Variety (Dec 1941)

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10 PICTUBB GROSSES Wednesdaj, December 3, 1941 Two-Faced Woman' $19,000 in Frisco; 'Heaven Thin $9,500,'Flying'9a H.O. San Francisco, Dec. 2, Flock of holdovers slowing the pace somewhat. Rains helped to drive customers into the houses and some. benefit was felt from influx of visitors for the annual Stanford- California football game, big event out here. Strong holdovers are •Keep "Em Flying' at the Orpheum and "Birth of the Blues' at the Para- mount Golden Gale enjoyed a sat- isfactory third frame with 'Look Who's Laughing.' Not so forte was the repeat stanza of 'Sundown" at the United Artists. Only newcomer of importance is 'Two Faced Woman' which is doing good at the Fox. 'One Foot in Heaven' is proving quiet at the Warfleld. Estimates tor This Week Fox (F-WC) (5,000; 35-40-50)— Two Faced Woman' (M-G) and •Cadet Girl' (20th). Garbo puUing slightly above average for a good $19,000. Last week, 'Shadow Thin Man' (M-G) and 'Sons O'Guns' (WB), big $20,000. Golden Gat« (RKO) (2,850; 39-44- 85)—'Look Who's Laughing' (RKO) (3d wk) and vaude. Aided by a one-day appearance of "Mrs. Upping- ton' plus a new vaude bill topped by Roscoe Ates, nice $10,500. Last (2d) week, finished above expectations with slick $15,000. Orpheam (Blumenfeld) (2,440; 35- 40-50)—'Hbep 'Em Flying* (U) and •South Tahiti' (U) (2d week). Still big at strong $9,000. I^ast (1st) week, smash $15,1Q0. Paramoant (F-WC) (2,470; 35-40- 60)—'Birth Blues' (Par) and 'Parson Panamint* (Par) (2d week). Hold- • over plenty forte at $10,500. Last (1st) week, .excellent $18,000. 9t. Francis (F-WC) (1,475; 35-40- BO)—'Shadow Thin Mah' (M-G) and 'Sons O'Guns' (WB) (movepver). Will do average $5,000. Last (move- ever) week, 'Hot Spot' (20th) and •Great Guns' (20th), ditto. United Artists (UA-Blumenfeld) (1,100: 35-4ft-50)—'Sundown' (UA) and 'Ameridan Co-Ed' (UA) (2d -week). This one skidded to around $6,000. Last (1st) week, okay at $9,000. Warfleld (F-WC) (2,650: 35-40-50) —'One Foot Heaven' (WB) and 'Small Town Deb' (20th). Mild en- try, probably won't pass $9,500. Last ■week, 'Chocolate Soldier' (M-G),and •Married Bachelor' (M-G), also only fair at $10,000. tas'Smash $21,500 In Pitt; 'Keep Hying' Record 14G,U'10G Pittsburgh, Dec. 2. Weekend following Thanksgiving always is big around here but ther^'^. been nothing like this one since 1929. Streets were packed solid and theatres naturally cashed in on the boom. While biz slipped off some yesterday (Monday) the drop wasn't too noticeable. At the Fulton, 'Keep "Em Flying,' will break all existing records and may \. run until Xmas. Ben Bernie, at the Stanley, back for first time in five years, is boosting 'New York Town' to a great week. •They Died With Their-Boots On* is shooting the Penn to its top figure since 'Honky Tonk.* • "You'll Never Get Rich' is putting the Senator right back in the big coin after a fortnight with 'Life With Father.' •Shadow of Thin Man' is big on . holdover at the Warner. Estimates for This Week Fallon (Shea) (1,700; 30-60 •Keep 'Em Flying* (U). Breaking records dally ■ and will hit a new all-time high for house, grand $14,- 000. Spot has never seen anything like this Abbott-Costello picture which llkel^ will top theatre's previ- ous peak by $3,000. Swell campaign, helped by Carol Bruce's p.a. Last week, 'Great Guns' (20th), five-day h.o., very good $3,800. . Penn (Loew's-UA) (3,300; 30-40- 60)—'Died With Boots On' (WB). Labeled locally as best of Errol Flynn films. Sockeroo $21,500 and best here since 'Honky Tonk.' ' Last week, 'Shadow Thin Man' (M-G), nearly $17,000. Bitz (WB) (800; 30-40-60) —'One Foot Heaven* (WB). Brought here from Stanley, where picture also had the advantage pf a stage show. Fine $3,500 or better. Last week, ♦Little Foxes' (RKO) (3d wk. down- town), just 42,500, fair. , Senator (Harris) (1,750; 30-40-50) —'Never Rich' (Col). Including the extra Sunday it got in last week (23) during legit engagement of 'Life With Father,' around $10,000, neat takings, and holdover. Stanley (WB) (3.800: 30-44-60-66)— •New York Town' (Par) and Ben Bernie. Picture soundly rapped, so It must be the Ole Maestro, making his first appearan(v; here in five years. Nifty $25,000. I.ast week f Andrews Sisters with Johnnie (Scat) Davis band and 'One Foot Heaven' (WB), sensational $31,000. Warner (WB) (2,000; 30-40-50)— 'Shadow Thin Man' (M-G). Moved here from Penn. Strong $7,200. Last week, 'Ladies Retirement' (Col) and 'Our Wife' (Col) $6,000. Garbo Fair $7,500 in L'wMe; Toxes' Tops Town With Big $9,000 Louisville, Dec. 2. Only two first-runs in town with new product, Rialto doing slick biz with 'Little Foxes' and Loew's with 'Two-Faced Woman' is shaping up okay but not sensational. H.o's at the other houses are settling down to mild trade. Mary Anderson is high- lighting its ads with announcements of 'Postlvely last week of Sgt York.' Current is the 10th local week first-run at upped admissions with all records for length of run and gross broken at this house. It's the seventh week at the Mary Anderson. Downtown houses are getting opposish from Roller Derby cur- rently and Boone (bounty Jamboree under sponsorship of WAVE drew a crowd to the Memorial Auditorium Sunday (30). Weather has been un- seasonably warm which doesn't help. Estimates for This Week Sio-nv (Loew's-Fourtn Avenue) (1,400; 15.-30-40)—'Keep 'Em Flying' (U) and 'Mr. Celebrity' (U). Shift- over from Rialto, satisfactory $2,300. Last week, 'Birth Blues' (Par) and 'Among Living' (Par), third down- town stanza, medium $1,800. Kentucky (Switow) (1,200; 15-25) —'Dive Bomber' (WB) and 'Wild Geese CaUing' (20th). Okay $1,700. Last week, 'Charley's Aunt' (20th) and 'Navy Blues' (WB), nice $1,800. Loew's State (Loew's) (3,300; 15- 30-40)—'Two-Faced Woman' (M-G) and "Down San Diego' (M-G). Pull- ing pretty good trade at matinees with h.o's in other houses sending some biz. Weather over weekend also is blamed for only fair $7,500. Last week, 'Shadow Thin Man' (M-G) and 'Latins Manhattan' (Col), tremendous Thanksgiving Day and bumper weekend, enormous $14,000. Mary Anderson (LIbson) (1,100; 15- 33-46)—'Sgt York' .(WB) (7th wk). 'Final Week' signs are up, and this time it looks like they aren't fooling. 'York* has broken all house records for length of run. Current stanza should cop satisfactory $2,800, after last week's good $3,000. National (Indie) (2.400; 35-50)— 'Hurricane Smith' (Rep) and stage show '45 Minutes from Broadway,' Most pretentious stage show so far. Interpolation of three vaude acts, topped by Judy Starr gives the stage biU a lift Fine $7,000. Last week, 'Public Enemies' (Rep) with stage show 'Artistis Moderne,' trim $6,200. Rialto (Fourth Avenue) (3,400; 15- 30-40)—'Little Foxes', (RKO) and 'Unexpected Uncle' (RKO). Pulling the class trade. Favorable press com- ment is helping to splendid $9,000, Last week, 'Keep 'Em Flying' (U) and 'Mr. Celebrity' (U), terrific $16,000. Strand (Fourth Avenue) (1,4Q0; 15- 30-40) — 'Look Who's Laughing' (RKO) and 'Gay Falcon' (RKO). Aiming at juicy $4,000, after last week's very strong $6,500. 'Love' Oke $17,000, BTiyiij 'Honky' Same on 2d Week Brooklyn, Dec 2. - Business strong enough to warrant holding over in several downtown deluxers. Fabian Paramount with ■Nothing But the Truth' and '40,000 Horsemen' up front Loew's Metro- politan is best on second session of ■Honky Tonk' and 'Down in San Diego.' Estimates for This Week Albee (RKO) (3,274; 30-40-50-55)— 'Appointment Love' (U) and 'Chan in Rio' (20th). Okay $17,000. Last week, 'Belle Starr' (20th) and 'Moon Over Shoulder' 20th), quiet $16,000. Fox (Fabian) (4,023; 30-40-50-55)— 'Ladies Retirement' (Col) and 'New York Town' (Par) (2d wk). Satis- factory $13,'5O0. Last week, first rate $16,500. Met (Loew's) (3,618; 30-40-50-55— 'Honky Tonk' (M-G) and 'Down San Diego'^ (M-G) (2d wk). Nifty $17,- 000. Last week, booming $21,000. Paramount (Fabian) (4,126; 30-40.- 50-55)—'Nothing But Truth' (Par) and '40,000' Horsemen' (Indie) (2d wk). Pleasant $16,000 on second stanza. Last week, hefty $23,000. Strand (WB) (2,800; 30-40-50-55— 9 Lives Not Enough' (WB) and stage show featuring RItz Brothers and Clyde Lucas' orchestra. Satisfactory $13,000 on four days. Last weelc, Three Girls' ((3d1) and stage show with Sally Rand and Mitchell Ayres' band, okay at nearly $13,000. Toifc'Slick $27,000 Solo m Boston,* Hreekenir-Martiia Raye Sturdy 22G GAKBO FINE $10,000, INDPIS4 HEAVEN' 7iG Indianapolis, Dec. 2. Bing Crosby is the toast of the downtown sector this week, riding along at the Indiana to nitty biz in 'Birth of the Blues' dualled with 'Among the Living.' Greta Garbo's "Two-Faced Woman,' at Loew's, also is big. Circle is just average with 'One Foot in Heaven.' Estimates for This Week Circle (KaU-Dolle) (2,600; 25-30- 40)—'One Foot Heaven' (WB) and "9 Lives Not Enough' (WB). Aver- age $7,500. Last week, 'Maltese Fal- con' (WB) and 'Law Tropics' (Par), -same at $7,500. IndUna (Katz-Dolle) (3,100; 25-30- 40)—■Birth Blues' (Par) and 'Among Living' (Par). Very good $11,500. Last week. 'Keep 'Em Flying' (U) and 'Mob Town' (U), trim $12,000. Loew's (Loew's) (2,400; 25-30-40)— "Two-Faced Woman' (M-G) and 'Down San Diego' (Col). Fine $10,- 000. Last week, 'Shadow Hiin Man' (M-G) and 'Latins Manhattan' (Col), forte $12,500. Lyrlo (Katz-Dolle) (1.900; 25-30-40) —'Keep 'Em Flying' (U) and 'Mob Town' (U) (moveover). After first playing bigger Indiana, breaking even at $3,800. Last week. 'Inter- national Squadron' (WB) and 'Father ITakes Wife' (RKO) (2d wk). move- over from Circle, same at $4,000. 'Belong to Me' $8,100, Port; TTim Man'7G110. Portland, Ore., Dec. 2. •You Belong to Me' taking honors as new picture this week, puUing strong at the Orpheum. Holdovers doing good biz at all other houses, with 'Keep 'Em Flying' leading at the Broadway. Estimates for This Week Broadway (Parker) (2,000; 35-40- 60)—'Keep 'Em Flying' (U) and 'Burma (jonvoy' (U) (2d wk). Nice $5,000. First week, terrific $12,300. M a y f a I r (Parker - Evergreen ) (1,500)—Legit Last week (35-40- 60), 'One Foot Heaven' (WB) and 'New Wine' (UA), closed four days 'Skylark'-Tolies'Unit Sock $31,000 In Del:'Wake Up-'Sucker'S(hSol6G , Detroit, Dec. 2. Occasional stage shows, which De- troit gets, will lift the Michigan out In front tills week with biz generally back closer to normal after holiday lift Michigan has 'Skylark' and a 'Folles Bergere' unit on stage, and Is doing a sockeroo $31,000, aided by tilted scale Saturday midnight show. Fox won't do much above average although crixs here like its 'I Wake Up Screaming' and 'Never Give a Sucker An Even Break.' United Ar- tists' pair, 'Smilin' Thru' and 'Fem- inine ToucV are listless. Estimates for This Week Adams (Balaban)' (1,700; 40-55-65) —'Keep 'Em Flying' (U) (2d wk) and 'Small Town Deb' (20th). Former moved over after nine-day stretch at Fox and will get a fair $7,000. Last week, 'Appointment Love' (U) and Three Girls' (Col) (2d wk), neat $9,000 for nine-day holiday pu]J. Fox (Fox-Michigan) (5,000; 40-55- 65)—'Wake Up Screaming' (20th) and 'Never Give Sucker Break' (U), Average $16,000. Last week, 'Keep •Eni Flying* (U) and 'Perfect Snob' (20th). set oS by a world preem, soared up to a terrific $38,000 in nine days. Hlohlfan (United Detroit) (4,000; 90-55-65-75)—'Skylark' (Par) and 'Folies Bergere,' with Cass Daley on stage. Infrequent stage show here is showing its pull with a smash $31,000, helped by a reserved seat $1.10 down- stairs and 860. balcony for midnight show, Saturday (29). I^st week, 'Birth Blues' (Par) and "Big Store' (M-G) started Thanksgiving for a big $27,000 in nine days. Palms-State (United Detroit) (3,- 000; 40-55-65)—'Birth Blues' (Par) (moveover) and 'Redhead' (Mono). Former in .here after nine days at Michigan but enough left for nice $8,000. Last week, 'Maltese Falcon' (WB) and 'Kisses Breakfast' (WB) (moveover), smart $11,000 for nine- day run. United Artists (United Detroit) (2,- 000; 40-55-65)—'Smllln' Thru' (M-G) and 'Feminine Touch' (M-G). List- less $9,000. Last week, 'Honky Tonk' (M-G) and 'Kildare's Wedding' (M- G) (6th wk), wound up fat run with a choice $10,000. i of second week of moveover for high takings at $4,500. Orphtnm (Hamrlck - Evergreen) (1,800; 36-40-90)—'Belong to Me' iCol) and liadies Retirement' (Col). Strong $8,100.' Last week (40-80-65), 'Sergeant York' (WB) (3d wk), smash $7,000, Paramoimt (H-E) (3,000; 36-40-60) —'Birth Blues" (Far) (2d wk) and 'Moon Over Shoulder' (20th) (1st wk). Okay $6,500. Last week, paired with 'Buy Town* (Par), went to a great $13,000. United ArtlsU (Parker) (1,000; 35- 40-50)—'Shadow Thin Man' (M-G) (2d wk). Great $7,000. Last week, same film, big $9,000. Tartners'-LWelkNice $16,000 m Raddy Mpls^ Urn Man' Whanuny I IG Minneapolis, Dec. 2. The throngs- that are fighting to get into the State to see 'Shadow of the Thin Man' and give no hint of usual pre-Christmas boxoSice slump. Overflovra over the weekend sent the picture off to a speedy start With Its second successive name band stage show and fourth recently, the Orpheum is doing nicely with 'Unholy Partners' plus Lawrence Welk's band. A pair of holdovers, 'Skylark' and 'Major Barbara,' con- tinue'In the money, ' Estimates for ThU Week Aster (Par-Singer) (900; 17-28)— 'Ruggles Red Gap' (Par) (reissue) and This Way,. Please' (Par) (re- Issue). In for five days and oke $1,400. 'Lady Scarface' (RKO) and 'Stork Pays Off (Col) open Wednes- day (3). 'Queen Murder Ring' (Col) and "Kid Kansas' (U) split with 'Se- crets Wasteland' (Par) and 'Sing Chorus' (U), nice $2,000 In nine days. Century (P-S) (1,600; 28-89-44)— 'Skylark' (Par) (2d wk). Moved here from State after fine week there. Pretty good $3,200. Last week, 'Started With Eve" (U) (2d wk), great $6,000 after good $6,300 first six days. Esqnlre (Berger) (200: 28)—'De- linquent Parents' (Indie) and 'Re- bellious Daughters' (Indie). StUl on the sex trail for mild $800. Last week, 'He, Virgin Man' (French) and "Ijove Life Gorilla' (Indie), fair $700.- Gopher (P-S) 998; 28)—'Parachute BattaUon' (RKO). Fair $3,000. Last week, Texas' (Col), terrific $6,900. Orphcnm (P-S) (2,800; 29-44-55)— •Unholy Partners' (M-G) and stage show with Lawrence Welk orche^ tra. Stage show well liked. Fairly big $16,000. L^ week, 'Appoint- ment Love' (U) and Will Bradley band on stage, good $16,900. State (P-S) (2,900; 28-39-44)— ■Shadow Thin Man' (M-G). Powell- Loy combo continues in gold'nug- gets, very big $11,000. Last week, 'Skylark' (Par), good $8,200. Uptown (Par) (1,100; 28-39)— •Honky Tonk' (M-O). First neigh- borhood showing. Strong $3,500. Last week, 'Feminine Touch' (M-G), also first neighborhood showing, good $3,000. World (Par-Stefles) (350; 28-39-44) —'Major Barbara' (UA) (2d wk). Good $2,000 in prospect Last week, sturdy $3,000. THW MAN' BIG $7,500, LEADER IN MUD MONT'L Montreal, Dec. 2, Window and Xmas shopping starting to hold grosses down. 'Shadow of Thin Man' and 'Sus- picion' should be close to a tie for top bli. Duals are hardest hit as most of trade comes during week- ends. Estimates for This Week Palace (CT) (2,700; 30-45-62)— 'Shadow Thin Man' (M-G). Good JTiSOO Last week, 'Skylark' (Par), fair $6,000. Capital (CT) (2,700; 30-45-62)— Tfeekend Havana' (20th) and 'We Go. Fast' (20th). Nice $6,000. Last week. International Squadron' (WB) and "Body Disappeared' (WB) okay $6,000. ,„LjDow's (CT) (2,800: 35-53-87)— 'Suspicion' (RKO). Trim $7,500. Last week h.o. 'Honky Tonk' (M-G), neat $6,600. Princess (CT) (2,300; 27-34-47)— 'Great Guns' (20th) and 'Man at Large' (20th). Fair $3,000. Last week, 'Woman Mine' (U) and 'Bach- elor Iteddy' (U), good enough Orphenm (Ind) (UO0; 30-40-60)— 'Sundown' (OA) (2d wk). Nice $3,500 ahead after trim $4,500 last week. Cinema do Paris (France-Film) (600; 30-60)—'La Charette fantome' / Boston. Dec. 2. Bright week In prospect here, with 'Sergeant York' topping everything, running solo at tilted scale in the' Met - 'H. M, Pulham, Esq.' has a 'world preem' here Wednesday night at I^oew's State and Orpheum with Robert Young and J. P.'Marquand as added attractions, and no price tilt 'Suspicion' is holding over after a big first week at the Memorial, and 'Shadow of Thin Man' is staying an extra six day at the Orpheum and Stete. Par and Fenway are chalking up good trade with 'I Wake Up Scream, ing' (formerly 'Hot Spot') as a result of, special exploitation which in- cluded rewriting the press book. Martha Raye Is whooping biz at the RKO Boston, heading stage show with 'Weekend for "Three.' Estimates for This Week Boston . (RKO) (3,200; 30-35-44-55- 65)—'Weekend Three' (RKO) and stage show topped by Martha Raye. Nifty $22,000. Last week, 'Sealed Lips' (U) with RItz Brothers on stage, $21,800, very good. Fenway (M&P) (1,373; 40-44-55)— 'Wake Up Screaming' (20th) and "We Go Fast' (20th). Good $6,500. Last week, 'Birth Blues* (Par) and 'Among Living' (Par) (both 2d run'), $5,200. Keith MemorUI (RKO) (2,900; 30- 40-44-55) —'Suspicion' (RKO) and "Moonlight Hawaii' (U) (holdover). Okay $16,000. First week's tally $21,800, extra good. Metropoliten (M&P) (4.367; 40-55- 65)—'Sgt York' (WB). Opened with holdouts Friday (28) night ond kept the deluxer jammed over weekend. Single features are rare here, but the $27,000 for this one may point to a trend. Last week, 'Skylark' (Par) and 'Glamour Boy' (Par), skidded io $15,000. Orphenm (Loew) (2,900; 30-40-44- 55)—'Shadow Thin Man' (M-G) and 'Naval Academy' (Col) (holdover for 6^ days). Neat $13,000 gait Last week, same combo $19,000, big. 'Pul- ham' (M-G) opens Wednesday (3). Paramoant (M&P) (1,800; 30-40-44- 55)—'Wake Up Screaming' (20th) and 'We Go Fast* (20th). Very perky $12,000. Last week, 'Birth Blues' (Par) and 'Among Living' (Par) (both 2d run), $9,500, good. Stete (Loew) (3,600; 30-40-44-55)— 'Shadow Thin Man' (M-G) and "Naval Academy' (Col) (holdover for 8V4 days). Nifty $10,000. Last week, same duo garnered $18,300, very good, Translux (Translux) (900; 17-28- 44)—'South Tahiti' (U) and 'Kid Kansas' (U). Oke $3,500. Last week, "Target for Tonight' (WB) and 'Kfax- well Archer' (Mono), fine $4,000, on holdover. UNDER AGE'-CUGAT BIG $16,000 FOR NEWARK Newark, Dec. 2. Three new shows and four hold- overs are puUing in strong grosses here. Leading the list Is Loew's, with 'International LaJy,' at a nice $15,000. Estimates for This Week Adams (Indie) (2,000; 25-35-50-60) —'Under Age' (Col) and Xavier Cugat's orch and Miguelito Valdes. These plus five extra vaude acts on Monday, fine $16,000. Last week, 'Rags to Riches' (Rep) plus Bill Rob- inson and Jimmie Lunceford's or- chestra on stage and additional ■ vaude on Monday, sparkling $17,000. Brantord (WB) (2,800; 28-38-44-55) —'Died with Booto On' (WB) and ■Blondie Singapore' (Col) (2d wk). Good $12,000. Last week, solid $18,000. Capitol. (WB) (1,200; 20-28-39-44)— 'Honky Tonk' (M-Q) and 'Wait for You' (M-G) (9 days). Satisfactory $3,800 gross. Last week, 'Sun Val- ley' (20th) and 'Flying Cadete' (U) (6 days), n.s.g. $2,500. Uttle (Indie) (300; 33-39-55)-t 'Sins Bali' (Indie) and 'She-Devil Island' (Indie) (2d wk). Nice $3,506 and best second week in house's his- tory. Last week, walloping $3,900. Paramount (Adams-Par) (2,000: 30-35-44-55)—'Skylark' (Par) and 'Sailors on Leave' (Rep) (2d wk). Pleasing $11,000. Last week, same combo with 'Sailors' shown only last three days, powerful $17,000. Proctor's (RKO) (2,400; 28-44-55) —'Caroline' (UA) and 'Belle Sterr' (20th) (2d wk). Great $13,500, helped by 6 acts of vaude, Monday and 'Tuesday nights. I,ast week, solid $18,000. State (Loew's)'(2,600; 28-33-44-55) —'International Lady' (UA) and 'KUdare's Wedding' (M-G). At- tractive $15,000. Last week, 'Ladies Retirement' (Col) and ' 'Married Bachelor' (M-G), good $14,000. (2d wk). Mild $1,000 following good enough $1,200 last week. St. Denis (France-Film) (2,600: 30-40)—'L'Empreinte du Dieu' and 'La Meprise de Mme. Vldal.' Good $5,000. Last week, 'L'Esclave Blanche' and 'M'.<:ieu Begonia,' okay $4,200.