Variety (January 1944)

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Wednesday, January 5, 1944 Thirty-etf'hih p^^RiETY Amuversafy RADIO 109 Advertising Agency Showmanship During 1943 : ; Wh'U^ ft , agencies;’participa netwpik broadcasting broke all/recprcis' durmg.'.1943 atiye factor within the agency held; seenved;to; be operas in reVerSe/The iaul't/was not the agencies',, Wfthv.war .deciiftat:* lug the ^ageneygstaffs/ there 'followed,the inevit^ of sabstituting,;for :the Ofpee.-niftde' ^ fre'etapee- producer's package or something that, had,.been built and given a sustaining warmup by a network. ; '■■■■;’■ ’’ Nothing particularly novel or distinctive in programming ideas emerged during the year from these multiple sources ot production. As for personalities, perhap.s only one. Dinah Shore, might be .credited with’floweiiing. ihtb' fulIsOme'^T nition, and a sturdy assist in that direction may be chalked up to 'i'oung & Rubicam. ’ ’ . ; , Daytime programming garnered ..a goodly'portio-n of the, clihiekl thinkiftg,—There was a pronounced interest, in ' lurnisiiing the hausfriui li.sler.or with some form of entertain-, ment other thaft scrial, &' Gamble, No. 1 underwriter of the daily' SofttestiC; drama, proved e.specially .susceptible to the quest. Hence BlaekoU-Sampie-Ilummerfs link with ti-.e 'Hollywood Star Playhouse' and Pedlar & Ryan's ex- perimentiiig : with thedaytime, .serial ■ whodunit, ‘Perry Masbn.’' Others turned; to musical fare and variety. A suin- mary of ad agency;- shoiivmanship tor 19t3. as observed by the members of 'Variety's' .stall’, fallows: . ■ Aubrey, Moore & Waliare: Like 'OT Man River,’ this one keeps rolling along in the same old groove year alter year. The two house iraditionnls are Campagna's 'First Nighter' : (this year Mdthbut his taxicab I and Williamson Candy’s ’J.ury Trials;’ . As a . Separ.ate. infting, .C)arnpagiva;;again bankTO^^ ■'the crooning Dick Powell. The agency'.s newcomer was the Shbpwbrn meller, ‘Hot Copy’ (Blue 1, with O’Cedar paying , the bills. - ■; N: \V. Ayeri induced .Goodyear'' Tire &. Rubber, to take a dip Into hillbilly entertainment ('Hook' 'n' Ladder Follies') and a group of electric utilities to write the check.s for CBS' ‘Re- port to the Nation.’ The former sevioH is yet to prove itself. , :A.s for ‘Report,! a nod is; due the. agenc.v tor the suave’and know-how way it has gone aoout nicrchandising tlie clients’ Btovy. B.B.D. & O.; Expanded solely in the daytime field, spe- cifleally Satlii'day,,., with ‘Fashions in Rations' ,for' Sei vel and ’ ‘Let's Pretend' (CBS pabkage) tor Creaih o' Wheat; ‘Rations’ seems tb fill its function sat.i.sfactOTi'ly; ; Agertcy ,iS; still niaking ■ plenty hay with its oldie.s. ‘Cavalcario of .America.' ‘Hour’ of, Charm’ tPhil Spitalny) and Arm.stfQOg Theatre.’ ’ Lost the Vimms (Lever l business to j;-Whiter Thompson. .. Ted Bates; A devotee of the ti'ip-h.ammer school, of adver- „ tising. and. merchandising,' thi.s :a,ge .'-eenr: to be epdowed with tile unhappy faculty of providing good musical 'enter- tainment and then injecting something which tends to dull the' fine edge of the entertaiiunen',. . With 'Million Dollar Band’ it's the blasting of the diamond, i'in;g, giveaway and on ‘Keepsakes.' the deluge of poof .’romaiilic. 'doggerel.. Replaced ‘Hobby Lobby’ with 'Inner Sanctuin’ iPulmolive Shaving Cream;) and introduced the diibioii.s novcll.v Of iiaving the program'slyoice'mehace' double ill the': pl,lig-di.shing role wllii, . s’uch n.ilties as 'Do you like the si.eii'. of blood and gore while shaving?' and ‘Would yo'.ir wife !;Ue it if you cut yourself a piece of throat?' . Benton & Bowles: '■Inherited.'.'the..packaged 'The Thin Man'. ; through General Foods and dcb-.i'.cd the. likewise packaged ‘Blind Dale' as -a summer; iillef. for: the..Frank Mor,gai>Faftnie. , Brice frame (Maxw'cll Hou.-.'e ColToo i. Tlic last named sh.ow . remains the a;;'s '.sole ceiitei; ol; nightlihie. producti.bii, ' activity. ’ The .Quality 'is,''.,aS'; upper-bracket a.s ever. ‘The? .Prudehtial'Family: Hou'r' haf.cUy ever veers fi'Otft it.- groove ,of ; nice stoc'ic musieal .entertainmerif.. ' ' Birmingham.'" Caslleman &; .Pierce,; Dusted off fOr radio audiertces .the Dale ;Camegie "ot ciu nes and :plati'- . ttides (Lee Hats) and ropiacotl in Coiili’.s.boiuilf a I'lCws cum- mentatpr■ with; a simple rnusioal melange.’ on ,Mut'ual.' :’■ ’, ' B.iow,; Gihny '.Simms, and,‘Take ft .0,i'’ Leave ’It';'seei'ft ..:to .’b , the Only twb.ipi'ogfalji's’ firiftly .grpoved. Oft lliis agevneyts. ybsteri:: Audi’.ion.s of re’p'.acoinpiits for 'Phijii)'Ml)rri^ Playlmnse' and • ‘drime .Dpetpr’ ;have 'beconio as' pvo’yerb’ ,;.as th;e iinv’enlpr's quesf-fbr perpetual motion. . CapUired 'lie ; Wine .'ic- counl wilh the CBS package. ‘Su.sponsc,' • part. 'Ol the bail. Revive;.! ‘What's My .Name?' iSan-X:n>-P;:i~:' tor a very lim- ited ran. ' , '..’i .' 'fp .'Dancer, Fit/g'erald & Sample; As iliheritor ot: most of the whilom ’Blac.fe,ett-Samp.le-Huiftmbrt? ag'Pncy'.s .’’radio . inte'r.e^ . b-F-C'includes, in its list ti'.c new :;all-i:oi;r versions of ' Aces' amt ‘Mr; Keen.' • . ,,, ;«.®,“cha.pAft.h F-kefbi.sfd.^a.Jiig )1 ,,cRuiU!'y.;.bt ■:kho,h;iftaftsJl^ ; musical session ,.wh,:iGh o’c.eti'pied ,Texaeo'.s,'S'ui’).day 'slo',*d ,oft .C ■■’dhring' ...FfG9.’’ 'AU exlcndod.', 'I'ay.iifl''..- '■■'A’’'; deserving' pf kudo.s for Us generally line handling of :!ie Metropolitan Opera broadcasts;:' i ■ ■ ' . ' '■ • ■ . Campbell-EwaUl: on ti'.e .netwOiiv.slate' thi.s time by: virtue, of General. Motors', assun.ip: ion. of the ci'.ips in. connect tion with the NBC Symphi.iny: Ar'turo Toscatiini. L'eopoid , Stokowski, et .al. ' ' ' ■"? Clements: The Pied Piper of tiic b.chness. ’ Stiii. digs ’em:;' out' of the ki’ftd,efga,rten 'iind .'tlur .prhnai'y.?sohpol.'':'' L^^ .moppet■fec'r.tiif 'IS a-five^y’eai'fbld.’Bhhb.V'lto .s'.tin-.- ; bl'iftg.,l.yi;ics and speech, maiiage.s. to liblci .:lh’e;,aftentioft’ ot a narrow, it strange, stra'tum';'of''!ie.i'.s, ’.,Lo;s^ the...ydclcling'' Olivio Santoro'to the Army. b;'.t :camb,, up 'with: a ,bfa.ssy-’, ' voiced miss billed 'The Little Betty Ros.- C.irl.' Aliogethcr ail ofT-fringe. of .'radio that'.’deliOs ■tiftall.yst.s:;.. '.'A. y■ Ctompton; Moved into the culuiral dime.s; of network radio ' the 's’aleT.of.■,fhe'',B;bsIoB.' 'S.''hftPhb!b^ iBh.ei to All;.- ■ Chalmers. Aside from ‘Truth or (i’on.sequence.s.' t’ne agency . cofitiiuietl during ’■(:! to apply it.s 'oc-t siiowmansiiip licks to . ..'the S.ei'ial phase, 6,1 the ,businos,.S';-'1 It 'also doe.s ,sbni 6 ;l)i’e\vs’ managiitg for Procter & Camille, l■.^l:!i(•!y. .Bel' vFlyhi'li:,^ . .SfaftkV’lhe.'.fte.a’ 'lyear .’W-ith. .new- .ser'ies.’^lor;' Socony-Vacuum, for which it already ha.s Raymond. Grtim ' '.iStvihg.'f.,: f -y , H .’ r'r;' 1 '’ ;D’Avcy:,lR'bli,eved.,in,eail'iy.’,N 6 ve.nibef' of'the (Dwb , plas.-i Co.'s ■da.vtiniie serje.s, on CB.S.; DlAi‘cy:’ie’)fsed.back.?int ■ ft'i status of being the radii; keeper i foi'-l'i’i. si:;.gic account. '; Loca-Cela-.’:i The, O-I" .sta.ur.a.'';'a i'te'i'. ,a it.^.ups-a rda||ji'.ugg;ie .Tpr 1 " lislener atteutio.ft' oir :P,;ft.''t',’..S.W'uiig'\i!\'.c'f':i^ J'.:'.Wft.ft^^ Thompson; As for Coca-Cola; the agency’.s record is con- sistently par, G-C sponsored bands continue to originate from service camp.s and war plants; Morton.Downcy wreathes the lafternOon-listening. housewife, in romantic song, and An- die Kostelanetz pours, his saccharine .aftd. nuich-embroidered bland of melody into the ether of .a. Sunday, afternoon. In ; other word.,'. Coca-Cola appears to be piling up a wealth ot brand consciou.sness for the post-war trade. Donahue & Coe: Sought to make ifhe set-owner Metro trademark conscious via the comedy route, th'st using Colonel Stoopftagle, and then. ’Victor in .a daily lU e-mmutc . niche on the Blue network. Later switched, fo; the news pre- cincts and Mutual witli Fulton Oursler as the personality. The all-ardiind effort; suggests a curious spectacle, namely, one of the and most succes.sful .showmen in ,any field ■ ol entertainment going at another powerful medium with piddling gestures .what appears.'to be a,begrudging, manner. '..t '':'; 1 : ' ’''' Sherman K. Ellis; At CBS’ request and wilh Quaker Oats! consent, ‘Aunt. Jeniiftia' now dishes blackface patter dui'ing a la-miniite passage ol popular musie, ..instead: ot a heretofore five-minute spot; V. ,S. Rubber didn't fancy the.idea ot hav- ing the flapjack pitch coming jxi’st before t!;e N. A'. Phil- harmonic and the outcome for Quaker was the expanded spot of a Saturday matmeo. Erwin, Wasy: No hits, no runs, no errors. The, same two corhrftentators, Gabriei Heatter and John B. Kennedv, and the: perennial Monday night—NBC muaicgl,. Carnation's ‘Con- tented Hour.’ William Esty: Carved out aft: over-ail good record for the year. Teamed up Jimmy Durante and Garry Moore and de- veloped them, into an act of indubitably .standard proportions, ' Got ;a .bad break when Lou Co.stello's health forced him to withdraw from work, but now that;the Abbott-Coslello com- , binatlon is rolling again, the Camel asset.s include two .strong comedy, programs.. ;;:‘Thaftks . tb, the Ifanks' (Bob Hawk). ,‘Blondie’ and the hillbillyite, ‘Grand Ol' Opry.’ are the other Camel-E.sty firm pacemakers. On the agency’s liabilit.V page for the year is the quiz, 'Take a Card.'., Latter was replaced by ‘Blind Date.’ , Ferry Hanley Co..' Brought Babe Ruth to the kiddies of a Saturday a.m. on NBC. with A. G. Spalding as the angel. A pleasant big-brother routine. :: , .Foote, Cone & Bclding: Bob Hope. Kay Kyser and ‘Your ' Hit Parade’ remain the big radio guns in the F-C-B arsenal, Ifs: beeft pretty much of a struggle with Jack Carson (Camp- bell Soup), the Bourjpis'‘Here's to Romance’ and 'Ceiling Un- limited! (Lockheed). Lucky Strike’s third candidate. ‘All- Time Hit Parade,' seem.s to be on a treadmill. The summer Pepsodertt pinchhitter. ‘Johnny Mercer's Music Shop.' m have looked better on paper than it sounded on the air. ': , Gardner: Reduced to a single office-prociiiced slice; of enter- tainrnentV:,’‘Saturday ■ Night Serenade’ (Pet Milk i. but the quality and showmanship of that singleton Kites aco-high. Geyer,. Corftell. *. Afeweih .Poth^ . with .a couple . morale::ihGiclents, ‘Keep.'Workinig, Keep Singing' and ‘Callmg America,’ to: no. worthy results paid the bills. GUcksman: Deserving of the award for the ycai'.-, woist li'ipe. riescrihftd as comedy, namely. ‘That’s a Good One.' ' Adam Hats was; Ih.e'aceaunf aftd the Blue,: the net:v;'ork; . , Henri, . Bupst McDorialdi^' .T .iisel't 6ft . the new.s' coran'iciitaior‘parade by buying Ale.x .Dre:icr for'.Skelly ’6,11 On a limited .NBC net'vvbrk. Ls also tl-.e a.i;ency for ‘Meet Your . Navy’ iHall Bro.s.) and Bob Backer, the teller of dog stories. . Ivey & ETlingtoii: Unioaded Cal Timiey and his hiilbiily; e.s'.imate ol the news and returned Sam , Bultcr, to 'Bayuk ' PhUlie.s,’- ''Mufoal'^e^^ Duane .loncs: Biiy.s 'em strictly packaged, with ll;e list in- cluding.‘David Hai"Um..' 'Dick Tracy' ana ‘Lora .L'hwfQii;” H. W. Kastoi'.' Deal' John’ (Irene R’icl;'i aiui ‘.'\bie!s Irish Rose' are tills ageiicy'.s sole iictwoik babies. 'Rose' tiu'eaier.s to outrun,’'.its',Stage 'progenito,r,': l -.- : ' Ren,vo,n ’;-& 'EckHardt;, Feli^ jicii' to,' '‘On;e Man's Family’:, . (Standard Brands')! and practically al!. ils other iiropertics.: on the .nelwoi ks arc likewise packaged. :: Knox-Kceves: Tim .soap opera is s'.iil Ike lop fodder for th's General Mills agency,: ...The ne\vs;;bug' ill...mid-.vear,a.iid , .the up.shot wa.s John. Cunthcr in a rCmi itI scent mood on the . feiueuSaturclay: nights. ’ .. ’ . -Arlhiir Kudner; Tried hard to' fin 6 , fdvor wi.ih, a Ra.v.-r.oiid ’.Paige-maesti'oed . 'mo.raie.-.b:uilder,:!‘Salute, -to; :Youth'., (Good-; ..’year i,'? turning la.t’er'-.-to 'Quentiis’ .Reynoids .for' a ho.pcd-foi'. 'hypo,i .’..''t', Lehiien. & .'iVIitchcIl: Gives evidence .ol..,dcvelppiiig ‘Cham-,Music ;’Spei.etY’ iiiip'‘:^ impdi'tahh .Sirh'da,y'' rater.?,. The agency had,. spmeys 6 u.ii(l ,ideag for :the ;,sfiG\v and it's, been ' applying them ill expert/fashipii: /.Is’ .'ai'.s'o, '''do'i.iig .a, gppd ; job: with )Mr.>.and MrS.,!NoiH,h,’' eohfoiihding trade pi'e- . ■’dieiions’, when ,the, agency ..sloi'ighed. ,.‘l'he .Thin .‘Man' for '- a,- ciioapcr a’tid o.'yice-produced.simiiarily,: ■ . .Addison. .Lewis:. Gave the,: promising Danny . Q'Neil;.C'BS- ,built, teftor, h'.i'? first .sponsored ppp.prlunit.v oli a CTp.ssmo’u'n-! t,ry/li'nk;;a. 6 ’part,ot'lho,'':Bluejacket Choir' .stanza (Minftba’poiis-,, ’Hdneyw.el.l')..■ '.■ Maxori:The acC .’, accouftt.?, :\VC;rc 'Ford, ■ Mbtor'. and- the 'Spar.t.siftiinded, Gill’ett’e" .Razor.;, ■ On.;’,the , Ford /.news! serie.s; ■ (Bhtei'.' .Eurl^ 6 o.dW:in'..s’howed 'riO .sign.'s! (Sf abiding h.v the:’ in-. d.t( 5 tr’.v:-a. 6 cepted .preegh^ that a n,cvv,s/.|k:og.raiii.i;is ;no place to pit’t'h'..thO'! clrent’s.'. bi'ahd, of... social arid. '.p 6 Iiti 6 ai''.:phrIos 6 ^ G,pd,vvin’..s’habit.? !iiV'thi,s regard huii* be credlte:i witii jirovitl- 'i'n'g: ihei rire(iiunij.s,,,eri’ti',cs /vr’lth ’one-’ 5 (,'the'i,r.'’..e . torics. Finally the Khrd account was lost to J. Waiter. Thomp- son. Maxo:; is al .-:0 the go-bctweei; oil 'Information. Please'!, iHemZ'i.... .Met'anh:/Eri,c’kS(Vn;AAg,ehc.y.''s'.$a.ii: Fi'ane,,lsc 6 ,; 6 ffit‘’eM^^^^^^ jii'ognun bIa'nkS: i 6 r.;Ron'ia .Wi aiid'.lO’st' the,,accpv.iiit’'to Bio .Ti'.e .scco:';d Roma package iC!;i.U'!cs'. Mischa Auer and Mary .A:?;oi') had the ingi'odieiit.s. but the .suiift nevei' lait to the .idling poio;. The-New Voi'l: off'ice i-- .stiii :i air.Uiiiung ‘D,i'!..''C'h:!j''.sT'ia.n!,:'’a’h,ci’' ‘.6eal1,y','ya'll'ey’' ',D:ays'.'''''ft^^^ r’a’iik.iTrg''' as .among '. the ,.o]’ d'Ktnralic! shriiVs ',^ .the .ait', oii ar., erThi! .eifterta'tom'enftkecl;.!'.: ■ '!■ :/.,,' '; McKee & Albright; ,Ji'i(';k;:IIa.Iey, ,bccanie;’'paii:'(id.,. \ 6 it:h,: J.oa^h^ !:Da'('i.s’!’a'.s!a'' .sta.i:'i'i.h;g s'lca.dy . vvhe.tV'.llii: '’t'o.a-'.i .Cuai'd'.dee,iiVeci ..ii '.' vvithdratv Rudy ,'Vailce'S ,seftvices;'the.'Seat;. test program. It took a spell for the Thursday night event , (NBC) to right, but once that happened the comedy clicked with the same old sparkle and combustibility.’ Arthur MeyerhoITt 'Wrigley go-between on -such guileless and unbeguiling morale incidents as ‘The First Line’ and ‘American'"Wom:en.’ C/ B. MIlIeji: Custodian of 'Stage Door Canteen’ (Corn Pioducts). The program's major weaknes.s lias been the in- ability to match the quality of script material to the quality of the guest stars. Noverlheles.s the, program oft'ers siich a timely, association, a place which perhaps thousand.s of sol-.’■. ■ diors have mentioned in their letters, that the series can’t help but gather a fairly substantial listener interest. Morse International.' Represented on NBC of an early Sun- day afternoon by a lushy nieiange of .string rhusic. with Prince Matchabelli (Stradayari pCrtume i paying the toll charge.s. Agency is also affiliated wiih Dr. I. Q. i Vick i. Needham, Louis & Brorby; 'I'he high point here continues to be ‘Fibber McGee and Molly,’ a couple'veterans, of the kilocycles who are as firmly perched atop the popularity ladder., as ev,er.; Another. :Ja:ck Louis' mixture ot comedy ■ charac.ters that grows in showmanly stature, from season to .sea.Son \is 'The Great Gildersleeve.’:' '.As-likevvise happened’, in ■■ '42. ‘Fibber’ gained the trade’s admiration by the way the program handled .morale message.". Ncwell-F.mmeU: Gamboled through '43 with Harry James and ;Fred Waring as its diffusers of topnotch music between, ! Chesterfield blurb.s. ■■ ;.. ■' Pedlar & Kyaii: Broke the tight hold that jioap operas have held in the daytime dramatic field these: 15 or more ye'jrs by rntroduGing,? with P & G s connivance, a seria'lized whodunit, ‘Perry: Mason.’ The move entailed, a perplexing ' litorary' niechanical problem or two, and while the creases are, not entirely removed, the device.shows good possibilities of catching .bPi; The’agency resigned the Lady Esther account and ‘Screen Guild Players’ along with it, but still ha.s the .managerial say about ‘Mr. District Attorney’ and 'Pepper Young's Family.’ Sayre M, Kamsdell:; Philco agency.on ‘Otir Secret Weapon,’ ‘Datelifte’ (CBSl and ‘Radio Hall of Fame' (Blue), each a packaged proposition. ■ I.. W. Ramsey: Tried out a Freddie! Martin version ot ‘Fitch Bandwagon’ on the Blue, but the blend pt old pop tunes and personal recitals by songsmith’s. on the theme, ‘And then I wrole-ri didn’t make the grade. The Sunday night ‘Bandwagon’ is still this agency’s lone claim to radio tame.’ In tbe: late fall; Ramsey unfolded on Mutual a musical passage for the Loyal Order of Moose which was reminiscent of early 1930's standards. Roche, Williams & Cumiyngham: Failed to make a go of a comedy-audience participation novelty, starring Colonel Stoopnagle, and Schutter Candy noded when Schwimmer & Scott made a pitch for the account. Frank Crumjl's pass- ing wa.s deeply felt by the agency in more than one way. It broke up a elick.some Turns stanza. .Ruthrauff & Ryan:.The year end found this agency's night- '■ time network'/holdinga sornewftat augmented, as compareil to Its 1942 registration. It had: sold a dramatic series .starring Ronald Colman to Autohfe, an.d; 'What’s'. more; important, it ’ ! had seen its confidence in a refurbished ‘Amos ’n‘ Andy’ pay dividends. A & A came back to NBC as a weekly half-lioiir package'.and: t ’6 Lover Bro.". It meant a hit. The agency;!! .switched Gracic Fields from the Blue to Mutual with the hp,pe: of bolstering rating.? and then stymied her chances: ! by inserting, into the nightly series a silly ‘victory parade’ routine. 'Mayor of the Town' (Lionel Barrymore i during ■ '43 became' grooved. a,s another, stylized chromo. The .show iire.sontly went 'to! B! B. D. & O.' and is now a’uout to . fold. ’■ Bob'- Burns’ .seemed to be Taking on solid , dimension ! ,'. .as a. humorou.s philosopher and commentator on everyday ■ foibles. R & O also brought back ‘Big Town' in lionized . Yeasf.s .behalf.: Cast with stock playci's. tl;e old format pro- , vdded' the Springboard!, foi! SQifte'.,ckei.fing epi.s'o’cibs,. O.ft: the:. (taytime /.side.; tho, agency/s .pride .r’eyol.ves! a.s eyer ,.a,round . 'Big Si.ster' and 'Au.".t .jennio.’ '!’ ' ' !■!’,!! ' ■/':/. > Schwimmer!'at Scott: Scluitter Candy was thi'- one'.-, big' , oy.ster in radio. : Affei' a tioup with Coi'or.el magaziiie lliv- . .vci'cd. the account went for a vocal program 'highlighting g:’:;; ' C'hj crooner, Curt Massey. ' ''/.;' • •: '■/’ -!”!j!y;' Russel M. Seeds: Changed liie ■assortment.' for Brown Sc ' William.son Tobacco somewhat. sub.«ti'aitin.g Hildcgarde and a quiz Ihingamagig for Tommy Dorsey. T.hc latter combina- tion is in MO little measure helped by the fact it follows the high-rating 'Mr, arid Mrs. Nortli' and .i." .pitted against the seim.!jft.iziogi&;,Cbr'istim^^ other B:^y';5'K.pi'0,pM't.m^^^^ , S;till high-,fiyin.g Red Skelton and !People..;Ai*e.,F,it.nft.V,': !'See.d ' . also dished ,Up!.the' Ed, Siilliyaii' '(CBS,) 'illtervievt’-s for -Menneft and provided Ray Dady, KWK. St. Loiiis.,y‘om.jnentalor.. with,/! a Mutual audience and a line on 'Grove Laboratories' payi'o’.i. Sherman & Marquette; Found Judy. Canova tlie best bet for ! Colgate toothpaste, in ;itS Tuc.sday spot on CBS. after iir.-it spotli.ahling AI Jolson by hi;Ti;scT a;Kl then I'ecrtiilir.g Monty :’.! Woolley as co-star with Jtilson. For ll;o I’c.'nii'.e hillbilly it's :'been iier best'breakto,!dale ii; radio and .she'.? iioon doing .” inighty well by the opportunity; The niateriu! /fed ‘Miss■. '. ■ Can.o'va has on. the average been, cri.sp anti n.alive to tier pe r- ' "onaiity and Ikere has been no d;.spo."it:<m to scrimp on. the ■. .supporting S-r'.y ■ ■ j' ’/!.!'■:.'!' Raymond Spectoi;; Added ‘A. L. A:c>;ar..'ier'g .Arbitration Board’ (Miitual.)j 'tlm.’or'iginaj agony fl:shbo’wlni 6 !!its .."tiTii'g of..., two network programs. ..T!:c other i;. Drew Peai'soii iBIuei. neetllcr ot bra.s." hats and ."wami of.'bislo.iit ,eve'ftt,-i, ’ Both ■ ."laiizas do d'uty for S.ei'U,ta’n!’”. ’,!■: James .Sweeney & Co.: N'-;i't.u;'cd tha: iit'.le 'oundie ’’ ofG'.amiliar!tftiGic'!‘'F.he!’V(jice, ,oI;;Pire,st 6 I', ..! consecutive year on NBC -Blonday, .cvoiiing';"'.,:. ■iTl.Ve ’."GriOs. tft.ay ’.! liow bo considered .a Ic.gacy. ''■! !,.; !■’,l'-! ■:!"■ ■ ’ ■;!'’Ji. ■: '■Walter;; .’Thiimii.s’on'-; '. !The!,',':,»di’ 6 :!'! p'tie ': look a 'sharp upturn. ;it emikeci up. for the of i'R£,'A''s.:'n’e,w,,.' se:ri' 6 .s’;'',:‘Wha,r,s! .New'?''!'a's:;iiftd;''ii',dl?:b/!ol’^^ entertainment .:’as.’.ha:d been heard . o:; the net'Work, ift years, i!,-: ;blit Sdb.setjue’ht ..stabs, failed t()’ e.v.ok’c aw high a iev«! ol public;, !;f'a,y:'(jr a? liari been anticipated. The leivi.btcy ; i .overload the !■'’ .h’oiii’i'wilh morale arid .s’p 6 hs 6 r’-SpotI.i.gbl i'nte’rv.iew’s' ma’.y. ha (Continued on p.agc 114 ) ■' ’, .j:'