $37,000 this week (2d), as against $48,000 on the first seven days, including Thanksgiving. Show holds a third semester. mPRYINC 12G, CINCY Cincinnati, Dec, 2. Abnormally warm weather over weekend and heavy Yule shopping are slicing b.o. several notehes. Film aoer currently is 'Keep 'Em Plying* at the Palace. 'I Wake Up Scream* ing,' nee *Hot Spot,' Is down under at the Albee. Texas' at Keith's also Is below par. Combo Shubert with 'Ice-Capades' and Orrln Tucker orch with Bonnie Baker, is equalling theatre's second high of the season. Estimates tor This Week Albee (RKO) (3,300; 33-40-50)— 'Wake Up Screaming" (20th). Change ot title from 'Hot Spot," the tag for advance publicity, confusing cus- tomers and being partly blamed here for $7,000 floperoo, season's lowest tor this house. Last week, 'Shadow Thhi Man' (M-G), big $14,000. Capllol (RKO) (2,000; 40-5S-60)<- 'Sgt York* (WB) (10th wk). Great $5,000. Advertised tor third time as pic's final week. Last week (9th), strong $5,500. Family (RKO) (1,000; 15-28)— "World Premiere' (Par) and 'Secrets Lone Wolf (Cbl) spilt with 'Gun- man from Bodle* (Mono) and "Mercy Island' (Rep). Normal $2,000. Same last week on 'Spooks Run Wild' (Mono) and 'James Bay' (Rep) split with 1 Killed That Man* .(Mono) and 'Go Collegiate' (Mono). Grand (RKO) (1,430: 33-40-5(0— 'Shadow Thin Man' (M-G). -Move- over from Albee for second week. De luxe $5,500. Last week, '(^ocolate Soldier' (MtG), eight days, wham $8,000, theatre's best in weeks. Keith's (Libson) (l.SOO; 33-40-50) —Texas' (Col). No dice at $3,000. Last week, 'Birth Blues' (Par) (2d nm), okay $4,500. Lyrlo (RKO) (1.400 ; 28-33-42)— 'Suspldpn' (RKO). Transferred from Palace for pecond week. AU right $3,500. House Is reverting to former moveover policy with slight scale slash, after unsuccessful three-week try with duals, at lowered price. Last week, 'Never Give Sucker Break' (U) and 'Burma Convoy' (U) at 28- 40c. scale, mild $3,500. Palaoe (RKO) (2.600; 33-40-50)— 'Keep 'Em Flying' (U). Zooming to ziopv $12,000. Last week, 'Suspicion' (RKO), nice $11,000. Shnbert (RKO) (2.150: 33-44-60)— Ice-Capades' (Reo) and Orrin Tuck- er's band with Bonnie Baker. In the groove for $16,500, matehing Phil Harris' mark for season's second high, Horace Heidi's $17,200 being tons. liast week. 'AMHch President' (Par) and WLWs 'TVinne County Jamboree' unit, fair $10,500. 'One Foot , in Heaven* Good $13,500 in J. C. Jersey City, Dec. 2. Jersey City's first-run houses are' doing normal business. 'International Lady' at Loew's and 'One Foot In Heaven' at Stanley are getting good grosses. Estimates tor This Week Loew's (Loew's) (3,205; 28-33-50)— 'International Lady (UA) and 'KU- dare's Wedding' (M-G). Nice $14,- 000. Last week, 'Ladles Retirement* (Col) and 'Married Bachelor' (M-G), fine $16,000. Stanley (WB) (4,500: 30-35-55)— 'One Foot Heaven* (WB) and 'Swing Soldier' (U). Good $13,500. Last week, 'Died with Boota On' (WB) and 'Moon Over Shoulder' (20th), dandy $17,500. State (Skouras) (1,500: 30-35-55)— 'Caroline' (RKO) and Texas' (Col). Weak $8,000. Last week, 'Appoint- ment Love' (U) and 'La.'it Duanes* (?0*h). thin Mnno.