Variety (February 1950)

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BILLBOAKD, F«l>ruarv lBr 1950 SetP. CHIGAGQ, Feb. ll.^Arena Stars, formed thr^e years ago by Spike Jones and Italph Wonders, ex-Gen- eral Artists Corporation (GAC) exee^ with the "Music IDepreciation RevueV as a nucleus, is blossoming out as a nationwide personal management! of- fice. Jones and Wonders are getting the new p.a. wing undeirway during their run'at the Great. Northern legit bouse here. With: Leonard Romm, who left GAC's New York act department last week, they are setting up a nation- wide series of outlets. Romm, in, ad- dition to bossing their Gotham office, will travel across;the country, super- intending the bperation, working under Wonders, who will continue to travel with the Jones package. Bob Weems, fbrmerl^^ GAG’,* Chi Office manager and for the past two and a h^lf years an indie concert proihoter in the Midwest, will head the Ghieago office^ pick Webster, another GAG alum- nus in Hollywood, will head the coast office, which encompass , a pub- licity department, where a statf will handle general promotion, including such items as answering artist’s fan mail. Eddie Maxwell, studio writer,; Will head a material department, which will work up specialty stuff for artists, ' Jones and Wonders plan to con- tinue their concert promotion work, firm’s original aim, despite the foiw maition of the subsidiary operation^ - The duo plans to, promote additional concert attractions. They had tours on Gharles Laughton and Jose Iturbl last year. and we afso WELCOME DAVE BARRY SIR FREDERICK GASS (EARL BENNETT) HELEN GRAYCO PAT HENNING HOMER AND JETHRO MARION AND JACK SPIKE JONES MILLS BROS. FREDblE MORGAN MARTIN BURNS In (DEUCES WILD) (JOE MAYER, FRANKS CARR, art TERRY) GEORGE; ROCK DOODLES WEAVER (Profeuor Paitfibdum) NOW tiUDBH the PENSONAL MANAGEMENT OF ARENA ★ STARS INC. New Ybrici LEONARD ROMM JEroiPe 6-2224 Chicago: BOB WEEMS University 4-6423 Beverly Hills: DICK WEBBER Crestview 1^4661 366 NORTH CAMDEN DRIVE 5 BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA Rhone Crestview 1-4661