Variety (Jun 1945)

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Wednesday, June 6, 1915 5 I I 1 RKO Beats RKO as More Than 100 Theatres in New Eng- land and New York State are Set for Simultaneous Openings June 26! S.v > , 18,000-Seat Boston Garden Scene of Night of Spectacle, Sun- day/ June 24 Hearst-Sponsored Prelude to a Premiere! Important International/ National and Local Per- sonages at Dozens of Affil- iated Affairs! Tidal Wave of All Forms of Ex- ploitation Breaking Over Every Inch of Wide Territory. Similar Treatment Immediately fol- lowing For Area Served by WLW, Cincinnati, "The Nation's Station/' Entire Yankee Network and Additional Power- ful Stations Beamed on Millions In Area. Hearst Newspa- pers in Boston Going To Town With Pages and Pages of Promo- tion!