Variety (November 1909)

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VARIETY • niETY A Variety Papar for Variety People. Published every Saturday br THE VARIETY PUBLISHING CO. 1086 Broadway, TlmeM Square, New York City. Telephone j }JJJ \ Bryant ■ SOT SXLVZEMAV, Proprietor. Entered oe «ecoi»<f-cfat« mafrer December 22. 11M)A, at i/ie /'oet O^lce at Nete York. N. Y., under the act of Conyreet of March 3. 1870. CHICAGO OFFICE, 167 Dearborn Bt. ('Phone, Central 4401). E. E. MEBEDITH, JOHV J. O'CONNOR, RepreaentatlTes. LONDON OFFICE, 418 Strand (Cable, "Jeitfree, London") JESSE 7. FREEMAN, in oharf e. SAN FRANCISCO OFFICE, •064 Butter St. LESTER J. FOUNTAIN, Representative. PARIS OFFICE, 66 Bis. Rne Saint DIdler, EDWARD O. KENDREW, Representative. BERLIN OFFICE, Unter den Linden 61, RIESEL'S LIBRARY 0. M. SEIBT, RepresentatiTe. ADVERTISEMENTS. Rate card may be found in advertising aeotlon of till* l»»Hue. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. Animal 8* } or«-l|cn * Six himI three months In proportion. Slnjrlw copies 10 cents. VAKIKTY will be mailed to a permanent ad- ilif-h or us |>er route, aa desired. Advertisements forwarded by mall must be ac- companied by remittance, made poyaNe to Variety I'ulillrtlilntf Co . Copyright, 1000. by Variety Publis hing Co . Vol. XVI. NOVEMBER 6 No. 9. Minnie J^cc has left Miner's "Ameri cans. S. A. lVek is now connected with the Kred X«»1m*«H«- agency. Del more and Lee open mi the Sullivan- Coiisidinc Circuit Nov. I'l. hooked hy Ik A. Myers. Marie Daiifton is not with "The Silver Star." Miss Dainton may return to vuudcville. Sam Khrlicli has published 'Vaudeville Tips," a volume containing sketches, inonologs, etc. * Harry Fragson. the English music hall tar. is solely hooked through Sherek & P. raff of Loudon. Irene Franklin ami H"'* Green com- mence their United tour at the Colonial. New York. Monday. Kddie IV Noyer and his dancing girls joined "Fads and Follies" in P.ull'alo for the rest of the season. doe Kcno. lately with "Schooldays." and Kiida Morris, of the former Mills and Morris act. are together. lhmbcrg swears that he is going to huild another theatre in the Bronx. This one will he for pictures. Jack Norworth, his father/ and Norah Hayes (Mrs. Norworth) are working on a musical satire, an idea of Jack's. M. S. Bentham has placed the opening date for Otis Harlan's tour of vaudeville at Chase's, Washington, Nov. 29. Henry Lee will be the feature attraction at the Grand, Wilmington, Del., next week, booked through the I. B. A. Nellie Wallace, the English eccentric comedienne, opens on the Morris time at the American, New York, Nov. 15. Magnini and Wigand are playing in New York this week as a new act. Mag- nini was of the original Magnini Four. "The l'hautastic Phantoms" have been placed through 15. A. Myers to open on the Sullivau-Considine Circuit in January. Harry Atkinson, "The Australian Or- pheus," returned to New York on Tues- day to take up his time booked over here. Fred Ginnett, the Englishman, who ar- rived here a few days ago, will show his "Dick Turpin" act around New York next week. Helena Frederick closes with the "baby grand opera," "The Patriot" (in which she played the principal role) at New Orleans Nov. 15. Marshall P. Wilder will open with the Mildred and Rouclere Co. at Rome, N. Y., on Nov. 15, to remain a few weeks with the show. The Bonhair Troupe, now at the Hippo drome, will play the United time, booked by Doc Steiner, after the Hip's engage- ment is finished. Lester Whit lock, formerly with the Joe Wood agency, is the present representa- tive for J. J. Quigley in the Independent Booking Agency. Billy Noble and Jeanne Brooks have concelled their vaudeville time to join "Vanity Fair" (Eastern Burlesque Wheel) in Chicago next week. The opening of R. A. Roberts, the noted English protean actor, on the Morris Cir- cuit has been postponed at Mr. Roberts' request until Dec. 13. Carrie DeMar headlines the Fifth Avenue hill next week. Miss DeMar may intro- duce a new song during the week. "When You're Married, Girls." Ed. Davidson recently closed as manager of Miner's "Rohemians" and is now han- dling the Johnson-Ketchel fight pictures on the Empire Circuit. "Nord," a "diving act" directed by B. A. %M ; vei'**wiU- optHi-flt tk«» J£tHpm>r-l , a4.«r.Kon*. X. J., next week. The woman is a high diver from (he other side. C. N. Sutton, who managed 11n* Or- plicum at Butte, lately ringed, will take charge of the Orphcum. St. Paul, com- mencing tomorrow (Sunday i. The first performance in the new Moore & Wiggins vaudeville theatre at Rochester, N. Y., will probably be de- layed until Nov. 22 or later. Nate Spingold, general press represen- tative for the Morris Circuit, was married on Wednesday in New York to Miss Francis, the Broadway milliner. Save your coupons for Jcnie Jacobs. Jenie says only 50,000 of the green cer- tificates are necessary for an auto. By Wednesday Miss Jacobs had seven. Ida Rene left New York Wednesday on the Mauretania. Before leaving Miss Rene said she would not return to America again excepting for a production. Jones and Deely were unable to play the Colonial this week, Ben Deely not having .sufficiently recovered from his illness. "Tin 1 act hopes to appear at the Colonial next week. Leo Edwards, the double brother of N Gus' and some composer all by himself was patrolling Broadway as usual this week, having beaten out an attack of inflamma- tory rheumatism. The Auditorium. Chicago, has 1>cen leased by Klaw & Erlanger. and will be conducted for grand opera this season in conjunction with the Metropolitan Opera house. New York. Owing to an accident while playing Keith's, Philadelphia, last week the Ped- ersen Brothers were compelled to cancel two weeks' time. They reopen on the Poli time Monday. » Bob Manchester has quit the road for this season. He will make his permanent headquarters in Gus Hill's office unless some emergency calls him to one of the Hill-Manchester companies. Joe Leo has taken a lease upon the Auditorium. Marmaroneck. X. Y.. opera- ting the place as a "pop" vaudeville house. Four acts and moving pictures, acts changing three times a week. "The Prince of Bohemia," in which Lew Fields will star Andrew Mack, has gone into rehearsal. A. Baldwin Sloane has written the music. Ray Goetz the lyrics and Hartley Manners the book. No response was received to several let' ters addressed to Edna Mav who latelv arrived in New York. The letters con- tained offers of engagements on this side. Miss May is Mrs. Oscar Lewisohn in pri- vate life. At the election held in .Ic!m\ ( it \ Tiie-clay. .lanie-> I'. Corblcy. of Corhlev end Ihirke. was elected a Jll>ticc of t lie |'<ace I iy a whopping majority. lie a-M-elid- "I he lielieh" May I. lle\l. eleeteil -kH : - iHC-YfMU S-. -■ ------ -.—.- It is rumored that the Wilnicr »V Yip cent house at Reading. Pa., will shortly join the other W. <& V. theatres at Allen- town and Easton, leaving the I'nited Hooking Offices to Ik? booked through Weber Sc Allen. Byron and Langdon play their first New York week in a Morris house at the American, commencing Monday. The act denies it asked for Ryan and Richfleld's place on the Colonial program before leav- ing the bill there. Belle Davis and her "picks* r lopeii at the Orphcum, St. Paul, tomorrow (Sunday) preliminary to a tour of the Orphcum Cir- cuit, secured by Jenie Jacobs of the Casey Agency. Miss Davis is booked until 1013 on both sides of the pond. Fannie Vedder has been out of "The Jersey Lilies" since the show played the Gayety, Hoboken. Miss Vedder will re- turn to her role when recovered from a funny, though somewhat serious, accident which befell her in the Jersey town. The Appellate Term of (he Supreme Court has affirmed the decision of the Municipal Court which gave a verdict for the value of the seats only to a woman who had sued Keith & Proctor for damages for ejectment from one of the firm's houses. Marion Murray has recovered from her recent indisposition which caused the tem- porary closing of "The Prima Donna's Honeymoon," an Orpheum Circuit produc- tion. The act is placed to open on the Or- pheum time Jan. 1. It may play in the east previously. "High Life in .laiil." the production of Mike Simons, opens Monday at Hammer stein's with a new cast and a revised hook. Among the present principals are Will II. Sloan. W. If. Mack and the Met- ropolitan ( ( >uartct. The new edition opened in Waterburv. Conn., last Mondnv. .lack Terry and Mabel Lambert (Mrs. Terry) have purchased the Golden West Villa at Mor.semere, N. J., for their permanent residence. Mr. and Mrs. Terry expect to reappear on this side, when .settled. That ''Golden West Villa" and "Morsemerc" ("Morsemere" especially) will sound as big as King Edward's shack to the English people. Evelyn Howard, the chorus girl, who was shot hy lid' husband in Washington, neently, and who is in need of assistance al the Casualty Hospital, in that city, was given a hcnclit yesterday ( Friday l at the P.elasco, Washington. Miss Howard will not he able to return to the stage for several months as one of her legs was perforated bv (he bullets from her l;u«. hand's pistol. du-t as the < ainios were eoiieliidiii 1 .' I'eir turn at the Alhamhra Wedne«.da\ evening, the woman in the a<i wa-» ■»«• badly injured that the turn had to he withdrawn from the hill. In making the descent from a ladder b\ uiean« in a rope, the fa»1cniug» in ^onie wa\ failed. I he lope broke and the woman fell to the -fiige. Maek and Williams replaced the ., » ^ _. . . .^, ^*_^ ^ r . ■ tVrnios ;if j he TIi'ui -day p«a -f« u hianee for t he re-t of I he Week. May Alpine, who i'\ worked a "piekaninnx " aet in \aude\iile. died Mon day morning, at the New York Hospital. «of li<a it i oinp! i« oi -.