Variety (Oct 1948)

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PICTURE GROSSES Wednesday, October 6* 1948 New LA Fare Slow But H.O.'s Fine; 'Peggy' Fair 46G, 'Venus' Thin 38G, 'Number Loud 33G, 'Rope' 37G, in 2d ''5ffrfAK5G''l«^'^'Pliy, Wham 1,8.000.™ 15G .p^ggy.28(;_.R3,y.2(;G,BothSock Los Angeles, Oct. 5. | (SRO) and "V/inncr All Only, mild business is being I f2d wk), slow $4,400. firstruns this frame, (Mono' .snagged , by five of new bills being reissues ^vhic^l is no help. Most attention Is going to holdovers. "Apartment for Peggy" looks only moderate $46,000 m four the- atres. "Touch of Venus" also is light with $38,000 in six spots. Re- issue of "Bring 'Em Back Alive" tied with "Design for Death" is mildish $22,000. in four houses. -"Crusades" and "Intermezzo," also ..oldie-combo, shapes nice $15,500 in two locations. Second round for "Wrong Nurh-. ber" is rousing $33,000 in two Par houses. Initial holdover frame for "Hope" looks good $37,000 in three spots. Second frame for "Rathel and Stranger" shapes nice $31,0Q0 in two situations. Estimates for This Weelt , Belmont (PWC) (1,532; 60-$l)— "Bring 'Em Back Alive" (RKO) (reissue) and "Design For Death" (RKO). Mild $2,500. Last week, "Olympic Games 1948" (EL) and "In This Corner!' (EL) (6 days), dis- mal $1,400. Bfeverly Hills Music Hall (G&S- Corwin-Lesser) (826; 60-$l) —"So This Is New York" (UA) (3d wk-3 days). Near $3,000. Last week, neat $4,700. Carthay Circle (FWC) (1,518; 60- $l)-:-"Intermezzo" (SRO) and "Cru- sades" (Par) (reissues). Nice $6,- 600. Last week, "Blandings" (SRO) and "Winner Take All" (Mono) (2d wk), good $5,100. Chinese (Grauman-WC) (2,048; 60-:$l) —"Apartment for Peggy" (20th) and "Creeper" (20th). Mod- . erate $11,000. Last week, "Bland- ings" (SRO) and "Winner All" ■(Mono) (2d wk), slight $6,900. Culver (FWC) (1,145; 60-$l)— "One Touch ; Venus" (U) and "Close-Up" (EL). Slow $5,000 or near. Last week, "Olympic Games'" (EL) and "In This Corner" (EL) (5 days), $1,6()0. Downtown (WB) (1,800; 60^$!)-^ "Rope" (WB) (2d wk). Good $15,- 000. Last week, off sharply, mid- week to $19,300, very good , but not big. > Downtown Music Hall (Corwin- Lesser) (872; 60-$l)—"So New York" (UA) (3d wk-5days). Okay $5,000. Last week, nice $8,200. Egyptian (FWC) (1,538; 60-$l)— "Southern Yankee" (M-G) and .''Under California Stars'' (Rep) (2d wk). Fair $6,000. Lajst week, medium $10,200> El Key (FWC) (86l"; 60-$l)— "Back Alive" (RKO) (reissue) and "Design Death" (RKO). Light $3,000. Last week, "Olympic Games'' (EL) and "This Corner" (EL) (6 days), dim $1,700. Esquire (Rosener) (685; 8.'5-$1.20) —"Mikado" (U) (reissue) (2d wk) . Oke $2,y00: Last week, good $3,100. Four Star (UA-WC) (900; 60-$l) —"San Irancisco" (M-G) (rei.s.sue) Okay $G,000 Last week, "So Well Remembered" (RKO) (2d wk), slight $1,900. Guild (FWC) (968; 60-$!)— "Venus" (U) and "Close-Up" (EL) Slow $4,000. week, ' Larcenv" (U) and "End of- River' (U) (2d V'k-4 days), $1,200. • . Hawaii (G&S r Corwin - Lesser) (1.106; 60-$l) — "So New York" (XJA) (3d wk-5 days). Down to $2,- 000. La^t week, fair $3,400. Hollywood (WB) (2.756; 60-$l)— . "Rope'; (WB) (2d wk). Good $11,- 000, Last'week, not up to weekend pace but still excellent at $17,500 Holy wood Music Hall: (Gorwmr Lesser) Kj75: 60-85) — "So New York" (UA) (3d wk-5 days). Near $2,000. Last week, okay $2,400. Iris (FWC) 1828, 60-85)—"Venus" (U) and "Closc-Up" (EL). PJild $4,500. Last week, "Larceny" (U) and "End River" (U) i2d uk-4 «la\s), $1,500. Laurel (Rosener) (890; SS)— "Human Beast" (Indie) and "Kiss of Fire" Undie). Pleasing $3,000. Last week. "Murder in Rover?e" (Indie) and "Frenzy" iIndie) (2d wjc), $1,800. Loew's State 'Locws-WO (2.404, 60-$l)—"Apartment Peggy" (20lh) and "Creeper" (20th). Medium $20,000. Last week, "Blandings" .(SBOJ and "Winner All" (Mono) (2d wk;, dull $8,700. Los Anffeles (D'town-WC) '2 097, 60-.$!)—' Southern Yankee" (M-Gi and "Cilifornia Stars" (Rep) (2d wk). Slow $11,500. Last week, medium $20,500. Loyola, iFWC) fl.248; 60-$l)— "Apartment Peggy" (20th) and "Creeper" (20th). Fair $7,000 or over. Last week, , "Blandings" Million Dollar (D'town) (2,093; 50-85)—"Train Alcatraz" (Rep) (2d run) with Julia Lee, Pee Wee Hunt orch on stage. Dull $10,000. Last week, "Lady in Ermine" (20th) (2d run),' with Johnny Moore's 3 Blazers on stage, fair $12,500. Orpheum iD'town-WC) (2,210; (Continued, on page 17) 'Ermine'Smooth $15,000 in Prov. Providence, Oct. 5. State's "An Innocent Affair", looks to. top the list in a fairly i active session. Running neck-and- i neck for second: honors and nearly i as big ai'e Albee's "Tap Roots" and i Majestic's "Lady in Ermine." I Estimates for This Week i Albee (RKO) (2,200; 44-65)—' "Tap Roots" (U) and "Money Mad-1 ness" (RKO). Trim $15,000. Last Baltimore, Oct. 5. Big news here this week is the brisk getaway accorded "Rope" at the Stanley. "Southern Yankee" is • also drawing trade to Loew's Cen-; , tury but other theatres are not dO-< ing so well. Estimates for This Week Century (Loew's-UA) (3,000; 20- ' 60)—"Southern Yankee" (M-G). Good response at $15,000. Last week, "Pitfall" (UA), not so hot I $10,400. I Hippodrome (Rappaport) (2,240; I 20-70)—"Walk Crooked Mile" (Col) plus vaude. Modest $14,000. Last , week, "Triple Threat" (Col) and I \ aiide headed by Harmonicats, nice $15,900. Keith's (Schanberger) (2,460; 20- 60)—"Larceny" (U). Opened to- day (Tues.) after third week of "Foreign Affair" (Par) got fine $9,500. Mayfair (Ilicks) (980; 20-65)— "Vicious Circle" (UA) Not get- ting far at $3,000. Last week, "An- gel in Exile" (Rep), average $4,200. New (Mechanic) (1,800; 20-60)— "Mine Own Executioner" {20th). Unexciting $7,000. Last week, "Forever Amber" (20th), back at pop prices, held well. enough at $11,700. Stanley (WB) (3,280; 25-75)^ "Rope" (WB). Fullsome start, and lush $18,000 looms. Last week, second of "Beyond Glory" (Par), $6,300. Town (Rappaport) (1,500; 35-65) —"Rachel and Stranger" (RKO) (2d wk). Maintaining fine pace at" Key City Grosses Estimated Total Gross This Week $2,870,000 (Based on 23 cities, 213 tlieatres, chiefly first runs, In- cluding N. Y.). Total Gross Same Week Last Year $2,989,000 {Based on 22 cities, 220 theatres). week, "Rachel and Stranger"' $10,000 after big opener at $14,200. (RKO) and "Daredevils of Clouds"! Valencie (Loew s-UA) (1,780; 20- (Rep) (2d wk), big $13,000. ' 60)—"Pitfall" (UA) (m.o.). Not Carlton (Fay) (1,400; . 44-65)-r- "Forever Amber'' (20th). Return engagement healthy $8,000. Last week, "Two Guys Texas" (WB) and "Train to Alcatraz" (WB) (2d run), good $4,000. Fay's (Fay) (1,400; 44-65)— "Wistful Widow!' (U) and vaude, Good $6,500. Last week, "Who's Kissing Her" (20th) and; vaude, neat $7,500. Majestic (Fay) (2,200; 44-65)— "Lady in Ermine" (20th) and "High Tide" (20th). Peppy $15,000. Last week, "Life With Father" (WB), so-so $10,000 at pop prices. State (Loew) (3,200; 44-65)—"In- nocent Affair" (UA) and "Rusty Leads Way" fCol). Solid $20,.'300. Last week, "Luxury Liner (M-G) and "Big Citv" (M-G), wow S25 000 Strand (Silverman) (2,200; 44-65) -,-"Loves of Carmen" (Col) and "Black Eagle" (Col). Opened Monday (4). Last week, "Isn't It Romantic'" (Par) and "Waterfront at Midnight" (Par), neat $13,000. much at $3,500. Last week, "Tap Roots" (U) (m.o.), $5,100. Pitt Perks Up; Xarmen' Rousing $13,500,'Rope' \m W Okay 17G145:; Tears' Best in L'ville At $16,000; W Swift 15G, 'Faces' Lively 6G Louisville, Oct^ 5. "Best Years" at Rialto looks standout currently. "Luxury Liner" [also looks nice at State. "Mr. I Peabody and Mermaid", plus stage- I show headed by the Three Stooges at the National, shapes big. Presi- dent Truman rally Thursday (30) brought thousands to downtown i aredi but film houses were ■ given: I go-by I Estimates for This Week I Brown (Fourth Avenue) (1,200; 45-65)—"Forever Amber" (20th) ((m.o.). Mild $3,500. Last week, ,"Tap Roots" (U) im.c), $4,000. I Kentucky (Switow) (1,200; 30-40) I —"Key Largo" (WB) and "Dream I Girl" (Par). Strong $3,500. Last ! week, "Fuller Brush Man" (Col) and "All My Sons" (U), $3,200 Pittsburgh, Oct. 5. Ideal weather over the weekend, and overflow crowds downtown, in for sellout Notre Dame-Pitt foot- ball game, are helping biz mate- rially m Golden Trianglei, Heavy getaway trade should; in.sure fairly 'Mary Anderson (People's) (1,000; 65)—"Embraceable You" (WB). Mildish $6,500. Last week, "Two Guys Texas" (WB) (2d wk), lively $7,500. ■ National (Standard) (2,400: 60- 85)—"Peabody and Mermaid" (U) with Three Stooges, others, on stage. Big $15,000 or near. Last week. "Secret Service Investi- 'Sam' V(»7 Good $21,000 in St Loo ■ St. Louis, Oct. 5. • Visitors lured, here for annual Veiled; Prophet parade, held to- night (Tues.), as well as good screen fare and excellent weather are boosting biz at the big picture houses; "Good Sam" is making the best showing with big: stanza at Ambassador with "Sprry, Wrong Number", taking in almost as much coin but not sock at the Pox. "Iht nocent Affair" also shapes okay at Loew's. ■ Estimates for This Week Ambassador (F&M) (3,000; 50-75) —"Good Sam" (RKO). Big $21,000: Last week, ''Rachel and Stranger" (RKO). and ''Out of Storm" (Rep), $20,000. Fox (F&M) (5,000; 50-75)—"Sorry, Wrong Number": (Par) and "Dare- devils of Clouds" (Rep). Not sock at $19,000. Last week, "River Lady" (U) and "16 Fathoms Deep" (Mono), mild $16,000. Loew's (Loew) (3,172; 50-75)— "Innocent Affair" (UA) and "Road to Big House" (SG). Nice $18,000. Last week, "Luxury Liner" (M-G),. solid $21,000. Missouri (F&M) (3,500; 50-75)— ■"I'ap Roots" (U) and "Feudin', Fussin' " (U) (m.o.). Okay $10,000. Last week, "Two Guys Texas" (WB) and "Babe Ruth Story" (Mono) (m.o.), $9,000; Orpheum (Loew) (2,000; 50-75)— "Luxury Liner'' (M-G) tmio:). Fine $9,000.'"Last week, "Pitfall" (UA) and "Montana. Mike" (UA) (m.o.), $8,500. St. Louis (F&M) (4,000; 50-60)—' "Commandos Strike" (Col) and "In- vaders" (Col) (reisiiues). Good $5,- 500. Last week, "Old Los Angele.s'' (Rep) and "Eyes of Texas" (Rep), $6,000. Shubertdhd) (1,500; 40-60)-i. "Gung Ho" (FC) and "Eagle Squad- ron" (FC) (reissues). Trim $5,000; Last week, "Beyond Glory" (Par) and "Train to Alcatraz" (Rep) (m.o.), same-. Philadelphia, Oct. 5. Brisk fall weather and many new bills are sparking biz in firstruns this round. Saturday night trade was big. Biggest thing in town is "Red River," wow at the Stanley. Near- ly as good is:"Apartment for Peg- ' gy," first really big entry at Fox in a month; "Velvet Touch" shapes nice, while "Rachel and Stranger" , looks neat Estimates for This Week Aldine (WB) (1,303; 50-99)—"The Search" (M-G) (2d wk). Good $12,- 000, fine $14,300 opener. Arcadia (S&S) (700; 50-94)— ' "Two Guys Texas" (WB). Mild $4,000. Last week, "Life With Father" (WB), $5,000. Boyd (WB) (2,360; 50-99)—"Vel- vet Touch" (RKO). Trim $20,000. Last week, "Luxury Liner" (M-G) (4th wk), big $14,200. Earle (WB) (2,700; 50-99)— "Rachel and Stranger" (RKO). Great $26,000. Last week, "Time I of Life" (UA), $20,000. Fox (20th) (2,250; 50-94)—"Apart- ment for Peggy" (20th). Very strong $28,000. Last week, "For- ever Amber" (20th). Mild $15,000. Goldman (Goldman) (1,200; 50- 94)—"Sorry, Wrong Number'' ■ (Par.) Sock $24,500 after smash $33,000 opener. Karlton (Goldman) (1,000; 50-94) —"Larceny" (U) (3d wk) Okay : $6,000: Last week, mild $9,500. Keith's (Goldman) (1,300; 50-94) —"Good Sam" (RKO). Solid $7,000. Last week, "Foreign Affair" (Par), thin $4,500. Mastbaum (WB) (4,360; 50-99)— "Rope" (WB) (3d wk). Sliding down to $15,500. . Last week, fast $19,000. Fix (Cummins) (500; 50-94)^ "Carmen" (Indie) and "Lucrezia . Borgia" (Indie). Passable $5,700 in 8 days. Last week, "Babe Ruth Story" (M(Jho), $3,500. Stanley (WB) (2,950; 50-99)— "Red River" (UA). Best thing in town at wow $42,000. Last week, "Beyond Glory" (Par), $13,500. Stanton (WB) (1,475; 50-99)— "Lulu Belle" (Col) and "Body- guard" (RKO). Weak $10,300. Last week, "Race Street" (RKO) (3d wk), fine at $11,300, respectable grosses in most spots, gator" (Rep), and :Ex-Gov. Jimmie "Loves of Carmen" got away fasi I Davis and acts on stage, light $7,- at Harris and .should hold despite i 500. critical shellacking. Both "Rope' 1 Rialto (FA) (3,400; 45-65)—"Best at Stanley and "Luxury Liner" at, Years" (RKO) at regular scale. Penn are doing fairly well, running I Big $16,000. Last week,"Forever about even. Second week of I Amber" (20th), also pop scale, "Rachel ..and,. Stranger" is very little off from smash opening .stanza at Warner. Estimates for This Week Fulton (Shea) (1,700; 44-76) — "Saxoiv Charm" (U). Very mikl $5,500. La.=t week, "Man-Eater Kumaon" (U) and "Dear Murderer" (U) with Zale-Cerdan fight pix thin $4,500 in 6 days. Harris i Harris) (2,200; 44-76) —•: ''Loves of Carmen'- (Col); Big cam- i paign helped this one get brisk 1 start; close to $13,500, and enough j to, get holdover. Last week, "Touch of Venus" (U), off after good start I but got pas.sable $10,000. I Penn (Loew's-UA) (3.300; 44-76^ I—"Luxury Liner" (M-Gi. Not I .spectacular at about $17,000, but satislactory. Last week, ' Pilfall" 'UA) $18,000. Eitz (Loew's) (800; 44-761-"Pit- ' fall" (UA) (m.o.). Sturdy $3,500 or over. Last week, "EvU My Love" (Par) (m.o ), $2,000. ! Senator (Harris) (1.7,')0, 44-76i— : "Destroyer" (Col) and "Saliara'' ; (Col) 'reissues). Brisk $4,000. La.=t week, "Luck of Irish" (20th) (m o.). ' $3,000. I Stanley (WB) n(3,800; 44-76) — "Rope" (WB). Sharply divided notices socm to be reacting in pic- ture's favor, Stout $17,500. Last weeki "Beyond Glory". (Par), $15,- 500. Warner (WB) (2,000; 44-76) — "Rachel and Stranger" (RKO) (2d wk). Sock $12,000, which will mean another. Last week, .smash $14,000. modest $12,000 Scoop (Louisville Theatres) (700: 45-65)—"Mikado" (U). Nice $2,500 Last week, "Great Mr. Handel' Undie), $2,000 Stale (Loew's) (3,000; 45-65)— "Luxury Liner" (M-G) and "Shang (UA) and; Freezing Mpls. Weather Warms Up Biz; 'Number' Terrif 18G, 'VenusMOG Minneapolis, Oct. 5. Fine |fall weather is proving a shot in the arm at the boxofficie oyer the weekend. Freezing tem- peratures were stimulants, and the MinnesotarNebraska football gaiiie, attracted ,55,600, probably helped get the ^staiiza off to a giod start. . Several major hewcorrters, o,.c<u6-,J,'"t outstanding except liai Chest" (Mono). Nice $15,000 I """y- ^''SPS Number," which is ! smash at State. "One Touch of I Venus" shapes mild at, Grpheiini. : "Rachel and Stranger" is, splid bri RKO-Pan moveover. )'\ Estimates for This Wciek ' Century (Par) (1.600; 50-70)— ■'Bad Sister" (U). Light =$5,(j00. Last :week, "Two Guys Texas" (WB): :(2d wk). okay $6,000. : Gojihfer ,(Par) (1;000; 40-50)-^ "Wallflower" , (WB) (1st run) and "Men of Texas" (Indie) (reissue). mid , $2,'700. Last .week, "ftori- taha Mike" (UA) ( and ''Ex - Champ" Cindie) ■ (reissue), $2,500. .. ,::-■■ ■•' Lyric (Par); '1,000; 50-70)—".\b- bott-Costello Meet Frankenstein" (U)., (m.o.). Neat $6,000; Last we,eli;j "Life with Father*' (WB) d wk), fine $5,800. Radio City (Par) (4,406; 50^7o)ii "Date with Judy'! (M^G), ;(M wk). Brisk $1 liB0!6 . after $16(600 firSt week; ..:■■■ ftKO - Orpheuih (RKO) (2,800; S0-70)r^"One Touch of Venus" (U). Looks only mild $10,000. Last week, "Rachel and Stranger' (RKO), big $16,000 Last week, "Pitfall "Triple Threat" (Col), $13,000. Strand 'FA1 (1,000; 45-65)— "Four Faces West" (UA) and "Daredevils of Clouds" (Rep). Lively $6,000. Last week, "Raw Deal;' (EL) and "Bury Me Dead" (EL), $5,500. '2 Guys' Rugged $19,000, Denver; 'Mermaid' 12G Denver, Oct. 5. : "Two Guys From Texas" is land- ang. top coin here this week^ play- ing the Denver and Webber. Per- fect Indian summer is cutting into biz. "Sorry, Wrong Number" looks (»j . , strong enough at Denham to cinch I „J^s_ a third weelc. Estimates for This Week Aladdin (Fox) (1,400; 35-74)— "Touch of Venus" (U) and "Gen- tleman From Nowhere' (Col) (m.o.i. Fine $4,000. Last week, "Lady in Krmine" (20th) and "Golden Eye" (Mono) (m.o.), fair $2,500. Denham (Cockrill) (1,750; 35-70) 'Rachel' Standout In Seattle, Smash $16,000 Seattle. Oct. 5. Liberty looks, standout with "Sorry, Wrong Number" but "Rachel and Stranger" is : smash at Coliseum. House is re- ' verting to firstrun policy. "Angel in Exile" and "Eyes of Texas" shapes nice at Palomar. Estimates for This Week Blue Mouse (H-E) (800; 50-84)— "Saxon Charm" (U) and "Bad Sis- ter". (U) (m.o.). Okay $2,500 in 4 days. Last Week; "Tap Roots" (U) and "Doc' Robbin" (UA) (2d wk): good $4,500 in 8 days. Coliseum (H-E) (1,877; 50-84)— "Rachel and Stranger" (RKO) and "Mystery in Mexico" (RKO). Smash $16,000. Last week,, subsequent- run. Fifth Avenue (H-E) (2.349; 50- 84)—"Blandings House" (SRO) and "Shed No Tears" (EL) (3d wk). Solid $8,000. Last week, big $11,800. Liberty (Ind) {1,650; 50-84)— "Sorry, Wrong Number" (Par) and "Black Eagle" iCol). Terrific $13,000. Last week, "Easter Parade" (M-G) (7th wk) big $6,200. Music Hall (H-E) (2,200; 50-84)— "Luxury Liner" (M-G) and "Nightwind" (20lh). Sturdy $11,000 week, "Saxon Charm" (U) and "Bad Sister" (U1, thin $7,000. Music Box (H-E) (850; 50-84)— "Feudin'" (U) and "Shanghai Chest" (Mono) (m.o.). Fair $3,500. Last week, "Time of Life" (UA) and "Devil's Cargo" (FC> (m.o.), $4,300. Orpheum (H-E) (2,600; 50-84)— "Northwest Stampede" (ED and "In This Corner"' (EL). Moderate $8,000. Last week, "Feudin"' (U) and "Shanghai Chest" (Mon-o), good $10,600. Palomar (Sterling) (1,350; 50-84) —"Angel in Exile" (Rep) and "Eyes of Texas" (Rep), Nice $7,500. Last week, "Commandos Strike" (Col) and "Invaders" (Col) (reissues), $5,600. ^ Paramount (H-E) (3,039; 50-84)— "Duel in Sun" (SROi and "Code Scotland Yard" (Rep). Return of "Duel" helping this to fair $8,000. Last week, "Evil My Love" iPar) and "Gay Intruder" (20th), slow $6,200. Roosevelt (Sterling) (800; .'50-84) I—"King of Gamblers" (Rep) and I "Train to Alcatraz" (Rep). Okay I $4,500. Last week. "Gaslight Fol- .„ .„, RKO-Pan (RKO) (1,600; 50-70)- "Sorry, Wrong Number" (Par) I "Rachel and Stranger" (RKO) and "^s" ,'^"die) and "Son of Sheik" (ConUnued on page 17) I (Continued on page 17) ! j^^^g £s.™*'* *^*^"".